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Iran's hostility towards Israel and the US.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:11 am    Post subject: Iran's hostility towards Israel and the US. Reply with quote

The recent statement by Ahmadinejad that "Israel should be wiped off the face of the map!" if we can take him at his word, is tantamount to a 'declaration of war' and any war upon Israel will result in open conflict with the US AND HER ALLIES OF WHICH, IF THAT HAPPENS THERE WILL BE MANY INCLUDING CANADA AND BRITAIN!

Do not pursue hostility toward Israel to achieve your aims toward a free Iran. Everyone should be free and though 'anti-Zionism' (a descriptive phrase for anti-Jew) is popular in the Middle East and especially in countries that are Muslim since they have been taught in their faith that Jews are bad people they are NOT. I say this as a Canadian of Scottish-Irish heritage who has worked for some good ones, some bad ones. They're like all of us...just people, some of them very poor like many of us. Not necessarily wealthy. The wealthy ones become the scapegoats for the whole race and that's simply not true, of any race. Because Bin Laden is a thug and is 'using' Islam to further his hegemonic vision of a Caliphate (himself at the head, no doubt) and untold power....doesn't mean that you or your friend necessarily think like that. But unfortunately Saudi Arabia has exported this Wahhabist aggressive version of Islam which merely 'uses' the religion as an excuse to enslave and bully it's population into complete submission, all the while quoting the Koran and using it as a weapon against the people to instill fear, rather than the comfort it SHOULD be to their inner selves. The Wahhabist/Nazi culture's only purpose is to serve the Communist Islamic elite hardliners in Iran and the Royals of S.A. They cannot see reason for their hatred. They are fanatical and unpredictable. Israel has EVERY RIGHT to defend herself from them should an attack come, the rest of the free world will defend her as well. Iran should know that any attack on Israel will be an attack on all the Democratic and free countries and won't be tolerated.

Then there is evidence that Iran has double double agents in Canada and in the U.S. If this is part of some secret undercover intelligence gathering it is very ill-timed. It merely adds to the seriousness of events as they are starting to line up.

From my vantage point in Canada and with no real axe to grind in this coming confrontation other than that I'm a member of the free world and like it that way, this is shaping up poliltically, much as those big storms shaped up as they sailed in from the Atlantic and like stately galleons, marched inevitably for the coasts of Louisiana, Texas and Florida. The clouds of war are marching across the horizon like they do in Florida in the afternoon, but this time there's a feeling of inevitability to what is happening. If anyone has any influence on Ahmadinejad and whomever is driving him, they should have a little chat with him soon. If the world goes on war alert because of statements he's made and behavior like sending double agents to glean information and who knows what else (sabotage?), not only will it be hell on earth for a while BUT, the PEOPLE of Iran, as separate from the ruling class of Iran, will suffer horribly, not just from bombs or whatever might happen if Ahmadinejad unleashes atomic weapons on Israel, but the deprivation that would follow for the people after cities are destroyed and people are hungry and homeless. Bam might seem like mild damage to what could happen if Iranians can't get hold of this man's ambition and rein him in.

I see very threatening signs elsewhere today as well. The leader of Hamas is declaring ANY Israeli citizen is 'fair game' anywhere in the world. That, of course, means that if you happen to be in the vicinity of one of these citizens when they attack them, you will likely be killed or worse. They will kill Jews indiscriminately (sick enough in itself) regardless of who might be in the crowd--peripheral damage.

If the United States or its allies ever start to play 'hardball' (and they can--we did it in WWII--no more paying attention to p.c. conventions and making nice--down and dirty and we won WWII), then it's quite possible they may 'exact revenge' on Iran and Palestinian terror leaders without any concerns for 'peripheral damage' as well. After all....it's war and all's fair in love and war. So they say. So far the US and her allies have pulled their punches in dealing with the Islamic paramilitary death squads (not unlike Pinochet's Chile or Uruguay and Argentina in their day) plaguing Iraq; they get killed or captured and if captured sent to GITMO for three squares and a cot in the tropics with a sea view and a Koran for three years till the US realizes it doesn't want to just 'kill' them. Not everyone is bloodthirsty. There's a lot of it in the Middle East, driven no doubt by early sexual abuse as children and as adults, the sexual deprivation and repression copmbined with repression of all cultural expression except the study of the Koran, which Islam demands, produces hidden hostility which comes out in revolutionary natures and angry young men burning for revolution. The Imams foster this as well and direct it toward the US and the West in their effort to destroy the West and Israel and the US in particular. But it is a two-edged sword and the Imams are leading everyone into danger, not just in Iran but in Saudi Arabia and around the globe. Not all mosques are infected by this angry isolated Wahhabist/Nazi vision of dealing with the Jews or Zionists, a euphemism in my opinon for race-hatred, but many are. It is this teaching of hatred by the Imams, combined with the ambitious of the Nazi-like 'elite' of these governments, hiding behind Islam as their 'authority' for their behavior, who are leading the world to war.

On the day the US and her allies stop playing 'nice' unfortunately, the Iranian people, though possibly innocent of thinking this way, will be victims of the policies of their government.

We must all search our hearts and examine our motives and if what we want is freedom, don't alienate the people who can help you. If you do, you will be truly alone and I for one, as a Canadian, am getting awful fed up hearing the rhetoric coming for the Palestinians and hierarchy of Iran and the silence of the rest of Islam to Ahmadinejad's threats. Don't be silent because he secretly harbor racial prejudice toward Israel. Examine your motives for feeling that way and discover in yourself (because you weren't born hating them or anyone) where and who taught this to you. Once you discover that you are on the way to eradicating it. No one has to like anyone but as human being we should respect each other's right to exist in peace and as surely as Iranians want to be free to be themselves, Israel want the same thing; freedeom from attacks by a hostile neighbour and threats by the Arab and Islamic world who are allowing their most extreme factions to do their thinking and talking for them until, of course, it's their turn to be victimized and then they want the help of the world to be 'free'. Freedom begins in our heart. Start with your own motives and work to examine why a child in Israel is any less entitled to the same peace to be themselves that each of us want for ourselves and our loved ones.
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