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Regime Security Forces kill youth at point blank, drag body
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2005 4:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Iran blames Kurdish and Arab minority unrest on meddling by U.S. and Britain
The Associated Press, Aug. 14, 2005


Iran has accused the United States and Britain of stoking the unrest that has broken out among its Kurdish and Arab minorities.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi offered little evidence for his allegations on Sunday, but he suggested that Washington and London were giving encouragement to the Arabs and Kurds who have rioted in western and northwestern Iran.

"According to some information, the Americans intervened in northwestern Iran. This is not acceptable at all," Asefi told a news conference. "We will voice our objection in this regard soon."

Asefi said the United States is "stuck" in Iraq and is trying to divert attention from its plight by sowing unrest across the border.

Under U.S. protection, Iraq's Kurds have enjoyed autonomy and a booming economy, fueled partly by trade with Iran. Iraq's ascendant Kurds engage in contacts _ including lucrative exports of illegal liquor and other goods _ with their kin across the border.

On Thursday, Human Rights watch said at least 17 people had been killed and hundreds more injured and arrested after anti-government protests broke out in Iran's Kurdish northwest.

The New York-based rights group blamed the killings on the Iranian security forces, and said their indiscriminate shooting had also wounded hundreds of people.

Asefi also said a spate of previous riots in Iran's western Khuzestan province were encouraged by the British presence in Iraq.

In April, minority Arabs rioted against the government, leaving at least one protester dead and several injured. More than 200 people were arrested. Khuzestan abuts southern Iraq, where security is under the control of British troops in the multinational force.

"Some provocateurs were trained in a part of Iraq which is under control of Britain," Asefi said. "We have made objections and warned Britain about the repercussions of such behavior. We hope it won't be repeated in the future."

In Kurdistan, the unrest rocked several towns over the past month. The killings and arrests led to more protests, with shopkeepers shuttering their businesses and the government closing down two newspapers and detaining journalists and activists.

Security forces were also said to be among those hurt and killed in the unrest.

Residents have said undeclared martial law is in force.

"Peace has returned to the area but security is tight. Dozens of activists are still in jail," said Kurdish activist Vahed Qaribian.

Those jailed include Ajlal Ghavami, Saeed Jalali and Roya Toloui, a women's rights activist.

Human Rights Watch said the security forces wounded hundreds when they opened fire in Mahabad on demonstrators who were protesting the police's killing of a young Kurdish activist, Shivan Qaderi, on July 9.

Iranian authorities say the rioters broke shop windows and set cars on fire.

The Kurdish opposition group PEJAK, which stands in Kurdish for the "Party of Free Life of Kurdistan," has called on Kurds in western Iran to begin civil disobedience. Iran's Kurdistan Democratic Party has issued a similar call.

Asked about PEJAK's role in the unrest, Asefi said that Iran would "confront all terrorist groups."

Iranian media have suggested the protests were rooted in the poverty that remains prevalent in the Iranian Kurdish areas.

The findings of investigations carried out by Iran's Interior Ministry and parliament have not been published.
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Site Admin

Joined: 24 Jun 2003
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 11:27 am    Post subject: Iran and Diplomacy Reply with quote

Iran and Diplomacy
Wall Street Journal - Review & Outlook
Aug 22, 2005


For two years now, the Bush administration has willingly taken a back seat to European diplomacy to induce Iran to abandon its nuclear-weapons program. In the last few weeks, the world has been able to see what this non-cowboy strategy has achieved:

� Iran's new president has called for "a wave of Islamic revolution." Only a few years ago, this new world statesman was running gangs of street thugs who harassed anti-government demonstrators. His political rise was engineered by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini, who barred 1,000 reformist candidates from the recent parliamentary elections.

� Last week, Iranian police opened fire on a peaceful demonstration of Iranian Kurds in the city of Mahabad, reportedly killing four of the protestors. Meanwhile, dissident journalist Akbar Ganji is on his 75th day of a prison hunger strike, and prosecutors are now threatening his family.

� On the nuclear issue, Tehran has resumed an early-stage uranium enrichment process at its nuclear site in Isfahan. And it has denounced as "unacceptable" a European offer to provide security and economic favors in exchange for Iran dropping parts of its nuclear program that have bomb-making uses.

Memri, which translates Middle East broadcasts from their native languages, recently captured Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Hosein Musavian, on Iranian TV: "Thanks to the negotiations with Europe, we gained another year, in which we completed" Isfahan. Iran suspended enrichment "in Isfahan in October 2004, although we were required to do so in October 2003. ... Today we are in a position of power. We have a stockpile of products, and during this period we have managed to convert 36 tons of yellowcake into gas and store it."

� Then there is Iranian assistance for terrorists in Iraq. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has publicly accused Iran of "allowing" weapons to move across its Western border, and U.S. troops have captured explosives shaped for destructive terror use with Iranian pedigrees. Time magazine, no friend of the U.S. effort in Iraq, recently published a report, "Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq." This is all especially notable because advocates of courting the mullahs often warn that a harder line against Tehran could invite Iranian meddling in Iraq. But that meddling is a reality under current Iran policy, and it is killing American soldiers.

The Iranians themselves are now admitting that all of this is no happenstance but is a calculated effort to exploit what the mullahs perceive to be American weakness and Europe's lack of will. An internal Iranian government document recently obtained by an opposition group says that "The talks process ended the suffocating economic pressures that our country was being subjected to in the months prior to the October 2003 agreement. ... With the Americans deeply stuck in a quagmire in Iraq, the Europeans know that they will have to ultimately accommodate our just demands."

And why shouldn't the mullahs believe this, given Europe's reaction to President Bush's routine recent comments that "all options are on the table" regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions? German Chancellor Gerhard Schr�der, facing an uphill election campaign, seized on the remark as an opportunity to repudiate even the possibility of using force. "We have seen it doesn't work," he declared, in a reference to Iraq. (Saddam Hussein might argue from his holding cell that it does.)

No one can plausibly claim that this Iranian hardline has been inspired by U.S. saber-rattling. Since including Iran in the original "axis of evil" in 2002, Mr. Bush has softened his rhetoric on Iran to a near-whisper. The administration agreed to European mediation efforts in October 2003, and agreed again in 2004 after Iran cheated on its initial commitments by secretly enriching uranium. Then the U.S. agreed again to another try earlier this year, this time offering World Trade Organization membership. Tehran's response has been evident the last few weeks.

Perhaps it's time to try a different strategy. We aren't referring here to economic sanctions via the U.N. Security Council. China and Russia aren't likely to agree to sanctions, and even if they did (after many months of haggling) Iran may think it can ride them out in a world of $60 oil.

Leaving aside -- but not ruling out -- the option of military intervention, the Iranian regime is vulnerable to diplomatic pressure from without and even more so to democratic pressure from below. Yet the Bush administration has given comparatively little support to Iranian pro-democracy groups, and it has made no effort to organize bans on Iranian participation in prestigious international forums or at sporting and cultural events. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy suggests, for starters, barring the Iranian national soccer team from the World Cup.

Perhaps even this is too militant for the likes of Chancellor Schr�der. But it would be the beginning of a serious Iran policy.
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2005 10:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Europeans call off key nuclear talks with Iran

By Paul Carrel
Tuesday, August 23, 2005; 9:48 AM

PARIS (Reuters) - European powers have called off August 31 talks with Iran over its nuclear program, France said on Tuesday, marking a breakdown in two years of negotiations with Tehran to halt its sensitive atomic work.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei said talks on a formal European proposal made earlier this month would not now go ahead because Iran had resumed certain nuclear work in breach of a promise to freeze it while talks lasted.

Britain, France and Germany, acting on behalf of the European Union, put the proposal to Iran in an effort to persuade it to give up nuclear activities the West suspects may be preliminary steps toward making atomic weapons.

"There will, in fact, be no negotiations meeting on August 31 since the Iranians have decided to suspend application of the Paris Agreement," Mattei told a regular news briefing.

"So by common accord between the three Europeans it is clear that there will be no negotiations meeting ... as long as the Iranians remain outside the Paris Agreement."

Under the Paris Agreement, agreed in November 2004, Iran voluntarily suspended all work related to atomic fuel production while negotiating a permanent deal with the EU.

Earlier this month the EU trio offered a package of economic, technical and political measures in exchange for a permanent suspension of Iranian efforts to make nuclear fuel.

Iran rejected the proposals, which also envisaged the August 31 talks, and angered the EU and the United States by resuming uranium conversion at its Isfahan plant on August 8.

Despite calling off the August 31 talks, the European powers remained in contact with Iran, Mattei said.

"That does not mean there will be no contact with the Iranians," he said. "We have contact with the Iranians. The three European countries have embassies there."

Iranian officials have said they will never suspend work at the Isfahan plant again and Tehran now wants to discuss resuming the most sensitive part of the nuclear fuel cycle -- uranium enrichment -- at its facility in Natanz.

The EU and the United States suspect Iran of secretly trying to build nuclear weapons. Iran says it wants nuclear technology only to cope with booming electricity demand, not to make nuclear bombs.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, has called on Iran to halt sensitive atomic work. Its head Mohamed ElBaradei is due to report on Iran's activities on September 3.

If Iran continues to defy international pressure, Europe and the United States are likely to press the IAEA to refer Iran's case to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions.

In Tehran on Tuesday about 300 Iranian students, carrying banners that read "End the fruitless talks," protested in front of the embassies of France, Germany and Britain.

"We will call on the Iranian negotiators to withdraw from the NPT (nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) and cut the nuclear negotiations," a speaker told the demonstrators, who chanted: "Death to the three evil regimes -- France, Germany and Britain."
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2005 1:11 am    Post subject: EU wants islamic nuke. Reply with quote

Just a thuoght: Anything's possible in Real Politic!


To think that EU 3 does not want their own islamo-fascist thugs to have nukes is ... just naive !

islamo-fascism, although existed for centuries, was long discovered and well-used by the British colonialist fascists. they are the MASTERS of Using Islamo-fascism.

for example they've used IT not long ago to teach the east indians a lesson. remember the whole breast cutting event in india train? cutting off a chunk of India and establishment of ISLAMIC pakistan?

NO Nation revolted against british colonialist rule without going unpunished. and they sure know how to mobilize Islamic forces for punishment or revenge.

even U.S. got its share of punishments for that daring move: the independence! Islamo-fascism was the key word again. the punishment continues to this day... 79 was one of them, and iraq the most recent punishment... how pathatic of U.S. politicians to keep falling for the same trap and always, always prepare AMERICA's punishments, finance it, and execute the plan along with thousands of Amricans! Only so it will lead to another victory for the Fascist/colonialist x-world powers! you'd know where and how, if you knew the true history, especially of Asia/ Middlea East. the ruling quarters of the colonialists for centuries.

don't believe me? ask your politicians: why did U.S. executed the british coup agaisnt mossadegh? so the Brits could get back the oil industry in Iran? what that makes U.S, have you ever thought of that? Britain's 5 ton gurrila? many of the region's analysts think so. not those who look at history thru CIA glasses, or the media's; but those who've seen it up close and personal! been there and know what REALLY happened. the King kong effect happened! time and again. and every time king kong was trapped at the end!

ask the politicians why U.S. played a role in empowering islamic forces in the region, and then helped the long time british thug khomeini into power so he could take Americans hostage and cutt off their hands from Iran, leaving UK/ EU the only benefactors of Iran's cheap "lucrative" oil deals? ask'em.

don't buy the "green belt" effect against spread of communism. come on even condi rice knows communism was a shattered power already! besides why empower one form of fascism to replace another? unless that's exactly the plan. and it was part of it for sure. only perhaps not the Americans'. perhaps.

was it an agreement btwn U.S officials & the EU, so Europe could get over it's economic problems! then why not tell the American hostages the truth of the matter? that they were just some offerings from U.S. officials to their british causins. Some sort of sacrificial lambs! what about all the Americans who lost their lives ever since. were they sacrificial lambs for brits to regain power? in that case, one would expect the brits to at least send a thank you note to their families or something, for paying the cost of Europe to straighten their economic chaos! but ofcourse, in REAL POLITIC it's a very small price to pay, your politicians know this well !!!

ok then, How else would they explain it? I would like to know. so would any American. or would they? why don't they ASK the right questions then? why not demand some streight answers? but who's to answer. Carter? lol yeah right!

at least ask yourselves: did we really need to empower such brutal Islamist forces to counter an already rutton communist government? or were we sacrificed because London could not even afford to rebuild its infrastructure at the time, and desparately needed cheap oil to do so, and more.

afterall, it's not hard to find where all the oil deal money goes to. all ayatollahs oil deals are done via London! don't trust me, go check. it's all supervised and controled by London, and deposited in London Central Bank. they even take a high percentage as commission (close to half!).

and yes, London did finally afford to rebuild it's infrastructure and much more. and yes, the British pound is still worth MORE than American Dollar! thanks to all the American blood sacrifices.

the brits didn't even have to lift a finger for their thug khomeini to come to power, bet they got U.S. to finance this operation as well.

but think of all the anguish of hostage taking event and its ever lasting effect on American psyche. it's always been the case. Americans are the sacrificial lambs for all REAL POLITIC OPERATIONS, AND they get to be the centre of hatred too! compare the blast in NYC and london. is it even comparable? I'm not going to suggest it was a fake blast, as some do. but for some reason, Islamists just don't hurt the Brits, even if they were the long time enemy in the entire region, with long history of suppression and lootings all over the place. why? well, all those lootings and suppressions still continue, and it would never be possible without the help of good Islamist thugs and old time ayatollahs friends! that's why.

even in Iraq, the number of british soldiers killed does'nt even come close to American lives lost. no where near it. the brits had it all planned out; they even negotiated to stay in southern shiet part of Iraq. and it didn't even occur to U.S. officials, why? they sure found out the why and how later, but too late.

again the answer is simple: Brits have the upper hand when it comes to control and mobilization/ influence of Islamic forces (especially shiet). it's a historic bond that never will be broken. at least nothing CIA/ FBI can manage. you'd wonder if the willingness is there, or U.S gov. is just pleased to go along, pretend the leache is not there, that the trap is not there. I bet they just don't see no traps. afterall brits are causins. they woudn't ....

by the way the shiet are getting their own separate state in Iraq. another Islamic Republic for London to control its oil deals and deposite the money in its central Bank. American blood sure pays off. so far it pays off british debts! and it doesn't end there. somehow all these unilateral plots end up creating more and more problems for the U.S. somehow it always creates stronger anti-american groups, and more islamo-fascist states are created to fight "U.S hegemony on the region". all linked to ayatollahs - known in the region for their historic ties and spy work for UK.

don't worry. it'll be alright. just make sure your heads are burried deep in the sand! go on.

Iranians have always been the sacrificial lambs in all this doom & gloom Real World PolitiKKK. so were many other nations. but that's why I'm writing this. soon the resources will shrink. and all world population will become sacrificial lambs! you don't expect the rich and powerful Real Politic players to wake up one they and feel for the world do you?


the fascists of the world always make sure that one form of fascism replaces the other.

when communism was about to crumble, it was time to bring in islamo-fascism as a replacement. indeed it's becoming a deadlier force than communism; not to the EU but to U.S Globalization plan.

(let's remember the European colonialist Era: they don't need to go along with U.S. type of Globalization. they prefer the good old colono-fascist type of rules over the rest of the world, cause it's just more lucrative, and there is no way EU can compete with U.S. in American way. the old game is what they prefer. all american wars must end in fascism. and so far they've succeeded. even in Iraq. american blood is buying europe another islamic state! followed by the golden british rule: divide and conqure: the whole region is about to be divided. not to U.S. benefit but Europe's. American wa wont do so well with chaos. globalization needs peace. forwarding the highest aspirations of mankind also needs stability and relative spread of wealth. but fascist/colonialism needs the opposite. it wasnt the opposite. it strives on chaos and divisions to conqure. that's why terrorism benefits the those fascist powers who want to bring back their old colonialist type of rule over the world and push back the American way. they're well on their way I would say.)

and now comes Islamo-fascism with Nukes:

a deadlier force to punish the aspirations of those who dare to dream the 'american dream' and work hard towards that goal.

a punishment from x-world powers, those with a long standing grudge for the American dream and how it shattered their comfy colonialist world. those who can not shake up the dream of suppression and fascism, who know no other way of competing but REVENGE! the only thing they're good at is to plot more complex, deadlier traps. every one more successful than the previous. afterall, they've got centuries of manipulations on resume. and what does U.S. got to counter it? CIA (?)

so far the brain was in EU. and U.S. always fell for the plots. the Brits make the plans and the American politicians follow the path blindly.

this time around the PUNISHMENT is DAMN SERIOUS. let's just hope it fails. although I doubt it, since U.S devotion and trust for british causins seems to be a Constant Element in all their policies.

without the United States' balancing power, only God knows what will the European colonialism and fascism will do to humanity. nothing short of complete anihilation of mankind will stop them from destruction of the world to gain what's left of its resources. half of it was already plundered by UK/ EU colonialism - responsible for world hunger and poverty to this day.

what will it be this time? will U.S fall into another trap, perhaps a nuke-war and drag the corps of humanity to the edge, so EU can give it the last push off the cliff, along with Americans? will the americans resist the temptation to jump on british que?

wake up world.
Paayande Iran

Last edited by Liberty Now ! on Fri Aug 26, 2005 11:37 pm; edited 17 times in total
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2005 3:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Perhaps you'd like to back up your naivety with some facts....or if you can't, may I respectfully suggest you put a sock in it.
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 8:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oppenheimer wrote:
Perhaps you'd like to back up your naivety with some facts....or if you can't, may I respectfully suggest you put a sock in it.

perhaps if you look closer to the world events in past century you'll find out the facts for yourself. take a look at what sean found out:

Just after the midpoint of the 20th century, Prime Minister Muhammad Mussadiq -- erudite, secular and committed to a democratic vision of Iran - cast a formidable shadow across the world stage. At home his popularity grew as he insisted on putting an end to Britain's long-standing plunder of Iranian oil. In April 1951, Mussadiq took decisive action, nationalizing the British oil firm that had enjoyed a sweetheart deal with Iran's government. Despite fury in London, he set up the National Iranian Oil Co.

British leaders got nowhere when they asked the Truman administration to use the U.S. government's more trusted position in Tehran to help overthrow Mussadiq. But as soon as President Eisenhower took office in early 1953, his foreign-policy team rolled up its spooky sleeves to get the job done. The regal Shah of Iran -- a faithful buddy of British oil executives -- was losing his power struggle with Mussadiq, and in August the Shah abruptly left the country and fled to Rome. The CIA, working as senior partner with Britain's MI6, quickly moved to subvert Iranian democracy.

CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt, a grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, labored feverishly in Tehran to coordinate a coup that brought down Mussadiq in August 1953 and quickly restored the Shah to the throne. Western oil companies were back in charge of Iran's oil, and the Shah initiated what turned out to be a quarter-century of political repression, torture, and killing.

Author Dilip Hiro wrote:

"America -- a power that most secular nationalists had initially considered

to be benevolently neutral to Iran in its dispute with the British -- had clandestinely allied with Britain to overthrow a government that represented popular nationalist interest.

and they've done it again in 79! by joining UK plot to empower the mad fascist khomeini (who was kept on birish payroll since decades earlier just for this moment). get your historic facts right. there are plenty of facts once you turn off your tv and tune into real history.

unless you enjoy being lead by brits, or taken hostage by their long time agents!!! do you?

read the article again: it's been revised!
by the way: you should seriously put a lid on your tendecy to censor opinions, dear.

(Admin: please note this guy's attemp to censor my posts, thank you )
Paayande Iran
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 11:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


You posted:

Rasker wrote:
Liberty Now, you say that President Bush 'kissed up' to the Islamic community right after 9/11. All he did was say that America's problem was with the few extremists hiding within the Islamic community that supported the killing of Americans, not with all followers of Islam. Thats not 'kissing up' as you put it, thats just simple politics and diplomacy, trying to make things more difficult for the extremists, not easier for them.

It's a lot more difficult leading a grand coalition against terrorism involving over 100 governments that it is to sit at a keyboard and spew epithets.


it's Grand achievement that even the Christian women of Iraq have to wear ISLAMIC HIJAB today!

really Grand that Iraq is about to join the grand coalition of ISLAMIC REPUBLICS !

just grand.

the difference between your worldview and mine is this:

I happen to know that ISLAMO-FASCISM was strengthened by the same GRAND COALITION you're talking about, and used to further their plans for further suppression and looting of the people of that region.

not only they have NO INTENTION of limiting its power, but they've just found just the tool they need to continue the looting of middle east.

don't give me more Grand lectures, or I'll spill out more facts buddy.

although either way, I'll say what must be said.
Paayande Iran


(as posted on the same thread you posted your reply to Rasker)


On another thread you whined about my "censoring" your posts
(as noted below in full, including my quote).


Oppenheimer wrote:
Perhaps you'd like to back up your naivety with some facts....or if you can't, may I respectfully suggest you put a sock in it.

perhaps if you look closer to the world events in past century you'll find out the facts for yourself. or just ask around how many times U.S. acted as "king kong" when brits held the remote control. not everyone views the world throu MEDIA / CIA screens! yet, there are always those who insist to keep their heads burried in the sand. your own lost.

by the way: you should seriously put a sock on your tendecy to censor opinions.

(Admin: please note this guy's attemp to censor my posts, thank you)


1. Here you are offering to post some facts (which is what I asked you to do...)

2. It's easy to toss around accusations, it's another thing to prove something...thus you need facts to back up your words.

3. Rasker is right...and I''ll add something to this...you seem to have a real chip on your shoulder with anyone that disagrees with you, or asks you to prove your outrageous statements.

4. You have the right to express your opinion, just as I have the right to respectfully ask you to put a sock in it, if you can't (or won't) engage in civil discourse, and debate.

5. I want to remind you that your methodology of interaction is at this point suspect in my opinion, and that if you came here looking for trouble, you'll find a bucket-load.

Suspect as in how the following excerpt from a SMCCDI letter to president Bush described the methodology....and the five "D"'s are also used on forums like this one.

So think real hard about how you come off to people....I'm a fair guy, but if your intent is to push people's buttons.....I'm sure that can be dealt with.

[ Mr. President, We believe the minor problems resulting
in splits among opposition groups can be resolved by your
eloquent inaugural speech and your continued moral and
logistical support. Now is the time for us to come together
and face the dangers.

Not the least of which is the danger that the opposition
movement itself faces from regime elements located all over
the world. In much the same way Saddam targeted his
opposition, we face those same threats, both physically and
politically at home and abroad by the following methodology
of the Islamic Republic regime:
Distract, Deceive, Discredit, Discourage, and Dismember the
opposition, wherever it may be found. How these methods
manifest itself in action, is varied, effective, and
coordinated by the theocratic regime through it's agents,
and proxy. Including targeted assassinations on our future

These methods of threat and intimidation must be addressed
if your words and bond of moral and financial support are
to become manifest by our action in a positive and
effective manner to bring a quicker end to this evil
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not talking to either one of you guys.

stop accusing me of all this , just because you're pissed off with my recent posts about U.S.

it's politics, now grow up and get over it, or complain to your mom, not me.

when I said admin, I meant CYRUS.
Paayande Iran
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 9:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not talking to either one of you guys.

4. You have the right to express your opinion, just as I have the right to respectfully ask you to put a sock in it, if you can't (or won't) engage in civil discourse, and debate.


stop accusing me of all this ,


definate sign of paranoia at work in your thinking Liberty....


just because you're pissed off with my recent posts about U.S.


See #4 above....


it's politics


as "spun" by your spew....that's propaganda in my book.


when I said admin, I meant CYRUS.


Now you are flat lying....

BTW, why would I want to censor you when its so entertaining watching you make a bloody fool of yourself?
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 2:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

U.S.-EU Declaration on Enhancing Cooperation in the Field of Non Proliferation and the Fight Against Terrorism

Promoting international peace and security is of vital importance to the United States and the European Union. People all over the world should have freedom from fear and want and live in dignity. Societies have become more interconnected and more interdependent. And as the events of September 11, 2001 and March 11, 2004 show, the United States and the European Union have also become more vulnerable to threats which are more diverse, less visible, and less predictable.

Fighting terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, coupled with the risk that such weapons could be acquired by terrorists, remain our greatest security challenges. In this context, we recall the 2004 Dromoland Castle Declarations on Combating Terrorism and on the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which still provide the framework for our cooperation. We are fully committed to strengthen and support the important role of the United Nations in assisting member states in combating both challenges.

We reaffirm our commitment to cooperate in our efforts to combat global terrorism in full respect of human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and to address the underlying conditions that terrorists can seize to recruit and exploit to their advantage. We pledge to intensify our efforts to strengthen international cooperation to encourage the global and effective implementation of UN conventions and protocols on terrorism. We also work together with a view to adopting the Comprehensive Convention Against Terrorism. We broadly support the principles of the comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy as proposed by UNSG Annan at the Madrid Conference in March 2005.

Our bilateral cooperation extends to developing comprehensive and efficient border security processes, more secure travel documents, contacts between our law enforcement agencies and improved information-sharing abilities. We will reinforce and expand our cooperation in the fight against terrorist financing. We will continue to strengthen the abilities of our legal systems to prosecute terrorists and will enhance our judicial cooperation in criminal matters. We will also continue our work to enhance the capacities of other countries to combat terrorism.

We will further strengthen measures against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by state and non-state actors. In this context, we reaffirm our support for the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and will continue to work together to strengthen it. We pledge to intensify our collaboration and coordination in promoting strict implementation of and compliance with relevant treaties, agreements and commitments on non proliferation. We will enhance the security of weapons-usable materials, facilities, and technology. We reaffirm also our willingness to work together to strengthen and universalise the disarmament and non-proliferation treaties and regimes that ban the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems.

We will assist other states around the world to build stronger legal, regulatory, enforcement and other institutional capacity against proliferation. And we will work for more effective responses to address proliferation threats and prevent or remedy non-compliance. Our shared commitment to address proliferation threats is reflected in the "US-EU Joint Programme of Work on the Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

We remain united in our determination to see the proliferation implications of Iran's advanced nuclear program resolved. Towards that end, we reconfirm our full support for the ongoing European efforts to secure Iran's agreement to provide objective guarantees that its nuclear program is intended for exclusively peaceful purposes. As those discussions proceed, we urge Iran to abide fully by the terms of the November 2004 Paris Agreement and by the November 2004 IAEA Board of Governors resolution, including the need to suspend fully and verifiably all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities. We reiterate the need for Iran to cooperate fully with IAEA requests for information and access, to comply fully with all IAEA Board requirements and resolve all outstanding issues related to its nuclear programme. Finally we call on Iran to ratify without delay the Additional Protocol and, pending its ratification, to act in accordance with its provisions.

We note with deep concern the DPRK's nuclear weapons program and its 10 February statement that it has manufactured nuclear weapons. The DPRK has clearly violated its commitments under the NPT and its IAEA safeguards agreement and other international non-proliferation agreements. The DPRK must comply fully with its non-proliferation obligations, and dismantle its nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons programs in a permanent, transparent, thorough, and verifiable manner. We stress that the Korean Peninsula should be free from nuclear weapons, the security and stability on the Peninsula be maintained and the nuclear issue be peacefully resolved through dialogue and negotiations. We fully reaffirm our support for the Six-Party Talks and believe this represents an important opportunity to achieve a comprehensive solution to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
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