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Check this out

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:53 pm    Post subject: Check this out Reply with quote

Not sure if its in the right area ...

Here is some evidence that at least some of the stuff the IRI fasists have made up isn't muslim:

About IRI's persecution of gay people:
The diverse ways of understanding of the Qur’an are echoed in the programme by Dr Scott-Siraj Al-Haqq Kugle, of Swarthmore College in the USA, currently a research fellow at Leiden University in Holland. He asks a question which is not asked often enough: what do we mean by Shariah? Shariah – Islamic law – is determined by male jurists whose interpretations of Islamic texts are based on cultural assumptions situated in particular times, and particular political and geographical locations? It’s not divine. It offers us different avenues to live our lives as Muslims, depending on who’s doing the interpretation. Importantly, Kugle also points out that there is no word in the Qur’an for 'gay' or 'homosexual', and no mention of lesbians.

a number of Islamic scholars assert that the Qur’anic verse, ‘we created you as partners’, need not be limited to male-female couples.

(See, its all about interpretation)

Something on Hijab:

This may apply to you lot:

Note:- I'm not trying to justify the IRI. I believe that religion is something personal, not like government. It is like applying quantum theory to planets (sorry best analogy I could think of Confused ). I am also looking towards a free Iran / Persia free of Arabian influences but not prejudiced or biased against Muslims as this website appears to be. If we are going to free Iran, we will need to appeal to everyone - Zoroastrian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu - Turk, Persian, Kurd, Arab etc (you get the idea). Men and women alike will have to be rallied. For the new Persia will have to treat all of them equally. If the patriots of freedom in Iran can't do that, I doubt that the new government will be able to.

There is a big difference between an Arab, a Muslim, and an Ayatollah. The Islam I come from is liberal and not like the Islam of the IRI at all. If you are going to make comments about Muslim terrorists here, please be specific and say you mean the terrorists (or whoever else you mean) as opposed to all of us.

However, I still do resent Arabic culture - it has its good points and its bad points. The language, when rendered in Farsi or Urdu, is not phonetic as many consonants are pronounced the same. The previous alphabets, Devnagri in India and Avestan in Persia didn't have this problem (as much). Our languages are so full of Arabic words you probably don't get many Arabic-Farsi dictionaries. (Similarly, when I was looking at a Farsi-Urdu dictionary, a lot of the entries were exactly the same, but that's due to the Persian empires in India beforehand -- and i'm not resentful). India (pre-independance at least) and Iran and esp Egypt and maybe others have lost their identities to an Arabian one.
I haven't written any good points down because ... and I am ashamed to have to say this ... I actually can't think of many, other than medieval medecine and science. Several of you have stated that a lot of Muslim scientists came from Persia, and I will say that a lot of them came from India as well ... so they are not really Arabs. However, the arab empire did allow it to spread throughout.

I would also hate to lose Persian culture to an American one, as has happened in India. America has problems as well - pornography; prostitution; capital-driven lazy obese society etc which we / I wouldnt like to see in Persia. I would like to see a Persian culture. You should retain the architecture and language of the Parthians and the Sassanids and the Haxamaneshis as opposed to that of either the Western world or of the Arab world. You should try to create a new culture or revive the old Persian one - something different and new from both East and West.

If you want to read more about things, there are two websites I have posted on this forum before:
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