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Controversial AEI meeting mobilizes Iranian activists

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 8:00 am    Post subject: Controversial AEI meeting mobilizes Iranian activists Reply with quote

Controversial AEI Meeting Mobilizes Iranian Activists

Source: SMCCDI (Information Service)
Date 21-10-2005

MCCDI (Information Service)
October 21, 2005

The controversial meeting which is to take place on October
26th, at the WDC based "American Enterprise Institute"
(AEI), is mobilizing Iranian activists across the world.
Protesters are objecting to the conference named "The
Unknown Iran - Another Case for Federalism? " that they see
it as a gradual promotion of a policy intended for
splitting and the disintegration of Iran.

The protest campaign which has started, by the "Committee
for Defense of Iranian Territorial Integrity" (CDITI), is
now being amplified by several abroad based Iranian
satellite TV or radio networks. Iranian opposition - to the
Islamic regime - press or websites are also reporting the
case and are helping increase the general awareness. Public
Protest letters, to AEI and the conference's organizers,
are circulating on the Internet. Many of the writers were
known for their friendly regards toward the AEI and its

An online protest petition is getting more and more
endorsements, as Iranians and Americans are becoming aware
of its existence. This petition entitled "Defend Iran's
territorial integrity from separatists" can be visited
and/or signed at: http://www.petitiononline.com/O4N7L2Y6/

Many Iranians are believing that the AEI's suggestions are
well listened by the Bush Administration and that the
famous think tank institute was looking, till now, to help
Iranians to free themselves from the tyrannical and
terrorist rule of the Islamic republic. Such positive
thought had become even stronger following the July 16,
2005, comment of President Bush who stated: ""America
believes in the independence and territorial integrity of

Most Iranian opponents, to the Islamic regime, would have
never dreamed that AEI could host meetings that could open
a Pandora box and jeopardize the future of Iran and
Iranians. They also fear that the demagogue Islamic regime
will use the AEI's mistake to reverse the pro-American
feelings of millions of Iranians by stating: "You see, what
they did in the Balkans or in Iraq?.. Now they want to
split your country!.." Such propaganda has already started
in part of the state controlled media in Iran.

It's in reaction to the such a grave mistake and its
consequences that the dissident "Hez e Mellat e Iran"
(Iran's Nation Party) has sound the alarm in its communiqué
issued yesterday in Tehran. The 'illegal' -labeled by the
clerical regime - group which its historical leaders,
Darioush and Parvaneh Foroohar, were slaughtered in 1997 by
the Islamist security agents, has condemned strongly the

Dr. Michael Ledeen, who's the moderator of the event, is
stating that the meeting is just "to inform the Americans
on Iran's diversity" and that "no separatist subject would
be allowed in the conference". Nerveless concerns are
increasing on the future impacts of the event. Its sudden
and strange timing and especially the choice of most of its
speakers, who are separatist elements, is leading to
legitimate questions.

One of the speakers, named "Rahim Shahbazi", is mainly
known by some internet-user circles and is lacking of a
real social or historical knowledge or of a credible
academic background. The later is notorious for promotion
of dark goals, such as, turning Iran into a blood bath and
to split the Iranian province of Azarbaijan. An
investigation of his background and the astonishing
finding, via www.google.com search engine, of a 1999
comment has increased the worries of many Iranians who are
seeing the pattern of a genuine fascist, racist and
genocidal element.

In his comments, Shahbazi's writing: "Aryan ponk (meaning
Iranian), remember my name, also remember that I am from
Tabriz, South Azerbaijan (meaning the Iranian province). I
hope one day I will see bastard in some place, I will make
you eat you own Aryan s..t you S. O. B." ..."We are able
and we will kick you Persian A.. wipes and throug you s..t
head, out of our country South Azerbaijan" ... "Hope to see
you in front of Sniper you basterd, we South Azerbaijanis
will teach you a listen that you never and ever forget"
(Most parts of Shahabzi's kind of political manifesto have
not been reported or have been censored in this SMCCDI
Information Report due to extreme use of hate language or
vulgarity. The integrality of his comments can be seen by

Responding to a written protest which was formulated by
Aryo B. Pirouznia, the SMCCDI's Coordinator, Mr. Ledeen has
responded: " Some of the speakers MAY have had separatist
ideas but this is no more the case".

Dr. Ledeen has been, in the past, in relation with a
notorious separatist element named "Chehregani". This
individual who was openly calling for the separation of
Azarbaijan, had to chose a low key profile and started to
claim having become a "federalist" just few years ago.
This sudden change of position happened after the
publication of several consecutive American reports on the
deep rejection of separatism by the absolute majority of
It's believed that Chehregani and Shahbazi likes have only
changed tactic and are waiting for a more favorable
circumstance that in their mind might happen in the months
or years to come. Then they would reach their long dated
dream of turning Iran into another Yugoslavia.

Even the Iranian "United Front of Baloochistan" has
objected to the conference and has issued a written protest
about the misuse of its name as the sender of an official
speaker to the conference. Abdol-Satar Doshooki, the
speaker of this regional movement and opponent to the
clerics, has condemned strongly the AEI in several
interviews made with Iranian opposition -to the Islamic
regime- media.

The AEI had initially 'selected' four speakers in the name
of the Iranian-Azari, Iranian-Kurd, Iranian-Arab and
Iranian-Balootch ethnicities. Such questionable selection
which was curiously just limited to Iran's border zones has
helped fuel the controversy. But a supposed member of the
Iranian-Lor ethnicity has been added to the panel, as of
yesterday and following several days of the start of the
protest campaign and its increase among Iranians. It's
believed that this sudden additive selection, is in reality
just a tactic in order to place a more friendly individual
in the conference in order to give it a kind of legitimate

The daughter of this last minute solution has been
reported, by several sources, as having started a smear
campaign against those involved in the protest movement
against the Conference.

Many Iranians and Americans would have hoped that a
credible conference on Iran's Territorial management would
have been focused on genuine and important factors which
are apparently not on AEI's agenda at this time.
Credible speakers could have been involved with strong
academic background and impartial views. Also many other
Iranian ethnicities, such as, Guilaki, Deylami, Turkman,
Khorassani, Sistani, Persian, Ghashgha-i, Bakhtiari and
many others have been left from a panel which is supposed
to "inform the Americans".

The protest campaign should increase in days ahead and
complementary information would be provided.

Note: SMCCDI's website is down and its mailing system can
be stopped also, at any minute, but you can check updated
news in reference to this campaign, by visiting:

For contacting smccdi, use: smccdi@hotmail.com
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