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The Time for Negotiations is Over. Regime Change is the Only

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2006 12:49 pm    Post subject: The Time for Negotiations is Over. Regime Change is the Only Reply with quote

The Time for Negotiations is Over. Regime Change is the Only Solution.
February 5, 2006


To the leaders of the free world and all freedom loving people!

We have less than one year to bring about a regime change in Iran, achieve our goal of a revolution, and to replace the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) with a free democratic Iran. This is a goal that can only be realized at the hands of the Iranian People. We have selected the tentative timeline of one year because anything longer then that may lead to a military attack by the international community against Iran. This is the last chance.

Now that Ahmadinejad leads Iran, there is no ambiguity about where Islamic Republic stands. Ahmadinejad has stated on numerous occasions that he would like to wipe Israel off the map. We believe his real goal is to erase Iran off the world map, and to destroy the history, culture and civilization that has been created by the Iranian people for centuries. Mr. Ahmadinejad, with his anti-Iranian background has no regard for the well being of Iran or the Iranian People.
By making such comments about Israel the real goal of the Islamic Republic is to raise the wrath of the International Community, and to cause a disastrous attack against Iran. Ever since the Revolution, the Islamic Republic has done everything in its power to diminish the Iranian history and culture, and they have undermined everything Iran stands for in order to promote and expand radical Islam.

We believe the International Community’s interests and safety are in danger as well. At this moment we stand at a cross roads. The IRI is extremely close to acquiring nuclear weapons, this combined with possible exportation of such technology by IRI will put the entire world in danger. There is a difference between Islamic Republic acquiring nuclear technology v. Iran with a democratic regime that will provide verifiable and accountable infrastructure acquiring the same technology.

As we have seen, jets can be converted into flying missiles with suicide squads in the cockpits. Islamic Republic’s access to nuclear technology could also be converted into dirty bombs and be available to terrorist organizations that will use this technology for their final confrontation with the West. We believe referring Islamic Republic to the United Nations for possible economic, military, or political sanctions will not work, and neither Russia's joint uranium-enrichment offer, nor threats of air raids against Iran's nuclear installations, because this regime is determined to hold the world hostage by its nuclear ambitions. We believe Islamic Republic should be dealt decisively

For the past five years the Marze Por Gohar Party has been active and working towards a democratic Iran. We have been completely independent throughout this time and have not accepted help from any governmental/non-governmental organizations. After great deliberation however, we have come to the conclusion that these are extremely dangerous and critical times. The reality is that if we want to change this regime by the Iranian people themselves, we will need the help of all freedom loving Iranians as well as the International Community. At this point it is not just Iran and Iranians that face a major threat; it is the entire International Community. Even though the Iranian People listen carefully to the leaders of the free world, and although the moral support to the Iranian people will play a major role in their initiative for a regime change the International Community needs to take CONCRETE steps and help the democratic movements who can and will bring genuine regime change to Iran.

We are asking for help from the Iranian people as well as the International Community so that we can achieve our goal of a regime change in Iran and establish a Secular Republic. Those who will come forward and help the Iranian people will be the true and natural allies of Iranian people in the future. Let us not pass the one year time line because at that time it might be too late…

The Marze Por Gohar Party is forewarning the International Community that a regime change will be on behalf of everyone. It is important to consider that any military attack against Iran will only cause the Iranians to consider all options in order to defend their motherland. The only real solution is a regime change and we have the ability to make that happen. This is the time for allies of the free world to help the Iranian people in their quest for a free democratic Iran.

Long Live Iran

Down with the Islamic Republic

Marze Por Gohar Party, Iranians for a secular republic.
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