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ActivistChat 2012 Pillars Of Wisdom and Guideline Framework

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:19 pm    Post subject: ActivistChat 2012 Pillars Of Wisdom and Guideline Framework Reply with quote

FREE Iran ActivistChat Stands for Human Rights, FREE Society, Regime Change in Iran, Secularism (Liberty + Free Society + Democracy), Territorial Integrity of Motherland Iran, FREE from Islam & Islamists, Free, Fair & Real Refrendum after Regime Change

Draft 03

ActivistChat 2012 Pillars Of Wisdom, and Virtue Guideline Framework And Vision Of Future Direction

1. Cyrus the Great (585-529 BC), is the founding father of Iran who was the pioneer in establishing the pillars of wisdom, justice and secularism in his realm and kingdom. Cyrus the Great was admired by all not as a conqueror, but as the greatest liberator of all times for defining the First Declaration of Human Rights over 2500 years ago and the humane treatment of his vast empire he ruled. Professor Richard Frye of Harvard University said: "Surely the concept of One World, the fusion of Peoples and Cultures into oneness was one of his important legacies". Cyrus the Great freed 100,000 Jews from captivity, and ruled over those he had defeated with respect and benevolence.

2. Ferdowsi is one of the greatest heroes of Iran and the father of Iranian Renaissance. He was also one of the Pillars of Wisdom, neo-Iranian cultural awareness and the “Book of Kings,” the Tales of Ancient Iran. It must be noted that during his era the Arabic was the language of science, yet, Ferdowsi, single-handedly revived the Old Persian language by creating Shah-Nameh or the “Book of Kings.” He is known in Iran as the father of Persian language. For more than thirty years Ferdowsi spent his valuable life to revive, not only Persian language, but a nation.

3. The Iranian righteousness is founded by Iranian Pillar of Wisdom, Zoroaster, in ancient Iran approximately 3500 years ago who guided us with 3 key simple principles: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta). The Prophet Zoroaster was also a messenger of peace, longevity, eternal love and wisdom. He was a messenger of “the living of a good life, of an exalted life, of long life.”

4. Khayyam (May 1050 - Dec 1122) was another Iranian Pillar of Wisdom, the most outstanding and greatest Iranian mathematicians, astronomers and poets. An English man of letters and scholar by the name of Edward Fitzgerald translated nearly 600 short four line poems of Khayyam called Rubaiyat and brought him fame and world recognition.

He was the father of Algebra. His work on algebra was known throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, and he also contributed to calendar reform. Khayyam measured the length of the year as 365.24219858156 days. Two comments on this result: Firstly it shows an incredible confidence to attempt to give the result to this degree of accuracy. We know now that the length of the years is changing in the sixth decimal place over a person's lifetime. Secondly it is incredibly accurate. For comparison the length of the year at the end of the 19th century was 365.242196 days, while today it is 365.242190 days.

Khayyam vision of physics, the structure of the universe, time and space and the world they make can be defined in the following poem:
Khayyam calls the Wheel of Time an Imaginary Lantern.

Methinks this Wheel at which we gape and stare,
Is Chinese lantern - like we buy at fair;
The lamp is Sun and paper shade the world,
And we the pictures whirling unaware.

Khayyam poems are targeting all forms of fanaticism and today we ought to nominate him as the pioneer against any kind of fanaticism. Khayyam is father of rationality and agnostic thought process of Persians.

Some in deep thought spirit seek
Some lost in awe, of doubt reek
I fear the voice, hidden but not weak
Cry out "awake! Both ways are oblique."

5- Razi was another Iranian Pillar of Wisdom over 100 years before Ferdowsi and Khayyam.
Razi wrote:
Razi Rejected Islam and Religion Before Khayyam

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_ibn_Zakariya_al-Razi

Razi On Religion

Razi wrote three books dealing with religion:
The Prophets' Fraudulent Tricks (مخارق الانبياء)
The Stratagems of Those Who Claim to Be Prophets (حيل المتنبيين)
On the Refutation of Revealed Religions (نقض الادیان).

He offered harsh criticism concerning religions, in particular those religions that claim to have been revealed by prophetic experiences.[17][18][19] Razi asserted that "[God] should not set some individuals over others, and there should be between them neither rivalry nor disagreement which would bring them to perdition."[20] He argued,

On what ground do you deem it necessary that God should single out certain individuals [by giving them prophecy], that he should set them up above other people, that he should appoint them to be the people's guides, and make people dependent upon them?[20]

Concerning the link between violence and religion, Razi expressed that God must have known, considering the many disagreements between different religions, that "there would be a universal disaster and they would perish in the mutual hostilities and fighting. Indeed, many people have perished in this way, as we can see."[20]

He was also critical of the lack of interest among religious adherents in the rational analysis of their beliefs, and the violent reaction which takes its place:

If the people of this religion are asked about the proof for the soundness of their religion, they flare up, get angry and spill the blood of whoever confronts them with this question. They forbid rational speculation, and strive to kill their adversaries. This is why truth became thoroughly silenced and concealed.[20]

Al-Razi believed that common people had originally been duped into belief by religious authority figures and by the status quo. He believed that these authority figures were able to continually deceive the common people "as a result of [religious people] being long accustomed to their religious denomination, as days passed and it became a habit. Because they were deluded by the beards of the goats, who sit in ranks in their councils, straining their throats in recounting lies, senseless myths and "so-and-so told us in the name of so-and-so..."[20]

He believed that the existence of a large variety of religions was, in itself, evidence that they were all man made, saying, "Jesus claimed that he is the son of God, while Moses claimed that He had no son, and Muhammad claimed that he [Jesus] was created like the rest of humanity."[20] and "Mani and Zoroaster contradicted Moses, Jesus and Muhammad regarding the Eternal One, the coming into being of the world, and the reasons for the [existence] of good and evil."[20] In relation to the Hebrew's God asking of sacrifices, he said that "This sounds like the words of the needy rather than of the Laudable Self-sufficient One."[20]

[b]On the Qur'an, Razi said:

You claim that the evidentiary miracle is present and available, namely, the Koran. You say: "Whoever denies it, let him produce a similar one." Indeed, we shall produce a thousand similar, from the works of rhetoricians, eloquent speakers and valiant poets, which are more appropriately phrased and state the issues more succinctly. They convey the meaning better and their rhymed prose is in better meter. ... By God what you say astonishes us! You are talking about a work which recounts ancient myths, and which at the same time is full of contradictions and does not contain any useful information or explanation. Then you say: "Produce something like it"?![20]

From the beginning of the human history, all of those who claimed to be prophets were, in his worst assumption, tortuous and devious and with his best assumption had psychological problems.[17][18][19]

6. Dynamic Distributed Decentralized Leadership Model (DDLM)

From the beginning the FREE Iran ActivistChat operations were based on the idea of Evolutionary Dynamic Distributed Decentralized Leadership Model (DDLM)
To Watch Training Video Visit : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy0o14gw8Lc

What is our Cyrus The Great International Rainbow Coalition pattern, concept, movement and framework?

Cyrus The Great Democratic Rainbow Coalition pattern and concept is a movement for social justice among people in United States, Iran, Israel, Greater Middle East, and Europe who they describe themselves as a political, cultural, non-governmental, non-parliamentary social movement whose goal is to affect the current public agenda with the aim of bringing a change into the societies as a whole and to its institutions… to implement values of secular democracy, free society, human rights, social justice, protecting environment, rejection of any form of slavery, equality of races and genders in multiculturalism. This unwritten global distributed network and decentralized organizations, with vast Internet social networks and communities around the globe are describing themselves as universal in its beliefs and open to all those who identify with its values in mother earth planet. This global movement enjoys popularity in Internet in many forms. Evolution of Cyrus The Great Democratic Rainbow Coalition will create new Union, when the critical mass movement and integration of forces occur then our Union will push Democratic governments around the globe to incorporate these values into their government foreign and domestic policies independent of their short term business interests.
Recently noticed a business best seller book that has number of good examples regarding The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations [8]

7. In past known 7000 years history of mankind, faced many critical Strategic Inflection Points, from the era of great real Iranian men of wisdom Razi (925), Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā 980), Ferdowsi(1020), Khayyam (1131), and Rumi(1273) ... to past 100 years the era of the brilliant minds and critical thinkers like Vigeland (1943), Nikola Tesla(1943), Carl Sagan(1996) .... and NOW Stephen Hawking, Foster Gamble & THRIVE Team Epic Voyage. They are informing public regarding current Mother Earth Critical Strategic Inflection Points.
Hawking concedes that "we are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity". This is not a surprise when over 440 Nuclear power plants exist today, with no real solution for massive nuclear waste, 1000s of nuclear bombs, greed, ignorance and dogma. Today we are facing major challenges at critical strategic inflection points.
Which Gods has given our generations the rights to create nuclear waste plus huge quantities of contaminated soil and water with the radioactive waste life cycle ranges from 10,000 to 1,000,000 years?

For clear descriptions of problems domain and potential solution domain recommend to visit http://www.thrivemovement.com and watch the THRIVE, new outstanding EYE opener documentary to understand major challenges and key problems domain at this critical strategic inflection point to save fragile mother earth from total irreversible damage & destruction by educating public regarding FREE Energy ….. please visit:

Is it possible for Iran to Thrive?
The FREE Iran Thriving will start only after Regime Change in Iran by the Iranian people actions and unity ....

8. Being Iranian is defined by the above key Pillars of Wisdom, Cyrus the Great, Ferdowsi, Zoroaster, Khayyam, Razi and a state of mind, not by a place of residence. The barbaric Islamist mullahs and their Mafia mercenaries Pasdaran presently ruling Iran are not Iranians, they are Islamofascists. Iran is currently under the occupation of Islamofascists. Iranians are proud spiritual descendants of King Cyrus the Great, the author of the first charter of the human rights. Although majority of Cyrus's children live in the "Greater" Iranian land, they are a small member of free human family with human beliefs—living in every country, city, and village of the earth.

9. Today our unity, position and expectation from others are defined and evaluated with new set of rules and test cases as guidance in search of truth:
a- Have a secular democracy purpose
b- Have a Human Rights purpose
c- Have a Free Society purpose
d- Have a primary effect to increase freedom at global level.
e- Have the element of Exchange of Ideas to expand public awareness, education and expansion of truth.

10. The main root cause is none but the Islamic Republic Invaders and Occupiers Of Iran:

The world peace can not be achieved as long as the Unelected Taazi Islamists Terror and Torture Masters are in power in Iran. The TAAZI state of terror and fear society can not create peace and stability in Iran and the rigion.

11. Preventing possible military conflict due to nuclear ambitions:

To avoid War or Nuclear war or another disaster like Chernobyl nuclear disaster 20 years ago, we are following the strategy of increasing public awareness inside Iran for General Strike, demanding Security Forces (Police, Pasdaran and Military) act in the direction of regime change and replacing it with Free society and Secular Democracy. The Iranian people have already spoken by boycotting Elections. The Armed Forces must choose between defending and serving the people of Iran or serving the Mullahs. This is up to Armed and Security Forces to choose between SHAME and HONOR, serving Mullahs or their Sisters, Brothers, Fathers & Mothers who pay their salaries.

12. Iranian People Reliance on Their Own Power to Become Free and No Expectations for Outside Help..
Persian Expression: Kas nakharad poshte man joz nakhoone angoshte man (no-one will scratch my back except the nail of my finger) [5]:

Iranian people of all ages do not have any choice other than being prepared to fight to free their Motherland from the viruses of Iranian society whether or not the Armed Forces serve them or serve the enemy of freedom and free society. Iranian people should be prepared for a final battle for freeing their homeland from TAAZIS and must not forget that their inspirational leader Cyrus the Great died in battlefield in 530 BC at the age of 60 and not in bed.
Iranian should consider to Pay Motherland Freedom Income Tax Or accept over 100 hours of free community service (Positive Cultural Or Social Or Political Serviceas they choose For Free To Benefit Society and Become Respected World Citizen) [5]

13. Iranian people will decide about Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Research after the regime change when they have established stable secular democracy and FREE society. Until then Iran should avoid any kind of nuclear programs that could result in military conflict or nuclear accidents.

14. Territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran shall be respected and maintained at all costs. The beauty of Iran is in it's diversity of religion and ethnicity under mutual respect and unity. We are all proud to be Iranians. It is the strength of Iran that has successfully blended many ethnic groups into one whole nation called Iran (meaning the land of Aryans) for thousands of years. We pride ourselves in being ethnically diverse, yet united in our love for Iran.

15. Complete separation of religion and State.

We believe in the concept of complete secularism in government, which generally means complete separation of the State from religion, or any ideology or philosophy which can be interpreted as religious (e. g. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism, Judaism, etc., or extreme ideologies such as Fascism or Communism). Secularism can be considered as common sense versus Ideology.

Democracy without secularism and secular parties cannot survive and continue a tradition of freedom of choice when a non-secular regime comes to power, as demonstrated by the Nazi party in Germany, the Khomeinist regime in Iran, and more recently by the Hamas Party in Palestine. This principle has been proven historically many times and in many countries. [7]

When there is religious intervention in the affairs of the public and the State, then it become necessary to make public the fact that a religion or its precepts have influenced governmental institutions. It becomes a duty of citizens, in the interests of freedom, to work to remove that religious influence, and restore secular governance.
According to the Iranian Great Hero Professor Kourosh Ariamanesh "No Iranian Is Muslim and No Muslim Is Iranian …" please see [6]

16. Acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

17. Free, open and democratic referendum to elect the type of the new Government of Iran in the post-Islamic Republic era.

18. Work within high standard of code of ethics not to fight with other political groups or fellow FREE Iran Activists unless they are violating one of the key principles or moving against the concept of Free Society and secular democracy.

19. We are Free Iran Activists and Watch Group monitoring high government officials, Journalists, writers and scholars words and their actions based on the following direction from James Madison:

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men! Over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.” The Federalist No. 51 (James Madison).

20. Support and promote people, groups and leadership who are making positive contributions about Human Rights, Regime Change in Iran, Free Iran, Free Society and Secular democracy from progressive Center, Right or Left.

21- Rejecting any policy that is ignoring Human Rights, Free Society and Secular Democracy for interest in Blood for Oil.

22- Rejecting any policy which is ignoring Global Warming, Nuclear Waste, Environment and Animal Rights.

23- The people of Iran consider themselves as hostages of Mafia Mullahs and Islam. They denounce and condemn any international negotiation or signed agreement between the Islamic Republic occupiers of Iran and any institution or establishments. We, the Iranian people consider these pacts as blatant violation of their property and integrity!
The people of Iran DO NOT recognize the Islamic Republic as their legitimate and rightful government or representative.

24- ActivistChat and ActivistChat Media Networking Community is the Distributed Decentralized Movement of independent Scholars, Artists, Former Diplomats, Activists, Writers, and Bloggers without a single leader and our unity is based on contributions of individuals in support for Secular Democracy, Free Society, Human Rights, protecting environment and Species Rights to exist in this planet .

By looking at the images of Stars and Galaxies in the Adult Universe from NASA, we realize there is no hierarchy or Absolute Centralized Command and Control System from above. We observe free Universe Chaotic Beauty interactions based on law of physics and Mathematics….

The Absolute Centralized Command and Control System from above is human creation and illusion to satisfy his own weakness and utmost unlimited greed to justify exploiting resources of earth without any consideration for others....

25- Creating FREE IRAN Internet Media Education Community Networking Center which is resulted from deeply held belief that education and correct information is the cornerstone of Secular Democracy, Free Society, Human Rights, Peace and Freedom. For the first time in the history, Internet, Satellite TV, provides the kind of environment that allows freedom loving people of the world to exchange ideas and make the informed decision based on facts and receive information from many different information sources.

26- ActivistChat Supported Petitions Strategy

At every Inflection Points in the history of struggle for freeing our motherland from Islamist Invaders and occupiers of Iran (taazi), ActivistChat is using petitions as way of everyday protest until enough critical mass is created for Freeing motherland Iran.
ActivistChat is not using the Internet Petitions in classical sense and most of the time are used as a means of increasing public awareness and currently supporting over 90 petitions and Causes from different individuals and groups.
The idea of Petition is to facilitate grassroots democracy, using independent petition to give a high level of integrity to the process of Freeing Iran.
More petitions create a unity of vision among million of Iranians scattered around the world who can not communicate with each other.
- Activistchat is also using Petition as documenting the Crimes Against Humanity.
- Increasing public awareness.
- ActivistChat provides a comment section for additional information or enhancing the petition by others. You should not expect to agree 100% to sign Internet petition, prefect world or concept does not exist.
- ActivistChat believes that in a world with many powerful organizations, both private and governmental, responsible forms of collective grassroots expression are more important than ever before.
- ActivistChat believes the Internet can facilitate this kind of participatory democracy.
- The ActivistChat petitions are very demanding to push politicians to deliver small part of what activists are asking. It is not Activists job to make our demand practical.
- The ActivistChat petitions are based on facts and truth and it is not intended to please politicians. Due to creation of Fear Society by Islamofascist we don't expect many signatures.
- The ActivistChat is trying to clear Iran name, Iranian people as hostages of Mullahs and Iranian cultures from all the wrongs and damages that the Mullahs, Islamists, Mullah’s agents and current Taazi regime invaders and occupiers of Iran are doing in the name of Iran and Iranian people.
- Persistence to destroy Taazi in Iran is the name of the game.
- Activistchat believes in Free Society and Secular Democracy and our supported petitions are according to the following 2009 Guideline

27. Why should we promote Dolphin Rights to the same level of Human Rights?
a) In the past 30 years, 6,000,000 dolphins have been killed by "fishing on dolphins" [2]
b) The research, conducted at the Duke University Marine Laboratory (US) and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (UK) estimate that approximately 308,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises killed in fishing gear annually [3]
c) To protect Dolphins from brutal slaughter it might be necessary to increase public awareness and ask for global actions and support by promoting Dolphin Rights to the same level of Human Rights... [/b]
d) The dolphin is one of the key ancient Iranian Mithraic Symbol .

We thank all compatriots and organizations who contributed for defining part of above Guideline Framework for Human Rights, Regime Change in Iran, Free Iran, Free Society and Secular Democracy .


[1] Integrated Video Clips Global International Change Request 1 to Save Dolphins from Massacre:
- Watch Faroe Denmark and Taiji Japan Islanders Dolphins Massacre video clips
- Investigation of 152 dolphins killed in Persian Gulf by oil pollution or Navy Sonar
- Navy high-intensity Sonar effect on Dolphins...
[2] The Tuna/Dolphin Controversy by the FOR SEA marine science curriculum and teacher training program:
[3] Press Release - 308,000 Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises Killed in Fishing Gear Annually, New Study Shows: http://www.worldwildlife.org/who/media/press/2003/WWFPresitem625.htm

ActivistChat wrote:

Why Our International Rainbow Coalition or Union pattern vision should be called after Cyrus the Great name?
a) Declared the first charter of human rights in the world over 2500 years ago, also known as the Cyrus Cylinder.
b) The Iranians regarded Cyrus the Great as The Father, the Babylonians as “The Liberator," the Jews as "The Anointed of The Lord," and the Greeks called him "The Law Giver". Reject any Religious, Ethnic cleansing or discrimination for creating division and partition.
c) In the past 2500 years of the history of Greater Middle East the only time that we have seen relative peace and prosperity was during Cyrus the Great and Achaemenid Empire era and some of the worst bloodshed and destruction happened after creation of Islam 1400 years ago.
Larry Hedrick author and editor wrote:
Lessons in Ethical Leadership from an Epic Tale of Success, May 23, 2006 By Larry Hedrick author and editor
As the editor of "Xenophon's Cyrus the Great," I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about my version of this amazing ancient classic. The foremost management guru of recent times, Peter F. Drucker, read my manuscript before it was published, and he wrote this endorsement for use on its dust jacket: "'Xenophon's Cyrus,' the first book on the subject, is still the best book on leadership." Here's just a touch of background: Cyrus, the founder of the Persian empire, was an enlightened monarch who flourished 2,500 years ago. A century later, Xenophon of Athens so admired Cyrus' methods that he preserved them in history's first full-fledged treatment of wise and heroic leadership. This book presents its leadership lessons in the context of an epic story--the story of a vast power struggle. In narrating the events of Cyrus' life, Xenophon shows you, the reader, how to conduct meetings, become an expert negotiator, deal efficiently with allies, communicate by appealing to the self-interest of your followers, encourage the highest standards of performance, insure that your organization has the benefit of specialists, and prove that your words will be backed by your deeds. In recounting the achievements of Cyrus the Great, Xenophon wanted above all to provide lessons in ethical leadership, for he was convinced that honest, moral leaders succeed far more often than corrupt and evasive types. The result was a captivating leadership classic with unique qualities--a classic that's distinguished both by its suspenseful story line and the priceless advice that it offers to today's business professionals and leaders in all walks of life.

e) Please Watch Short Documentry Video: Cyrus King of Persia 2 and USA Constitution ...

[5] Why Should We Consider To Volunteery Pay Motherland Income Tax Or Accept Over 100 Hours Of Free Community Service (Positive Cultural Or Social Or Political Service For Free To Benefit Society and Become Respected World Citizen)

[6] According to the Iranian Great Hero Professor Kourosh Ariamanesh "No Iranian Is Muslim and No Muslim Is Iranian …" Dr. Kourosh Ariamanesh دکتر کورش آريامنش - تاريخ ترور: ۲۷ می ۱۹۹۶ Assassinated on 28 May 1996 In Paris At Age 60 By The Islamist Taazi Occupiers Of Iran Agent Source: http://www.sarafrazan.net/ariamanesh.htm

Current invasion of Islam and Islamists aggression against women, Free Societies, Secularism and the fact that Islam is not respecting Human Rights is opening the door to make Islam an illegal religion in free societies.

[7] Why “New” Secularism? http://www.newsecularism.com/English-First-Page.htm

[8] The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations

If you cut off a spider's leg, it's crippled; if you cut off its head, it dies. But if you cut off a starfish's leg, it grows a new one, and the old leg can grow into an entirely new starfish.
What's the hidden power behind the success of Wikipedia, craigslist, and Skype? What do eBay and General Electric have in common with the abolitionist and women's rights movements? What fundamental choice put General Motors and Toyota on vastly different paths? How could winning a Supreme Court case be the biggest mistake MGM could have made?

After five years of ground-breaking research, Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom share some unexpected answers, gripping stories, and a tapestry of unlikely connections. The Starfish and the Spider argues that organizations fall into two categories: traditional "spiders", which have a rigid hierarchy and top-down leadership, and revolutionary "starfish", which rely on the power of peer relationships.

The Starfish and the Spider explores what happens when starfish take on spiders (such as the music industry vs. Napster, Kazaa, and the P2P services that followed). It reveals how established companies and institutions, from IBM to Intuit to the U.S. government, are also learning how to incorporate starfish principles to achieve success. This audiobook explores:

How the Apaches fended off the powerful Spanish army for 200 years
The power of a simple circle

The importance of catalysts who have an uncanny ability to bring people together
How the Internet has become a breeding ground for leaderless organizations
How Alcoholics Anonymous has reached untold millions with only a shared ideology and without a leader

The Starfish and the Spider is that rare book that will change how you understand the world around you.
Source: http://www.amazon.com/Starfish-Spider-Unstoppable-Leaderless-Organizations/dp/1591841437/shortsearch

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:08 am    Post subject: Promoting THRIVE Reply with quote

Is it possible for humankind to Thrive?
We might know the answer after 300 million people on earth discover truth, watch the new outstanding THRIVE EYE opener documentary from http:// thrivemovement.com and participate in peaceful nonviolent actions for real change and free energy…
Is it possible for Iran to Thrive?
The FREE Iran Thriving will start only after Regime Change in Iran by the Iranian people actions and unity for replacing it with secular democracy, for details please visit ActivistChat 2012 Guideline.

Recommend to visit http://www.thrivemovement.com and watch the THRIVE new outstanding EYE opener documentary to understand major challenges and key problem domain at the critical strategic inflection point to save fragile mother earth from total irreversible damage & destruction.

From Great True Iranian Men of Wisdom Razi (925), Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā 980), Ferdowsi(1020), Khayyam (1131), and Rumi(1273)
To Nikola Tesla(1943), Carl Sagan(1996), and NOW
Foster Gamble & THRIVE Team Epic Voyage at
Mother Earth Critical Strategic Inflection Points

Happy Earth Days & THRIVE Days
Free Iran ActivistChat 7012

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:33 pm    Post subject: Food Revolution Virtual Summit By Ocean Robbins Reply with quote

cyrus wrote:
Register Now for Food Revolution Virtual Summit, Join Many Revolutionary Scientists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Thrivers & Activists

If you don't want to get cancer or have a heart attack or avoid obesity and chronic illness ….. Then

Activistchat invites you to listen to an amazing collection of interviews in the Food Revolution Summit. John Robbins is personally interviewing 21 food movement leaders April 28-May 6. http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1453203

With rates of obesity and chronic illness continuing to rise, GMOs penetrating ever deeper into our food supply, and industrialized agriculture reeking havoc on our world, the time is ripe for big changes. Check out the Food Revolution to learn what you can do! http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1453203

Never before has such a remarkable group of visionary leaders come together for a global virtual summit on food. This is a 2012 event you do not want to miss! Check out the Food Revolution Summit. http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1453203

Genetically engineered food is unlabeled, untested, and you're probably eating it. Genetically modified foods have been linked to toxic and allergic reactions in people; to sickness, sterility and fatalities in livestock; and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals. Find out more in the Food Revolution Summit, http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1453203

If you don't count French fries, ketchup or pizza as vegetables, more than half of Americans eat no vegetables at all. It’s time for a food revolution! Check out the Food Revolution Summit for cutting edge insights from 21 of the top food visionaries in the world. http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1453203

Industrial agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all our factories, cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, trains and ships combined. Find out more, learn what you can do, and be inspired by 21 of the top food leaders in the world at http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1453203

Who is John Robbins?

John Robbins could have inherited (Billions ..) the Baskin-Robbins fortune and empire. But he walked away from all the money and the power. Why? He simply didn't want to devote his life to selling ice cream after realizing it makes people unhealthy. So he decided to make a change. Over the last 25 years, his books about healthy eating and healthy living (including bestseller Diet for a New America) have sold millions of copies and been translated into more than 30 languages.
Vjdeo Clip John Robbins: Why I went vegetarian

Now John Robbins and his son, Ocean Robbins, have gathered together the most revolutionary scientists, doctors and nutritionists for the first ever, international food revolution summit. They are on a mission to help YOU heal, grow and thrive.

How does it work?

You'll have LIVE access to 3 highly focused half-hour interviews - personally conducted by me - every day for a week. You can listen via phone (conference call), or over the internet.
What if you miss an interview? No problem. There are recordings, transcripts, and many other resources that will be available as part of an optional upgrade package.
Never before has such a potent group of visionary leaders come together for a global summit on food.
And never before has it been this easy to access so much cutting edge, up-to-date information on this crucial topic!

Please share this life changing event link http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1453203 with your friends and loved ones …

Summit Broadcast Links and Calendar
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