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President Elect Obama For Change And NEW USA Foreign Policy
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:23 am    Post subject: US funds dry up for Iran rights watchdog Reply with quote

AP wrote:

In a surprise, Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize


AP – File - U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly, …
By KARL RITTER and MATT MOORE, Associated Press Writers Karl Ritter And Matt Moore, Associated Press Writers – 1 hr 21 mins ago
OSLO – President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in a stunning decision designed to encourage his initiatives to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the Muslim world and stress diplomacy and cooperation rather than unilateralism.

Nobel observers were shocked by the unexpected choice so early in the Obama presidency, which began less than two weeks before the Feb. 1 nomination deadline.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama woke up to the news a little before 6 a.m. EDT. The White House had no immediate comment on the announcement, which took the administration by surprise.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided not to inform Obama before the announcement because it didn't want to wake him up, committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said.

"Waking up a president in the middle of the night, this isn't really something you do," Jagland said.

Rick Moran wrote:

President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize (Updated)
Rick Moran


What's Obama done? What peace has he negotiated? What efforts of his have born fruit?

I suppose an organization that thought Yassar Arafat worthy of the same prize can't be taken seriously anyway. But they are. And there are implications beyond the profound stupidity of awarding this prize to a neophyte who hasn't accomplished anything.

This is foreigners meddling in our domestic politics. They have now created Obama as an international demigod, which will only play to his cult like status here in the US. It will no doubt stop the slow slide of his approval and boost his chances of getting health care reform passed. What it will mean for 2012 is too far in the future to really guess but it couldn't hurt him in his reelection campaign could it?


Boston Globe wrote:
US funds dry up for Iran rights watchdog

Obama White House less confrontational
Without additional funding, the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center will shut down in May when its funding runs out, said Rene Redman, the group’s executive director.



Obama cuts off funds to Iran human rights groups
بدستور اوبا ما وزارت خارجه آمریکا بودجه گروه حقوق بشر درباره ایران را قطع کرد!
آنها که برای انتخاب اوبا ما سینه میزدندند مزدشان را دریافت کردند!!!!

Ed Lasky
Barack Obama carries on his campaign to gut the democracy promotion and human rights efforts that had been pushed by Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush. While he offers tacit support for Hugo Chavez and seems intent on supporting their would be dictator and denying the Honduran people the rights guaranteed them by their own Constitution, his State Department also wields the axe in one area of the federal budget: an Iran human rights watchdog group has had its funding cut to zero by the State Department:

What else is going to come out from the sack of Obama & its administration?

Please go to the link below and find out.

But let me tell you that it did not shock me since I knew what will happen if Obama was elected as the presidents of USA . Only whish full thinkers fell into that trap!


FREE Iran wrote:

In the era of lies, corruptions, irrelevant UN, irrelevant Human Rights, irrelevant Dolphin Rights and Animal Rights with degraded leadership qualities in past 30 years in many countries around the globe, it is not unexpected President Obama gets Peace Nobel Prize For Ignoring America Stands For Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights and Detente With Islamists .... For more information and documented reasons please visit the following post: http://activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=33591#33591

Please don’t forget that the freedom-loving Iranian people and youth don’t need Nobel prize (Deception Prize) …. Cyrus The Great followers in history had shown that they are the most generous givers not beggars ….

In order to free our motherland from Taazi forces and send Islam back to where it belongs, all Iranian must work hard and contribute their time and resources to get back what our fathers lost 1400 years ago to greedy barbarian invaders ….

We celebrate October 29th as Cyrus The Great Day for reasons to increase public awareness, educating next generation of thinkers, liberators, fighters and leaders for Human Rights, Secularism and Dolphin Rights …..

AmirN wrote:
Now Persia’s Poetic Past By Brilliant AmirN

The sands of time have always known
That civilization which has grown
In that plateau we call Iran
Land of the lion, land of the sun

Kourosh brought unmatched glory
Dariush’s Persepolis told the lasting story
Strength came from tolerance and freedom
Justice and nobility flourished in this kingdom

The greatest empire ever seen
Their lasting legacy was unforeseen
Masters of the world
The Persians’ achievements must be told

Wise words of Kourosh, baked on a cylinder of clay
Respected foreign cultures, and their right to freely pray
Women were respected, and slavery abolished
Kourosh was Great, for the human rights he polished

To conquer foreign lands requires minimal exertion
But to unite an empire, is a remarkable contention
Always building and improving, and never standing still
Dariush was Great, for his administrative skill

The Royal Road, with Sardis at the end and Shooshan at the start
Was an awe of transportation, connecting Persia’s heart
Who carved the Suez Canal, giving commerce speedy wings?
King Dariush, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid, the King of Kings

The father, with passion and pride, passed to his son
His love of law, beauty, architecture, and care of Iran
Dariush began building, but Xashayar finished these perfections
Xashayar was Great, for his magnificent creations

And what of Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis?
Did the Greeks truly receive such bliss?
Herodotus embellished, told lies for the West
For the Persians, these were skirmishes at best

But every golden era must someday end
So too Achaemanesh’s dynasty would bend
Alexander’s army won, but could not see
Win or lose, Persians’ hearts always stay free

Revenge, envy, and wine made Alexander yearn
The pride of Persia, Persepolis, to burn
The labor of years, by a thousand artisans employed
Took one lunatic one night, for this jewel to be destroyed

Greatness comes, from a worthy contribution
To humanity, to art, to law, or a scientific institution
Those who burn and loot deserve our hate
So answer this, was Alexander truly Great?

Now who were the barbarians, the Persians or the Greeks?
Our lowest troughs, still higher than their highest peaks
The art of empire, the Greeks could never master
Constant feuding and civil wars, left Greece in a disaster

Parthians picked up the torch of our land
Put Iranian rule back in Iranian hand
They showed Greece and Rome, to name just two
That Iran possesses great horses, and great men too

Like a Phoenix, from the ashes rising
The Sassanians arrived, with Iran reorganizing
Power, wealth, and wisdom again flourished
The rule of Ardeshir, Shapur, and Khosro let Iran be nourished

Life was based on three simple needs
Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds
Monotheist religion, for all its evil and its good
Came from Iran, from where Zarathustra stood

Rome, for all its power and its legions
Couldn’t touch Iran’s vast regions
Many times Rome tried but failed
Every time cataphract armor thundered and hailed

But Sassanian wealth and beauty caught the eye
Of a desert tribe, whose religion was a lie
Like desert snakes, they ruthlessly attacked
Until beautiful Ctesiphone was sacked

Rostam-e-Farokhzad, the brave and capable general
Fought till the end, though his wounds were several
At Qaddissiya, he came to Iran’s defense
Alas, the Taazi army was too dense

With coercion and the sword
Islam was able to spread its word
A dark and sinister force was born
That to this day brings Iran much scorn

Some to India had to flee
Iran’s destruction was unbearable to see
Parsees, they are called to this day
Ahura Mazda, with them will always stay

But Iranian roots are strong and hard to kill
Iran was freed again, with such a thrill
The Saffarids would answer the nation’s call
To make Arab tyranny shamefully fall

Don’t mourn the Ashura, weep a Taazi’s death
Hassan and Hossein were foreigners, who weakened Iran’s breath
If mourn you must, then mourn, a national event
Like Gaugamela, or Qaddissiya, places of great lament

While Europe was stagnant in its Dark Ages
Persian scholars thrived, free from mental cages
From algebra, to astronomy, and architecture
Persians wrote the book, and gave the lecture

A time of great Persian thinkers had emerged
Where poetry and science, love and knowledge, easily verged
Saadi, Hafez, Rumi, Omar Khayam to name a few
Thanks to them, humanity exponentially grew

Arabs from time to time, try to falsely claim
These brilliant men, and their golden works of fame
Dream on, Taazi, and of this be sure:
These men were always Persian, and completely pure

Who could forget Ferdowsi, the greatest poet ever?
He gave us Sam, Zal, and Rostam, heroes both brave and clever
The Persian language, so eloquently resurrected
As The Shahnameh was written with all Arabic words neglected

Many other invaders would come again, much the same
From Genghis Khan to Teimur the Lame
They would loot, burn, and murder
The cities too proud to surrender

Though Turks and Mongols had military strength
They were lacking in cultural length
The Persian culture was too rich, to be absorbed into theirs
Instead they settled in Iran, and joined her proud heirs

It’s clear from this short and simple recap
That Iran had its share of glory, as well as mishap
Our generation is unfortunate, assigned the station
Of another dark chapter, in the book of our nation

Once again Zahak is in power
His snakes consume and poison every flower
He uses religion and superstition
To enforce his selfish and malicious mission

So once more dust off the Kaviyani banner
And fly it high, in a proud and fitting manner
Zahak and his snakes will die once more
And our nation we shall yet restore

Arabs, pack your camels, and form a line
Leave this land, let the lion roar, let the sun shine
Or get thrown out, by Kaveh, and his noble flame
Return to the desert sands, from whence you once came

Iran in its infancy reached the sky
Will faravahar’s wings expand, will Iran soar that high?
Just lift the veil, you’ll surely see
Iran’s brightest days lie ahead, when the Aryans are again free

Those who know not their history are deaf to the past, mute to the present, and blind to the future

I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam


Notes: Iran Will Be Free When Great Majority Of Iranian People Come To The Streets Of Iranian Cities and Say What Kourosh Bozorg Said and Reject Islamists Taazi ...

Please Read & Distribute
Must Read Dr. Massoud Ansari (Roshangar)
A historical comparison between Cyrus` I (writer of the first human rights declaration in the world and starter of the Persian Empire) and Mohammad The Arab Prophet.... Cyrus The Great and Mohammad ibn Abdullah
Kourosh Bozorg va Mohammad ibn al Abdullah

Please Read this excellent book online and share ;
کوروش بزرگ
محمد ابن عبداللهورق نخست
فهرست و پیشگفتار
شرح زندگی کوروش
شرح زندگی محمد
رفتار کوروش با یهودیان
رفتار محمد با یهودیان
رفتار کوروش با زنان
رفتار محمد با زنان
همسر کوروش
ازدواجهای محمد و زنان او
درگذشت کوروش
درگذشت محمد
مقایسه شخصیت کوروش و محمد
شخصیت کوروش
شخصیت محمد
پایان گفتار

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:26 pm    Post subject: Obama did not mention Neda of Iran By Name Reply with quote

President Obama did not mention Neda of Iran By Name
President Obama wrote:


And that's why this award must be shared with everyone who strives for justice and dignity -- for the young woman who marches silently in the streets on behalf of her right to be heard even in the face of beatings and bullets; for the leader imprisoned in her own home because she refuses to abandon her commitment to democracy; for the soldier who sacrificed through tour after tour of duty on behalf of someone half a world away; and for all those men and women across the world who sacrifice their safety and their freedom and sometime their lives for the cause of peace.

It is a shame that president Obama did not mention Neda of Iran OR Aung San Suu kyi by name ...

washingtonpost wrote:

Our Laureate: Neda of Iran ..
President Obama wins the Nobel Prize for Peace — but that's not his fault.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com
IT'S AN ODD Nobel Peace Prize that almost makes you embarrassed for the honoree. In blessing President Obama, the Nobel Committee intended to boost what it called his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen ...

Washungton Post:

The Nobel Committee's decision is especially puzzling given that a better alternative was readily apparent. This year, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in Iran braved ferocious official violence to demand their right to vote and to speak freely. Dozens were killed, thousands imprisoned. One of those killed was a young woman named Neda Agha-Soltan; her shooting by thugs working for the Islamist theocracy, captured on video, moved the world. A posthumous award for Neda, as the avatar of a democratic movement in Iran , would have recognized the sacrifices that movement has made and encouraged its struggle in a dark hour. Democracy in Iran would not only set a people free, it would also dramatically improve the chances for world peace, since the regime that murdered her is pursuing nuclear weapons in defiance of the international community.

Announcing Friday that he would accept the award, Mr. Obama graciously offered to share it with "the young woman who marches silently in the streets on behalf of her right to be heard even in the face of beatings and bullets." But the mere fact that he avoided mentioning either Neda's name or her country, presumably out of consideration for the Iranian regime with which he is attempting to negotiate, showed the tension that sometimes exists between "diplomacy and cooperation between peoples" on the one hand, and advocacy of human rights on the other. The Nobel Committee could have spared Mr. Obama this dilemma if it had given Neda the award instead of him.

Last edited by cyrus on Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:51 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:50 am    Post subject: Yes virginia, Barack Hussein Obama deserves his Nobel-Peace- Reply with quote

Nidra Poller wrote:

Subject: Yes Virginia he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Yes virginia, Barack Hussein Obama deserves his Nobel-Peace-Prize

Paris 9 October 2009

Nidra Poller

Surprised? Shocked? Outraged? Not me. I’m delighted to see that the Nobel-Peace-Prize has been awarded to the person who most richly deserves it. Not only has he made gigantic efforts to promote Nobel-Peace in his nine short months in office but as president of the residually powerful United States of America he has the superforce to impose Nobel-style peace.

President and Nobel Prince of Peace Obama is not naïve, inept, inexperienced, or wet behind the ears. He is practicing what he preached. He has already fulfilled more promises than most voters ever suspected were being made. And the way things are going, only a miracle will keep him from delivering on the rest.

Bat Ye’or teaches us the meaning of peace in our times, the peace of dhimmitude, the peace that Nobel Norwegians have dutifully honored. It is the peace of convert or die…or hang in by the skin of your teeth. When the heads have been severed from the stiff necks that refuse Islam, when the converted have been folded into the prostrate masses of the ummah, the dhimmis hand over the keys to their granges, their wives and children, their hearts and minds, their lands and dwellings in exchange for a fragile peace requiring endless sacrifice and constant restraint.

This is the peace of dhimmitude, this is the peace Nobelly rewarded in…uhhh… Oslo , right? And B Hussein O is the most deserving laureate. On the very day the prize was announced, forty people were killed in a jihad attack in Peshawar Pakistan . Do you remember, way back when, during the campaign, he narrowed his eyes and said Iraq’s a distraction, let me get my hands on the trigger and I’ll take care of Pakistan. There you have it. A promise keeper of the first order. Iraq was also a distraction from Afghanistan . So mister Tal iba n tally your bananas, we’ve got other fish to fry, do your jihad thing and we’ll lower our eyes, peace be upon you.

President Obama’s Cairo speech alone earned him enough points to get this prize hands down. His bow to the king of Saudi Arabia . His consistent snubbing of European leaders. His betrayal of Poland and the Czech Republic . His outstretched hand that reaches all the way to Iran ’s nuclear sites and protects them from rain, hail, and Israel . His betrayal of Persians yearning for democracy. His reluctance to look into McChrystal’s ball and find some kind of half way plausible strategy for the overseas contingency whatchamegig in Afghanistan .

Am I being coy? Why haven’t I mentioned his master plan for the nuclear disarmament of…


Leaving the best for last. Even if he had not done all of the above, dayenu, he would be worthy of being hoisted on high in the Nobel firmament because he has declared war on Jewish construction in choice neighborhoods of al Quds and wannabe Palestine . Donche know, if you want peace be prepared to make war. And if you want the peace of jihad, make war on the Jews. Point your finger at them like a smoking gun. Sock it to ‘em like a latter day koranic saint. Grab them by the scruff of the neck and scold them for all the world to see. Sic ‘em with Goldstone, saddle them with Abbas, and send them to bed without dinner and ammunition. They wanted planes to fight to win? Stop the program, cancel the contracts, and if they holler strangle them with peace. Play footsy with Hamas, set up a mahjong date with Ahmadinejad, make cuddly eyes at Assad, and secretly decorate the private quarters of the White House with shahid posters, who would dare to protest?

Did you hear the latest? Anonymous sources have leaked to the press a flood of indignation from the peaceful Obama to you know who in the holy land. Aha! You thought he was fed up because his moderate ally Abu Mazen has reverted to PLO same o same o? Stirring up trouble on the Temple Mount because a bunch of French tourists got in the way of some irate Palestinian rocks? Which naturally led the Palestinians to go on a rampage in the narrow lanes of the Old City . How can President Obama call for the creation of a Palestinian state the day after tomorrow when his protégés are rousing a billion and a half Muslims to protect al Aqsa…from French tourists?

No. That’s not why the Nobelly anointed young man is indignant. He is pissed off because Israelis are badmouthing him. Big shots and little guys in the street and on the beach, officials and cab drivers and housewives and left wing columnists are criticizing him.

Watch out. Even a Nobel-Peace-Prizer can lose his temper and explode. But then, who would blame him? What’s more dangerous for world peace, a flock of Tal iba n or a gaggle of chuzpadike Israelis?

Hail to the Chief for reaching out to the Tal iba n and forgiving them for he knows not what they do, reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood in all its forms and machinations, reaching out to the democratically elected Ahmadinejad and drawing a veil over the rape of the innocents, reaching out to Putin over the half dead body of Georgia…and trying to close Gitmo if only the jack-in-the-box would sit down and shut up.

And if he manages to push his health care revolution bill down US throats, they’ll give him the Nobel Prize for Medicine next year. On the other hand, if he can maintain double digit unemployment and bring the dollar down to parity with the yuan he could outdistance Mugabe for the Nobel Prize for Economics.

A Nobel Prize to the wise is sufficient: when you hear the word “peace” praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

Nidra Poller
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:56 am    Post subject: President Obama's Policy Disaster Reply with quote

Amil Imani wrote:

President Obama's Policy Disaster
By Amil Imani

Is history repeating itself? Is President Obama reenacting President Carter's tragic policy blunder toward Iran? Is Mr. Obama going to sacrifice the Iranian people at the altar of a misguided expediency as did Jimmy Carter some three decades ago? To what end?

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:00 pm    Post subject: Peace Prize Winner Obama's No Champion of Human Rights Reply with quote


Peace Prize Winner Obama's No Champion of Human Rights

To cap its blindness and deafness to human rights -- the Obama White House has stiffed the Dalai Lama.


Obama gave Venezuela's "el presidente for life," Hugo Chavez, a smiling handshake, while the State Department has chosen to ignore the political prisoners in the Castro brothers' bastilles. Worse still, the Obama administration hardly uttered a peep encouraging the historic "Green Revolution" protesting Ahmadinejad's theft of the Iranian presidency. The highly-applauded remarks about democracy as a fundamental human right in Obama's Cairo speech have proven a throw-away line with no follow up. Burmese junta member Nyan Win has been given a visa to visit Washington as well as the U.N. General Assembly in New York, while human rights crusader Aung San Suu Kyi remains under house arrest in Myanmar.

And now -- to cap its blindness and deafness to human rights -- the Obama White House has stiffed the Dalai Lama. For the first time since 1991, there will be no presidential welcome mat for Asia's human right's conscience -- at least not until after Obama meets with China's President Hu Jintao next month.



Is Obama Another Carter?


By accepting the Norwegian Nobel Committee's Peace Prize President Obama merges even more forcefully now in Americans' minds with Jimmy Carter. -- That is a fate that Obama should avoid at all costs.

printEmailshare recommend (0) President Obama should have passed on the Nobel Peace Prize. Among other reasons, such as not being especially deserving, accepting this accolade will now merge him even more forcefully in Americans' minds with Jimmy Carter, who was awarded the same honor in 2002. That is a fate that Obama should avoid at all costs.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:34 pm    Post subject: The Century of "LESS" Reply with quote

Ambassador Hakimi Email Post wrote:

Subject: The Century of "LESS"

The Century of 'LESS'

It is true.. in the 21st Century:

Our communication – Wireless
Our telephone - Cordless
Our cooking - Fireless
Our youth - Jobless
Our Ladies - Topless
Our food - Fatless
Our labor - Effortless
Our conduct - Worthless
Our relation - Loveless
Our attitude - Careless
Our feelings - Heartless
Our politics - Shameless
Our education - Valueless
Our follies - Countless
Our arguments - Baseless
Our boss -Brainless
Our Job - Thankless
Our Salary - Less and less
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:30 pm    Post subject: As Pressure Grows, Obama Addresses Gay Rights Group Reply with quote

washingtonpost wrote:

As Pressure Grows, Obama Addresses Gay Rights Group
Constituency Frustrated at Lack of Action

By Michael D. Shear, Anne E. Kornblut and Ed O'Keefe
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, October 11, 2009

Under pressure to deliver on a campaign promise to support their cause, President Obama appeared Saturday night at a fundraising dinner for the nation's largest gay rights group.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:59 pm    Post subject: Obama’s Muslim Advisor, Dalia Mogahed says Sharia Law is mis Reply with quote

Obama’s Muslim Advisor, Dalia Mogahed

Barack Obama adviser says Sharia Law is misunderstood


President Barack Obama's adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed, has provoked controversy by appearing on a British television show hosted by a member of an extremist group to talk about Sharia Law.

By Andrew Gilligan and Alex Spillius in Washington
Published: 8:00PM BST 08 Oct 2009

Miss Mogahed, appointed to the President's Council on Faith-Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships, said the Western view of Sharia was "oversimplified" and the majority of women around the world associate it with "gender justice".

The White House adviser made the remarks on a London-based TV discussion programme hosted by Ibtihal Bsis, a member of the extremist Hizb ut Tahrir party.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:54 am    Post subject: Does Obama Believe in Human Rights? Human rights "inter Reply with quote

wsj wrote:

Does Obama Believe in Human Rights? Human rights "interfere" with President Obama's campaign against climate change.

Iran: Mr. Obama's week-long silence on Iran's "internal affairs" following June's fraudulent re-election was widely noted. Not so widely noted are the administration's attempts to put maximum distance between itself and human-rights groups working the Iran beat.

Earlier this year, the State Department denied a grant request for New Haven, Conn.-based Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. The Center maintains perhaps the most extensive record anywhere of Iran's 30-year history of brutality. The grant denial was part of a pattern: The administration also abruptly ended funding for Freedom House's Gozaar project, an online Farsi- and English-language forum for discussing political issues.

It's easy to see why Tehran would want these groups de-funded and shut down. But why should the administration, except as a form of pre-emptive appeasement?
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:08 am    Post subject: Breaking News: Vast FREE Iran Protests On 13 Aban, November Reply with quote

Breaking News: Vast FREE Iran Protests On 13 Aban, November 4th, 2009 With Over 30 Youtube Video Clips Reported By FREE Iran Activists Community, CNN, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

America's moslem President, he has one over Carter the teeth man, he is in love with islam!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:57 pm    Post subject: I don’t care even if he is Muslim or not Reply with quote

Dear Blank,

Despite the fact that all of past year President Obama speeches regarding Islam well documented and it is part of this posted video clip ...

blank wrote:
America's moslem President, he has one over Carter the teeth man, he is in love with islam!


However I don’t agree with conclusion of this video clip that President Obama might be Muslim or not. As Agnostic I don’t care even if he is Muslim or not, what it is very concerning is his policy and when he places his view of Islam above the best interests of USA …

Free Iran ActivistChat community rejects past 11 months president Obama appeasing policy towards Islamist regime in Iran, ignoring Human Rights Violation by Islamist regime in Iran, promoting Islam by ignoring historical fact about oppressive nature of Islam regarding women rights, human rights, ignoring Islam Slavery … and so far his policy has been failed with no positive results ...

Free Iran ActivistChat community believes in the concept of complete secularism in government, which generally means complete separation of the State from religion, or any ideology or philosophy which can be interpreted as religious (e. g. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism, Judaism, etc., or extreme ideologies such as Fascism or Soviet Communism). Secularism can be considered as common sense versus Ideology.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Obama claims to be a Christian! however, due to the scandal of Rev. Wright and his racist preachings & beliefs in the Black Liberation Theology, (he was Obama's mentor!), Obama left that church after 20 years!. Since then he has not attended any churches. I don't care what he believes in, he is a pretty bad liar, because his actions are contrary to his words.
He just appointed two devout moslems to the Home Land Security positions:
Arif Alikhan & Kareem Shora.... google them....

And the old story is, he does not want to show his original birth certificate... Why??? remember US Constitution says all US Presidents must be born in the US:

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:15 pm    Post subject: Lessons of the Fort Hood massacre: political correctness can Reply with quote


Lessons of the Fort Hood massacre: political correctness can be deadly


We also learned that prior to arriving at Fort Hood, Hasan gave a lecture in front of other doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center during which he exclaimed that, “non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats.” Yet the institutionalized dictates of political correctness demanded silence on the part of those fellow officers who feared disclosing the incident to superiors for fear that it might expose them to charges of practicing discrimination against a protected minority.

Amil Imani wrote:

Does Islam Breed Violence?
By Amil Imani

There is a division of the house. On one side are the politically correct in government, the leftist mainstream media, and a raft of Islamist apologists. One and all are tripping over each other in reassuring us the mass murderers such as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and suicide-bombers who detonate their explosive vests in crowded marketplaces and even mosques are individual anomalies and Islam is not responsible for what they do.


Right from the start, violence served as the engine of Islam under the command and supervision of Muhammad himself. For one, the Prophet's son-in-law cousin, Ali, was titled the Commander of the Faithful for his unsurpassed feats of butchery. With the assistance of one or two of his thugs, Ali beheaded some seven hundred captives, most of them Jews, in only one day. This man, highly esteemed by the prophet of Allah, carried a sword that had its own name -- Zolfaghar. Ali's portrait, holding the menacing sword, adorns the homes and shops throughout Shiite lands. And Ali is revered by the Shiites at the same level as Muhammad.

Imam Ali True Painting By Arab Historians:


Truth be told, violence is the animating force of Islam. Islam is a religion born through violence, raised by violence, which thrives on violence, and which dies without violence.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:51 pm    Post subject: McCain: U.S. Must Be On "Right Side Of History" In Reply with quote


McCain: U.S. Must Be On "Right Side Of History" In Iran


Senator John McCain said today that the United States needs to be on the "right side of history" in responding to the disputed Iranian elections and ensuing protests.

Appearing on CBS' Face The Nation, the Arizona Republican said the U.S. has had a long history of defending disenfranchised citizens across the world, and that the violence apparently inflicted by a government upon its citizens makes this a "human rights issue."

"America's position in the world is one of moral leadership," the senator said. "It's not about what takes place in the streets of Iran. It is about what takes place in America's conscience."

McCain said he "appreciates" President Barack Obama's statement warning Iranian authorities that the world is watching its crackdown on protestors, but said that the comments by other world leaders, such as France's Nicholas Sarkozy and Germany's Angela Merkel, have been stronger than President Obama's.

Host Bob Schieffer asked how the president can avoid Iranian authorities blaming the United States for the upheaval. Commenting on Mr. Obama's recent statements, which some critics say have not been condemning enough, Schieffer said, "He is walking a very fine line here."

"The fine line is being dictated by the brutalities on the streets of Tehran and other cities," McCain said. "The United States hasn't done anything.

"Every time that there has been a totalitarian dictatorial government that has faced protestors from their citizens, they blame the United States," the senator reasoned.

He congratulated members of Congress (including himself) for issuing strong language condemning the authorities in Iran who are punishing peaceful protesters.

He cited the Prague Spring where the United States was called "the beacon of hope" after it stepped in rhetorically.

"America has a moral obligation" to provide moral and other forms of support, he said.

Schieffer asked what happens if the Iranian government does not heed a stronger condemnation from the United States.

McCain quoted Daniel Webster, who argued that rhetorical support could help those involved in the Greek Revolution of 1823. "I hope it may, it may give them courage and spirit," Webster said according to McCain, "teach them that they are not wholly forgotten by the civilized world."

"The fact is, America has been and will be the beacon of hope and freedom," McCain said. "We are on their side as they seek freedom," he said of the protestors. He also spoke proudly of how American technologies such as Facebook and Twitter have been influential in allowing protestors to communicate.

McCain insinuated that questions about the legitimacy of the Iranian election results affect how Washington proceeds in its relations with Tehran — relations that were severed following the 1979 Revolution. "We ought to decide which government to negotiate with," he said. "Certainly a lot of the Iranian people aren't exactly expressing confidence in the one that is in power now."

He argued that the United States should see what happens on the streets of Iran first before jumping into negotiations on such matters as Tehran's nuclear program, but admitted that "We don't have a lot" of options. But, McCain argued, that's been the case in other historical situations.
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