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MPG Party Protests the Destruction of Historical Site, Symbo

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 12:30 pm    Post subject: MPG Party Protests the Destruction of Historical Site, Symbo Reply with quote


September 2007

Recently numerous reports have been received about the destruction of yet another historical site of immense significance in Iran by the clerical regime*. Following demands by Arab Islamist clerics gathered in Doha, Qatar in January of 2007, anti Iranian clerics and officials within the Islamic Republic ordered the closing of an ancient shrine in the city of Kashan, which has for centuries symbolized Iranian patriotism and resistance against foreign invading enemies. Now, we are informed that the tomb structure within the shrine has already been removed from the site and the destruction of the whole shrine is imminent, in spite of protests held inside Iran and international cries from Iranian scholars and patriots abroad**. This highly popular shrine, is believed to have been the grave of a Persian slave hero, Pirouz Nahavandi , known to Arabs as "Abu Lolo". Pirouz, slew the supreme leader of Arab invaders, Chaliph Omar, following a parade in Medina of Persian child slaves taken from his conquered hometown of Nahavand.

Persians and other Iranians, resisted the Arab invasion of the 7Th century AD for hundreds of years before the Arabs succeeded in controlling the old Persia, destroying its civilization, religion, cities, libraries, universities etc., supplanting much of its population by means of colonization, massacring male populations, acquiring females as sex slaves and means for producing a new population of subjects, as related by Iranian and Arab historians alike.

Iranians historically regarded the Chaliph Omar as the main source of their defeat and humiliation; this being the reason why they revered Pirouz Nahavandi (Abu Lolo) and preserved the shrine attributed to him for over 1300 years, even as they became Muslims.

The present Islamic regime in Iran has tried to wipe out Persian and Iranian identity by revising history books, destroying archaeological sites and branding patriotism and nationalism as blasphemy, trying to finish the job left incomplete by Arab invaders in favor of creating an "Islamic (international) Ummah" subjected to the will of the Mullahs currently subjugating the Iranian people.

The IRI has been keeping ties to Al Qaedeh, has actively assisted Sunni and Shiite insurgents and terrorists in Iraq, the Sunni Hamas in the Palestinian areas and many other extremists, while it has tried to come to terms with non-Shiite Arab states for the purpose of confronting the as yet stronger power of the West with a unified Islamist force (Chaliphate). This is the grand design of the Islamic Republic of "Iran" which has no relationship to Iran other than hatred for anything Iranian causing them to easily sacrifice historical Iranian symbols for a sinister and imperialistic international agenda.

The MPG party strongly urges appropriate international institutions such as UNESCO, to condemn the destruction of Iranian heritage and adopt measures preventing such destruction in the future.

The MPG party strongly encourages all Iranians and in particular our younger generation to appreciate the historical significance of the wiping out of Iranian heritage and identity by the devotees of the Islamic Republic who have repeatedly confirmed their historic loyalty to foreign invaders and colonialists. and to regard this regime as an anti Iranian remnant of foreign invaders and colonialists that they are.

Please visit www.savepasargad.com to research some of the reports.

Compiled by the Interior Affairs Committee of the Marze Por Gohar Party

Down with the Islamic Republic

Long Live Iran
Marze Por Gohar Party
Iranians for a Secuar Republic
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