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Regime intelligence official admits to fabricating oppositio

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:34 am    Post subject: Regime intelligence official admits to fabricating oppositio Reply with quote

Regime intelligence official admits to fabricating opposition figures
August 13, 2007

During the mid 1990s, veteran political activists, journalists and university students in Iran began encountering a seemingly strange behavior by the previously one tracked minded Islamic intelligence ministry. The intelligence ministry would summon people known to be in disagreement with the regime and encourage them to say or write certain things against regime policies cautioning them not to go beyond certain boundaries called "red lines". A new policy towards social and political dissidents had begun to be implemented. As one aging dissident within the nationalist opposition who used to be summoned once week, put it quite frankly in 1998: " we only oppose the government within the boundaries permitted by the intelligence ministry"!

In 2007, a major pro regime web site, posted the voice recording of a complete three hour speech by the deputy intelligence minister of the mid 1990s, the infamous Said Emami, later implemented in the serial assassinations of dissidents during the Khatami administration and subsequently killed in jail, presumably silencing him forever. The voice recording, previously only published in parts, was a detailed analysis of the socio-political situation in Iran and the new policy of the intelligence ministry towards dissidents. The 2007 posting, on the other hand was meant to say that the "reformist" movement in Iran to save the regime, did not begin with president Khatami but was initiated and organized by the intelligence ministry, several years before Khatami. In one segment of the recording, Said Emami said that even though the regime shall ruthlessly eliminate armed or dangerous opponents, but they should easily "direct our opposition to act within the interests of the regime...".

Recently, another well known analyst connected to intelligence agencies in Iran has touched upon the policy of fake or controlled opposition. Abbas Salimi Namin, an extremist right wing Islamic analyst in Iran, together with a few extremist publications who publish his articles, seem to be among the few who are allowed to criticize or analyze strategic or security policies of the regime. Salimi Namin is the director of the "Research Bureau of Contemporary Iranian History", one of the intelligence ministry connected institutions in charge of re-writing history in Iran and a previous editor of the hardline Kayhan news paper for Iranians abroad.

The article below is a translation from Farsi of an interview by Pars news agency with Abbas Salimi Namin published in early August, 2007.

Abbas Salimi Namin an expert in political affairs, responding to a question in an interview with Fars News Agency regarding a note in one of the newspapers in which he wrote " Today the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has such a power that it can even have a decisive effect on the structure of its opposition forces. A look at the new structure of the opposition outside the country which consists mainly of personalities who have recently left Iran seriously confirms this assertion" and asking him what did you mean by this? said: " In my opinion, some of the forces for whom publicity was provided in order for them to become famous opposition figures, (were acting) within the framework of a plan."

Salimi Namin, by stating that politically it is not possible to accept that certain abnormal activities in this regard happened along a natural course, added: " certain confrontations and publicity for a series of very regular persons, seriously demands attention. For example, what happened in the case of Mr. (Akbar) Ganji and his photographs in jail under bitter conditions being taken outside the prison could not have taken place without coordination".

He said:"These points cause one to think that these people have been groomed only for acquiring positions in a different environment, particularly under today's conditions in the political world, such activities are commonplace where governments and even political parties are trying to organize their political opponents and find footholds within their opposition forces".

This political activist (Salimi Namin), clarified that :" When we look closely, we observe that a person who wasn't effective at all and was of no concern to the Iranian regime, develops into a fashionable political personality due to (the actions of) Judge Mortazavi". Salimi Namin in explaining this issue, added :" I mean that probably actions have taken place so that these people were focused upon by the media. I don't consider this as a normal event and I do believe that this was a movement which has borne fruit as we can observe today that within the structure of the opposition outside the country the decisive figures are mainly those who have been dispatched abroad according to what I think has been planned".

He (Salimi Namin) emphasized that:" if these irregular activities are according to plans, it will be a decisive issue outside the country and will seriously help those who want to influence opposing forces and will direct them (the opponents) towards the direction which we want".

The follow-up by Fars News Agency, for discovering Judge Mortazavi's opinion (the Prosecutor of Tehran Province) have not succeeded in spite of his repeated promises on this issue.

MPG has brought up the subject of fabricated opposition figures before, for example:

MPG's open letter to Ganji

Down with the Islamic Republic

Long Live Iran

Compiled by the Foreign Policy Council of the Marze Por Gohar Party.

Marze Por Gohar Party
Iranians for a Secuar Republic
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 2:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Espandyar,

So then this would be the loyal opposition?

MMmmm, yes, it fits with the almost pathological need for the Iranian theocracy to immitate western democracy....in a pathetic attempt to find legitimacy in international relations and claim itself "representitive" of the people.

I have not forgotten the campain posters in English, as eye candy for western media covering Antar's election victory in 2005.

However, I think all illusion has been cast aside at this point.


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