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Islamic thugs attacked Norway's embassy and Danish embassy

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:13 pm    Post subject: Islamic thugs attacked Norway's embassy and Danish embassy Reply with quote

Islamic thugs attacked Norway's embassy as well as launching a second attack on Danish embassy.

Islamists attack Danish and Norwegian embassies in Tehran

SMCCDI (Information Service)

February 7, 2006

An angry crowd, composed by 300 Bassij Para-military force's members and fanatic Islamists, threw Molotov cocktails and pieces of rocks at the Danish embassy in Tehran for the second consecutive day.

Earlier, the Norwegian embassy was attacked with pieces of stones.

These new fanatical actions took place following the yesterday attacks, made by the same small and organized crowd, against the Danish and Austrian embassies in the Iranian capital.

These organized rallies are targeting to shift the focus of the world's attention from the struggle of Iranians who are seeking freedom and of the social movements which are endangering the future of the Islamic republic regime.

They're also intending to show the 'deep' believes of Iranians in the Islamic religion and of what is supposed to be, their 'collective indignation', over the publication of cartoons depicting the Islamic Prophet Mohammad. But despite all hidden supports from governmental circles and advertisements made by Mosques related to the theocratic regime, which are calling for a massive participation, the demonstrators have stayed under 400 individuals while the Iranian Capital has over 12 millions of inhabitants.

The regime's regular Law Enforcement Forces are offering, each time, a show of resistance in facing the regime's sponsored Islamists. The scenario is to fill the lack of Iranians "collective indignation" while showing, as well, some aspect of challenges for foreign journalists reporting from Iran.

The Islamic regime's leadership seems to be more lucky in mobilizing fanatics, in countries, such as, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Pakistan or Indonesia,آ where it has hundreds of 'cultural' and 'religious' centers with a vast net of 'charity' institutions.

A desperate supreme leader of the Islamic regime declared, today, that the publication of the cartoons are part of a "Zionist Conspiracy" and pushed the demagogy to the point of declaring that they have been published in retaliation to Hamas' Electoral victory. In reality these cartoons were published weeks before the elections in Palestine which led to the victory of the terrorist movement.

The lack of Iranians' support, of fanatical ways of _expression and some of the political goals of the Islamic regime has become much more significant, as; it's coinciding with the Shia ritual of Moharam month and the Ashura mourning. By Islamists believe,آ Iranians should have been more sensible to any parameter which might affect their religion, but the today's event showed that this is not the case, contrary to many other majoritary Muslim nations.

The Islamic regime is intending to organize, on Wednesday, a massive rally in the Capital at the occasion of Ashura in order to avoid more mockery. Thousands of immigrants from Islamic countries and fanatic Iranians are to be transferred by full buses to Tehran, in order to avoid more sham for a regime which is declaring to represent the world's Muslims.

These desperate measures mark the unpopularity of the ideological pillars of the Islamic republic regime and shows better the increasing secular aspiration of Iranians.

It also proves Iranians sense of respect for the freedom of _expression, while many of them might have their objection to the published cartoons. In addition, it underlines how Iranians are rejecting any notion of attacking a diplomatic mission, contrary to a terrorist regime which its leaders saw, in the seizure of the US Embassy and the hostage taking of American diplomats, a "second revolution".
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