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President Elect Obama For Change And NEW USA Foreign Policy
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:18 pm    Post subject: SENATE ADOPTS VICTIMS OF IRANIAN CENSORSHIP (VOICE) ACT Reply with quote

July 24, 2009


Washington, D.C. – The Senate voted unanimously last night to adopt bipartisan legislation that will help strengthen the ability of the Iranian people get access to news and information and overcome the electronic censorship and monitoring efforts of the Iranian regime.

The Victims of Iranian Censorship (VOICE) Act was introduced by Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Joseph Lieberman (ID-CT), Ted Kaufman (D-DE), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Robert Casey (D-PA) as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. Among the key features of the (VOICE) Act:

• Authorizes $30 million to the Broadcasting Board of Governors to expand Farsi
language broadcasting into Iran by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty’s Radio Farda and the Voice of America’s Persian News Network. The funds may be used to develop additional transmission capability to counter Iranian government efforts to jam radio, satellite, and Internet-based transmissions; establish additional proxy server capability and anti-censorship software to counter efforts to block access to websites in Iran; develop technologies to counter efforts to block SMS text message exchange over cellular phone networks; and hire, on a permanent or short-term basis, additional staff for Radio Farda and the Persian News Network.

• Authorizes $20 million for a new “Iranian Electronic Education, Exchange, and Media Fund,” which will support the development of technologies, including websites, that will aid the ability of the Iranian people to gain access to and share information; counter efforts to block, censor, or monitor the Internet in Iran; and engage in Internet-based education programs and other exchanges with Americans online.

• Requires a report by the President on non-Iranian companies, including corporations with U.S. subsidiaries, that have aided the Iranian government’s Internet censorship efforts, including by providing deep packet inspection technology.

• Authorizes $5 million for the Secretary of State to document, collect, and dissemination information about human rights in Iran, including abuses of human rights that have taken place since the June 12 Iranian election.

“The world has been astonished and inspired by the courage of millions of Iranians pressing their regime for nothing more than their inalienable rights,” said Senator John McCain. “The Iranian government has taken numerous steps to stop these citizens from communicating with each other and with the outside world. As this cruel regime works to close off Iranian society, the VOICE Act, by providing assistance for broadcasting and new internet and communications technologies, will help to open it up.”

“In the wake of the June 12 election in Iran, we saw powerful proof of how technology can empower millions of ordinary people in the face of a repressive regime,” said Senator Lieberman. “The VOICE Act will help the Iranian people stay one step ahead of their regime, in getting access to information and safely exercising freedom of speech, assembly, and expression online.”

“While the people of Iran enthusiastically participated in the June 12 elections, it is painfully clear that the long road to democracy does not end there, as the government has infringed on the universal principles of freedom of expression and press,” said Senator Kaufman. “Our bill supports the Iranian people as they take steps to peacefully express their opinions and aspirations and seek access to news and means of communication, especially over the Internet.”

“Now is the time to come to the aid of the Iranian people,” said Senator Graham. “We must deny the regime the tools they desperately need to continue repressing their own people. Our nation has a long history of providing assistance to those who wish to live free. During the Cold War, our efforts made a substantial difference and I believe we can have the same effect today as the Iranian people work to replace a repressive theocracy.”

“The United States has no quarrel with the Iranian people," said Senator Casey. "We share their aspirations for greater access to all information so that they can make their own judgments free of censorship and repression. Passage of this amendment puts the U.S. Senate on record in favor of strengthening those fundamental freedoms all Iranians deserve, no matter who their government is.”
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:06 am    Post subject: Islam Bashers Repent Reply with quote


November 19, 2009
Islam Bashers Repent
By Amil Imani

What does it take to make Islam bashers mend their ways? Why don't these folks come to their senses and see Islam as a religion of peace and praise the God of Abraham for continuing his beneficence on humanity by sending Muhammad to guide and humanize us?

Why is it that some people keep criticizing a religion that has nearly 1.5 billion followers throughout the world? Now, if this faith was indeed what its detractors claim it is, wouldn't these masses of people see through it and dump it?

Didn't our very own President go around the Muslim heartland and sing the praises of Islam at every stop? Didn't he bow with great deference to the King of Islam in Saudi Arabia? Didn't he proudly proclaim Islam as the faith of his dear and near kindred? Didn't he, time and again, tell us that Islam is indeed the religion of peace? Didn't he with his captivating oratory skills cite passages from the Quran to show how reverent he was toward this religion? Didn't he appoint a raft of "devoted" Muslims to sensitive and high posts in government?

Even ignoring the President's behavior and pronouncements, we have numberless others in the know such as politicians, media experts, academics and what nots who keep preaching to us that Islam is indeed a sanctified religion wrongly vilified by a bunch of hatemongers. After all, its very name means peace. How could anyone possibly have anything but praise for a religion called peace? What is more precious than peace?

Exacerbated, the champions of the religion of peace bemoan: what does it take to convince the detractors of Islam to stop their unceasing effort to present a distorted image of this wonderful world-encircling religion?

* All these aside, a recent report from the FBI estimates that of the 2000 mosques in the United States, 10% preach Jihad. Welcome to the religion of peace as it is invading the land of the free to make it the land of submission. This is not some Islam-hating crackpot group reporting. It is the FBI, an agency known for its bending backward to be politically correct in tune with the rest of the administration.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:27 pm    Post subject: The Eyes of the villagers are on you! Reply with quote

Translated by Dr. Ramin Etebar Written By Irandokht Delagah wrote:

The Eyes of the villagers are on you!

Written by the Irandokht Delagah (Aryan Daughter, the Aware Hearted)

Translated & Edited by Dr. Ramin Etebar

Honorable President of the State of America,

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

I am writing you from the eastern sector of the planet earth; from the historical orient, where the colors of the streets are like red flowers from the blood of its youth;
from a land that cry of the innocent & freedom seeking youth has forced the prison walls to weep! From a land that as easy as drinking a glass of water, you can hang a human being and dry his spring fountain of life, from a land that even you refuse to mention the names of its the victims opposed to its government. Even your cohorts are frightened to mention them!
From the land of Neda Agha-Sultan; from Iran!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

For many years, some but not all of your friends in the western countries, under influence of lobbyist of the Iranian government thought that the Iranian people did not oppose and had no problems with this medieval cruel regime and hence It is better that America and all of its western allies befriend this murderous regime and sit in a
negotiation table with its representatives. Neglecting the fact, the creed and unaware of the Iranian peoples’ desire for freedom to live under the canopy of free secular rule like the majority of the civilized world. Instead of supporting the people, the westerners keep supply the regime with equipment and precious gifts of technology to suppress the people further preventing the Iranians to throw this regime in the dungeons of history.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

I do no not want to page back the history and mention the role and impact of previous governments of your country on the Iranian nation, preventing them from the freedom they want & deserve. These days as if no one does listens to historical topics and eyes are watching the entertainment products presented as news. But, I must talk about the government that you are so eager to save and negotiate with its representatives on the same table.

Allow me not to express this horrific nightmare that the most distinguished person leading the most democratic country in the world wishes to sit in negotiation with "Seyed Ali Khamenei, the century’s worst criminal! Even expression of this desire from you shames me! Even your correspondence with him and other leadership members of this regime of terror and killing produces an ugly imagination and thoughts, because a man in your position knows the facts about Iran and your and awareness of the affairs gives another meaning to your desired negotiations.

Mr. President,

You are aware of the criminal activity, corruption & murders by Islamic Republic of Iran. The most precise statistical reports of the world are on your desk. That is of course if they are not covered by the regime’s elements and their lobbyist correspondences!

Mr. Obama!

You know well that this regime lacks the ability to enrich uranium and build nuclear bomb. We are unable to Produce a mixer or a coffee maker, let alone a nuclear bomb.
Although we know that some countries, for what ever reason have sold some tools, materials & nuclear technology to Iran that has your allies nervous.

You know that Uranium enrichment, making nuclear weapons and negotiations to end that is an excuse by the Mullahs & Iranian Revolutionary Guards to obtain "security guarantee" for the survival of this medieval regime.

The same “security guarantee" that your government gave this regime 30 years ago and and kept millions of Iranians in the sinkhole of misery!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

Reports from your secret intelligence organizations must have shown you and your colleagues that Iranian people not only today, but for many, many years have turned their back on this regime and if it was not for that same “security guarantee" and American support, the Iranians would have gotten rid of the Mullah regime long ago!

You know well that the Iranian people can not get their cries for freedom to be heard well enough throughout the world. The same cries that are strangled in the throat by thousand different means.

Do you know what suffocation, censorship and living under suppression mean?

I am sure, you do not, nor have you ever experienced it.

White skinned, though you have not, but I have never read a historical book that when
conglomeration of black slaves (male & female) took place, they would be arrested (even during the worst circumstances),I am talking about occasions such as getting together of
cousins, in-laws, strolling of a boy with a girl, a wedding or a party in your huts. But sexual intermix is a crime in Iran & you will be taken to jail, whipped & fined!

Mr. President,

You know well how many millions of good Iranians have left our country and have the desire to repatriate with their homeland. This multi-millions’ sin is disagreement with a theocratic dictatorship. But the government even does not allow burial of their dead corpses and if possible will even take their relatives hostage. In the old times, Could not you, if financially possible bury a black slave in his native soil?

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

I never read any black person to be jailed, tortured or killed for listening to a radio.
May be possession of a radio was a contra band in Hitler’s concentration camp, but apparently the Nazis are not ruling here, but I am sure you do not intent to negotiate
with Hitler!
In this country, listening to the non-government radio and watching unauthorized television is a crime. Although in my land, the brave people of Iran buy the risk of truthful news by paying with their life, torture & imprisonment!
Suppose that years ago there was no satellite TV or Radio, but it exists today, but never an American black has gone to prison for this charge & if it has happened we don’t know about it. So without a doubt I am sure that you can sympathize with our heavy pain in this
3rd millennium!

The internet world that has its own place!

Does anyone in your country is ready to spent half of an hour for a web page to open and
then go to jail for reading an unauthorized news web site?
If that was the case in America, wouldn’t people take on to the streets to close the file on the government responsible for these circumstances?
But when we object we face the precious gift of technology from the western friends such as tear gas, pepper spray, Electric Batons (cattle prods), small & large weapons.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

You should know through your intelligence apparatus that under the umbrella of black religious government, the Internet can become a cause of death. Leaders of this regime
can bring down the speed of internet to a crawling speed and limit it so that you can not even read your relatives’ e-mails. They can convict you to death for communicating with
an anti-government web site. Despite all these the youngsters pay the price so that the world knows the atrocities that the regime commits against its people. The same regime that you want to negotiate with!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

You the democrat, the leader of the free world, with what kind of government, do you want to negotiate?

This pen, these writings does not want to accuse you of being responsible for the atrocities committed against the Iranian people in the last 30 years, but without a doubt,
you are now carrying responsibility in what is going on right now in Iran!

You with your correspondence Seyed Ali Khamenei, are showing that even though
you are not approving their actions, you are not really opposing it neither!
This is not a small sin given the innocent blood in the streets of Iran and hurting the
conscience of citizens of the world!

The Iranians are asking themselves that why an advocate of freedom and democracy, having the title of the United States President must extend a hand of friendship or tolerance to a anti-human slaughterhouse government?

The Iranian nation is neither asking you for military intervention nor has its eyes
to the way expecting shipments of weapons & ammunition to overthrow the regime,
However we do not expect to read you letters to Khamenei or hear your supplicatory speeches

Did you hear the slogans of 13th of Aban (November 4th 2009)
There was no death to America slogan, how ever there was this rhyme:
Barack Hussein Obama! Yaa baa onhaa-Yaa baa Maa
Meaning Barack Hussein Obama you are either with us (the people) or with them (the clergy)!
People are giving you a choice to take side with them or this hellish Islamic government,
Which side have you chosen?

President George W. Bush has said that if Iranians rise against their atrocious government, the US government will stand behind them. Now, it is your turn, the ears of the Iranians are full of this rhetoric.
You can and it is just and appropriate for you to stand behind the people who are fighting for their freedom, not only in words, but in action proving that you are prodemocracy and freedom.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

Stop behind the scene support and dialogue. Implement hard core sanctions against the regime officials and their cronies; prevent them from traveling to America, freeze their assets and stop their economic activities, express support for the Iranian people.
Shut all the doors on the regime officials, isolate them from internet & satellite as they have done this to us for the past 30 years.
Mr. President,

With the advent of the information super highways; the world has turned into a small village. All the events and the deeds are right in front of the world’s eyes.
The villagers are watching the Iranians and the Iranians eyes are focused on your decision.

Please; step aside from the Iranian regime, the history is watching you!
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:38 am    Post subject: Remarks by the President at the Acceptance of the Nobel Peac Reply with quote

President Obama Oslo Remarks, Not Enough ...
"the great religion of Islam" Statement By President Obama Rejected ...
Human Rights Violations In Iran Was Ignored For Past 12 Months By Obama Admin To Appease ...

The White House wrote:

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 10, 2009
Remarks by the President at the Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize
Oslo City Hall
Oslo, Norway


President Obama wrote:
But it is also incumbent upon all of us to insist that nations like Iran and North Korea do not game the system. Those who claim to respect international law cannot avert their eyes when those laws are flouted. Those who care for their own security cannot ignore the danger of an arms race in the Middle East or East Asia. Those who seek peace cannot stand idly by as nations arm themselves for nuclear war.

Agree with above President Obama statement ...

President Obama wrote:
So even as we respect the unique culture and traditions of different countries, America will always be a voice for those aspirations that are universal. We will bear witness to the quiet dignity of reformers like Aung Sang Suu Kyi; to the bravery of Zimbabweans who cast their ballots in the face of beatings; to the hundreds of thousands who have marched silently through the streets of Iran. It is telling that the leaders of these governments fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power of any other nation. And it is the responsibility of all free people and free nations to make clear that these movements -- these movements of hope and history -- they have us on their side.

Not Enough ...

President Obama wrote:
Let me also say this: The promotion of human rights cannot be about exhortation alone. At times, it must be coupled with painstaking diplomacy. I know that engagement with repressive regimes lacks the satisfying purity of indignation. But I also know that sanctions without outreach -- condemnation without discussion -- can carry forward only a crippling status quo. No repressive regime can move down a new path unless it has the choice of an open door.

Ignored Human Rights in past 12 months to appease Islamist Mullahs in Iran ... This failed policy should be rejected by Obama Admin ...

President Obama wrote:

In light of the Cultural Revolution's horrors, Nixon's meeting with Mao appeared inexcusable -- and yet it surely helped set China on a path where millions of its citizens have been lifted from poverty and connected to open societies. Pope John Paul's engagement with Poland created space not just for the Catholic Church, but for labor leaders like Lech Walesa. Ronald Reagan's efforts on arms control and embrace of perestroika not only improved relations with the Soviet Union, but empowered dissidents throughout Eastern Europe. There's no simple formula here. But we must try as best we can to balance isolation and engagement, pressure and incentives, so that human rights and dignity are advanced over time.

Third, a just peace includes not only civil and political rights -- it must encompass economic security and opportunity. For true peace is not just freedom from fear, but freedom from want.

Appeasement of modern Communism Ideology of 19 century in China by Nixon can be justified but President Obama appeasing of Islamist ideology which is primitive and belong to 1400 years ago should be rejected because ...
FREE Iran open forum community members discussed China Model in 2004 and rejected ....

President Obama wrote:
And yet somehow, given the dizzying pace of globalization, the cultural leveling of modernity, it perhaps comes as no surprise that people fear the loss of what they cherish in their particular identities -- their race, their tribe, and perhaps most powerfully their religion. In some places, this fear has led to conflict. At times, it even feels like we're moving backwards. We see it in the Middle East, as the conflict between Arabs and Jews seems to harden. We see it in nations that are torn asunder by tribal lines.

And most dangerously, we see it in the way that religion is used to justify the murder of innocents by those who have distorted and defiled the great religion of Islam, and who attacked my country from Afghanistan. These extremists are not the first to kill in the name of God; the cruelties of the Crusades are amply recorded. But they remind us that no Holy War can ever be a just war. For if you truly believe that you are carrying out divine will, then there is no need for restraint -- no need to spare the pregnant mother, or the medic, or the Red Cross worker, or even a person of one's own faith. Such a warped view of religion is not just incompatible with the concept of peace, but I believe it's incompatible with the very purpose of faith -- for the one rule that lies at the heart of every major religion is that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Adhering to this law of love has always been the core struggle of human nature. For we are fallible. We make mistakes, and fall victim to the temptations of pride, and power, and sometimes evil. Even those of us with the best of intentions will at times fail to right the wrongs before us.

No, rejecting this statement by President Obama " the great religion of Islam". This statement is not based on historical facts and also any religion which is against Human Rights can not be considered as great ...

Free Iran ActivistChat wrote:

Despite the fact that FREE Iran ActivistChat community believs in Kas nakharad poshte man joz nakhoone angoshte man
(no-one will scratch my back except the nail of my finger)
as freedom loving Activists we must expose the truth for public education and awareness to reduce possible mistakes by elected officials...
We are hoping President Obama is right and we are wrong, because it will be good for country, but if we are right and President is wrong we should expect more issues in future ....

President Obama's speech in Oslo City Hall is very complex, is dealing with many issues and FREE Iran ActivistChat Community agrees with part of it and disagree with the other parts of speech which is not within the following 2009 framework ...

ActivistChat 2009 Pillars Of Wisdom, and Virtue Guideline Framework And Vision Of Future Direction

Dr. Arash Irandoost wrote:

Obama smartest foreign policy statement thus far....hope he continues

Obama: To the hundreds and thousands who have marched silently throughthe streets of Iran, it is telling that the leaders of [Islamic republic] fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power any other nation!


آقای موسوی ما عزیزانمان را برای حفظ نظام

جمهوری اسلامی و آرمانهای خمینی از دست ندادیم ما برای حفظ نظام جمهوری
اسلامی به خيابانها نمي آييم چرا که اگر نیت ما حفظ نظام جمهوری اسلامی
بود از احمدی نژاد که سابقه پاکتری نسبت به شما داره حمایت میکردیم شما یا
مردم ايران را خر تصور میکنید یا خود را به خریت زدید ايران فقط ايران
آزاد با راي مردم نه با آرمانهاي خميني يا هيچ كس ديگر

Dear Dr. Irandoost,
Agree with you “Obama smartest foreign policy statement thus far....” , it is true the Islamist Taazi regime fear more from the Iranian people than the Super Power because the Iranian people are the only group who are truthful in demanding freedom, Human Rights, Free Society and New Secular Democracy …
Naturally the Islamist Taazi regime does not fear the only super power because under leadership of President Obama the down fall of America was started, in the name of shameful Detente with Islamist Terror Masters he has betrayed America stand for freedom, Human Rights, New Secularism …. in past 200 years … we believe ignoring Human Rights element in USA foreign policy is against long term American people National Interest ...

We may say President Obama remarks in Oslo " the great religion of Islam" might be considered as his biggest lies thus far because as Harvard graduate he knows very well this statement is not based on historical facts and also he knows any religion which was openly against Human Rights in its past 1400 years record and in favor of Slavery … therefore can not be considered as great ... If Islam is considered as great religion then we may ask why President Obama switched his religion from Islam to Christianity?

We will be happy if President Obama is right and we are wrong, because it will be good for American people, but if we are right and President is wrong we should expect more issues in future ....

As you read this thread you will see all our predictions regarding Iran's policy was correct and President Obama approach and policy failed with Islamists in Iran ...

NPR wrote:

Reaction To Obama's Nobel Speech
December 10, 2009

text sizeAAADecember 10, 2009 In his speech Thursday in Oslo while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama refused to renounce war, saying he was obliged to protect and defend the United States. Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation magazine, Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Howard Fineman, chief political correspondent for Newsweek and author of The Thirteen American Arguments, offer their insight.... See More
Copyright © 2009 National Public Radio®. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For other uses, prior permission required.


Now some reactions to the speech from Richard Haass, who used to be President Bush's head of policy planning at the State Department, from Howard Fineman of Newsweek and MSNBC, and first from Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation. She calls the speech powerful in the way it confronted the paradox of receiving the peace prize just after escalating the Afghan war.


Free Iran ActivistChat wrote:

Has President Obama Failed America Stands For Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights, Detente With Islamists and Real Change For Better?

For Review and Action Request by all Freedom Loving People (Right, Left & Center): President Obama policy no longer is promoting freedom, liberty, Human Rights, Anti-Slavery and democracy around the globe which was cornerstone of America and fundamental principles for key success stories in past 60 years. Detente With Islamists and Islam is Betrayal Of Freedom and Human Rights[30][31][32] .

August 27, 2009

President JFK As a Senator in July 2, 1957 and The War Hero [29]:
"..the most powerful single force in the world today is neither communism nor capitalism,neither H-bomb nor the guided missile- it is man's eternal desire to be free and independent."

Late Senator TED KENNEDY last wish list has become reality by President Obama election for change [24]. Has president Obama delivered the expected change for better in past 8 months or so far President Obama failed and deceived his supporters and his friends like late Senator TED KENNEDY ... ?
In past 50 years of USA history President JFK [29] was the only President who tried his best to deliver the real change for better.

The greatness of America was on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Eagle, he climbed down a ladder toward the surface, as the world watched. The world heard him say, as he stepped on the moon’s surface: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This greatness was possible by great man of future vision President John F. Kennedy "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” and great brilliant minds like scientist Wernher von Braun ....

The down fall of America was when President Obama sent letters to Khamenei on May and June 2009 [4][5][27] , despite the fact that president knew about Khamenei's 30 years of crimes against humanity( Cinema Rex Fire Incident in Abadan orchestrated by Khamenei as the chief operator and gang leader under Khomeinei's orders killed 400 innocent Iranians. [19]) .

President Obama found it convenient to ignore all advanced warnings [14] [15][16] regarding Islamofacist regime in Iran . President Obama ignored Senator McCain and Congress to support FREE Iran. Obama ignored the direct connection that Andrei Sakharov (1921-1989 the first Russian to win the Nobel Peace Prize) and a spokesman for the conscience of mankind saw between the violation of human rights and international violence. Repression at home by any regime often leads to conflict abroad. Detente with Human Rights Violators (Islamofacists and Others) in the name of National Security Interests and Peace is the Betrayal Of Freedom and is not considered as real change or reform for better ….

President Obama with 90% of African American votes was expected to become symbol of anti-slavery and rejection of Islam for its support of 1400 year history of slavery practice. The African American voters did not expect President Obama to become the first appeasers of Islamists. Instead of admiration and respect for Cyrus the Great from 2500 years ago (539 BC) who issued the 1st declaration of human rights and abolished slavery long before kings, bows to Human Rights Voilator King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [3][4]. President should explain why? President Obama's speech in Cairo tries hard to appease Islamists and create false and peaceful image of Islam that does not match with scholarly view of Islam …The historians and scholars estimated that between 11 and 18 million Black African-Africans were enslaved by Muslim Arab slave traders and taken across the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Sahara desert between 650 and 1900, compared to 9.4 to 14 million Africans brought to the Americas in the Atlantic slave trade.

President Obama ignored 44 Nobel Laureates' Open Letter who urged him and the world’s political leaders to support, with all means at their disposal, the people of Iran, who deserve to have their votes counted, their voices heard, and their dignity respected. [20]

President Obama ignored the prison rape of the Iranian 15 Year old boy ordeal by Khamenei thugs and Islamists [21][27] , Taraneh Mousavi rape case covered by Rep. Thaddeus McCotte [22][23][27] and sent message for Ramdan [7] which only a very few Iranian-Americans practice. All scholars agree that Islam is incompatible with democracy and is against Human Rights ,Women Rights and Pro Slavery and president Obama tries to please small minority Islamists who if they find a chance will destroy USA and kill many American Nedas in the streets of this country …
Obama cuts off funds to Iran human rights groups approved by Clinton and Bush[36][37] at the same time Obama Admin is planing
to help making it easier for Islamists in USA to transfer Zakat money (Islamist Tax]- Watch video [33] Cairo Egypt Speech
President Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ... [38][39] Over 30,000 Comments on Twitter regarding Obama Nobel Prize ....
White House advisor says Sharia law misunderstood .... [40]

President Obama is not leading African American into the sweet lands of love and brotherhood promised by Martin Luther King, but he is rather marching African Americans into appeasing Islam without exposing truth about Islam past history of slavery …. President Obama has failed America by not delivering real change for better, but he has failed African American even more by appeasing Islam and Islamist regime in Iran.

An old poetic Persian proverb says:

Har cheh begandad namakash mizanand.
Vaay beh roozy keh begandad namak!
English translation:
Salt is added to whatever is getting spoiled.
[to preserve against more spoilage]
Woe onto the day when salt itself is spoiled!

What to do to avoid future disaster?

Based on our experience, observation and test cases if people don’t follow James Madison[17] direction and don't protest and show their outrage then their rights will be ignored by corrupt minority lobbyists and government ….

Freedom-loving American People actions and protest for Human Rights and Protect Freedom Against Islamists and Islamist Regime's Rapist and Terror Master Of Iran might change the policy direction toward disaster ....

References wrote:


[1]Abolition of slavery timeline
In 539 BC, Cyrus the Great issues the Cyrus cylinder and abolishes slavery
[2] Islamic Arab slave trade
Historians estimate that between 11 and 18 million Black Africans were enslaved by Arab slave traders and taken across the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Sahara Desert between 650 and 1900,[5][6][7] compared to 9.4 to 14 million Africans brought to the Americas in the Atlantic slave trade.[8]
Periodic Arab raiding expeditions were sent from Islamic Iberia to ravage the Christian Iberian kingdoms, bringing back booty and slaves. In a raid against Lisbon in 1189, for example, the Almohad caliph Yaqub al-Mansur took 3,000 female and child captives, while his governor of Córdoba, in a subsequent attack upon Silves in 1191, took 3,000 Christian slaves.[9]

[3] Watch Video President Obama in Deep Submission to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah
During Thursdays meeting of the G20 in London, President Barack Obama bows before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.


[4] Watch Video President Obama bows down to Saudi King Abdullah Video Playlist

In his recent trip to London for G20 summit, President Obama was reaching out to shake the hand of King Abdullah, one of the leading men of terror in our current life. Saudi Arabia is a hub for terrorism. Seventeen terrorists out of nineteen terrorists on the 11 September 2001 attacks were from Saudi Arabia, supposedly our friend and ally. Here is the travesty, the most powerful man on earth bends over and bows deeply to Saudis King Abdullah, who is well known for his support of Wahhabi Islamism all over the world. Go figure! After All, Saudi Arabia is a place where Prophet Muhammad was born and it is where he unleashed his dogma of Islamic terrorism, the Quran.

Quran 8:12 "I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle."

Quran 33:26 "Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before."

[4] Guardian - Obama sent letter to Khamenei before the election, report says

[5] Washington Times - Obama sent letter to Khamenei – Obama Administration overture to Khamenei ridiculed in sermon
Letter was sent between May 4 and May 10 and laid out the prospect of "cooperation in regional and bilateral relations" .

[6] Atlantic slave trade
Slavery was practiced in Africa before the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade.[11] Slavery and the slave trade were an integral part of African societies and states which supplied the Islamic Arab world with enslaved people for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.[12] The African slave trade provided a large number of slaves to Europeans and their African agents
[7] Obama marks beginning of Muslim holy month
[8] Is this the kind of future for American Women As it Happened To Persian Women 1400 years ago?

The Slave Market (c. 1884), painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme.

[9] Documentary Video Clips Carter Father Of Islamic Revolution In Iran By Dr. Evans

[10] Documentary Video Clips Playlist Rape Cases In Iran Islamist Regime Prison Gift From President Carter

[11] Documentary Video Clips Playlist FREE Iran Riots Against Mullahs Election Circus

[12] Documentary Video Clips Playlist Neda The Persian Lioness Princess Of Freedom
[13] Documentary Video Clips Playlist Dr. Fereydoun Farokhzad Brilliant Mind Beheaded Aug 6, 1992 http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=DE7E03C784EFCE0B

[14] Decision 2008 Priorities : U.S. Foreign and Energy Policy General Common Sense Expectations and Demands

[15] Documentary Video Clips Playlist Free Iran ActivistChat Response to 2009 Obama's Iranian Noruz Message

[16] Mr. President, please stop the policy of tolerance and negotiation with the Islamic Republic regime. [Saied Shemirani]

[17] James Madison:

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men! Over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.” The Federalist No. 51 (James Madison).
[18] Andrei Sakharov (1921-1989)
Source: http://www.aip.org/history/sakharov/

Andrei Sakharov (1921-1989) was a Soviet physicist who became, in the words of the Nobel Peace Committee, a spokesman for the conscience of mankind. He was fascinated by fundamental physics and cosmology, but he had to spent two decades designing nuclear weapons. The acknowledged father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb, he contributed perhaps more than anyone else to the military might of the USSR. But it was his top secret experience as a leading nuclear expert that was instrumental in making Sakharov one of the most courageous critics of the Soviet regime, a human rights activist and the first Russian to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He helped bring down one of history’s most powerful dictatorships. This exhibit tells about Sakharov’s extraordinary life.
[19] 1978 Islamist Holy Crime - Cinema Rex Abadan Fire 400 killed By Khamenei As Gang Leader http://www.activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3309&sid=61829d58a370d995dcc2b89db2ec2a31
[20] Petition 82: Response To 44 Nobel Laureates Open Letter Regarding Brave Men and Women of Iran http://activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=33538#33538
[21] Iranian boy who defied Tehran hardliners tells of prison rape ordeal [The Times]
[22] Breaking News Taraneh's Rapist & Killer Identified: Mullah Hosein Taeb حسین طائب
[23] Rep. Thaddeus McCotte on Taraneh Mousavi Iran's Khamenei: Your Referendum Has Been Held and You Have Failed Your Test
[24] Senator TED KENNEDY: Historic Speech @ Denver Convention

[25] Walking the walk Tough, realistic critique of Obama needed
Source: washingtontimes.com
After President Obama's first seven months in office, concerns are growing about his administration's uncertain foreign-policy start

[26] Obama's Foreign Policy: Abandon Democracy
There has been a fundamental change in American foreign policy under President Obama-- a change that until now, has been little recognized.
No longer is the promotion of freedom, liberty, and democracy around the world one of our fundamental principles.
[27] Iranian boy who defied Tehran hardliners tells of prison rape ordeal

[28] Obama sent second letter to Khamenei
By Barbara Slavin and Iason Athanasiadis, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

[29] The History Place - JFK The War Hero

[30]Dr. Arash Irandoost Reported: Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi: Sodomy and Rape OK for Protesters[/color][/b]

[31] Islam is Fire By Amil Imani

[32] Rejecting Any Kind of Talks with Islamofascist

[33] President Obama on Zakat - Cairo Egypt Speech

[34] Wahhabism & Islam in The U.S. - 4000-6,000 mosques overall, including small and diverse congregations of many kinds operating in USA soil

[35] اوباما چه می کند؟!
شهباز نخعی

[36] US funds dry up for Iran rights watchdog

[37] Obama cuts off funds to Iran human rights groups

[38] President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize By Rick Moran

[39] Our Laureate: Neda of Iran .. President Obama wins the Nobel Prize for Peace ... by washingtonpost.com
Source: www.washingtonpost.com
[40] White House advisor says Sharia law misunderstood .... By Thomas Lifson http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/10/white_house_advisor_says_shari.html
[41] Video of Barack Obama attacks religion ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_zssjFzpGs

[42] Wall Street: Does Obama Believe in Human Rights? Human rights "interfere" with President Obama's campaign against climate change.
[43] Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama/6409721/Barack-Obama-sees-worst-poll-rating-drop-in-50-years.html

[44] Remarks by the President at the Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize and Reactions http://activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=33710#33710

Los Angeles Times wrote:
President Obama's job approval rating falls very fast


Dr. Arash Irandoost Email Post wrote:

Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi: Sodomy and Rape OK for Protesters


On August 11, 2009, Ayatollah Mesbh-Yazdi and Mahmood Ahmadinejad had a gathering at Jamkaran. They answered questions posed by their supporters. The following questions and answers were exchanged between Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi and some of his supports regarding the recent charges of rape and torture committed on those arrested in the post-election unrest:

تعدادی از پاسخ های شرعی مصباح در زمینه تجاوز جنسی در زیر به برخی از
سوالها و جوابها اشاره میشود

Q: Is obtaining confession by applying psychological, emotional and physical pressure valid and considered credible according to Islam?
1- آیا اعتراف گیری تحت فشار و شکنجه روحی و روانی و جسمی اعتبار اسلامی دارد ؟

A: Getting confession from any person who is against the Velayet-e-faghih (supreme leader) is permissible under any condition
.ج - اعتراف گیری از ضد ولایت فقیه به هر شکلی جایز است

Q: Is obtaining confession by drugging the prisoner with addictive substances, opiates, and other drugs?
2 - اعتراف گیری با استفاده از مواد مخدر و افیون و داروهای کدوئینه جایز است ؟

A: Obtaining confession from any person who is against the Velayet-e-Faghih (supreme leader) is allowed under any condition
.ج - اعتراف گیری از ضد ولایت مطلقه به هر شکلی جایز است .

Q: Can interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain confession?
3 - آیا بازجو میتواند به زندانی تجاوز جنسی کند تا اعتراف بگیرد ؟

A: The necessary caution is for the interrogator to perform the ‘Vozoo’ (ablution: the act of cleansing mandated by Islam before praying) first and say prayers while raping the prisoner.If the prisoner is female, it is OK to rape through vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present. If it is a male prisoner, then it’s OK for someone else to watch while the rape is committed
.ج - احتیاط واجب آن است که قبل از اینکار حتما وضو بگیرد و هنگام عمل ذکر گوید .اگرزندانی زن است هم از فرج و هم از دوبر دخول اشکال ندارد بهتر است در محل بازجویی کس دیگری نباشد . اما اگر زندانی مرد است احوط است در حضور دیگر باز جویان دخول صورت گیرد

Q: What if the female prisoner gets pregnant? Is the child considered illegitimate?
4 - اگر زن زندانی حامله شود تکلیف چیست ؟ یا آن فرزند حرامزاده است ؟

A: The child borne to any woman [weakling] who is against the supreme leader is considered illegitimate be it a result of rape by her interrogator or thorough intercourse by husband, according to the written word in the Quarn. However, if the child is raised by the jailer, then the child is considered a legitimate Shii’a Muslim
.ج - فرزند ضعیفه ضد ولایت مطلقه فقیه مطابق نص قران مجید در هر صورت حرامزاده است چه توسط بازجو باردار شود چه توسط شوهرش . اما اگر بازجو فرزندی طفل متولد شده را گردن نهد ، بنابر احتیاط واجب طفل حلالزاده و شیعه اثنی عشری است .

Q: Is raping of men and young boys considered sodomy?
5- آیا تجاوز جنسی در زندان به مردها و پسران جوان لواط محسوب نمی شود ؟

A: No, because it is not consensual. Of course, if the prisoner is aroused and enjoys the rape, then caution must be taken not to repeat the rape
.ج - خیر . چون زندانی بدون میل و رغبت به آن تن داده است . البته اگر جوان مفعول را خوشامده باشد احتیاط مستحب آن است که دیگر این عمل تکرار نگردد

Q: What is the judgment for raping a virgin female prisoner?

6 - تجاوز به دختران باکره در زندان چه حکمی دارد ؟

A: If the judgment for the prisoner is execution, then the rape before execution brings the interrogator a spiritual reward equivalent to making the Haaj pilgrimage [Mecca], but if there is no execution decreed, then the reward would be equivalent of making a pilgrimage to Karbala .به همان اندازه بر گناهان دختر افزوده میشود . اما اگر زندانی قرار نیست اعدام شود ، به اندازه زیارت کربلا برای بازجو صواب دارد

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act! --George Orwell

latimes wrote:
IRAN: Report of second letter from Obama to Tehran


http://twitpic.com/g7jsx - LaTimes report http://bit.ly/dvhta

Free Iran ActivistChat Expectations wrote:

Free Iran ActivistChat Decision 2008 Expectations Priorities : U.S. Foreign and Energy Policy General Common Sense Expectations and Demands

Wed Nov 05, 2008

We are the citizens of the United States of America who represent the majority of the American people who strongly adhere to the following beliefs:

1) We believe in the concept of complete secularism in government, which generally means complete separation of the State from religion, or any ideology or philosophy which can be interpreted as religious (e. g. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism, Judaism, etc., or extreme ideologies such as Fascism or Communism). Secularism can be considered as common sense versus Ideology.

2) Democracy without secularism and secular parties cannot survive and continue a tradition of freedom of choice when a non-secular regime comes to power, as demonstrated by the Nazi party in Germany, the Khomeinist regime in Iran, and more recently by the Hamas Party in Palestine. This principle has been proven historically many times and in many countries.

3) When there is religious intervention in the affairs of the public and the State, then it become necessary to make public the fact that a religion or its precepts have influenced governmental institutions. It becomes a duty of citizens, in the interests of freedom, to work to remove that religious influence, and restore secular governance.

We believe that, in this century, real change starts with breakthroughs in less expensive and environmentally less-harmful energy sources such as hydrogen fuels, solar power, wind power, and geo-thermal energy, representing possibly safer alternatives to fossil fuels. The greatest changes for the better will be delivered by the world’s brilliant engineering minds, not politicians (Democrats or Republicans) who, for the past 40 years, have virtually ignored support for research in alternative sources of energy.

We recommend that support for qualified candidates for public office be based on past good deeds and public service, independent of political party affiliation or pre-assigned tags of left, center, right, liberal or conservative.

Our future expectations of policy makers and leaders with regard to foreign policy are defined by a new set of criteria based on test cases designed to be able to measure success and failure more objectively. Our recommended test cases and criteria are based on the vision of the founding fathers of the United States of America and those philosophies that informed them, including the works of Cyrus the Great, and Plato. We believe that this ancient and enduring spirit of freedom was embodied in the U.S. Constitution, and includes the following elements:

1- The implementation of a secular democracy
2- The implementation of enduring and inalienable Human/Women’s Rights
3- The implementation of a Free and Responsible Society
4- The promulgation of freedom and human rights at global level
5- The intent to gather moral and international support for the rejection of all religiously-based, gender-biased, racially-biased or apartheid, and ideologically extreme governments, realizing that these governments are a main source of creating fearful societies and terrorism in the world.

Independently of who is chosen for public office in the elections of 2008, we resolve to remain vigilant, and to continue to pressure elected officials to move in the aforementioned directions, to help assure a better future for all freedom-loving, secularist peoples. We will continue to make use of any communication media available to us in order to further this cause. The struggle toward a better future will not end with any one election, and we will always remember that only Truth, Honesty, and Integrity have survived, and will survive, the test of time and history.

Quick Overview of the Vision of Cyrus the Great:
Cyrus the Great, the father of first Human Rights declaration over 2500 years ago, advocated the abolition of slavery and ethnic or racial discrimination, freedom to choose one's place of residence, freedom of religious belief, and the establishment of peace among nations. Such ideas are still alive and are clearly esteemed by all those who believe in human dignity and human rights. The Persians regarded Cyrus The Great as The Father, the Babylonians regarded him as The Liberator, the Greeks called him the Law-Giver, and the Jews called him the Anointed of the Lord. Prof. Richard Frye of Harvard University is quoted as saying, “…Surely the concept of One World, and the fusion of peoples and cultures in one 'Oecumen', was one of [Cyrus the Great’s] important legacies”. Therefore, Cyrus the Great is considered to be one of the greatest political leaders and liberators of all time. October 29th has been designated as the international day of Cyrus the Great, king of Persia , who declared the first charter of human rights in the world, which is also known as the ‘Cyrus Cylinder’.

The Vision of the American Founding Fathers:
The founding fathers -- George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams -- are extraordinarily impressive revolutionary figures, with unique educational influences. Recent research by historians has found that Cyrus The Great’s Book by Xenophon, and ‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli, were required reading among the American Revolutionary Founding Fathers. Personal copies of these books owned by Founding Fathers exist in Library of Congress. The drafting of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution was, however, more influenced by Cyrus The Great’s leadership and vision than Machiavelli. Cyrus The Great’s leadership vision is based on the ideas of a free society, human rights, sound moral values and a high code of ethics, versus the Machiavellian vision based on a fearful society, with perhaps immoral and unethical means advocated in order to control society. The American Founding Fathers were not essentially Machiavellian, and that is why they were able to create a great foundation upon which to build a nation.

We should try to find an answer to the following question: How could the founding fathers have achieved so much in such a short period of time, while current generations seemingly cannot achieve nearly as much, although endowed with far superior technological power and knowledge?

To safeguard our freedoms, we always remember James Madison’s famous statement: "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself [italics ours]. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.” The Federalist No. 51 (James Madison).

FREE Iran ActivistChat Community wrote:

Petition 82: Response To 44 Nobel Laureates Open Letter Regarding Brave Men and Women of Iran By FREE Iran ActivistChat Community

Sign the Petition -
View Current Signatures


Free Iran ActivistChat 7009 wrote:

In Spirit Of Cyrus The Great, Father Of Human Rights,
The Greatest Leader of All Times and
For Greatness of FREE Iran Rainbow Heroes,
Babak Khorramdin, General Jahanbani, General Mohagheghi ,
Dr. Fereydoun Farokhzad, Neda, Sohrab ...
Free Iran Communities are demanding Regime Change In Iran,
Human Rights, New Secularism,
Better Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Free Iran ActivistChat 7009

Kas nakharad poshte man joz nakhoone angoshte man
(no-one will scratch my back except the nail of my finger)
Direction For 16 Azar, 7009 - 7 Dec

به نام کورش بزرگ پدر حقوق بشر
بزرگترین رهبر تمام زمانها و

برای عظمت قهرمانان رنگین کمان ایران آزاد
... بابک خرمدین ، ژنرال جهانبانی ، ژنرال محققی ، دکتر فریدون فرخزاد ، ندا ، سهراب

خواهان تغییر رژیم در ایران ، حقوق بشر ، نئو سکولاریسم
زندگی بهتر ، آزادی و در جستجوی خوشبختی هستیم

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:25 am    Post subject: Dr. Ganji's Letter Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and sarkozy Reply with quote

Professor Manouchehr Ganji wrote:
Dr. Ganji's Letter To Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Sarkozy

Source: http://www.facebook.com/#/notes/ramin-etebar/dr-ganjis-letter-secretary-general-ban-ki-moon-and-sarkozy/228624310406

The Honorable Nicolas Sarkozy December 10,2009

President of France


As a former UN Special Rapporteur on Apartheid and Racial Discrimination ,on the Realization of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ,as a Member of various UN bodies on Human Rights, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Tehran , today in my personal capacity as a human rights defender ,I wish to draw your most urgent attention to the ever worsening situation of gross and systematic violatios of human rights and fundamental freedoms in my country Iran. By reliable accounts, for political reasons today , tens of thousands of men , women, young , old and children are languishing in secret and publicly known prisons , scattered all over Iran .Their number has been increasing by day . The numbers of the disappeared and missing persons is also on constant rise. In the Islamic Republic prisons, political prisoners are routinely tortured and kept incommunicado, without the outside world hearing about them and without specific charges launched against them .They often have no access to their families or legal representatives ,for weeks and months ,in the discretion of the regime .It is rare that a person comes out of those dungeons without physical or mental scars to carry for the rest of his or her life . Mass arrests ,torture by various means, including rape of female and young male prisoners and minors ,by the prison clerics and prison “guards” are reported to be a common practice , and at present once more on the rise . In recent months many have died as a result of these and other atrocities.

As you are aware, Sir, these kinds of crimes against the rights and freedoms of the Iranian people have been going on under the Clerical rule, in Iran for the past 30 years. The United Nations Special Human Rights Rapporteurs on Iran , The Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch, the Reporters Without Frontiers,…and the world media have reported much about it .

Mr. President , the love of life , freedom , equality and human decency amongst Iranians has a very long history .Iran’s over 3000 years old history is witness to that . Nearly 800 years ago one of Iran’s great poets Saadi wrote : “ The children of Adam are Members of a body whole related , For of a single essence are they each and all created , When fortune persecutes one Member of this body sorely , Surely the other Members of the body can not stand securely , Oh you who from others troubles turn away your face , It is not befitting that they bestow the name of Human on you .” Iran has had three revolutions in the course of the, 20th century. All of them, for the realization of the Government of the People by the People and for the People. Iran is the second country in Asia to have adopted a constitution with a bill of rights, dating back to over 100 years ago .Iranians were deceived in 1978 by Khomeini, whom, inter alia, BBC promoted , the American Ambassador in Iran called ” a second Gandhi of Asia” and Andrew Young, the US ambassador to the UN called “ a Saint “.

Iran is a Party to the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights , the Covenant on Economic and Cultural Rights as well as to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. If the international community , in fact wanted today, to help the freedom loving people of Iran , who are sacrificing their lives to embrace freedom , it would be unceasingly pressuring the regime in Iran for the fulfillment of the terms of those internationally binding legal instruments.

By assisting the Iranians in the realization of their basic human rights and freedoms you would in fact be moving that tumultuous region one step closer to tranquility, stability and respect for human rights.

In anticipation of hearing from you ,please accept Sir, the assurances of my highest regards.


Professor Manouchehr Ganji

Past 12 months President Obama Detente with Islamists in Iran was against American People long term National Interest and under his leadership the Super Power status and USA credibility has been reduced to a Little Power status …
They understand this when it is too late ...
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2009 8:04 pm    Post subject: 2009: The year of living fecklessly By Charles Krauthammer Reply with quote

Ambassador Hakimi wrote:

بسیار مهم است. حتما بخوانید.

این نویسنده مشهور حرف آخر را به هم میهنان خویش بویژه* اوباما* زده است.


Charles Krauthammer wrote:

Subject: 2009: The year of living fecklessly By Charles Krauthammer

2009: The year of living fecklessly
By Charles Krauthammer
Friday, December 25, 2009; A25

On Tuesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not just reject President Obama's latest feckless floating nuclear deadline. He spat on it, declaring that Iran "will continue resisting" until the United States has gotten rid of its 8,000 nuclear warheads.

So ends 2009, the year of "engagement," of the extended hand, of the gratuitous apology -- and of spinning centrifuges, two-stage rockets and a secret enrichment facility that brought Iran materially closer to becoming a nuclear power.

We lost a year. But it was not just any year. It was a year of spectacularly squandered opportunity. In Iran, it was a year of revolution, beginning with a contested election and culminating this week in huge demonstrations mourning the death of the dissident Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri -- and demanding no longer a recount of the stolen election but the overthrow of the clerical dictatorship.

Obama responded by distancing himself from this new birth of freedom. First, scandalous silence. Then, a few grudging words. Then relentless engagement with the murderous regime. With offer after offer, gesture after gesture -- to not Iran , but the "Islamic Republic of Iran ," as Obama ever so respectfully called these clerical fascists -- the United States conferred legitimacy on a regime desperate to regain it.

Why is this so important? Because revolutions succeed at that singular moment, that imperceptible historical inflection, when the people, and particularly those in power, realize that the regime has lost the mandate of heaven. With this weakening dictatorship desperate for affirmation, why is the United States repeatedly offering just such affirmation?

Apart from ostracizing and delegitimizing these gangsters, we should be encouraging and reinforcing the demonstrators. This is no trivial matter. When pursued, beaten, arrested and imprisoned, dissidents can easily succumb to feelings of despair and isolation. Natan Sharansky testifies to the electric effect Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire speech had on lifting spirits in the gulag. The news was spread cell to cell in code tapped on the walls. They knew they weren't alone, that America was committed to their cause.

Yet so aloof has Obama been that on Hate America Day (Nov. 4, the anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran ), pro-American counter-demonstrators chanted, "Obama, Obama, you are either with us or with them," i.e., their oppressors.

Such cool indifference is more than a betrayal of our values. It's a strategic blunder of the first order.
Forget about human rights. Assume you care only about the nuclear issue. How to defuse it? Negotiations are going nowhere, and whatever U.N. sanctions we might get will be weak, partial, grudging and late. The only real hope is regime change. The revered and widely supported Montazeri had actually issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons.
And even if a successor government were to act otherwise, the nuclear threat would be highly attenuated because it's not the weapon but the regime that creates the danger. (Think India or Britain, for example.) Any proliferation is troubling, but a nonaggressive pro-Western Tehran would completely change the strategic equation and make the threat minimal and manageable.

What should we do? Pressure from without -- cutting off gasoline supplies, for example -- to complement and reinforce pressure from within. The pressure should be aimed not at changing the current regime's nuclear policy -- that will never happen -- but at helping change the regime itself.
Give the kind of covert support to assist dissident communication and circumvent censorship that, for example, we gave Solidarity in Poland during the 1980s. (In those days that meant broadcasting equipment and copying machines.) But of equal importance is robust rhetorical and diplomatic support from the very highest level: full-throated denunciation of the regime's savagery and persecution. In detail -- highlighting cases, the way Western leaders adopted the causes of Sharansky and Andrei Sakharov during the rise of the dissident movement that helped bring down the Soviet empire.
Will this revolution succeed? The odds are long but the reward immense. Its ripple effects would extend from Afghanistan to Iraq (in both conflicts, Iran actively supports insurgents who have long been killing Americans and their allies) to Lebanon and Gaza where Iran 's proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, are arming for war.

One way or the other, Iran will dominate 2010. Either there will be an Israeli attack or Iran will arrive at -- or cross -- the nuclear threshold. Unless revolution intervenes. Which is why to fail to do everything in our power to support this popular revolt is unforgivable.

Dr. Arash Irandoost wrote:

Dear Mr. Krauthammer,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your insightful, accurate and objective portrayal of the current situation in Iran in your recent article:

2009: The year of living fecklessly
Sadly, Iranians, have been a pawn in the hands of the Great Britain, Russia and unfortunately the United States, a country they love so much for the very ideas it was founded upon: freedom, democracy, liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness.

We, the Iranian-Americans along with many of Iranians inside Iran, are simply amazed at the United States misguided foreign policies toward Iran in the hands of inept politicians starting with President Carter 30 years ago!

Thirty years of appeasement and attempt at negotiations have not resulted in any substantive progress. Time is ticking. The United States lost a great opportunity to redeem itself when President Obama turned his back on the freedom loving people of Iran.

As much as I hate to agree with your final analysis, I hope we are successful at overthrowing this barbaric and inhumane regime and replace it with a secular and democratic system of government and bring stability to that part of the world. Hopefully, these spineless politicians, once in their lifetime, remember and honor the ideals that the United States and stand on the right side of history and support pro-west and peace loving people of Iran. Winston Churchill once said "Americans ultimately end up doing the right thing, once they have exhausted all the wrong things." I hope that he is right!


Dr. Arash Irandoost

Thanks again!
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:23 am    Post subject: The West's Betrayal of Iran Reply with quote

Wall Street Journal wrote:

The West's Betrayal of Iran
Europe's 'dialogue' with the mullahs is just camouflage to cover up the trade and appeasement

Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703278604574624171652809240.html?mod=wsj_share_facebook


This Sunday, Iran's freedom movement has reached a new dimension. At demonstrations throughout the country, the brave people of Iran chanted: "Yazid will be overthrown, this will be the month of blood," referring to the caliph who killed the founder of Shiite belief, Imam Hossein. Yazid is of course a thinly-veiled code for the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The Iranian people know that liberty has its price and they are willing to pay it to make a free and democratic Iran possible. The response of the "international community," though, has been shameful.

The Iranian victims of Western appeasement.
.Sure, France immediately condemned the violence against peaceful protesters and called for "a political solution." Italy called "for a dialogue with the opposition." And the United States and Germany joined with their talk of the Iranian people's "universal rights" (U.S. National Security Council Spokesman Mike Hammer) and that the world "will observe and not look away," in the words of German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle.

These words sound hollow to the Iranian people. Over the past 30 years, the West has done nothing except to "look away" whenever Iranians were oppressed, tortured and murdered. What only really counted, particularly for Europeans, was trade. And now six months after the emergence of powerful yet peaceful resistance that is bringing down one of the most brutal dictatorships of our age, the international community still has not been able to put the needs and wishes of the millions of freedom-loving Iranians at the center of its Iran policy. Words of solidarity mean nothing if they are not followed by tough action.

Since the rigged June elections, there can be no more doubt that this regime is as illegitimate is it is oppressive. And yet it was precisely during this period of popular unrest against the mullahs that the free world restarted negotiations with Tehran. This was a stunning betrayal. A betrayal of the freedom-seeking people of Iran and a betrayal of our own universal values. Despite the pictures of millions of Iranians risking their lives for freedom, the international community refuses to acknowledge and support the democratic, peaceful and prosperous alternative to the Islamist rulers. People in the West still think this all about the fraudulent re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and don't recognize that it is regime change that the Iranian people want.

Over the past six months it has been almost unbearable for me to be so far away from the country that I love and miss so much. It is a deep inspiration to me to witness the courage and love for freedom of my fellow Iranians, two-thirds of whom were born in this undemocratic system. This young Iranian generation has brilliantly educated itself—in spite, not because, of the Islamic Republic, whose schools only teach Islamist ideology.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam wrote:

The west needs to wake up and take ACTION. Thank you Saba for your write up...

Amil Imani Facebook Post wrote:

Obama's Iran Dilemma: Human Rights or Nuclear Negotiations?
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/omid-memarian/obamas-iran-dilemma-human_b_406644.html

It took more than six months for the White House to "strongly condemn" the excessive use of force against the protesters in Tehran, and God knows how long itlong it will take President Obama to conclude that compromising universal values, including human rights, at the expense of erratic negotiations with the Iranian government. It will not change the behavior of the Iranian government although it will undermine America's moral authority.

However, President Obama has been forced into a nuanced foreign policy dilemma due to Iran's disappointing response to the 5+1 nuclear offer, and its reckless behavior towards the Iranian people after the disputed June 12 elections.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:41 pm    Post subject: Obama's Foreign Policy: Dangerous Game of Appeasement Reply with quote

Behshad Hastibakhsh wrote:
Obama's Foreign Policy: Dangerous Game of Appeasement

Source: http://www.behshadh.com/obama.foreignpolicy.html

"An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” [i]

~ Sir Winston Churchill ~

By: Behshad Hastibakhsh (published by The Conservative Foundry & Persianmirror.com)

To millions of people around the world, Barak Obama is the messiah, a visionary with the message of ‘hope’ and ‘change’, whose mere image portrays a new America in the quest for peace. Barack Obama may possess John F. Kennedy’s youthful ambition and Ronald Reagan’s communication skills, but his foreign policy doctrine bears a striking resemblance to Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement policy towards Nazi Germany. Obama follows the path of enlightened left-leaning intellectuals, whose Weltanschauung or world view is deeply rooted in the ‘culture of reason’ of the Western liberal tradition. This world view is naïve at best and disastrous in consequence under the worst circumstances.

World peace has been the eternal dream of great thinkers since the time of antiquity; it has yet remained an illusion due to conflicting interests of self-interested individuals and states, and the inability of world bodies to enforce international laws. While some world leaders continue to pursue their Wilsonian vision of world peace with reforms of existing and the creation of new international organizations, others are engaged in ideological battles and proxy wars against Western values and civilization. In essence, those who provide financial, logistic and military support to terrorist organizations, such as Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Al-Qaida affiliated organizations worldwide, are not remotely interested in peace.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy disregards these fundamental principles, as Americans, who in the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001 rallied behind their president in the global war against terror, have become weary of counting their dead and wounded veterans. As in the case of many left of center politicians, Barack Obama speaks with an eloquent and convincing voice to people around the world with a populist message of dialogue and negotiation within an international framework. His dovish vision of world peace is far from reach in today’s political landscape where dialogue with terrorist sponsoring states eventually helps terrorists to plan their next major attacks.

In the new era of 24x7 news media, Barack Obama utilizes his eloquence in public speaking and superb communication skills to galvanize the masses with populist themes and moral arguments which often provide the target audience with instant gratification. The problem lies in the fallacy of the argument on how to deal with those who threaten Western values and civilization.

War on Terror: Unconventional & Asymmetrical Warfare

Over the past few years, the phrase ‘war on terror’ has become synonymous with the George W. Bush doctrine, an interventionist policy to secure and defend the United States’ national interests against countries that harbor or give aid to terrorist groups by all means necessary, including preventative wars, deposing foreign leaders and regime change in rouge states. The war on terror is unconventional and asymmetrical in nature. As the world media airs sounds and images from front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq, the war on terror is fought on multiple (i.e. military, economic, intelligence, information, etc.) fronts. With memories of the Vietnam war haunting the American psyche, terrorists groups, i.e. Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaida, use asymmetric strategies, such as sporadic bombings and IEDs (or Improvised Explosive Devices) against Western targets, to gain strength and undermine the American will. In the struggle against Western values and civilization, terrorist sponsoring states and organizations have discovered Americans’ angst towards their country’s long term military commitment half way around the world.

George W. Bush deserves high praise for recognizing threats from rouge states, namely Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran and North Korea, and affiliated terrorist organizations. The 43rd president of the United States has yet lacked essential communication skills to explain the complex elements and nature of war on terror beyond the American presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, Barack Obama has no intention to redefine the objectives of war on terror as a timeless fight against terrorist regimes and organizations. Obama cares little about the long term outcome of war on terror, while he is determined to create a personal legacy as the first black American president to realize world peace, albeit at the superficial level. To this end, Barack Obama pursues the dangerous policy of appeasement.

Historic Lesson

Historian Keith Eubank defines the origin of the term ‘appeasement’ in conjunction with attempts to reduce “international tensions between states through the removal of the causes of friction”[ii]. Eubanks describes that in the immediate aftermath of World War I appeasement “meant concessions to disgruntled nations in the hope that the concessions would alleviate their grievances and lessen their tendency to take aggressive actions” ii. At the time, many Britons, who viewed World War I as entirely avoidable and accidental, nurtured appeasement policies with concessions towards Nazi Germany. The appeasers had developed strong guilt feelings over the Treaty of Versailles despite warnings and objections from the French.

History highlights fundamental weaknesses of British appeasement policy towards Nazi Germany, as in 1938 Neville Chamberlain secured short term peace with Hitler’s signature under the Munich agreement which allowed Germany to increase the size of its navy, army, and air force, to reoccupy the Rhineland, and annex Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland. Chamberlain and many others in the British political establishment believed the annexation of Sudetenland would address Germany’s grievances. However, according to Keith Eubank, “the appeasers did ignore one important fact: a policy of appeasement could end only with Germany restored to its former strength” ii.

The appeasers ignored warnings from seasoned statesmen like Winston Churchill who had advocated a strong military policy for Britain and had foreseen threats of Nazi Germany as a re-emerging military power in Europe. In Churchill’s autobiography, Martin Gilbert quotes Churchill’s conversation with Chamberlain’s predecessor, Stanley Baldwin, in 1934. Churchill “warned Mr Baldwin that the Germans had a secret Air Force and were rapidly overhauling ours [i.e. Britain’s Air force]… [Churchill] gave definite figures and forecasts. Of course, it was all denied with all [the] weight of official authority”[iii]. This was not Churchill’s first or last warning which was disregarded.

The appeasers were idealists and optimists who wanted to trust Hitler. In the end, British appeasement policy allowed Nazi Germany to further strengthen its military might leading to the annexation of Austria in 1938 and the break out of WWII with the invasion of Poland in September 1939. Today, history books recall atrocities and war crimes that may have been prevented with Britain’s stronger stand against Nazi Germany.

Don’t Trust the Enemy

History is a constant reminder of struggles between civilizations. Although idealists from the left and the right of political spectrums underscore values and interests that unite people across continents, the future of the human race is threatened by exaggerated confidence in the power of reason and the underestimation of fanatic forces in the West.

In his book “The Suicide of Reason: Radical Islam’s Threat to the West”, Lee Harris examines the worst case scenario, namely - the destruction of the West by radical Islam. Western leaders are victims of a curious illusion that “has created and maintained rare islands of reason in a world otherwise ruled by the law of the jungle”[iv].

Western thinkers have nurtured scientific theories based on the ‘fanaticism of reason’ which is both overly optimistic and fatal. They are by-products of a culture of reason; a culture that views humans as rational actors. This perception is fundamentally wrong and fatal, as humans are primarily self-interested tribal actors. This phenomenon is clearly visible in the ‘us versus them’ mindset of radical Muslims and communists (also operating as socialists in various regions) around the world.

Radical Muslims, socialists and communists pose the single biggest threat to the West and the survival of the human race. These groups view the destruction of Western values, culture and standards as the key to their cultural survival. To destroy the West, they resort to any means, tactics and strategy. Regimes in oil rich states such as Iran, Libya, and Venezuela direct millions of petro-dollars to an ideologically driven propaganda and proxy wars against Western interests. These regimes have no interest in their nation’s future; they simply pursue an ideological struggle. To this end, the coalition between radical Muslims and the extreme left is the means to an end.

Terrorist sponsoring regimes in Iran, Libya and Venezuela often fuel the ideological hatred in other countries, such as Syria and Lebanon, and provide financial support for the purchase of nuclear and conventional military technology from North Korea. They provide financial, logistic, ideological and political support to terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaida, who return the favor with hit and run attacks against Western interests. Together, they pose major threats against the human race, as forces of fanaticism move closer to nuclear proliferation.

Most recently, Barack Obama has presided over a session of the UN Security Council which adopted a US-drafted resolution to realize the president’s vision for a world without nuclear weapons. This resolution has passed unanimously following Obama’s remarks on fundamental threats of nuclear weapons. According to the Washington Post, “Obama is pressing for a new worldwide treaty to halt production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium and strengthen the global non-proliferation treaty, which has limited the spread of nuclear weapons for decades but now is in danger of fraying”[v].

Obama’s noble vision falls in line with the naïve dovish attitude of the left-leaning political elite whose idealism blinds them towards the dangers of realpolitik. These idealists view de facto leaders in many terrorist sponsoring states and their proxy allies in terrorist organizations as reasonable actors with whom they may negotiate as equal partners within an international framework. This is a naïve and wrongful assumption, as the destruction of Western values and civilization is the raison d’être for terrorist regimes in Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, North Korea, etc. and their terrorist allies (i.e. Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaida). In short, the leaders of terrorist sponsoring states and organizations are neither reasonable nor are interested in peace. For them, negotiations are the means to an end. The means is the delaying tactic, and the end is the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction for the purpose of the final annihilation of Western values and civilization.

The Obama administration fails to learn from Bill Clinton’s foreign policy mistakes towards North Korea. Since the 1990s, the communist government in North Korea has pursued an aggressive nuclear proliferation strategy. While conservative hawks have persistently advocated a pre-emptive military response, Bill Clinton opted for negotiation and appeasement during his presidency. Clinton relied on President Carter to appease the Marxist-Stalinist regime in Pyongyang which in return used delaying tactics and American aid to build its nuclear program. As a nuclear power, North Korea poses the biggest threat to regional stability in East Asia with an aggressive arms race on the Korean peninsula and the sale of nuclear technology to Iran as well as other rouge states.[vi]

The Solution

In his famous State of the Union Speech on January 29, 2002, George W. Bush coined the phrase ‘axis of evil’ in reference to governments that help terrorism and seek weapons of mass destruction. Although George W. Bush identified Iran, Iraq and North Korea as states that posed the greatest threats to American interests, he failed to distinguish between de facto governments and people in the aforementioned countries.[vii] As a result, George W. Bush’s foreign policy was only partially successful, as it prevented a second wave of terrorist attacks on American soil following 9/11. However, successive American administrations have failed to communicate the need for a multi-tiered approach towards rouge states.

First, rouge states need to be redefined as ‘rouge regimes’ which would include de facto regimes in Iran, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, etc. Second, the United States must lead the world community in supporting ‘regime change’ to replace dictatorships with democracy. Third, it is vital to support democratic forces in their non-violent struggle against terrorist governments to facilitate regime change by peaceful means. Once again, the United States can take the lead in bringing together opposition groups to lead velvet revolutions. This tactic may be applied in countries, such as Iran, Venezuela and Cuba, where opposition groups share a common enemy but have historically struggled to unite along shared common values. Fourth, current and future American administrations can use nuclear capabilities of the United States to deter nuclear proliferation plans by the governments of North Korea, Iran and other terrorist sponsoring countries. Fifth, the world community must act united in cutting financial ties between terrorist sponsoring regimes and organizations. Finally, various forms of economic and military actions may be used as the last resort to protect Western values and civilization against terrorist regimes and organizations.

In short, the United States needs to learn from the mistakes of its recent past and find pragmatic solutions to foreign policy challenges of our time. The ‘war against terror’ is an asymmetric struggle that requires new innovative strategies. This is nothing like the Vietnam, first and second Persian Gulf wars, or in fact any other conventional battlefield-based conflict. Hence, the Obama administration bears the moral responsibility to take existing and emerging threats from rogue regimes and organizations seriously.

Appeasement must yield to regime change on a broad scale by different ways and means. Barack Obama should stop playing the dangerous game of appeasement, as to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill the crocodile (in this case terrorist regimes and organizations) does not necessarily eat the appeaser (i.e. the United States) last. In other words, terrorist sponsoring states and organizations will use prolonged negotiations to acquire weapons of mass destruction, or some forms of ‘dirty bombs’, and prepare their next attacks on Western targets at the time of their choosing.


[i] Humes, James C. The Wit & Wisdom of Winston Churchill. New York : HarperPrennial, 1995. p. 7.

[ii] Eubank, Keith. World War II: Roots and Causes. [book auth.] Appeasement and Appeasers. World War II: Roots and Causes. Lexington : D. C. Heath and Company, 1992, pp. 129 - 135.

[iii] Gilbert, Martin. Churchill: A Life. New York : Henry Holt and Company, 1992. p. 606.

[iv] Harris, Lee. The Suicide of Reason: Radical Islam's Threat to the West. New York : Basic Books, 2007. p. 79.

[v] Sheridan, Glenn Kessler and Mary Beth. Washington Post. [Online] September 24, 2009. [Cited: September 26, 2009.]


[vi]Smith, Charles R. North Korea Nukes Clinton Legacy. Newsmax.com. [Online] Newsmax.com, January 8, 2003. [Cited: September 26, 2009.] http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2003/1/7/164846.shtml.

[vii]C-SPAN: STATE OF THE UNION TRANSCRIPT. C-SPAN. [Online] C-SPAN, January 22, 2002. [Cited: September 26, 2009.] http://www.c-span.org/executive/transcript.asp?cat=current_event&code=bush_admin&year=2002.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:57 am    Post subject: Iran Text: Obama’s State of the Union Address Reply with quote

Iran Related Text of Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama wrote:


Now, these diplomatic efforts have also strengthened our hand in dealing with those nations that insist on violating international agreements in pursuit of nuclear weapons. That's why North Korea now faces increased isolation, and stronger sanctions –- sanctions that are being vigorously enforced. That's why the international community is more united, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is more isolated. And as Iran's leaders continue to ignore their obligations, there should be no doubt: They, too, will face growing consequences. That is a promise.

President Obama wrote:

As we have for over 60 years, America takes these actions because our destiny is connected to those beyond our shores. But we also do it because it is right. That's why, as we meet here tonight, over 10,000 Americans are working with many nations to help the people of Haiti recover and rebuild. (Applause.) That's why we stand with the girl who yearns to go to school in Afghanistan; why we support the human rights of the women marching through the streets of Iran; why we advocate for the young man denied a job by corruption in Guinea. For America must always stand on the side of freedom and human dignity. (Applause.) Always. (Applause.)
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PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

John Voight's Letter to America, Listen carefully:

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:46 pm    Post subject: President Obama: BP has 'moral and legal obligations' to Gul Reply with quote

AP wrote:

President Obama: BP has 'moral and legal obligations' to Gulf Coast


President Obama blasted BP officials today for sponsoring a $50 million television ad campaign to "manage their image" as they try to stop the oil gusher that is polluting the Gulf of Mexico and threatening the livelihoods of coastal residents.

"They've got moral and legal obligations here in the Gulf for the damage that has been done," Obama said, also noting that BP just paid out quarterly dividends of $10.5 billion. "That's billion, with a b," he added.

"What I don't want to hear is, when they're spending that kind of money on their shareholders and spending that kind of money on TV advertising, that they're nickel-and-diming fishermen or small businesses here in the Gulf who are having a hard time," the president said.

Yes I agree, first time I agree with President Obama about an issue that I do care ...
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:09 pm    Post subject: General David Petraeus Says It's Iran That Keeps Him Up at N Reply with quote

General David Petraeus Says It's Iran That Keeps Him Up at Night
April 14, 2010 12:40 PM ET
usnews wrote:


Petraeus is in charge of U.S. command in 20 countries from Egypt to Pakistan, most notably the U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But as troublesome as those hot spots are, he admitted that what most keeps him up at night is worrying about Iran and what that nation is up to.

Not only is Iran trying to develop nuclear capability, it is smuggling weapons into Iraq, providing arms to the Islamic groups Hezbollah and Hamas, and it is involved in other terrorist operations
. “All of this adds up to considerable concern for our partners in the region--in the Arab world and Israel,” Petraeus said.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Obama according to Professor Richard Rubinstein:

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:21 am    Post subject: Shah of Iran, Oil, BP, Islamist Thugs, Carter 360 Degree Reply with quote

Shah of Iran, Oil, BP, Islamist Thugs, Carter 360 Degree View
These public Video Clips Playlist provide 360 Degree view and facts from different sources ...


As long as USA elected officials don't admit about their past 30 years oil policy mistakes the US policy will not change ....

cyrus wrote:
Watch Video: How to Save the World from BP Oil Spill & Top Criminal Greedy Masters


Join Facebook NEW VISION Group for Earth Safety Engineering, Energy, Environmental & Space Technology



CNN LARRY KING LIVE President Obama Supporter Stephanie Miller wrote:
CNN LARRY KING LIVE - suggested plan for Obama Admin "air lift anything with a vagina"
MILLER: Here's my plan: as a woman, I say we "air lift anything with a vagina" out of Afghanistan, Larry, and leave it at that.


Best quote, ever! Stephanie Miller, CNN Larry King, on Afghanistan: "I say we air lift anything with a vagina out of there!" -

Due to the fact that " ActivistChat Supports 93 Active Petitions For FREE Iran" in past 7 years are not supported by USA elected officials from both Parties therefore Stephanie Miller suggestion might be the only valid policy option on the table ....

Agree with President Obama Supporter Stephanie Miller who had great suggestion ....
Since Ilsmists main focus are "anything with a Vagina" in past 1400 years then Stephanie Miller suggestion might be the solution to all problems in the Middle East ....
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:01 pm    Post subject: In Search of Real Change at Strategic Inflection Point Reply with quote

In Search of Real Change for Better Future at Strategic Inflection Point

Happy Independence Day July 4th
To predict and control the future please join this Page for exchange of ideas In Search of Real Change for Better World in all fields …

If you are part of over 70% ...of American people distrustful of politicians, dissatisfied with the way things are going in USA….
If you are looking for Real Change solution and you wish to share your idea …
If you are puzzled and asking why the biggest man made disaster in USA history happened by the BP Oil Spill.
If you are getting ready for fundamental real change and reform beyond current 2 major political parties in 2010 November election.
In the current Dark Night Era the fundamental questions might be as follows:
- What are the critical Real Change list for Better World?
- What is the optimal way for clean Alternative Energy policy (Hydrogen, Solar, Wind ..) ?
- Is the BP mother of all troubles and biggest man made disaster?
- Can one person or group of experts or an orator know all answers to many complex problems or not?
- Are we in Dark Night Era or Sun Rise Era?
- What are the top issue list at local or global level for real change?
- Has the elected officials from both major US Parties in control of government acted against spirit of American Founding Fathers vision in past 30 years when they have allowed BP to drill in USA coast deep sea without monitoring, control and required safety tools to stop oil spill disaster within 24 hours after major natural or man made disaster?
- Is the BP Oil Spill against American People National Interests?
- Are we going to see regime change in Iran by Iranian youth soon?
- Are we expecting real change and major reforms in USA soon?
- Are we going to see new war between Islamist thugs regime in Iran and USA forces in Persian Gulf to avoid real change or will war create real change?
- Other questions that we might have answer ….
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