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What Islam says about killing non-Muslims?

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Ramin Etebar,MD

Joined: 21 May 2004
Posts: 74
Location: USA

PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 9:20 am    Post subject: What Islam says about killing non-Muslims? Reply with quote

What Islam says about killing non-Muslims?

Muslims generally claim, “Islam is peaceful and does not permit killing humans” but this is a blatant lie, in contradiction to their Allah’s commands in the Quran. This is because there are two types of Muslims a) The vast majority of Muslims do not understand Arabic (are only taught how to recite the Quran in Arabic, like a parrot, minus the meanings and they are the type generally fooled and lied to, by their own Islamic clergy, and make up almost all of Islamic suicide killers) b) The second type of Muslims, who are a small elite minority, do understand (including almost all Islamic clergy), but choose to lie for Allah hoping to get extra merit points selfishly, in defense of Allah, at the expense of the first gullible type of Muslims. They themselves never commit suicide for Allah {Have you ever heard of a Ustaz, Imam, Ulama, Mufti or Kadi sacrifice their generally well-off and polygamous life and commit suicide? The answer is NO.} Then ask yourself WHY. It is because these Islamic clergy are already having the good life at the expense of the Majority Muslims, just like in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc. They are generally, the well off, higher echelon, among Muslim societies} It is the first type, {the vast majority}, who swallow everything said by these Islamic clergy, and this gullible type are enticed with the rewards promised by Allah. Islamic suicide killers are generally unmarried young sex-maniac desperados, for whom Allah has promised 72 Houris {voluptuous, young, well-bosomed, pretty virgin girls} and for homosexuals “boys as fresh as hidden pearls” in addition to many other rewards.

First, let us see what Allah/Muhammad/Quran/Hadiths actually say to Muslims about murdering non-Muslim men, women and children? There are many such verses to this effect, but I will select only a few here.

Quran 2:216 – Allah says, “Warfare is ordained to you (Muslims), though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you;” {This sura means Muslims must fight wars for Allah till eternity, whether they hate it or not}

Quran 2:217, 2.244, 3.21, 4.74, 4.84, 4.91, 5.33, - Allah basically commands Muslims to fight and slay (kill) unbelievers (non-Muslims).

Quran 3:54 - “…Allah is the best of schemers.” {An accomplice to Murder}

Quran 4:76 – “Those who believe (Muslims) do battle for the cause of Allah;”

Quran 8:30 - “… and Allah is the best of plotters.” {“Accomplice to Murder”}

Sura 8.12; “I will terrorize the unbelievers. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.” {Allah himself admits, he is a terrorist, & demands torture/killing}

Quran 8:39 – “…And fight them (non-Muslims) until persecution (disbelieve in Islam) is no more, and religion is all for Allah…” {No others left-This sura alone, says it all}

Quran 8:59 “And let not those who disbelieve, suppose that they can outstrip (Allah’s purpose). Lo! They cannot escape.” 8:60 “Make ready for them all thou canst of (armed) force and of horses tethered that thereby ye may dismay the enemy of Allah.”

Quran 9:29 – “Fight against such of those who have been given the scripture (Christians) as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by his messenger, and follow not the religion of Truth (Islam) until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low (admitting readily as low-down to Islam).”

Quran 9:73 “O Prophet! Strive (fighting) against the disbelievers (Jews/Christians) and the Hypocrites (Muslim unbelievers); be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is Hell, a hapless journey’s end.”
Quran 33:26 “And He brought those of the people of the Scripture (Christians) who supported them down from their strongholds, and cast panic into their hearts (terrorized them). Some ye slew, and ye made captive (slaves) some.” 33:27 “And he caused you to inherit their land and their houses and their wealth, and land ye have not trodden.” {Murder and thievery glorified in Islam by terrorist Muslims}

Tabari IX:69 - “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us (Muslims).”
Tabari VIII:141 - “The battle cry of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah that night was: ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’”
Bukhari:V5B59N512 - “The Prophet had their men (Jews and Christians) killed, their woman and children taken captive (as slaves).”
Ishaq:489 - “Do the bastards (Jews/Christians) think that we are not their equal in fighting? We are men who think that there is no shame in killing.” {No shame?}

Bukhari: V9B87N127 “The Prophet said, ‘I have been awarded victory by terror, so the treasures of the earth are mine.’” {This is clear evidence, by Muhammad’s own admission [mouth] of being a terrorist and a common thief, killing people and stealing from them. This is the example he set for his followers?}

From the above sura, it is confirmed and clear that Allah, Muhammad, Quran and the Hadiths demand Muslims to torture and kill non-Muslim men, women and children, until they are no more in existence. So the Islamic suicide killers are just obeying the Evil Islamic dictates, right?

{One might ask why does Allah ask Muslims to do his dirty work? Cann’t he do it himself? Where are his powers? Doesn’t this tell you that Allah is a fake?} In Quran 47:7 – “O ye who believe! If ye help Allah, He will help you and make your foothold firm.” {Why does this Allah shamelessly beg Muslims for help to kill unbelievers? Doesn’t this say this shameless Allah is not God, for begging, for Muslim help?}

What rewards did Allah/Quran promise Islamic suicide Killers?

A) 3:157 “And what though ye be slain in Allah’s way or die therein? Surely pardon from Allah and mercy are better than all that they amass.”

B) 3:158 What though ye be slain or die, when unto Allah ye are gathered.”

C) 4:74 “…Who so fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him we shall bestow a vast reward.”

D) 9:111 “Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Quran…” {The Gospel does not say ‘slay {kill} humans’. This Allah/Quran is lying to the Muslims and it can be verified any time}

E) 47:15 – “A similitude of the Garden, which those who keep their duty (to Allah) are promised: Therein are rivers of water unpolluted, and rivers of milk whereof the flavor changed not (ferment), and rivers of wine delicious to the drinkers, and rivers of clear-run honey; therein for them is every kind of fruit, with pardon from their Lord (Are those who enjoy all this) like those who are immortal in the Fire and are given boiling water to drink so that it teareth their bowels?” {Boiling water for non-Muslims to drink, how kind?}

F) Rewards for favors done to Allah – 55:48-58 – “Garden with spreading branches, two fountains flowing, every kind of fruit in pairs, reclining upon couches lined with silk brocade, the fruit of both gardens, therein are those of modest gaze {Hadiths/Islamic Scholars say 72 Houris}, whom neither man nor Jinni will have touched before, (in beauty) like the Jacynth and the coral-stone.”

G) Rewards for favors done to Allah – 55: 62-76 - “And besides them {besides 55:48-58} are two other Gardens, dark green with foliage, wherein with two abundant springs, wherein is fruit, the date-palm and pomegranate, wherein (are found) the good and beautiful {72 Houris} – fair ones, close-guarded in pavilions – whom neither man nor Jinni will have touched before them – reclining on green cushions and fair carpets.” {Sura 33:29 also mentions Allah’s rewards}

H) Rewards for Homosexual Muslim killers – 56:15-24 – “On lined couches. Reclining therein face to face. There wait on them immortal youths {boys}. With bowls and ewers and a cup from a pure spring. Wherefrom they get no aching of the head {for oral sex} and no madness {allows any which way without complaining}, and fruit that they prefer, and flesh of fowls that they desire. And there are fair ones with wide lovely eyes. Like unto hidden pearls, Reward for what they used to do.” {They used to be Homosexuals on earth}

I) Rewards for sex-maniac Muslim killers - 56:28 – “Among thornless lote-trees, and clustered plantains {bananas}, and spreading shade, and water gushing, and fruit in plenty neither out of reach nor yet forbidden, and raised couches: Lo! We have created them a (new) creation {72 Houris} and made them virgins, Lovers, friends…”

J) Houris – 83:23-28 – “On couches gazing. Thou will know in their faces the radiance of delight… For this let (all) those strive who strive for bliss.”

Isn’t this enough proof of Islamic rewards, to tempt Islamic suicide killers to kill non-Muslim men, women and children? Allah has taken care of all kinds of Male Muslim killers. These verses confirm Islam’s long term plan for this world – make no mistake of this diabolic Islamic plan

Few Interesting Points on IRI constitution:

Article 12th of IRI constitution states that the official religion of Iran is Islam and the Twelver Ja'fari school and this principle will remain eternally immutable. In practice the punishment for changing religion is death.

In the article 13th of IRI constitution it is stated that Zoroastrian, Jewish, and Christian Iranians are the only recognized religious minorities. In practice the rest such as Bahais

are considered infidels whom are denied their civil rights and killing them has been legal.

Article 207 of IRI’s penal code states that if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim he will not be subject to death penalty and article 222 states that anyone who kills an insane individual is not subject to prosecutions. Under article 220 of IRI’s Penal Code, a man who kills his own child or his son's child is not subject to discretionary punishment (qesas).

Eye gouging, stoning, executions in public and amputations of limbs are all legal in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In 1988, more than 10,000 of the political dissidents were executed in prison by the order of Khomeini. The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights sufficed by issuing a statement criticizing the IRI regime for this genocide, however this mass murder was legal under Article 186 of IRI penal code which states that any person who is involved with or supports an armed opposition against the Islamic government and the divine rule is subject to capital punishment even though the culprit may not be a direct participant in the armed insurgency.

In the regime’s prison’s, young virgin girls are raped in order to prevent them from going to heaven. The dissidents against the divine regime are not permitted entry to the paradise.

Article 11 of the IRI constitution referencing Quran’s Al-Anbiya chapter verses 92 states that the Iranian armed forces’ duties are to engage in Jihad (holy war) for god and to promote the divine rule throughout the world. Based on that verse the Moslems must be armed with the most modern weapons to frighten the enemy and kill the infidels. Therefore regime’s quest to acquire nuclear weapons meaning the most modern arsenal is a divine matter under the god’s direction and is the rule of law, thus chanting slogans of death to America and Israel. They believe that the citizen’s of these countries should be killed.

One of the required principals in Shia Islam is Taghieh, which means that they lie even under oath, when they think their action is helping Islam. Therefore when the regime leaders are under pressure to sign an agreement, they submit only to perform Taghieh and do the exact opposite at a later time!
Ramin Etebar, MD
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Joined: 01 Apr 2006
Posts: 237

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 4:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Theres a third type of Muslim you've missed off the list: people who are good enough to know what to take metaphorically, what to take literally, and what to skroo.

However bear in mind:
1. I noticed quite a lot of your quran verses had bits in brackets in. Were they bits not in the translation (or the arabic), that you decided to put in to prove your point?
2. Fight has several meanings. Physical is one of them. Verbal is the other. I think the second is being referred to.

Those laws you pointed out are disgusting though.[/list]
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Joined: 05 Apr 2006
Posts: 226
Location: Houston TX

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You gotta admit, Islam's track record doesn't look to good. If you take everything metaphorically it has no meaning. If you take it all literally well, lets hope that doesnt happen. And seriously, you screw parts of the Koran? is that even right for a muslim to do?

The brakcets are probably for extrapolated meaning from the arabic text.

If it means fight verbally it needs to be more specific. Surely allah would have thunk of that? Huh?

My God! What horrors have the Iranian people been subjected to under laws like that! Its a good thing this regime isnt going to last much longer!
You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior...but everyday I hear people crying for one. -Superman
To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him. -Earnest Renan
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Joined: 01 Apr 2006
Posts: 237

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well I havent read all of it but ive seen some things on POD which I decided to ignore.

Thunk = ?

As for the bracketed bits, that depends entirely on the interpretation. The quran I read has got very liberal annotations, such so that:
Quran 8:39 – “…And fight them (non-Muslims) until persecution (disbelieve in Islam) is no more, and religion is all for Allah…
Quran 8:39 - "And fight them all until there is no more oppression, and so that the entire system is God's. But if they cease, then God is watcher over what they do."
This quite blatantly refers to the early years of islam when muslims were being persecuted by arabs.
Note: Allah is arabic word for god
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