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ActivistChat: Iran BOYCOTT Mullahs Election = FREEDOM
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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 11:21 am    Post subject: ActivistChat: Iran BOYCOTT Mullahs Election = FREEDOM Reply with quote

ActivistChat FREE IRAN Support
Iran BOYCOTTING Next Mullahs Election/Selection SHOW By TERROR MASTERS

Iranian People Are Demanding Peacefully For Last Time from MULLAHS Ruling Class, The Terror Masters & Their Thugs For Unconditional Peaceful Surrender for Justice by Iranian people for crimes against humanity with International Observers as Guarantors for Fair treatment
Or ELSE ….

Today Iran is entering new inflection point, this is the sensitive era for Unity among Iranian oppositions both outside and Inside Iran with united voice and clear boycott message from all groups for asking Iranian people to stay home on the day of next Mullahs Election/Selection Show on June 17. Participation in any Election under Mullahs control means sharing and accepting partial responsibility for crimes against humanity by Mullahs and supporting creation of fear society in past 26 years. By boycotting Mullahs Election SHOW on June 17 Iranian people again decisively will reject fear society created by rotten Mullahs system, the Viruses of Iranian society and demanding for free society. This is a great encouraging NEWS for all freedom loving people of the world in favor of FREE Society.

ActivistChat members as part of very large freedom loving Iranian Internet distributed family is supporting to boycott any election or selection SHOW under Mullahs control. We are asking our fellow Iranian people inside Iran to stay home on the day of next election SHOW, DON’T LEAVE your homes for any reasons under any condition except emergency. We are also asking Iranian people to continue to stay home even after the DAY of Election SHOW as part of general STRIKE plan, asking Mullahs ruling class and their thugs for peaceful unconditional surrender to freedom loving Iranian people wishes or ELSE every options will be on the table with the full support of 70 Million Iranian People Inside Iran and Million Iranians in US in favor of FREE society. Due to the fact that TODAY IRAN is hostage to Mullahs and needs our help therefore Iranian Americans community and other Iranians who are residents of outside Iran are committed culturally and morally to the following poem to support freeing our homeland from Mullahs and their thugs .

"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."

( A Quote from Famous Persian Poet Saadi Shirazi
13th century Persian poet, from Shiraz the birthplace of Ms. Zahra Kazemi a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, Raped and Killed in July 2003 by Islamist Regime Officials )

All opposition groups both outside and inside Iran and ActivistChat members believe Islamist Regime is illegitimate and all Elections under Mullahs control are considered as Fraudulent, illegal and without any value. 70 Million Iranian people are hostage to Mullahs and fear society. After Sept 11 the era of fear society has no place in this century in the free world community. The ruling class Mullahs have no legal or religious legitimacy and zero International support , recently the Grand Ayatoolah Montazri and Top Scholar Ayatollah Dr. Harei have both rejected even the religious legitimacy of ruling class Mullahs. Also according to the letter from IOTM to UN, this regime has been granted membership in the United Nations in past 26 years which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been adopted in its charter, and this regime constitution is in clear violation of UN charter. It is disheartening for freedom loving people of the world that UN officials have not been faithful to its charter and they have been silent about this huge clear legal violation.

We are supporting to boycott any elections or selection SHOW while Mullahs are in power and Iranian people should stay home on the day of any such election SHOW in Memory of 6 Brave Daughters of IRAN or their own family members who have been the victims of Islamist regime in past 26 years, ActivistChat is selecting these 6 Brave Women as a Symbol of All Iranian Women resistance to cover all sectors, all generations and all age groups . The 6 brave daughters of IRAN who rejected the Islamist regime is a Symbol of Power and Resistance by BRAVE IRANIAN WOMEN ( Dr. Farokhrou Parsa, Ms. Zahra Kazemi , Ms. Atefe Rajabi ,Ms. Parvaneh Forouhar,Professor Dr. Homa Darabi M.D. , Princess Leila Pahlavi) and tip of iceberg. Iran will win her freedom because we have brave and educated activist women. This is a message to EU3 and all other Mullah Appeasers. With over million women and men as a Victims of Islamist regime and over 120,000 political executions , this regime has one of the darkest record of past 50 years, we are starting new phase of resistance against Mullahs and their thugs for creating new free society.

It is the irony of history that in the land of Cyrus The Great, the birthplace of the first charter of the “Rights of Nations” and the “Declaration of Human Rights” over 2500 years ago, there is today no respect for human and civil rights by the Islamic regime. Cyrus, who was exceptionally tolerant of local religions and local customs and against slavery, is famous for freeing the 42,000 Jewish captives and allowing them to return to their homeland. His name appears twenty two times in the Bible. Were it not for Cyrus, it seems at least possible that the Jewish people would have become extinct in the fifth century BC and we would have never received their great contributions to mankind. Unfortunately, present day Iran is ruled by a small group of Islamic Mafia Clerics who are the embodiment of evil and have no respect for Human Rights in this land which is the birthplace of Darius The Great, Babak, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Hafaz, Saadi and Rumi.
Over the past 26 years the Islamic regime's agents, courts, judges and vigilantes have all committed acts of: murder, stoning, torture, assault, theft, destruction of property, arson, perjury, falsification of testimonials and material evidence, illegal surveillance, kidnapping, rape, blackmail, fraud, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit all of the above crimes, cover-ups and every other form of butchery and depredation.
Today Iranian people are demanding civil and political freedoms, secular democracy with complete separation of religion and government, equality, justice, free society and Free Referendum after regime change.

According R. Nicholas Burns, Under Secretary for Political Affairs Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Washington, DC May 19, 2005
“Iran is a great country with a unique history and culture. The Iranian people have made extraordinary contributions in many fields for thousands of years. Modern Iran will undoubtedly remain a significant country in the future of the broader Middle East.
The United States believes the future of Iran should be democratic and pluralistic. We support those who wish to see Iran transformed from a rigid, intolerant theocracy to a modern state. A peaceful, democratic Iran would be a key feature in a reformed, more democratic Middle East. We believe Iran is a country in the process of change. Some two-thirds of its people are below the age of thirty-five. Many young Iranians support the need for a more positive relationship with the U.S. In fact, the U.S. may have a more positive public image in Iran than in other countries of the region. We sense that the sentiment among ordinary Iranians for change for reform and democracy is strong. But that sentiment is ignored by the ruling clique.
Iran suffers from a deficit of freedom. The regime's human rights record remains abysmal and the government continues to commit numerous, serious abuses, including summary executions, disappearances, torture and other inhumane treatment.”

Brave Iranian Women Are The Biggest Victims of Islamist Mafia Regime & Iranian People Will Stay Home in Memory of all Great Iranian Women and Boycott any election under Mullahs Control.

Freedom Loving IRANIAN People Clear Message To World:

The Iranian people have clearly rejected the Islamist regime by overwhelmingly (90%) boycotting the Mullah's last election(Feb 2004). The BOYCOTT WAS A TRUE REFERENDUM AGAINST THE MULLAHS THAT THEY MUST GIVE UP THE POWER AND So FAR THEY HAVE NOT GIVEN ANY INDICATION THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO STEP DOWN AND GIVE UP POWER IN A PEACEFUL MANNER!
EU Big 3 ignored the legitimate rights of Iranian people and their demands, they negotiated with the Regime and signed contracts with illegitimate Islamist Regime.
The Feb 2004 election/boycott is the latest and best example that the Mullahs are not willing to give up peacefully while the EU Big 3 are supporting them.

So far Iranian people have tested all peaceful means to remove the clerical regime from power and for the last time after complete boycott of Mullahs Funny election / selection Show on June 17 continue to stay home after Mullahs election SHOW as a general strike as a last warning to Mullahs to give up power peacefully, if the ruling arrogant Mullahs refuse. Iranian people are entering new phase that gives every right to Iranian people inside Iran to use any means to overthrow Clerical regime by force.

What Are the Options For Iranian Inside Iran for Regime change and Final Battle Phase?
The following agenda and strategy and possible Scenario are as follows:
1) Due to the fact that the armed forces and security forces are paid by the Iranian people they must serve the people interest therefore they must support people against ruling class Mullahs without any hesitation after June 17.
- Help Free all political prisoners Now.
- The Iranian people have already spoken. The Armed forces must choose between defending and serving the people or serving Mullahs and their EU3 Neo Colonialists Masters.
The Armed Forces should follow Iranian Air Force Top Gun Hero General Ayat Mohagheghi (who has been executed by clerical regime in July 1980) with 250 of our best military personnel & none military, including 50 pilots were arrested & put on show trial & executed by Islamic executioner (Britain played an important role to neutralize the Iranian Air Force uprising) and if they don’t follow General Ayat Mohagheghi soon the Iranian Armed and security forces under Mullahs command should expect what happen to Iraqi Armed forces. This is up to armed and security forces to choose between SHAME or Honor, serving Mullahs or Iranian people,

2) All Iranian must be prepared to do anything to FREE all Political prisoners by any means and stop torture.
3) Iranian people of all ages must be prepared to fight to free their homeland from Viruses of Iranian society whether the armed forces serve them or serve the enemy of freedom and free society. Iranian people should be prepared for final battle for freeing their homeland and must not forget that their FOREVER leader Cyrus the Great died in battlefield in 530 BC at the age of 60 and not in bed.
4) Oil flow from Iran must be stopped to EU3, Japan and China. General strike in Iran oil industry is absolutely essential to break financial backbone of Islamist Regime.

We need the help and full support from all freedom loving people of the world to put Maximum pressure on the leaders of the free world and UN to support Iranian opposition for free society. On behalf Iranian people as hostage to Mullahs we would like to thank Dr. Corsi Iran Freedom Walk, a 200-mile journey on foot aimed at promoting awareness between Iranians and America.

ActivistChat believe Iranian people should be informed to start storing food and water for as many days they can. Iranian people should be prepared to play the biggest chess game with the Islamist Mullah regime. The situation after Election will be dynamic and opposition plans should be flexible and dependent on how the regime plays its cards.

ActivistChat is fully supporting The Leadership Council Election Framework outside Iran defined by SOS Iran to help freedom loving Iranian people during transition in parallel to Boycott.
The constituents of the Leadership Council Election Framework outside Iran will be all those organizations and individuals who believe in the following 5 Articles (same 5 as ratified by the IOCC):
1. Territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran, and acceptance of the Shir-o-Khorshid flag as the Iranian national flag;
2. Complete separation of religion from the State;
3. Acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
4. Free, open and democratic referendum to elect the type of the new Government of Iran in the post-IRI era
5. Minimum standard of living for all citizens of Iran and equal opportunity for all citizens to benefit from country’s national wealth.

With Unity, Boycott any Mullahs Election/ Selection SHOW
Stay Home as part of General Strike until Ruling Mullahs Accept Unconditional Surrender to A Fair Justice System by the People Or Else…..
the Victory Will Be Ours!
Be Prepared To Fight For Final Phase Of Battle With Mullahs and Their Thugs With All Options on The Table
Victory For FREE Society In Iran Is In Horizon

Long Live Memory of Cyrus The Great
Long Live Memory of Khayyam
Long Live Memory of Ferdowsi
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Land Of Cyrus The Great
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Free Society
Long Live FREE Iran

Quick Lesson From History

Greatness is not achieved by words but by hard work, difficult choices, actions and sacrifice.

What is The Strategic Inflection Point?

What is an inflection point? Mathematically, we encounter an inflection point when the rate of change of the slope of the curve (referred to as its "second derivative") changes sign, for instance, going from negative to positive. In physical terms, it's where a curve changes from convex to concave, or vice versa. As shown in the diagram, it's the point at which a curve stops curving one way and starts curving the other way."

In real life detecting strategic Inflection point is very complex task. An inflection point occurs where the old strategic picture dissolves and gives way to the new, allowing the phonema to ascend to new heights. However, if we don't navigate our way through a peak and after the peak the sharp declines can start. It is around such inflection points that the strategist are puzzled and observe, "Things are different. Something has changes."

Iranian people should be prepared for final battle of freeing their homeland if all peaceful means on the table fails and must not forget that their FOREVER leader Cyrus the Great died in battlefield in 530 BC at the age of 60 and not in bed.
Iranian People must learn and follow General George Washington strategy for freeing their homeland from EU3 and their Mullahs Agents if all other peaceful means failed. The following image shows the tough battle for freeing homeland.

On December 25, 1776, General George Washington led his troops in a surprise attack against the British, who had settled into winter quarters in New Jersey. The American forces crossed the Delaware River at night and defeated the British troops first at Trenton and then at Princeton. These victories, although minor, dramatically improved the morale of the American forces.

6 Brave Daughters of IRAN Biography As Part of Million Victims of Islamist Regime in Past 26 Years

In memory of Dr. Farrokhrou Parsa M.D.

Executed on May 8, 1980 in Public

Who was Dr. Farokhrou Parsa?

Over 26 year ago, today, the executioners of the Islamic regime took the life an Iranian woman, known for her courage, integrity and effort in the promotion of education for Iranian women.Dr. Forokhrou Parsa who was a medical doctor was the first Iranian woman who became a deputy and later Minister of Education. Her mother was the founder of the first Iranian journal for women. Rich in her background, Dr. Parsa began a relentless battle in the liberalization of Iranian women. During her tenure as the Minister of education, Millions of female students attended universities and schools and enjoyed the same rights as their male counterparts.

Dr. Parsa's legacy as a courageous woman is an example to all Iranians and especially the women of Iran who have stood firm against the abuses of the regime in every arena. Today, her memory remains in the hearts and minds of thousands of Iranian women.God bless her soul.

In memory of Professor Dr. Homa Darabi M.D.

Professor Dr. Homa Darabi was one of the casualties of this Reign of Islamic Terror. She was a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics, general psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry, and was licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey, New York, and California. In 1990, she was fired from her position as a professor at the School of Medicine at Tehran University due to her non compliance to the Islamic rules of Hijab (Covering up of Women). When a 16 year old girl was shot to death in Northern Tehran for wearing lipstick about a month prior to her death, Dr. Darabi could no longer handle the way women were being treated in Iran, she finally decided to protest the oppression of women by setting herself on fire in a crowded square in northern Tehran, on February 21, 1994. Her last cry was
Death to Tyranny
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Iran
Dr. Homa Darabi :http://www.homa.org/Details.asp?ContentID=2137352839&TOCID=2083225413

In Memory of Ms. Zahra Kazemi

Ms. Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, was arrested on June 23, 2003 and was savagely and barbarically beaten to death by Islamic regime officials. News agencies reported that Ms. Kazemi's body was buried on July 23, 2003, in Shiraz, Iran, contrary to the wishes of her family, and repeated formal requests from the Canadian government.


In Memory of Ms. Atefe Rajabi

The murderous mullahs of Iran have executed another minor.
The Heartbreaking And Enraging Story of a 16 Year Old Girl Executed by the Islamist Mafia Mullah Dictatorship on Sunday, August 15, 2004 in the town of Neka, Iran. Please Visit : http://activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3661

In Memory of Ms. Parvaneh Forouhar
7 years ago, the knife of islamic republic Mafia silenced the voices of two of Iran’s noble children: "
Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar. But, it did not silence the aspiration of them for democracy, liberty, justice, and freedom. It not only did not silence, but rejuvenated the voices of Iranians rising to the aspiration of the Frouhars. Knives cut flesh, but cannot cut aspirations. Knives silence individuals, but cannot silence a nation. Knives shorten lives, but prolong resolve of the nation. Those who lowered their knives in the hearts of the Frouhars saw the spill of their blood writing on the soil of our nation: Victory Will Be Ours! The enemies of our country unjustly ruling Iran for two decades are doomed! That’s what that blood said! And that’s what the murderers of islamic republic should take notice of!"
To know more about Ms. Parvaneh Forouhar please visit: http://www.forouharha.com/

In Memory of Princess Leila Pahlavi
Another victim of Islamist Regime:
Visit : http://www.farahpahlavi.org/leila-passing.html

ActivistChat.com (Free Iran) : Buttons/Pins & Magnets

These bags of FREE IRAN buttons/pins and magnets are great for large crowds, demonstrations, inexpensive handouts, and of course, only for TRUE ACTIVISTS!



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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 7:47 pm    Post subject: Boycott should be turned into a massive movement Reply with quote

Prince Reza Pahlavi: The People of Iran Will Determine their Own Affairs

May 27, 2005
Iran Shahr Blog
Ramin Parham
Source: http://raminparham.blogs.com/iranshahr/2005/05/reza_pahlavi_th_1.html

In an interview with Saeid Ghaem-Maghami of KRSI - Radio Sedaye Iran, Reza Pahlavi calls on the people of Iran to turn boycotting of the June 17 'elections' into a massive civil disobedience movement.

In response to a question on the political importance of the boycott movement, Pahlavi said that, "the importance of the upcoming boycott movement will be no less than that of the Constitutional Movement" about 100 years ago. "Boycott should be turned into a massive movement," said Pahlavi before adding that the movement should expand into other forms of civil disobedience as well such as "staying home on June 17 thus leaving the streets empty, and paralyzing state institutions through strikes."

On the international importance of the strike and boycott movement, Reza Pahlavi said that "the world has its eyes on Iran. It is important to show the world what the people of Iran aspires to. Important to show that there is no way, within this regime, to achieve democracy and liberty for Iran. It is important to show that future social and political relations of other countries throughout the world will depend on how they will react to the aspiration of the people of Iran" as it will be staged by the people on June the 17th. Pahlavi further emphasized that the civil movement will be the lowest cost option for the people and for the country for achieving what the people stand for.

In response to a question by Ghaem-Maghami on the continuation of the movement, starting on the aftermath of June 17, Pahlavi said that, "the important part of the struggle will start on June 18. In terms of the Rights of Iran's ethnic groups and Iran's citizens at large, nothing less than the complete implementation of the Universal Charter of Human Rights, would be accepted by the people of Iran and Iran's diverse political spectrum."

Regarding the much hyped prospect for the Islamic regime to join the World Trade Organization, in return for its nuclear good behavior, Pahlavi said, referring to historic civil disobedience movements, from South Africa's Mandela to ex-Communist countries, that, "nothing should divert the attention of freedom fighters from their prime objective." Likewise, those who struggle for liberty and democracy in Iran should focus on their aspiration "regardless of what France today or China tomorrow might say." It is up to the people of Iran to determine their own affairs and it will the people of Iran who will "determine Iran's affairs with other countries" said the Heir to the Throne of Iran.

Pahlavi, who is on his way to Europe for additional "contacts and interviews" concluded the interview saying that, "it is the duty of those living outside Iran to bring the voice of the people of Iran to the public arena and to the ears of world media."
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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 3:17 pm    Post subject: boycott is no longer enough. Reply with quote

boycotting elections is a thing of the past.

it happened before, time and again,


Now is time for a National Uprising.

and it's surprising how different groups and so called "MOVEMENTS (!)"







cut the crap and stop encouraging people to stay home.
Paayande Iran
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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 3:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From what I understand most groups, including MRP himself, are calling for 'activity' on the days following the 17th, Comrade.

On the 17th itself, they are calling for seclusion and withdrawal as a warning to the regime and its servants. When the soldiers and police see the emptiness of the streets and the polling places, they will realize the true state of things, and will be more amenable to changing sides to Liberation.
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:24 am    Post subject: Pro-Democracy Iranians Boycott Islamic Election Reply with quote

Saturday, June 11, 2005
Special Report: Iranians Unite! Pro-Democracy Iranians Boycott Islamic Republic’s Rigged Anti-Democratic Elections
In an historic show of unity, Iranian opposition leaders together drafted and signed the following declaration. The leaders represent a broad spectrum of Iranian groups around the world calling for a boycott of the June 17th Presidential election.

Millions of pro-democracy Iranians will boycott the rigged anti-democratic elections of the Islamic republic on June 17. Since the mullahs consider any vote in the election to be a vote for the regime, we urge all Iranians to boycott the regime’s anti-democratic election charade. READ MORE

The Iranian people want freedom, democracy and human rights, and they realize that they cannot be free as long as the Islamic republic exists.

The Islamic republic is a menace to Iranians and the world. The regime has brutally violated the human rights of the Iranian people, and there are thousands of political prisoners. Many political prisoners have been in prison since the massive student demonstrations of July 1999.

Violations of human rights, lack of freedom of speech, and lack of freedom for pro-democracy political parties have caused strong resentment in millions of Iranians.

Massive corruption and gross mismanagement have seriously damaged Iran’s economy and caused great discontent especially among millions of young Iranians who are unemployed.

Unemployment among young Iranians is more than 30 percent. The annual inflation rate is more than 20 percent, while the personal income of most Iranians is stagnant, resulting in a persistent decline in the standard of living. The Iranian currency has lost 99 percent of its value since the creation of the Islamic republic, and as a result the savings of millions of Iranians have been eroded. These economic problems have resulted in millions of Iranians now living under the poverty line, and there are serious social and medical consequences.

While the Iranian people have been impoverished, the mullahs have been plundering Iran’s national wealth. Furthermore, the regime spends hundreds of millions of dollars of Iranian national wealth to support terrorists annually.

The Islamic republic is the most active sponsor of global terrorism. The regime uses terrorism as one of its policy tools, and its support of terrorism will continue as long as the regime exists. The regime’s adventurist policies, meddling in other countries, and pursuit of nuclear weapons endanger the national interests of the Iranian people.

Some people inside and outside Iran believed the claims of the leaders of the Islamic republic that the regime could be reformed. However, the brutal and repressive actions of the regime in the past few years have clearly demonstrated that freedom and democracy are not possible in the framework of the Islamic republic.

Contrary to the regime’s propaganda, the Islamic republic has never had free and democratic elections. The mullahs handpick the candidates from among the regime’s Mafia families. None of the candidates that are approved by the mullah Mafia support freedom, democracy and human rights. Furthermore, because of the convoluted and despotic nature of the regime, the power is controlled by non-elected mullahs, and the elections are used as a tool to create the perception of legitimacy for the regime.

The regime does not permit any pro-democracy candidates. All pro-democracy parties are banned by the regime. All television and radio programs are owned by the mullahs. Any publication that criticizes the leaders of the regime is closed. The regime uses intimidation methods to coerce government employees and students to participate in the rigged elections. Therefore, the regime’s so-called elections are anti-democratic and totally illegitimate.

Because of the important reasons mentioned above, we urge all democratic governments and international pro-democracy organizations and individuals to condemn the rigged and illegitimate mullah elections, and support the inalienable rights of the Iranian people to freedom and democratic elections. Iranians will remember those who support the Iranian democracy movement, and those who appease the Islamic republic and its terrorist leaders.

Tyrannies have been replaced by democracies in many countries in the past few years, and the process can be repeated in Iran. The world will be a better place without the mullah regime. We look forward to the day when Iran is liberated from the Islamic republic’s reign of terror, and Iranians enjoy freedom and democracy.

This declaration is signed by many pro-democracy Iranians, including the following prominent members of Iranian society who have a distinguished record of serving the Iranian people:

Ms. Dokhi Abdi President of Organization of Iranian Women in the United States
Mr. Hamid Abdollahi Pro-Democracy Activist
Ms. Narges Adib Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Parviz Afsari Iranian National Police Brigadier General
Dr. Amiraslan Afshar Iranian Ambassador to Britain
Dr. Keykavous Afshar Ghasemloo University Professor
Mr. Mehdi Ahmad Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Mr. Fereydoun Amirfarzaneh Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Mehdi Amirnasri Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Cyrus Amoozegar Information Minister
Dr. Iman Ansari Political Science Scholar
Mr. Jamshid Ansari Member of Board of Alliance for Democracy in Iran
Dr. Masoud Ansari University Professor
Dr. Hooshang Anvar Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Mr. Fereydoun Arabfarsi Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Abolfath Ardalan Iranian Navy Admiral
Mr. Nariman Ariaban Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Dr. Iraj Arianpour Writer
Dr. Armand Ash VP of Alliance for Democracy in Iran
Mr. Zia Atabay NITV Television CEO
Mr. Morteza Badri Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Mr. Manouchehr Baghai CEO, Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Bahman Batmanghelidj Chairman of Alliance for Democracy in Iran
Mr. Ali Bazkiaei Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Heydar Boroumand Physician, Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Hassan Ebrahimi Iranian National Police Colonel
Mr. Mehrdad Ehsanipour Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Mohsen Eskandari Brigadier General, Member of Sarbaz Organization
Mr. Ali Fargam Journalist
Ms. Parvin Ghaffari President of Organization of Disabled Iranians
Mr. Abdollah Gharegozloo Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Taghi Goltappeh Iranian National Police Colonel
Mr. Sardar Haddad Member of Board of Alliance for Democracy in Iran
Mr. Hashem Hakimi Iranian Ambassador to Sudan
Mr. Saeed Hamzavi Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Masoud Haroun Mahdavi Member of Jebhe Melli
Dr. Sasan Haroun Mahdavi Member of Jebhe Melli
Mr. Youssef Hassanzadeh Iranian National Police Colonel
Dr. Dariush Hashempour Vice President of Energy Corp.
Mr. Behrouz Hatam Governor of Masjed Soleiman
Ms. Mina Homayoun Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Aziz Hooshangi Iranian Army Colonel
Mr. Kurosh Kalhor Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Dr. Fereydoun Kasmai Writer, Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Amir Khatibi Iranian National Police Brigadier General
Mr. Ardavan Khoshnood Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Arvin Khoshnood Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Masoud Khoshnood Physician, Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Bahram Khoshnood Rashti Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Mehdi Khoshnood Rashti Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Parviz Khosravani Iranian Gendarmerie Major General
Mr. Reza Madadvand Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Parviz Mahdavi Human Rights Activist
Mr. Mohammad Reza Maher Iranian Army Colonel
Dr. Abdolmajid Majidi Minister of Economic Planning and Budget
Dr. Gholam Maleki Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Badreddin Marashi Deputy Minister of Economic Planning and Budget
Ms. Shifteh Menalagha Artist
Mr. Nasser Meymand Iranian Navy Captain
Mr. Sam Mirian CEO, Pro-Democracy Activist
Ms. Soraya Mohammadi Haghshenas Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Mohiti Iranian Army Colonel
Mr. Rahim Morid Member of Pan Iranist Party
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Moussavi Senator
Mr. Sohrab Nabavi Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Mr. Kiumars Naimi Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Mr. Morteza Namdar Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Mansour Naraghi University Professor
Mr. Morteza Naraghi Iranian Gendarmerie General
Dr. Assadollah Nasre Esfahani Interior Minister
Ms. Shohreh Nazar Member of Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iran
Dr. Khosrow Panahi University Professor
Ms. Parichehr Parvahan Member of Jebhe Melli
Mr. Nasser Pol Member of Pan Iranist Party
Mr. Ahmad Pourdad Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Samad Rahmanzadeh Writer, Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Hassan Rahnavardi Governor of Yazd Province
Mr. Hassan Razavi Shabahang Poet
Mr. Reza Razmi Iranian National Police Brigadier General
Mr. Mehdi Rohani Iranian Air Force Lieutenant General
Mr. Mehdi Sadeghi Iranian National Police Colonel
Ms. Bahereh Sadighian Pro-Democracy Activist
Dr. Fariborz Sadighian Pro-Democracy Activist
Ms. Vajiheh Sadighian Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Parviz Safinia Iranian Ambassador to Indonesia
Ms. Shahla Samii Writer, Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Masoud Sepand Poet
Mr. Ali Seyyedi Iranian National Police General
Mr. Amir Shadjareh Pars Television CEO
Mr. Behrouz Souresrafil Writer and Journalist
Mr. Fereydoun Tofighi Journalist
Ms. Nezhat Yahyazadeh Writer, Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Fereydoun Yazdan Ashouri Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Jahangir Yazdan Ashouri Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Mohammad Yazdan Ashouri Pro-Democracy Activist
Ms. Nahid Yazdan Ashouri Pro-Democracy Activist
Ms. Narges Yazdan Ashouri Pro-Democracy Activist
Mr. Abdolhossein Zahrai Iranian Army Colonel
Dr. Iraj Zamanian Physician, Pro-Democracy Activist
Ms. Mandana Zand Ervin Member of Board of Alliance for Democracy in Iran

There are more than 17o leaders who have signed it, still others are seeking to sign the document. For more information on this effort you may contact the them at: iranianazad2003@yahoo.com. Here is an English and Persian version.

It is important to let the media know that Iranians from a range of political views are now united in boycotting the June 17th election.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2005 11:10 am    Post subject: Dr. Rice: IRI Election Is Not Free and Democratic Election Reply with quote

Dr. Rice: Iranian Election Doesn't Really Fit My Definition of a Free and Democratic Election



SECRETARY RICE: "But I have to say that a process by which the candidates were pre-selected by the mullahs before they could run doesn't really fit my definition of a free and democratic election."
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:36 am    Post subject: Boycott any Mullahs Election Show Reply with quote

Music Video Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQHPH76bElQ

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQHPH76bElQ
With Unity, Boycott any Mullahs Election/ Selection SHOW
Long Live Memory of Cyrus The Great
Long Live Memory of Khayyam
Long Live Memory of Ferdowsi
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Land Of Cyrus The Great
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Free Society
Long Live FREE Iran
Down With Taazi Islamist Occupiers Of Iran

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Reaction of students to up coming election and a Basiji student!!!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:26 am    Post subject: Universities Boycotting Mullahs Election In Iran Reply with quote

Universities Boycotting Mullahs Election In Iran


Subj: (درود بر شما استاد گرانقدر ( پیام زیرین از دانشگاه امیر کبیر

با درود:

در پخش پیام زیرین از دانشگاه امیر کبیر در مورد خیمه شبازی هفته آینده جمهوری جهل و جنون، کوشا باشید

با سپاس

پاینده ایران

----- Forwarded Message ----

Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2009 2:59:04 PM
Subject: درود بر شما استاد گرانقدر

با درود به شما دانشجويان و جناب بحري
من به نوبه خود ار تمامي دانشجویان دانشگاها؛ اساتيد و شما جناب بحری که
تحريم این انتصابات را سر لوحه کار خود قرار داده و و از خانه بيرون نخواهيد آمد و نمی خواهید در اين نمایشات مسخره سهمی در جنایات رژیم دد منش ملايان داشته باشید سپاس گذار بوده و اميد به نابودی رژیم ملايان و برقراري نطام پر افتخار شاهنشاهي و عدل پادشاهی را خواهانم؛ و ما هم به نوبه خود در راهتان شما را تا آنجا که بتوانيم ياری و مدد خواهيم گرد؛ چون تما مي اين حضرات همه از قاتلان فرزندان رشید ان آب و خاک بوده و هيچ وقت شخص بهتري برای ریاست جمهوری ملايان برگزيده نخواهد شد؛ و بايد شما دانشجویان عزیز بپرسید آقاي رضايي شما در سالهايي گه در فرودگاه کردستان به دستور امام گثيفتان آن همه قتل و غارت گرديد؛ و با آقاي خالخالي ديوانه یک شبه 15 نفر از جوانان ان خطه را اعدام گرديد؛ و يا آقاي موسوی شما در زمان شهرداریتان در تهران بزرگ چه گُلی به سر مملکت زدید؛ و يا آقای گرروبی بي وطن شما با آقاي قاضی مرُتضوي در اعدام و سنگ سار جوانان مملکت دست داشتيد؛ حالا مي خواهيد به ما بگوبد با يگ گُل بهار مي شود؛ ومن با صداي بلند و رسا به شما دانشجویان معلمين و اساتید دانشگاها و مدارس می گويم هرگسی به اين مز دوران رآي دهد دستش در خون تمامی جوانان آن مرز و بوم با ملاین آغشته بوده و در فر داي ايران شما ها بايد جواب گوي نوباوکان ایران زمين باشید؛ مي دانم شما در ایران بهتر می توانید درگ اين واقعیت را داشته باشد و شما بهتر از ما می دانيد که همه اين ملايان سرو ته یگ کالبا س هستند و اگر هم می خواهيد رأی دهيد آراد و مختار هستید هیچکس شما را منع نخواهد گرد جز وجدانتان
خداوند شما را در راهتان که همانا رآي ندادن به این شارلاتانهاي زمان است ياري و پشت باني نماييد
با سپاس فراوان از شما دانشجویان آزاد منش اساتيد محترم
مهندس بیت اللهي

----- Weitergeleitete Mail ----
Gesendet: Sonntag, den 7. Juni 2009, 19:42:17 Uhr
Betreff: Fw: درود بر شما استاد گرانقدر

دوستان و هم میهنان بسیار گرامی با درود، ضمن گشودن و مطالعه ضمیمه پیوست اگر توانستید این ایمیل را برای دیگران نیز ارسال نمائید. در مقطعی حساس قرار گرفته ایم که هرگونه کمکی ولو در حد پخش اعلامیه های فرزندانمان که از داخل ایران بدست ما میرسد؛ می تواند کارساز واقع گردیده و آنان را در راستای خواسته های به حق و آرمانهای آزادیخواهانه خود یاری دهد
با سپاس های فراوان قلبی: رضا بحری

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Amir Kabir
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2009 9:35:36 PM
Subject: درود بر شما استاد گرانقدر

استاد گرانمایه جناب دکتر بحری با درودی دوباره
نوشته (نظریه یا کامنت ) شما در مورد مقاله ما به نقل از اعلامیه آمنستی اینترنشنال، تقریبا تیر خلاص را بسوی دشمنان و رجزخوانان جنبش های دانشجویان شلیک کرد و اینک بیش از 90% یاران ما، دانشجویان مبارز و همیشه در صحنه دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر یکدل و یک زبان درپی تحریم انتصابات و در جستجوی راهی برای آماده سازی صد در صد جامعه برای آن راهکاری هستند که شما در سروده تان بدان اشاره داشتید.
اگرچه که هنوز "دفتر تحکیم وحدت" به تحریک و یا تشویق آقای دکتر زیدآبادی کماکان انجمن های اسلامی دانشگاههای مختلف و دانشجویان را به اعتماد داشتن به کروبی دعوت می نماید اما سم پاشی های این جناب شاید فقط در دانشگاهها و دانشجویانی تأثیر پذیر باشد که دفتر تحکیم وحدت و یا "سازمان دانش آموختگان" در آنجا هنوز پایگاه و جایگاهی دارد که البته این گروه و معتقدان به حداقل تعداد و پائین ترین درصد خود در پانزده ساله اخیر نزول کرده و بقیه مبارزین دانشجو و جوانان همیشه در صحنه، حتا آنانی که امیدی به میرحسین موسوی بسته بودند اینک با ما یکدل و یک زبان گشته اند که مصداق بارز آن، تجمعات و اعتراضات پی در پی در دانشگاههای مختلف از جمله تجمع اخیر دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد واحد تهران - جنوب و یا تجمع اعتراضی در دانشگاه نوشیروانی بابل و .... در اعتراض به ادامه بازداشت یاران دربند امیرکبیری در بند 209 اوین می باشد. بهر روی، خوشوقتم که به اطلاعتان برسانم که پیامها و راهکارهای آموزنده شما در جهت هدایت و حمایت ما نتیجه ای نیکو ببار آورده و ما تقاضا و انتظار داریم که شما با تکرار نوشتن دیدگاهای خود در پای مقالات خبرنامه ما، و نیز هرازگاهی با ارسال راهکارهای عملی و تجربی خویش از راه ایمیل و غیره، آخرین پایگاههای دشمن در میان یاران و همراهان و حامیان ما را درهم شکسته و در راه یگانگی و اتحاد این نیروهای بالقوه مفید و ثمر بخش واقع گرددید.
آنچه که در این مقطع زمانی حائز کمال اهمیت است، پخش و انتشار خبرنامه و مقالات ما در ایران و یا خارج از میهن است زیرا همانگونه که آگاه هستید، از یکهفته به اینسو وبسایت ما برای دهمین بار فیلتر گشته و بسیاری از حامیان و اعضا و یاران ما چه در ایران و چه در اقصی نقاط جهان از دسترسی بدان محروم هستند بنابراین توزیع و انتشار اینگونه مقالات و خبرها از هرطریق ممکن، آخرین مقاومت های آتش بیاران معرکه ، گروهائی مانند دفتر تحکیم وحدت و یا سازمان دانش آموختگان را به حداقل خواهد رساند.
درودهای صمیمانه و سپاس بیکران ما را به جهت آنچه که برای میهن و هم میهنان خویش انجام میدهید پذیرا باشید
با ارادت و ا حترام: سردبیر خبرنامه امیرکبیر و مسئول امور هماهنگی دانشجویان

Ma Hastim. ta nafas hast Ma Hastim
payande IRAN
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Boycott Top Taazi Thugs Election In Iran:
- Selecting Between Bad Islamist Virus and Worst Islamist Virus Is Not A Good Election Choice &
- The Iranian Youth Must Keep Their Distance &
- Follow Iranian Physicians and Surgeons Recommendation How To Deal With Viruses Of Iranian Society
ActivistChat 7009

Watch Music Video Fereydoun Farokhzad - Sarbaz - Imperial Iranian Army


Music Video Groups & Interview Against Mullahs Election Circus
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Khamanaie: Rai bedaheed.........LOL

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 4:58 pm    Post subject: Oppositions Leadership & FREE Iran Activists & Peopl Reply with quote

Watch Video Protest Series


People Of Iran, Oppositions Leadership & FREE Iran Activists Who Boycotted or Those Youth Participated In This Game Are The Biggest Winners of Taazi Election Gladiators Circus Fights Because For First Time The Islamist Gladiator Candidates and Viruses of Iranian Society Publicly In Front of the World On TV Admitted to Most of Mullahs Crimes and Exposed Their Own Past 30 Years Crimes Against People of Iran & Humanity ….
Next Step Just Started ….

Watch Video:
دست بوسی آیت الله خمینی - dast boosiiii

ست بوسی آیت الله خامنه ای ، میرحسین موسوی، محمد خاتمی و چند تن از بزرگان نظام به پیشگاه آیت الله خمینی
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:20 pm    Post subject: REAL Vote Counts in Iran's Election Circus Reply with quote

According to a Secret Election Results reported from inside Iran's Interior(Kashvar) Ministry
The following estimated distributions of votes for this Election Circus is closer to reality ...

Total Participated in Election Circus: (70% to 80%)
Total Boycotted the Election : (30% to 20%)
From Those Voted For Mousavi : 45%
Karobi: 33%
Ahmadinejad: 13%
Rezai: 9%

Based on FREE Iran Activists Sources The Estimated Total Percentage Of Iranian People Who Are Against the Islamist regime in Iran independent of whether they have participated in this Election Circus or boycotted is over 97%

Watch Video Protest Series

irannational.blogspot wrote:

Source: http://irannational.blogspot.com/2009/06/blog-post.html

آرای واقعی

شماره واقعی آرا توسط کارمندان وزارت کشور به بیرون راه پیدا کرد

آفراد واجد شرایط: 49،322،412
افراد شرکت کننده در انتخابات: 42،026،078
آرای باطله 138،716
میر حسین موسوی: 19،075،623
کروبی: 13،387،104
محمود احمدی نژاد: 5،698،417
محسن رضایی: 3،754،218

Last edited by cyrus on Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:02 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:40 am    Post subject: AntiMullah Post - Latest News from Iran Reply with quote

AntiMullah Post - Latest News from Iran

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:47 am    Post subject: To Fight Back With Islamists Filter Reply with quote

Please inform your audience of the options to break the extensive filters disconnecting Iranians from Internet. Here are samples that can be searched by words like 'anonymous proxy', 'anonymous web', proxy, free proxy, anonymous surfing.

Here are some samples:
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