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Executive Summary News/Articles Update-January 30, 2006

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 11:56 am    Post subject: Executive Summary News/Articles Update-January 30, 2006 Reply with quote

Executive Summary News/Articles Update-January 30, 2006 The First Few Paragraph of Each Article and Source URL For Complete News/Articles Are Shown

Bush's Choice on Iran

January 30, 2006
The Washington Post
Jackson Diehl

The debate on Iran is drifting toward the ugly question that the Bush administration would most like to avoid. That is: Is it preferable for the United States to live with the consequences of a nuclear-armed Iran, or with those of a unilateral American military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities?

President Bush has never answered that question; instead, he and his State Department have repeatedly called an Iranian bomb "intolerable" while building a diplomatic coalition that won't tolerate a military solution. But two of our more principled senators, Republican John McCain and Democrat Joe Lieberman, have this month faced the Iranian Choice -- and both endorsed military action. McCain was most direct: "There is only one thing worse than the United States exercising a military option," he said on "Face the Nation." "That is a nuclear-armed Iran."

So what is the Bush administration doing? It is allowing talks to drag on, and slowly courting Russia and China, but doing next to nothing to help Iranian democrats; it is drawing up lists of sanctions that, if imposed, might trigger a crisis, but it is also laying the groundwork for long-term containment. Perhaps the president has decided what course he will choose if Iranian uranium enrichment proceeds in spite of negotiations, U.N. resolutions or even sanctions. If so, his administration's current tactics show no sign of it.

Mideast Crises Reset Agenda For World Leaders

January 30, 2006
The Wall Street Journal
Neil King Jr.
LONDON -- It is a measure of the tumult in the Islamic world that as foreign ministers from around the globe converge here to help plan Afghanistan's future, they first must tend to two far more pressing crises: Iran's nuclear program and Hamas's sudden rise to power.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in a pivotal gauge of her diplomatic finesse, will spend almost a full day on those issues and just a few hours on Afghanistan before she returns to Washington tomorrow for President Bush's State of the Union address.

The Hamas political victory already has fanned criticism in the U.S. of President Bush's democracy quest abroad, and could lead to calls in Europe for a slower, more cautious approach toward challenges in other Middle Eastern countries. "What we're seeing is that calling for instant elections is no replacement for creating stable civil societies first," says Anthony Cordesman, a national-security expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Iran to Present New Nuclear Proposals to EU

January 30, 2006

BRUSSELS -- Iranian officials will present to the European Union on Monday what they call a compromise plan aimed at halting a transfer of Iran's case to the U.N. Security Council, a diplomat with access to the Iranian position said. The move comes hours ahead of a key meeting in London at which the EU and the United States will seek to persuade Russia and China to back tough diplomatic action against Iran over its disputed nuclear program.

EU Hosts Last-ditch Talks on Iran

January 30, 2006
BBC News

The EU is set to hold last-minute talks with Iran - at Tehran's request - to try to resolve a stand-off over Iran's controversial nuclear programme. Iran requested the meeting with envoys from Britain, France and Germany. Foreign ministers from the EU-3 will also discuss the issue at separate talks in London with their counterparts from the US, Russia and China.

Iran Sends Blair Invitation to Holocaust Conference

Deutsche Welle.
Iran on Sunday invited British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Tehran to participate in a planned conference on the Holocaust, which President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has branded a "myth."
"It would be good for Mr. Blair to participate in the Holocaust seminar in Tehran," the Islamic republic's foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters on Sunday.

"He can also contribute with an article. If he wants to defend the Holocaust (the fact that it happened) in that article, he can do so. We will give him the time to read out his article so others can hear his point of view," Asefi said.

Iran sets up secret team to infiltrate UN nuclear watchdog, say officials

By Con Coughlin, Defence and Security Editor , Telegraph.co.uk
Iran has formed a top secret team of nuclear specialists to infiltrate the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, the UN-sponsored body that monitors its nuclear programme, The Daily Telegraph has been told.

War With Iran: It's More Than Nuclear

January 30 2006
by Joshua Frank
Secretary of State Condi Rice doesn't think the United States and European Union should continue talking to Iran about their potential nuke development. Diplomacy should end and the UN Security Council must now take action, she says. Rice admitted to reporters on January 23, that dialogue between Iran and the international community had come to a "dead end".
"I don't see much room for further discussion in any format," Rice huffed.

Hamas victory impact, Iran, to top EU foreign ministers agenda

Jan 30, 2006,
Brussels - European Union foreign ministers were set to meet Monday to try and hammer out a joint response to last week\'s stunning victory of the Islamic militant group Hamas in landmark Palestinian parliamentary elections.
Ministers will also plot future moves on Iran\'s nuclear programme, including a possible referral of Tehran to the UN Security Council. Their decision will depend, however, on the results of a meeting between EU and Iranian officials in Brussels also being held Monday.
The radically changed landscape in the Middle East following the overwhelming success of Hamas in legislative polls will dominate the foreign ministers' agenda.

The rise of Hamas: A blessing in disguise?

International Herald Tribune

Uri Dromi
JERUSALEM Presumably the Palestinian elections are good news to those who believe that the only way to bring peace to the Middle East is by democratizing it. The United States, waving the flag of the "Broader Middle East," has been arduously trying to promote democracy in the region.

Merkel Says Iran Threatens Entire Democratic World

January 29, 2006
Louis Charbonneau

JERUSALEM -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the start of her first visit to Israel on Sunday that Iran threatens not only the Jewish state but the entire democratic world, one of her strongest statements to date.

Merkel spoke after meeting interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who expressed Israel's concern at Iran's nuclear programme. Israel, the United States and the European Union accuse Iran of trying to build an atom bomb. Tehran denies this.

"Iran is not just a threat to Israel, but also to the democratic countries of this world," Merkel said at the start of a two-day visit to Israel.

Iran Accuses Israel of 'Exploiting' Past Jewish Suffering

January 29, 2006
Amiram Barkat and Shlomo Shamir

European leaders marked the first International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday, which was the 61st anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp. The ceremony was overshadowed by Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, denying the Holocaust and threatening Israel.

Last week Iran accused the "Zionist regime" of "routinely attempting to exploit the suffering of the Jewish people in the past as a cover for its crimes being perpetrated today against Palestinians in the occupied territories."

Expert: Iran Has Nuclear Bomb

ABU DHABI [MENL] -- Iran was said to have acquired a nuclear bomb.
A leading U.S. nuclear proliferation expert said Teheran obtained an atomic bomb about a decade ago from the nuclear black market. The expert said Iran sought to produce additional nuclear weapons through technology from Pakistan and other countries.
"The one functional device Iran has," Mansoor Ijaz, a U.S. nuclear scientist, said, "is the result of clandestine transfers from Pakistan's rogue black market nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, who sold the Iranians antiquated but highly effective Chinese bomb designs and parts, including spherical shell casings, spherical Krytron detonation switches and empirical software testing modules."

Americans Ponder Military Action Against Iran

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