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Comments on "Tribute to Russell"

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 6:08 pm    Post subject: Comments on "Tribute to Russell" Reply with quote

Cyrus jan, thank you for your good question and the courtesy you showed me by not placing it in the thread “Tribute to Russell.”


It was my pleasure to answer your thoughtful question the best way that I could.

Cyrus’ question was:

a judgment is a balanced weighing up of evidence for making a decision then what are the relations of judgment and knowledge?

To which my answer was:

“You are correct. A judgement is a weighing of the evidence for making a decision. In fact, judgement is the final decision itself.

The way I see it, knowledge represents the raw evidence. The way that the evidence is linked in a logical and rational manner falls within the realm of what I consider wisdom. Wisdom sets knowledge in motion. Wisdom allows for the rational conclusions to be drawn from the evidence, or knowledge. The final product, or conclusion, or judgement, is a subset of knowledge. It is produced when wisdom acts upon knowledge.

Of course, the above paragraph delineates what one would call “good judgement” in the traditional sense. As you have followed my other arguments, I’m sure that you understand that “good” and “bad” are artificial concepts and not absolute. They don’t exist outside of what we humans make them out to be. But for the flow of the argument, what is considered “good judgement” is that which results in furthering the good life for each individual and for society. It is that which is conducive to the advancement of love, knowledge, and wisdom. It is that which promotes human happiness and demotes human misery. “Bad judgement,” of course, implies the converse.

Since it is wisdom, or manner of logic and rationality that determines judgement, then it follows that it is wisdom itself (or lack thereof) that results in the outcome of good judgement or bad judgement. If one does not accept and adapt the hallmarks of wisdom – ie logic, rationality, and an unbiased attitude - one’s methodology will be flawed, and therefore one’s judgement will be flawed, resulting in “bad judgement.”

Alternatively, if one’s starting knowledge (or evidence) is flawed, as in presupposing certain facts based upon prior erroneous judgements, then the end result will also be bad judgement, even if proper wisdom is used in its application.

I hope this answers your question. If not, let me know where you wish me to expand, and I will do so.”

Followed by Cyrus’ comment:

Amir Jaan,
Thank you for answering my question. I assume you don't want discussion in your thread untill you finish your posts, am I correct?

Dear Cyrus, you are correct as usual. Because I intended the original thread of “Tribute to Russell” to be a large accumulation of his works, I did not want tangential discussions and posts by others to divert its focus. Once it is finished, those who wish to do so may post their comments. However, it looks like I will not be done for quite a long time.

Your question and comment prompted my to start this new thread, so that in the meantime anyone that wishes to comment on that long, ongoing accumulation of Russell’s works may do so here.

Therefore, this thread is now open for anyone that wishes to post comments or criticisms of that work. I appreciate the courtesy of all that place their comments here, instead of in the original thread.
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