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ActivistChat: Iran BOYCOTT Mullahs Election = FREEDOM
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 2:19 pm    Post subject: Member of Iranian Basiji militia tells of being assigned to Reply with quote

jihadwatch wrote:
July 19, 2009
Member of Islamist Basiji militia In Iran tells of being assigned to rape women prior to their execution


Of course, they called it "temporary marriage," so it was all legal under Shi'ite Islamic Sharia. "'I wed Iranian girls before execution'," by Sabina Amidi for the Jerusalem Post, July 19 (thanks to Michael M):

In a shocking and unprecedented interview, directly exposing the inhumanity of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's religious regime in Iran, a serving member of the paramilitary Basiji militia has told this reporter of his role in suppressing opposition street protests in recent weeks.
He has also detailed aspects of his earlier service in the force, including his enforced participation in the rape of young Iranian girls prior to their execution.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:45 am    Post subject: Listen to the crowd Reply with quote

Massoud Azizi wrote:

Listen to the crowd!!!
Sunday, July 19, 2009 10:33 PM

This is proof of what people say and what regime and it's supporters inside and outside of Iran are trying to portray. This is just one evidence among many, that after a month of protests, after a month of so many contradicting predictions by self appointed analysts, still there is no open ears to hear what people are demanding. People's demand is not what Rafsanjani, Mossavi , karobi or IRI's apologists are trying to shove to people's throat. No hunger strike and no appearances in front of EU's representatives by those who were pillars of this bankrupt government, is going to fool our people to be satisfied with cosmetic surgery of this regime. Iranians are fed up with Islamic Republic and the total destruction of this barbaric anti Iranian regime is what they are after. Our people are leader less, our people are dragging these so called Gang of four behind themselves and in due course like any other true revolution will appoint their LEADER and those who are trying to ride this wave as opportunistic hungry wolves will be destroyed by will of people.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:46 pm    Post subject: Iranian People Public Announcement Reply with quote

Google Auto Translation : Persian » English — ALPHA wrote:

Iranian People Public Announcement

We The People Of Iran in a unified movement of people united In Our Actions
dated Thursday, the first day of August 2009:

All Iranian together sanctioning the Ahmadinejad's government

Avoid to pay bills for Urban Services , including bills for water, electricity, gas, complications of the municipality, fixed and mobile refuse to receive notification cut rebuilt.

Refuse to pay the bills rebuilt driving offenses.

Timely payment of installments bank loans, buy cars and facilities ... Possible refusal rebuilt.

Day holding the presidential inauguration, all electrical accessories used to fill in at the maximum power consumption on Mydarym (electric and steam iron, washing machines and dishwashers, lighting fixtures, and gas and water cooler ...)

Vertex 10 pm every day on the roof with unity and authority cry «Allah Akbar»'ll head.

Card making goods from China and Russia refuse rebuilt.

Advertising from the state media such as IRIB, newspapers and government websites and حامي ... Refusal products and also buy advertising in these media avoided Mynmayym.

Day their vehicle lights ها including car, motorcycle ها, buses, and ... Turn left and if possible by their horn in order to protest the continuous government coup're sound.

Card Companies making products from Nokia and Siemens refuse rebuilt.

Per next Thursday at 5 PM heads streets Location to the ordinary and quite peaceful stroll with the intention of the present we find black clothes.

All together before unto coup to overthrow government

Through this article please e-mail or SMS to inform your friends and also brought through the mouth to mouth or Find paper published in the others provide you.

All free and independent media to please in order to facilitate and expedite the matter informing, this article in its declared programs and encourage people to informing public should.


Translation: Persian » English — ALPHA
فراخوان عمومي

مما ملت ايران در حرکتي يکپارچه و متحد از روز پنج شنبه مورخ اول مرداد ماه 1388 :

همه باهم دولت احمدي نژاد را تحريم ميکنيم

از پرداخت قبوض خدمات شهري شامل قبوض آب ، برق ، گاز ، عوارض شهرداري ، تلفن ثابت و تلفن همراه تا دريافت اخطار قطع خودداري ميکنيم.

از پرداخت قبوض جرائم رانندگي خودداري ميکنيم.

از پرداخت به موقع اقساط وام هاي بانکي ، تسهيلات خريد خودرو و ... تا حد امکان خودداري ميکنيم.

در روز برگزاري مراسم تحليف رياست جمهوري ، کليه لوازم برقي پر مصرف خود را در حداکثر توان مصرفي روشن نگاه ميداريم (اطو و بخاري برقي ، ماشين هاي لباسشويي و ظرفشويي ، چراغ هاي روشنايي ، کولر هاي آبي و گازي و ...)

همه روزه رأس ساعت 10 شب بر روي بام ها با اتحاد و اقتدار فرياد «الله اکبر» سر ميدهيم.

از خريد کالاهاي ساخت چين و روسيه خودداري ميکنيم.

از ارائه تبليغات به رسانه هاي دولتي نظير صدا و سيما ، روزنامه ها و سايت هاي حامي دولت و ... خودداري کرده و همچنين از خريد کالاهاي تبليغ شده در اينگونه رسانه ها پرهيز مينماييم.

در طول روز چراغ هاي وسايل نقليه خود اعم از اتوموبيل ها ، موتور سيکلت ها ، اتوبوس ها و ... را روشن گذاشته و در صورت امکان بوق وسيله خود را به صورت ممتد به جهت اعتراض به دولت کودتا به صدا در مي آوريم.

از خريد محصولات ساخت شرکت هاي نوکيا و زيمنس خودداري ميکنيم.

هر پنج شنبه رأس ساعت 5 بعد از ظهر در خيابان هاي محل سکونت خود به صورت کاملاً عادي و مسالمت آميز به قصد وقت گذراني با لباس هاي مشکي حاضر ميشويم.

همه باهم پيش به سوي سرنگوني دولت کودتا

لطفاً اين مطلب را از طريق ايميل يا پيامک به اطلاع دوستان خود رسانده و همچنين از طريق دهان به دهان يا کاغذ هاي چاپ شده در اختيار ديگران قرار دهيد.

از کليه رسانه هاي آزاد و مستقل خواهشمنديم به جهت سهولت و تسريع در امر اطلاع رساني ، اين مطلب را در برنامه هاي خود اعلام نموده و مردم را تشويق به اطلاع رساني همگاني نمايند.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Voice of Maral a 66 year old Iranian woman- Shirzanane Iran...

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkpRGJjnh7s

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biD96DjZU0w&feature=email

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:06 pm    Post subject: Must Watch Video Audio: Phone Call From Our Heroes In Iran Reply with quote

azadandish82 wrote:
Must Watch Video Audio: Phone Call From Our Heroes In Iran

I have translated this phone call, so people of the rest of the world has a better wiew on the peoples condition in Iran!!
It may have lots of english error, due to my lack of english knowledge!! I am sorry for that!!

But the most important messege this phone call from a 66 years old lady is giving, is that people WILL NOT GIVE UP!! UNTIL THE THEIR GET THEIR JUSTICE!! UNTILL THE ENTIRE REGIME HAS CHANGED!!

My name is Maral, I am talking from Tehran, I have reached ur phone with a lots of difficulty!
I am 66 years old lady, we are group of 3, that have contact with each other and going out for protest togheter, and we are our own leader! I am the youngest one in this group,the next two are 70 and 73 years old! We are fighting side by side with our young once!
You dont know whats going on here, you only see it on Moives that some one got killed... and when the casting of the movie is finish, he rise up and laughing, for the mistake he may have done in that scene!
But this time, when someone got shooted at, he dont rise up anymore, for he know that its not a movie anymore! But his soul is smiling!
Its like war-movie, but the real war is for soul and body, for freedom, its war for escaping from the big prison, named Iran!! People whant either to die or live normal!! Now the fear is gone, no one is afraid for anything anymore!! Poeple are in the street for gaining a nomarl Life, for to breath normal, and ecaping from this Big prison!
They stole peoples mony to spend it on terror, to support Hamas, Hizbollah and etc.. they have taked away peoples Pride, Dignity,Soul,Mind,Faith,Trust,Belive!! They have stolen so much that people are full of Anger now, they are not afraid anymore, For they have nothing to lose anymore!!
I my own God I belive, I have seen so much thing that I am so sure that people will not give up untill they have get what is belonging to them!!Untill that day that people have opend the door of this Big Prison! Justice has to be taken, you can not give it!! Where are those parent that sacrifyed everything they had to a group of savage!!Its time to rise up now,their time is here, rise up because of ur children, We have to take back our Justice! Dignity has to come back to Iran!! You dont know what they do to people here!You are watching a Movie, its
like a tragic-movie, a movie of Horror, a movie that all its actress has been training in 30 years, and recived a Phd degree for that!! And playing this reality movie now, and publishing their own historys!!! This is a movie of Justice, and the seeking for Justice!!
After all I have said now, let me also say the positive thing from this last days...
You dont know that before this uprising people was so full of anger, hate and furustration!
Every one lived with the illusion that they lived in a tiredless life! But the journey is over now, and everbody want to travell back to their home now!!For this "hotel" is smelling very bad now.. the mission is over now, they are paying back for the hotel now! They are not afraid to pay anymore! they just want to pay the price to get back to their home!! They will return and strat from ground zero!! You dont know hwo much people in the streets, in mals, etc have changed .. has been so gentle now..everybody is happy and smiling now! The furustration is gone now! with two finger they show each other the Victory sign! Car which are passing each other, do that while they are showing eachother Victory sign!! and get respond from other cars!! There is no more fighting among the people anymore like before!
Everyone who has been beaten up and fallen, just rise up and countiue their Own way for freedom! I AM ONE OF THEM MY SELF!! I the age of 66 I was beaten up, and falled to the ground!!! My knee is still wounded!!BUT I AM HAPPY..
Everyone is polite and respectfull now! The cars show respect to people which are crosing the road!! When I complained before, they told me that I live in a dream land!! But now people apologize and showing respect to eachother!!
Is that something that traitor wanted!!( reffering to khamenei) They dont let people have a free mind!!everone respect eachother!!
I dont know if this regime are from another Planet??
Everything has changed! even the owner in Buttics has not so many costumer anymore, they are still happy!!
Everybody is in Alarm mode, a War mode, for closing their shops...
You dont know about the nights in our streets!! everynight at 22.00 when people are chanting "God Is Great"!! And Tehran is shaking!! Its like a wave of Muic and Melody!!People get such a relaxing felling to listen to that!! I know about the entire city!! Niyavaran, Mahomide, Shahrake-gharb,eslam-shahr, afsariye... I have friends in all this places, and we have contact with eachother, for cheking where the sounds are coming from!!People are chanting "God is Great" " Death of Dictator"
Once I was vittnes my self, when people was chanting from their windows, 5 Basiji members come and 20 on motor-bike, arrived our street!! the fired in the air, and at the same time, they arrested several people in our street!! But people still continued to chant against them!! when people arrest some of them, they become quaite and are so afraid for the people!! Their power is only in they weapons!! as long as they have it in their hand!!But their are nothing!!
I know that WE WILL WIN!! For Justice belong to us!!
Some day before the election, was a holiday, and I was invited to a place, and I wsa getting a Taxi to go there! Outside a mousqe was a ghatering of 20 supporter of this regime for this holiday!! I say with my own evey, that people didnt care about them! girls was walking with red head-scarf and boys was vering red T-shirts beside them!!
But since it was the election time, the regime didnt stopp anyone for the way they was dressed up, you could even go naken, they still would not care!!
But even we in a war now, but people mode is good, the faith is good, the Hope is back!no one is afraid anymore!!
About our Neda they told us that it was the foreginers, but from what this regime did during the last revolution they know exactly what to do!! They know who to make the Lie!! because they did it them self!! They have training in that! They say that foreginers killed Neda, but no one belives them!!
If they tell people that its day now, people will say that its night!!

Before the election in the street was many young people that was giving flyers for different candidates!! one day I was taking a Taxi, some young boys and girls come to give me flyers, I didnt want to take that, But the driver take one of the flyers! and when the taxi driver turned the flyer, on its back it was written: DONT VOTE!!!
And I was regretting for not taking one, for having a evidence!!

There is so much conflict among them self, that at the end, they have to eat up them self!!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:47 pm    Post subject: Top 10 Worst World Leaders (Slideshow, Poll) Reply with quote

huffingtonpost wrote:
Top 10 Worst World Leaders (Slideshow, Poll)


The world is full of bad leaders, from dictators to gaffe-prone buffoons, but some are surely worse than others. Below is a selection of 10 leaders who are often criticized in the international news media or by human rights organizations. We'll leave the ranking up to you.

No #1 Worst Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1989, Khamenei is widely considered the ultimate authority in a state that feigns democracy while brutalizing its own people when they dissent. Khamenei has brought a heavy hand down on protesters of the disputed June 12 presidential election and shows no sign of bending anytime soon.

No #2 Worst Leader King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

King of Saudi Arabia since 1995, Abdullah often presents himself as a reformist and peacemaker in the region while overseeing the most oppressive system against women in the world. Women's rights in Saudi Arabia remain so restricted that they must ask a male's permission to do basically anything, including working, studying, travelling, or marrying.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:57 am    Post subject: Apparent Picture of Mass execution in Evin Prison 28 Tir Reply with quote

Posted on twitter 17 hours ago and after 2 hours removed ...


Unconfirmed News: if it is true then this is the end of any peaceful demonstrations phase in Iran ... FREE Iran activists are not forgetting these crimes by ruling Mullahs, Basijis, Evin Prison Officials and Revolutionary Guards, they will be found and punished severely ...

Evin Prison wrote:
Apparent Picture of Mass execution in Evin Prison 28 Tir

Source: http://iranprotestpictures.com/view/545f2674d3920c62c5d2584afc0d1df9
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:07 pm    Post subject: Homa Nategh Reply with quote

Homa Nategh wrote:
Homa Nategh

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:58 am    Post subject: Son Of Officials Killed In The Evin prison Reply with quote

Washingtonpost wrote:

The son of an adviser to defeated conservative candidate Mohsen Rezaie was reported dead in Tehran's notorious Evin prison after being detained in post-election unrest, a reformist website said Saturday. His mourning ceremony Sunday was canceled by his family to avoid any unrest, ILNA reported.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:46 am    Post subject: Khabar Mohem ettelaati Reply with quote

JNIK wrote:

Subject: Khabar Mohem ettelaati

توجه توجه: کهریزک که بسته شد. مرکز زندان نبوده است. کهریزک مرکز

آموزش عربهای لبنانی و منطقه به آنجا آورده می شدند و به آنها آموزش ترور

داده می شد. کهریزک که پیشتر مرکز نگهداری اسرای عراقی بود. در جریانات

اخیر وقتی عربها جوانان را دستگیر می کردند به اینجا می آوردند و تا حد مرگ

شکنجه می دهند. کهریزک بر اساس تایید پزشکان بارها مرکز آلوده به مننژیت

اعلام شد. جوانان در اصل در اوین جان نباختند. آنها در کهریزک بودند بهمین خاطر

جهت نزدیکی به سردخانه های جنوب و انبار میوه به کهریزک پیکر آنها را بدانجا

انتقال می دهند. نزدیکان محسن رضایی هم به وی اطلاع دادند که روح الاامنینی و

کسان دیگر بدست عربهای تروریست شکنجه شده اند. عرب های حزب الله هم پسر

رییس ستاد انتخاباتی محسن رصایی یا کسان دیگر را اصلاً نمی شناسند.

آنها بودند که مانند گرگهای گرسنه با تبر و دشنه به مردم حمله ور می شدند.

جالب است بدانید که خود ماموران آدمکش ترسیده اند و حاضر نیستند در این محل بمانند.

زیرا طبق اطلاعات موثق. چند عرب لبنانی خود آلوده به مننژیت شدند و طبق گفته یکی

از پاسدارها، یکی از تروریستهای وارداتی بر اثر آلودگی بدرک واصل شد.

منبع خبر یکی از پاسداران وطن پرست و ضد ولایت فقیه.

با سپاس از ایشان.


خامنه ای دستور تعطیلی یک بازداشتگاه در ایران را صادر کرد

این بازداشتگاه استانداردهای لازم برای حفظ حقوق متهمین را نداشت.

دروغ رهبر. بچه های مردم را مانند گوشت چرخ کرده تحویل خانواده می دهند بعد گویا دلشان

برای زندانیان سوخته و زندان استاندارد نبوده. زرشک بیت رهبری


مراسم بزرگداشت چهلمین روزدرگذشت شهدای جنبش سبز

جنبش سبز چی ؟ تا هنگامی که این واژه هدف و پسوندی نداشته باشد، گنگ و نامفهوم

است و به هیچ هدفی هم نخواهد رسید. باید گفت جنبش سبز سرنگونی.

زیرا تنها با برکناری رژيم آدمخوار کمونیستی اسلامی، آزادی و دموکراسی میسر است.

این بدون پسوند به ناکجا آباد خواهد رفت.

با سپاس جعفرزاده
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:33 pm    Post subject: Shame On Iraqi Forces Against Ashraf Reply with quote

H.E. Ambassador Hakimi wrote:


با درود.

بدنبال خبری که چند دقیقه پیش در باره اشغال کمپ اشرف مجاهدین خلق در بعقوبه توسط نیروهای عراقی پخش کردم ، اینک در لینک زیر فیلمی که تلویزون مجاهدین در اخبار امروز خود از این واقعه پخش کرده است ببینید.

فيلم، ماموران دولت عراق با بولدوزر به مجاهدين ساکن در شهر اشرف حمله کردند


FREE Iran ActivistChat Community wrote:

FREE Iran ActivistChat Community is condemning Attack On Ashraf Camp Resident in Iraq (MEK) by Iraqi forces or any other voilence against any members of opposition forces against Islamist regime in Iran in any part of the world. Despite the fact that we disagree completely with the MEK non secular ideology based on our ActivistChat 2009 Pillars Of Wisdom, and Virtue Guideline we reject this shameful act by Iraqi forces and Iraqi forces must back off now.

Urgent Breaking News - Attack On Ashraf Camp Resident in Iraq خبر فوری

ActivistChat 2009 Pillars Of Wisdom, and Virtue Guideline Framework And Vision Of Future Direction

iranfocus wrote:

Iraqi police in stand-off with Iran camp residents

Wednesday, 29 July 2009
By Mehdi Lebouachera

KHALES, Iraq (AFP) — Hundreds of Iraqi police and soldiers were in a tense stand-off with residents of a camp housing Iran's main exiled opposition on Wednesday, after violence a day earlier left more than 400 wounded.

The opposition group said six people were also killed in the violence that resulted when the Iraqi army stormed Camp Ashraf on Tuesday, followed by riot police called in to quell resistance by camp residents.

There was no independent confirmation of any deaths.

The Iraqi defence ministry was unapologetic about the raid against the People's Mujahedeen base in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad, saying it was justified under a November security agreement with Washington.

"It's our territory and it's our right to enter, to impose Iraqi law on everybody," defence ministry spokesman General Mohammed Askari told Al-Arabiya television.

"They (camp residents) have to submit to the law, and to Iraqi sovereignty. The SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) authorises us to do what we did."

Under the pact, Iraqi security forces took over responsibility for the camp three months ago from US forces, which had disarmed the some 3,500 residents following the 2003 invasion which toppled Saddam Hussein.

A police official had told AFP earlier that negotiations between Diyala provincial police chief General Abdul Hussein al-Shamari and the Mujahedeen had resulted in the withdrawal of riot police, who were to be replaced by the army.

But police were still present within the camp Wednesday morning when an AFP correspondent attempted to enter, and Shahriar Kia, a spokesman for the rebel group, said by telephone that police were "inside Camp Ashraf".

The official said the casualty toll among camp residents was 300, including 25 women. About 110 members of the Iraqi security forces were also wounded in the violence, he said, adding that more than 50 camp residents had been detained.

The Mujahedeen spokesman, however, said six people had been killed by Iraqi security forces and 385 camp residents wounded.

He expressed concern that those arrested would be handed over to Iran, but US State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said in Washington that the Iraqi government had given assurances that "no Camp Ashraf resident will be forcibly transferred to a country where they have reason to fear persecution."

A US administration official said that Washington -- which still blacklists the Mujahedeen as a terrorist organisation -- had also received assurances that camp residents would be treated in a "humane" manner.

The head of the exiled National Council of Resistance of Iran, which includes the Mujahedeen, condemned the raid on the camp and accused Baghdad of doing Tehran's bidding.

"This aggression is a flagrant violation of international conventions and the assurances given by the Iraqi government to the United States about the protection of the residents of Ashraf," Maryam Rajavi said in a statement.

She charged that Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had ordered the raid in a bid to distract attention from the deadly unrest inside Iran sparked by last month's hotly disputed presidential election.

"This attack aims to put into action the orders of Khamenei, who has not been able to face down the revolt of the Iranian people and who is trying to compensate for his huge defeat in attacking Ashraf," she said.

The Iranian government has accused the Mujahedeen of a key role in fomenting the post-election protests.

The storming of the camp coincided with a visit to Iraq by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates but the top US commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno, said the US military had no advance warning.

The People's Mujahedeen was founded in 1965 in opposition to the shah and has subsequently fought to oust the clerical regime which took power in the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The group set up Camp Ashraf in the 1980s -- when Saddam was at war with the Islamic republic -- as a base to operate against the Iranian government.

IranFocus wrote:

Iraqi forces attack Iranian opposition camp
Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Iran Focus

London, Jul. 28 - Iraqi forces on Tuesday are attacking the base of the main Iranian opposition group situated north-west of Baghdad. More than a thousand armed Iraqi police and soldiers using batons, water cannons and pepper spray attacked members of the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran in Camp Ashraf.

The attack has thus far left 385 of the residents wounded, fifteen critically. Four residents, identified as Mehrdad Niksiar, Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari, Farzin Zamani and Mehrdad Rezazadeh, have been killed in the attack, according to a statement issued by the PMOI.

"Four residents of Camp Ashraf, members of the PMOI, were shot and killed by the Iraqi security forces as a result of opening fire on the unarmed people in Ashraf at 8 p.m. today," Ashraf spokesman Shahriar Kia said in a statement.

The group also announced that at about 20.30 local time, Ms. Zohreh Qaemi, a deputy Secretary General of the PMOI, was shot by Iraqi forces.

Footage released by the group shows a number of residents being treated for serious head injuries and gunshot wounds, with Iraqi forces shown beating residents with batons. The group stated that residents of the Camp have begun a hunger strike in protest at the actions of the Iraqi forces.

There have been a large number of arrests.

Earlier today Amnesty International issued a statement expressing serious concern at the attack by Iraqi forces. “Amnesty International is seriously concerned at today’s attacks by Iraqi forces on unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf”

“Video footage seen by Amnesty International clearly shows Iraqi forces beating people repeatedly on different parts of the body, including the head”, the Amnesty International statement added.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:51 pm    Post subject: Ferydon Moshiri Superb Poem Reply with quote

Kurosh Kalhor Email Post wrote:

اى خشمِ به جان تاخته، توفانِ شرر شو
اى بغضِ گل انداخته، فريادِ خطر شو
اى روىِ برافروخته, خود پرچمِ ره باش
اى مشتِ برافراخته, افراخته ترشو
اى حافظِ جانِ وطن، از خانه برون آى
از خانه برون چيست كه از خويش به در شو
گر شعله فرو ريزد، بشتاب و مينديش
ور تيغ فرو بارد، اى سينه سپر شو
خاكِ پدران است كه دستِ دگران است
هان اى پسرم، خانه نگهدارِ پدر شو
ديوارِ مصيبت كده ىِ حوصله بشكن
شرم آيدم از اين همه صبرِ تو، ظفر شو
تا خود جگرِ روبهكان را بدرانى
چون شير درين بيشه سراپاى،جگر شو
مسپار وطن را به قضا و قدر اى دوست
خود بر سرِ آن، تن به قضا داده، قدر شو
فرياد به فرياد بيفزاى، كه وقت است
در يك نفسِ تازه اثرهاست، اثر شو
ايرانىِ آزاده! جهان چشم به راه است
ايران ِكهن در خطر افتاده، خبر شو
مشتى خس و خارند، به يك شعله بسوزان
بر ظلمتِ اين شامِ سيه فام، سحر شو
از زنده یاد فریدون مشیری
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:34 pm    Post subject: Shirin Neshat Breaking News Reply with quote

FREE Iran ActivistChat Warning To All Prison Officials In Iran : This Regime Will Collapse Soon and Then You Must Answer to Parents Why Did You Execute Their Children? Do You Have Good Answer? .... The Iranian People Will Find You ..... Wake Up

Shirin Neshat wrote:

Ba doroud,

Be khabare reside az yeki az mobarezan e rahe azadi Iran tavajoh farmaid.

مهم و فوری لطفا در پخش این خبر نهایت کوشش خود را به عمل آورید. هم اکنون از تهران با تماس تلفنی خبر دادند رژیم دست به اعدام جوانان دستگیر شده ای با نام فروشندگان مواد مخدر زده است که این جوانان ندامت نامه امضا نمی کنند و در زندانها اعتراض های خیابانی خود را پذیرفته و در زندانها روبروی ماموران رژیم ایستادگی میکنند از مقا مات مسئول جهانی بخواهیم تا از اعدام جوانان دستگیر شده بنام دزد و قاچاقچی و متجاوز جلوگیری کنند. این خبر از شخص موثقی که فرزند برادرش در تظاهرات دستگیر شده و جزو اعدام شده های دو روز پیش است داده شد. تمنا داریم این خبر مهم را برای جلوگیری از اعدامهای بیشتر جوانان به همه مردم جهان آگاهی دهید تا به گوش مسئولین موثر بین المللی برسد.

Shirin Neshat
Founder and President of Sarbazan & Janbakhtegan Organizations
P O Box 16166
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
E-mail: shneshat@aol.com

IMPORTANT WARNING:This e-mail(and any attachment)is only intended for the use of the person or entity to which it is addressed,and may contain information that is privileged and confidential.All recipients, including employees,are obligated and directed to maintain it in a safe, secure & confidential manner .Unauthorized re disclosure or failure to maintain confidentiality is strictly prohibited & may subject you to disciplinary action and/or be a violation of state and/or federal law(S) & carry criminal and/or civil penalties.If you are not the intended recipient,please immediately notify the sender by return e-mail & delete this message from your computer without making copy or distribution.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:33 pm    Post subject: Where do I start? Reply with quote

Google Translation: Persian » English — ALPHA wrote:

Google Translation: Persian » English — ALPHA

نمیدونم از کجا شروع کنم ! اگه از لحاظ انشایی و املایی گزارشی رو که میخوام الان از گوانتاناموی ایران کمپ کهریزک بگم ایراد داشت من رو ببخشید چون خیلی عجله دارم و باید زودتر برم . الان که دارم این رو مینویسم ساعت 8 دقیقه بامداد 6 مرداد ماه هست . من بامداد امروز به همراه چند نفر به طرز معجزه آسایی از مرگ حتمی نجات یافتیم . و الان از بیمارستان رسیدم خونه و بلافاصله پای سیستم اومدم و این وبلاگ رو ایجاد کردم من 18 تیر دستگیر شدم . 21 سال سن دارم . الان که دارم اینو مینویسم باز باورم نمیشه که آزاد شدم . تو تظاهرات 18 تیر که با یکی از دوستام سوار موتور بودیم و دوستم داشت با موبایل فیلمبرداری میکرد توسط چند لباس شخصی مورد ضرب و شتم قرار گرفتیم . یه زن اومد ما رو از زیر دست اینا نجات بده که اون بیچاره هم کلی زدند . ما رو انداختند توی یه مینی بوسی که پر از آدم کتک خورده و شل و پل بود مثل خود ما . مینی بوس ما رو به یه کلانتری برد . انقدر کتک خورده بودم که نفهمیدم کجا بود . بعد ما رو اونجا کنار دیور چیدند و منو دوستم کنار هم وایسادیم . بعد یه لباس شخصی قوی هیکلی اومد و یکی در میون میکشید بیرون و با تک پا سوار مینی بوسمون کرد و اون لحظه دیگه از دوستم خبر نداشتم و ندارم ما رو به همراه ده ها نفر دیگه به اردوگاه کهریزک بردند . باور نمیکنید حداقل اون اتاقی که ما رو بردند 200 نفر بودند . همه زخمی و باتوم خورده . صدای ناله همه جا رو فرا گرفته بود . با خودم گفتم اینا میخوان چی به سرمون بیارن . شاید فردا بریم دادسرایی . زندانی . اونجا حداقل از اینجا بهتره . اصلا جا نبود که بشینی . تمام در و دیوار خون بود ...

اصلا جا نبود که بشینی . تمام در و دیوار خون بود .
به فکر دوستم بودم آخه اون از بچه هایی نبود که بتونه این جور جاها رو تحمل کنه . تو این اوضاع و احوال کسانی که تو اتاق بودند شروع به گریه و زاری و ناله کردن و گفتن 1 نفر مرده . صدا از ته اتاق میومد ولی شاید باورتون نشه همه به هم چسبیده بودیم و نمیتونستیم تکون بخوریم . نگهبانای لباس شخصی اومدن تو و لامپارو شکوندن در تاریکی مطلق شروع کردن زدن . هر کی جلو دستشون بود میزدن . نیم ساعت حسابی کتک زدن . چند نفر از شدت کتک خوردن به کما رفتن شاید هم مردن .
بعدش چند تا چراغ قوه روشن کردن وانداختند تو صورت ما ها گفتند اگه صداتون دراد این باتوم ها رو میکنیم ….. باورم نمیشد . فکر میکردم دارم کابوس میبینم
صادق که انگار ارشدشون بود جنازه اون کسی رو که مرده بود رو برداشت و تکیه جنازه رو داد به دیور چراغ قوه رو انداخت رو صورتش گفت ما حکم کشتن شما رو داریم . پس شانس بیارید و مثل این مادر … ( به مرده ) نمیرید . هیچ صداتون رو در نمیارید . تا صبح اگه زنده موندید موندید . اگه نمردید که …
گفت شما محاربه هستید . میدونید محاربه یعنی چی . یه نفر از اون جلو که پسری بود حدود 16 . 17 سال سن داشت گردنش رو گرفت به اینا بگو محاربه یعنی چی ! گفت نمیدونم . گفت غلط کردی ندونی ! شروع کرد به زدنش گفت بگو . بگو بگو . اونقدر زدش که از حال رفت . میگفت یعنی شیطان . یعنی خطا کار . انقدر زدش که چند نفر شدیدا اعتراض کردن . که اونها هم در حد مرگ کتک خوردن .

تو اون اتاق ما تا صبح حداقل 4 نفر کشته شدن
صادق نعره کشی و گفت اینجا از توالت فرنگی و مسواک و اینا خبری نیست همینجا کاراتون رو میکنید !!! . شیر فهم شدید ؟
هیچ آدم سالمی بین ما نبود و همه خون یا رو صورتشون لخته زده بود مثل من . یا چشمشون باد کرده بود مثل من . یا مثل خیلیا دست پاشون شکسته بود . به دلیل تاریکی مطلق من خیلیها را نتونستم ببینم
وقتی که در رو باز میکردند با دیدن نور چشممون شدیدا احساس ناراحتی عجیبی میکرد . فردای اون روز و روزهای دیگه رو به بدنرین شکل که توضیحش زمان بسیار میخواهد گذروندیم . به ما برای اینکه از گرسنگی نمیریم هر روز که نمیدانیم شب بود یا روز بود ! یک گونی ته مانده غذا که آن را با اشتیاق میخوردیم به ما میدانند . که داخلش تکه های نان . سبزی . برنج بود میدادند . که شخصی بین ما بود بنام دکتر زارع که میگفت یک پزشک است و مسئول تقسیم غذا بود . من ایشان و تعداد زیادی از هم بندانمان را که چند روز بود فقط صدای آنها را میشندم از صدا میشناختم تا اینکه بعد از چند روز صادق آمد و چند لامپ با خود آورد و ما را بعد از چند روز به محوطه کمپ برد . واااااای برا ما یک حس آزادی بود . آسمان ابی و نور خورشید برای ما تازگی داشت . ( در ضمن این را بگم که بخاطر این ما را به محوطه آوردند که کثافتها و مدفوع خود را از اتاق بیرون بریزیم ) معذرت میخوام که اینطور مینویسم ولی تا چند وقت دیگه که بقیه هم از زندان آزاد بشن بخصوص کمپ کهریزک اونها بهتر واستون توضیح میدن و مطمئن هستم این کمپ در بعضی موارد دست گوانتانامو و ابوغریب را طی این چند روز از پشت بسته . به هر حال به گفته نوچه های صادق ما جزو اولین کسانی بودیم که بدون دادگاهی ! بامداد دیروز به خاطر شلوغی بیش از حد کمپ به بیرون انداختن...

در ضمن اسامی چند نفر رو که تو این مدت جان خودشون رو فقط تو کمپ ما از دست دادن و من حفظ کردم رو میگم . در ضمن اگر این حیوان صفتها اینها رو به بیمارستان میبردند شاید الان زنده بودند
حسن شاپوری ( دانشجو )
زضا فتاحی ( دانشجو )
میلاد فاقد فامیلی ( اون پسره 26 . 17 ساله که توسط صادق شب اول به باد مشت و لگد گرفته شد و به کما رفت و اون رو با خودشون بردند . ولی دکتر هم بند ما و به قولی ارشد ما گفت اون از گوش و دهنش خون اومده و متاسفانه مرده )
مرتضی سلحشور
مراد آقاسی
محسن انتظامی
در ضمن اسامی تعداد زیادی از بازداشت شده ها رو تو کمپ خودمون دارم که اون رو هم تو این وبلاگ تا چند روز آینده میگم
خدایا ما رو از شر اینا راحت کن
باورم نمیشه که 24 ساعت پیش کجا بودم
خدایا عمه ایرانیها و آزادیخواهان رو هر چه سریعتر نجات بده
در ضمن احتمال میدم با تغییراتی که تو کمپ کهریزک پیش اومده اون بازداشتگاهی که رهبر فاسد قراره تعطیلش کنه همین کهریزکه . چون خیلی ها توش کشته شدند
رضا یاوری ( نام مستعار من )
6 مرداد ماه ساعت 1:10 دقیقه بامداد
به امید آزادی دربندان کهریزک


Where do I start! If a report in terms of orthographic and Anshayy Shows that I now of the Guantanamo camp Kahrizak tell Excuse my objection was because I am in a hurry and need to go sooner. Now that I have this morning Mynvysm 8 minutes of August 6 is. Today my morning with a few people how to lounge miracle rescue from imminent death found. And now I reached the hospital immediately Khone foot اومدم system and I created this blog I I I was arrested July 18. 21 years of age. The Ainu have now opened Mynvysm Nemisheh believe that I was free. June 18 protests you that one of my friend and we Dvstam mounted engine with the mobile camera was a few clothes by beating are handled. I woman I came from under our hands save happy that I went bust too general. We Andakhtnd I I I filled a mini Bvsy Adam Shell and beaten, and Paul was like our own. Minibus to our house I range. I was so beaten, that was where I did. I there beside us then Dior me and my friend Chydnd Vaysadym together. Sturdy clothes after I came out and one Muon mess with one foot in and ride mini Bvsmvn دیگه the moment my friend did and sent us to do with dozens of people were Kahrizak دیگه camp. At least I do not believe I was the room that we had 200 people. All wounded and Batvm eaten. Whine sound everywhere I had learned. میخوان happy with what I said to myself Srmvn Byarn. Maybe tomorrow Dadsrayy go. Prisoners. At least there better than here. At all everywhere was not Bshyny. All the walls and blood was ...

At all everywhere was not Bshyny. All the blood and the wall was.
The thought was my friend Or the children I was not filler such places I کنه tolerance. Circumstances you this room who you were and started to cry and moan and groan say 1 person dead. Sound from the bottom room, but perhaps Myvmd Bavrtvn Nshh all sticking together and we Nmytvnstym Tkvn Bkhvrym. Ng·hbanay plainclothes Avmdn Lamparv Shkvndn in the dark and you start زدن absolute. Who was Myzdn Dstshvn every front. Arithmetic half-hour beating. Few to people severely beating a coma, perhaps to die.
Later flashlight to illuminate a few Vandakhtnd ها you if we said this once Batvm ها Sdatvn If I we ... .. Did not believe. I thought I see the nightmare
As if it was true Arshdshvn Funeral someone I that I was dead I took a funeral I will lean Dior flashlight to his face I said we Andakht sentence I have to kill you. Fingers and the chance like this mother ... (the dead) Nmyryd. I in no Sdatvn Nmyaryd. If to live Mvndyd Mvndyd morning. If Nmrdyd that ...
War on you're told. Mydvnyd what that war. I forward the person I was a boy about 16. Grdnsh was 17 years old I was happy to say that what war! نمیدونم said. Said Kurdish Ndvny wrong! Began to say Zdnsh said. Say say. We went to the Avnqdr Zdsh. Explained that the devil. That error work. Zdsh that so many people object strongly. They also limit in the beating death.

I am to you in our room at least 4 people being killed
Sadiq said here and yell Drawing from European and toothbrushes and toilet happy news is I Karatvn you here! . Understanding of severe milk?
No healthy man between us and all the blood or not I was like I struck Svrtshvn pig. Chshmshvn wind or like I was. Or like Khylya Pashvn hand was broken. Because of absolute darkness, I probably would like to see the many
When I was in open view with a strange light Chshmmvn was strongly felt discomfort. Day and tomorrow I دیگه days to Bdnryn the very time that Tvzyhsh Gzrvndym wants. We hunger for that Nmyrym every day that do not know the day or night was had! A sack of food scrap it with enthusiasm Mykhvrdym us know. The Dakhlsh pieces of bread. Vegetables. Rice was made. Between us was a person called Zare doctor explained that a doctor is responsible for the food was divided. I and many of them also Bndanman was only a few days the sound of their voice Myshndm Myshnakhtm until after a few days and a few lamp was honest with us and brought several days after camp yard range. Vaaaaaay for us a sense of freedom. Blue sky and sunlight was just for us. (This also because of this and tell us that the premises were his stool and dirt out of the room Bryzym) apologize so that Shows How to Mynvysm but also the rest دیگه released from prison camp, especially Bshn Kahrizak They better explain Vastvn Maiden this camp and I am sure some cases of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib during this few days behind closed. In any of the true freshman that we were among the first people without trial! Yesterday morning chaos because too camp to throw out ...

I also names several people during this period that you only you I John Khvdshvn our camp and I keep losing my I میگم. If this animal also Sftha to these hospitals were alive now, perhaps Mybrdnd
Shapoori Hasan (student)
Zza Fatahi (student)
No birth family (I Psrh 26. 17 years old by the first true night the wind was kicking and punching and I went to a coma I was with Khvdshvn. Doctor, but also our section and I told our senior Qvly the ears and blood Dhnsh Sadly thanks and dead)
Morteza warrior
Morad Pastime
Mohsen Entezami
Also names many additions detention camp you I I I I خودمون that you have this blog a few days میگم
Our God of Evil I started happy and comfortable
Nemisheh believe that 24 hours where I was
God and the freedom Iranians aunt I save as soon as possible
Mydm also likely that changes with you I detention camp Kahrizak ago thanks Qrarh corrupt leaders Ttylsh کنه Khryzkh same. Many were killed because power
Reza Yavari (My nickname)
August 6 hour morning 1:10 minutes
The hope of freedom Kahrizak Darband

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:12 pm    Post subject: Statement of H.M. Reza Pahlavi concerning The State of MKO M Reply with quote

H.M. Reza Pahlavi wrote:
Statement of H.M. Reza Pahlavi concerning The State of MKO Members at Camp Ashraf

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 - The Secretariat of Reza Pahlavi
My dear compatriots, It appears that certain Iraqi authorities, with the support of the Islamic Republic, have carried out an operation against Camp Ashraf and a confrontation between armed Iraqi forces and the camp’s residents has left several Iranians dead and many more injured. At this time, we must remind the Iraqi authorities that no p...

پیام شاهزاده رضا پهلوی در مورد شرایط مجاهدین خلق در اردوگاه اشرف

Statement of Reza Pahlavi on Camp Ashraf (English)
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