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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2005 9:03 pm    Post subject: THE LAST OF THE LONG DARKNESS? Reply with quote


Thanks to Cyrus for putting this thread in the announcements section.

This will be the countdown to the regime pretend "election" ("E-DAY") June 17th, which most groups are using as the marker day for concerted action to take back Iran. The Coordination Council (IOTM) is proposing "E+1", the 18th of June, as Decision Day.

Hopefully this countdown will help to stimulate any needed preparations in the increasingly short time remaining!
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!

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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

IOTM's Coordination Council is asking people to stay in their darkened homes on the evenings of June 10th - 16th and all day on the 17th. Perhaps this time can be spent recalling the many heroes and heroines who faced long odds for home and liberty during the long millenia of Persian history, not least of those who confronted the power of the tyrants of the current regime for over a quarter of a century now.

I invite people to suggest in this thread good heroic examples from different eras of Persian history for contemplation during the dark nights before the Day of Decision.
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2005 2:47 pm    Post subject: Supporting Boycott Of Any Elections/Selections Reply with quote

ActivistChat FREE IRAN Support
Iran BOYCOTTING Next Mullahs Election/Selection SHOW By TERROR MASTERS

Iranian People Are Demanding Peacefully For Last Time from MULLAHS Ruling Class, The Terror Masters & Their Thugs For Unconditional Peaceful Surrender for Justice by Iranian people for crimes against humanity with International Observers as Guarantors for Fair treatment
Or ELSE ….

Today Iran is entering new inflection point, this is the sensitive era for Unity among Iranian oppositions both outside and Inside Iran with united voice and clear boycott message from all groups for asking Iranian people to stay home on the day of next Mullahs Election/Selection Show on June 17. Participation in any Election under Mullahs control means sharing and accepting partial responsibility for crimes against humanity by Mullahs and supporting creation of fear society in past 26 years. By boycotting Mullahs Election SHOW on June 17 Iranian people again decisively will reject fear society created by rotten Mullahs system, the Viruses of Iranian society and demanding for free society. This is a great encouraging NEWS for all freedom loving people of the world in favor of FREE Society.

ActivistChat members as part of very large freedom loving Iranian Internet distributed family is supporting to boycott any election or selection SHOW under Mullahs control. We are asking our fellow Iranian people inside Iran to stay home on the day of next election SHOW, DON’T LEAVE your homes for any reasons under any condition except emergency. We are also asking Iranian people to continue to stay home even after the DAY of Election SHOW as part of general STRIKE plan, asking Mullahs ruling class and their thugs for peaceful unconditional surrender to freedom loving Iranian people wishes or ELSE every options will be on the table with the full support of 70 Million Iranian People Inside Iran and Million Iranians in US in favor of FREE society. Due to the fact that TODAY IRAN is hostage to Mullahs and needs our help therefore Iranian Americans community and other Iranians leaving who are residents of outside Iran are committed culturally and morally to the following poem to support freeing our homeland from Mullahs and their thugs .

"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."

( A Quote from Famous Persian Poet Saadi Shirazi
13th century Persian poet, from Shiraz the birthplace of Ms. Zahra Kazemi a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, Raped and Killed in July 2003 by Islamist Regime Officials )

All opposition groups both outside and inside Iran and ActivistChat members believe Islamist Regime is illegitimate and all Elections under Mullahs control are considered as Fraudulent, illegal and without any value. 70 Million Iranian people are hostage to Mullahs and fear society. After Sept 11 the era of fear society has no place in this century in the free world community. The ruling class Mullahs have no legal or religious legitimacy and zero International support , recently the Grand Ayatoolah Montazri and Top Scholar Ayatollah Dr. Harei have both rejected even the religious legitimacy of ruling class Mullahs. Also according to the letter from IOTM to UN, this regime has been granted membership in the United Nations in past 26 years which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been adopted in its charter, and this regime constitution is in clear violation of UN charter. It is disheartening for freedom loving people of the world that UN officials have not been faithful to its charter and they have been silent about this huge clear legal violation.

We are supporting to boycott any elections or selection SHOW while Mullahs are in power and Iranian people should stay home on the day of any such election SHOW in Memory of 6 Brave Daughters of IRAN or their own family members who have been the victims of Islamist regime in past 26 years, ActivistChat is selecting these 6 Brave Women as a Symbol of All Iranian Women resistance to cover all sectors, all generations and all age groups . The 6 brave daughters of IRAN who rejected the Islamist regime is a Symbol of Power and Resistance by BRAVE IRANIAN WOMEN ( Dr. Farokhrou Parsa, Ms. Zahra Kazemi , Ms. Atefe Rajabi ,Ms. Parvaneh Forouhar,Professor Dr. Homa Darabi M.D. , Princess Leila Pahlavi) and tip of iceberg. Iran will win her freedom because we have brave and educated activist women. This is a message to EU3 and all other Mullah Appeasers. With over million women and men as a Victims of Islamist regime and over 120,000 political executions , this regime has one of the darkest record of past 50 years, we are starting new phase of resistance against Mullahs and their thugs for creating new free society.

It is the irony of history that in the land of Cyrus The Great, the birthplace of the first charter of the “Rights of Nations” and the “Declaration of Human Rights” over 2500 years ago, there is today no respect for human and civil rights by the Islamic regime. Cyrus, who was exceptionally tolerant of local religions and local customs and against slavery, is famous for freeing the 42,000 Jewish captives and allowing them to return to their homeland. His name appears twenty two times in the Bible. Were it not for Cyrus, it seems at least possible that the Jewish people would have become extinct in the fifth century BC and we would have never received their great contributions to mankind. Unfortunately, present day Iran is ruled by a small group of Islamic Mafia Clerics who are the embodiment of evil and have no respect for Human Rights in this land which is the birthplace of Darius The Great, Babak, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Hafaz, Saadi and Rumi.
Over the past 26 years the Islamic regime's agents, courts, judges and vigilantes have all committed acts of: murder, stoning, torture, assault, theft, destruction of property, arson, perjury, falsification of testimonials and material evidence, illegal surveillance, kidnapping, rape, blackmail, fraud, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit all of the above crimes, cover-ups and every other form of butchery and depredation.
Today Iranian people are demanding civil and political freedoms, secular democracy with complete separation of religion and government, equality, justice, free society and Free Referendum after regime change.

According R. Nicholas Burns, Under Secretary for Political Affairs Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Washington, DC May 19, 2005
“Iran is a great country with a unique history and culture. The Iranian people have made extraordinary contributions in many fields for thousands of years. Modern Iran will undoubtedly remain a significant country in the future of the broader Middle East.
The United States believes the future of Iran should be democratic and pluralistic. We support those who wish to see Iran transformed from a rigid, intolerant theocracy to a modern state. A peaceful, democratic Iran would be a key feature in a reformed, more democratic Middle East. We believe Iran is a country in the process of change. Some two-thirds of its people are below the age of thirty-five. Many young Iranians support the need for a more positive relationship with the U.S. In fact, the U.S. may have a more positive public image in Iran than in other countries of the region. We sense that the sentiment among ordinary Iranians for change for reform and democracy is strong. But that sentiment is ignored by the ruling clique.
Iran suffers from a deficit of freedom. The regime's human rights record remains abysmal and the government continues to commit numerous, serious abuses, including summary executions, disappearances, torture and other inhumane treatment.”

Brave Iranian Women Are The Biggest Victims of Islamist Mafia Regime & Iranian People Will Stay Home in Memory of all Great Iranian Women and Boycott any election under Mullahs Control.

Freedom Loving IRANIAN People Clear Message To World:

The Iranian people have clearly rejected the Islamist regime by overwhelmingly (90%) boycotting the Mullah's last election(Feb 2004). The BOYCOTT WAS A TRUE REFERENDUM AGAINST THE MULLAHS THAT THEY MUST GIVE UP THE POWER AND So FAR THEY HAVE NOT GIVEN ANY INDICATION THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO STEP DOWN AND GIVE UP POWER IN A PEACEFUL MANNER!
EU Big 3 ignored the legitimate rights of Iranian people and their demands, they negotiated with the Regime and signed contracts with illegitimate Islamist Regime.
The Feb 2004 election/boycott is the latest and best example that the Mullahs are not willing to give up peacefully while the EU Big 3 are supporting them.

So far Iranian people have tested all peaceful means to remove the clerical regime from power and for the last time after complete boycott of Mullahs Funny election / selection Show on June 17 continue to stay home after Mullahs election SHOW as a general strike as a last warning to Mullahs to give up power peacefully, if the ruling arrogant Mullahs refuse. Iranian people are entering new phase that gives every right to Iranian people inside Iran to use any means to overthrow Clerical regime by force.

What Are the Options For Iranian Inside Iran for Regime change and Final Battle Phase?
The following agenda and strategy and possible Scenario are as follows:
1) Due to the fact that the armed forces and security forces are paid by the Iranian people they must serve the people interest therefore they must support people against ruling class Mullahs without any hesitation after June 17.
- Help Free all political prisoners Now.
- The Iranian people have already spoken. The Armed forces must choose between defending and serving the people or serving Mullahs and their EU3 Neo Colonialists Masters.
The Armed Forces should follow Iranian Air Force Top Gun Hero General Ayat Mohagheghi (who has been executed by clerical regime in July 1980) with 250 of our best military personnel & none military, including 50 pilots were arrested & put on show trial & executed by Islamic executioner (Britain played an important role to neutralize the Iranian Air Force uprising) and if they don’t follow General Ayat Mohagheghi soon the Iranian Armed and security forces under Mullahs command should expect what happen to Iraqi Armed forces. This is up to armed and security forces to choose between SHAME or Honor, serving Mullahs or Iranian people,

2) All Iranian must be prepared to do anything to FREE all Political prisoners by any means and stop torture.
3) Iranian people of all ages must be prepared to fight to free their homeland from Viruses of Iranian society whether the armed forces serve them or serve the enemy of freedom and free society. Iranian people should be prepared for final battle for freeing their homeland and must not forget that their FOREVER leader Cyrus the Great died in battlefield in 530 BC at the age of 60 and not in bed.
4) Oil flow from Iran must be stopped to EU3, Japan and China. General strike in Iran oil industry is absolutely essential to break financial backbone of Islamist Regime.

We need the help and full support from all freedom loving people of the world to put Maximum pressure on the leaders of the free world and UN to support Iranian opposition for free society. On behalf Iranian people as hostage to Mullahs we would like to thank Dr. Corsi Iran Freedom Walk, a 200-mile journey on foot aimed at promoting awareness between Iranians and America.

ActivistChat believe Iranian people should be informed to start storing food and water for as many days they can. Iranian people should be prepared to play the biggest chess game with the Islamist Mullah regime. The situation after Election will be dynamic and opposition plans should be flexible and dependent on how the regime plays its cards.

ActivistChat is fully supporting The Leadership Council Election Framework outside Iran defined by SOS Iran to help freedom loving Iranian people during transition in parallel to Boycott.
The constituents of the Leadership Council Election Framework outside Iran will be all those organizations and individuals who believe in the following 5 Articles (same 5 as ratified by the IOCC):
1. Territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran, and acceptance of the Shir-o-Khorshid flag as the Iranian national flag;
2. Complete separation of religion from the State;
3. Acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
4. Free, open and democratic referendum to elect the type of the new Government of Iran in the post-IRI era
5. Minimum standard of living for all citizens of Iran and equal opportunity for all citizens to benefit from country’s national wealth.

With Unity, Boycott any Mullahs Election/ Selection SHOW
Stay Home as part of General Strike until Ruling Mullahs Accept Unconditional Surrender to A Fair Justice System by the People Or Else…..
the Victory Will Be Ours!
Be Prepared To Fight For Final Phase Of Battle With Mullahs and Their Thugs With All Options on The Table
Victory For FREE Society In Iran Is In Horizon

Long Live Memory of Cyrus The Great
Long Live Memory of Khayyam
Long Live Memory of Ferdowsi
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Land Of Cyrus The Great
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Free Society
Long Live FREE Iran

Quick Lesson From History

Greatness is not achieved by words but by hard work, difficult choices, actions and sacrifice.

What is The Strategic Inflection Point?

What is an inflection point? Mathematically, we encounter an inflection point when the rate of change of the slope of the curve (referred to as its "second derivative") changes sign, for instance, going from negative to positive. In physical terms, it's where a curve changes from convex to concave, or vice versa. As shown in the diagram, it's the point at which a curve stops curving one way and starts curving the other way."

In real life detecting strategic Inflection point is very complex task. An inflection point occurs where the old strategic picture dissolves and gives way to the new, allowing the phonema to ascend to new heights. However, if we don't navigate our way through a peak and after the peak the sharp declines can start. It is around such inflection points that the strategist are puzzled and observe, "Things are different. Something has changes."

Iranian people should be prepared for final battle of freeing their homeland if all peaceful means on the table fails and must not forget that their FOREVER leader Cyrus the Great died in battlefield in 530 BC at the age of 60 and not in bed.
Iranian People must learn and follow General George Washington strategy for freeing their homeland from EU3 and their Mullahs Agents if all other peaceful means failed. The following image shows the tough battle for freeing homeland.

On December 25, 1776, General George Washington led his troops in a surprise attack against the British, who had settled into winter quarters in New Jersey. The American forces crossed the Delaware River at night and defeated the British troops first at Trenton and then at Princeton. These victories, although minor, dramatically improved the morale of the American forces.

6 Brave Daughters of IRAN Biography As Part of Million Victims of Islamist Regime in Past 26 Years

In memory of Dr. Farrokhrou Parsa M.D.

Executed on May 8, 1980 in Public

Who was Dr. Farokhrou Parsa?

Over 26 year ago, today, the executioners of the Islamic regime took the life an Iranian woman, known for her courage, integrity and effort in the promotion of education for Iranian women.Dr. Forokhrou Parsa who was a medical doctor was the first Iranian woman who became a deputy and later Minister of Education. Her mother was the founder of the first Iranian journal for women. Rich in her background, Dr. Parsa began a relentless battle in the liberalization of Iranian women. During her tenure as the Minister of education, Millions of female students attended universities and schools and enjoyed the same rights as their male counterparts.

Dr. Parsa's legacy as a courageous woman is an example to all Iranians and especially the women of Iran who have stood firm against the abuses of the regime in every arena. Today, her memory remains in the hearts and minds of thousands of Iranian women.God bless her soul.

In memory of Professor Dr. Homa Darabi M.D.

Professor Dr. Homa Darabi was one of the casualties of this Reign of Islamic Terror. She was a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics, general psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry, and was licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey, New York, and California. In 1990, she was fired from her position as a professor at the School of Medicine at Tehran University due to her non compliance to the Islamic rules of Hijab (Covering up of Women). When a 16 year old girl was shot to death in Northern Tehran for wearing lipstick about a month prior to her death, Dr. Darabi could no longer handle the way women were being treated in Iran, she finally decided to protest the oppression of women by setting herself on fire in a crowded square in northern Tehran, on February 21, 1994. Her last cry was
Death to Tyranny
Long Live Liberty
Long Live Iran
Dr. Homa Darabi :http://www.homa.org/Details.asp?ContentID=2137352839&TOCID=2083225413

In Memory of Ms. Zahra Kazemi

Ms. Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, was arrested on June 23, 2003 and was savagely and barbarically beaten to death by Islamic regime officials. News agencies reported that Ms. Kazemi's body was buried on July 23, 2003, in Shiraz, Iran, contrary to the wishes of her family, and repeated formal requests from the Canadian government.


In Memory of Ms. Atefe Rajabi

The murderous mullahs of Iran have executed another minor.
The Heartbreaking And Enraging Story of a 16 Year Old Girl Executed by the Islamist Mafia Mullah Dictatorship on Sunday, August 15, 2004 in the town of Neka, Iran. Please Visit : http://activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3661

In Memory of Ms. Parvaneh Forouhar
7 years ago, the knife of islamic republic Mafia silenced the voices of two of Iran’s noble children: "
Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar. But, it did not silence the aspiration of them for democracy, liberty, justice, and freedom. It not only did not silence, but rejuvenated the voices of Iranians rising to the aspiration of the Frouhars. Knives cut flesh, but cannot cut aspirations. Knives silence individuals, but cannot silence a nation. Knives shorten lives, but prolong resolve of the nation. Those who lowered their knives in the hearts of the Frouhars saw the spill of their blood writing on the soil of our nation: Victory Will Be Ours! The enemies of our country unjustly ruling Iran for two decades are doomed! That’s what that blood said! And that’s what the murderers of islamic republic should take notice of!"
To know more about Ms. Parvaneh Forouhar please visit: http://www.forouharha.com/

In Memory of Princess Leila Pahlavi
Another victim of Islamist Regime:
Visit : http://www.farahpahlavi.org/leila-passing.html

ActivistChat.com (Free Iran) : Buttons/Pins & Magnets

These bags of FREE IRAN buttons/pins and magnets are great for large crowds, demonstrations, inexpensive handouts, and of course, only for TRUE ACTIVISTS!


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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 3:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Note: Tap water can be stored in bathtubs, in case the electricity grid goes down. Also have fresh batteries on hand to power portable radios, and candles and matches for light.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 12:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have plenty of foods on hand that don't require refrigeration, crackers and canned foods, for instance.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2005 7:42 am    Post subject: Manual for Peaceful Regime Change in Persian! Reply with quote

Iran va Jahan

Saturday, January 24, 2004

From Dictatorship to Democracy in Persian

January 24, 2004
The Albert Einstein Institution

The Albert Einstein Institution is pleased to announce the completion of the Farsi translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy, by Dr. Gene Sharp.

This piece is a thorough introduction to the use of nonviolent action and strategic thinking to topple dictatorships. Originally published in 1993 for use by Burmese dissidents, it has spread significantly in the last decade and has been translated into eight different languages, including Serbian, Indonesian, and Spanish.

The Farsi translation is available for free download from the Albert Einstein Institution web site at www.aeinstein.org

For your reference, the links to the Farsi translation are:

Main text:


Please call or write us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

The Albert Einstein Institution

Contact information:
The Albert Einstein Institution
427 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115-1801
Phone: (617) 247-4882
Fax: (617) 247-4035
Email: einstein@igc.org

link to original article
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2005 1:36 am    Post subject: The 70 Gallant Men Who Did Not Die In Vain Reply with quote

June 4, 1942, the Decisive Day of the Pacific War

Flying obsolete Douglas Devastators, slow and lightly armed, and without fighter escort, the 41 planes of the Hornet, Yorktown and Enterprise torpedo squadrons performed as courageous and consequential an attack against heavy odds as ever in the history of warfare. "These Americans fight like samurai!" said Admiral Nagumo. 35 of the planes were destroyed and only one crewman from those planes was rescued. Their attack lured the fighter cover down, kept the strike on the American carriers from being launched, and left the divebombers with a clear path to bomb laden flight decks. The Japanese Navy was crippled for the rest of the war, and the course of Allied victory was quickened as resources could be shifted to Britain and North Africa. No one can tell how much the war was shortened, or how many lives were saved, or even if a Soviet occupied Germany or other bad outcomes could have resulted, absent this 'Charge of the Light Brigade'. At no time in history have 70 lives been spent to greater effect.

In 1997, the mortal remains of Ensign George Gay, the sole battle survivor of Torpedo Squadron Eight, were spread on the ocean where his squadron mates fell.

Jewish World Review June 3, 2005 / 25 Iyar, 5765

Hear the heroes of June 4th

By David Gelernter

Samuel Eliot Morison was one of the 20th century's most eminent American historians. His writing is vivid, but in "The Two-Ocean War" he appeals directly to his readers just once. Speaking of airmen who died at the Battle of Midway, he writes, "Think of them, reader, every Fourth of June. They and their comrades who survived changed the whole course of the Pacific War."

As June 1942 began, Japan was on a rampage. America had yet to recover from Pearl Harbor, hit in late '41. The Japanese had just launched a campaign to grab Midway Island from the U.S. as a base for more air strikes against Hawaii and to open the central Pacific to attack.

The two fleets faced off north of Midway, too far apart to reach each other with gunfire. The battle was fought by aircraft. There were three American carriers (virtually all that remained of the U.S. Pacific fleet) versus four large Japanese carriers.

The first waves of U.S. warplanes attacked, disastrously. Navy Lt. Cmdr. John C. Waldron led a squadron of 15 torpedo bombers; all were shot down, and the Japanese ships remained untouched. Two more squadrons followed, one under Lt. Cmdr. Eugene E. Lindsey, one led by Lt. Cmdr. Lance E. Massey. They too suffered heavy losses and failed to scratch the Japanese.

Silence. It looked like America had shot its wad and lost everything. "For about one hundred seconds" at the heart of the battle, Morison writes, "the Japanese were certain they had won the Battle of Midway, and the war."

Then, one more group of U.S. warplanes suddenly appeared — dive bombers led by Lt. Cmdr. Clarence W. McClusky. In countering the previous attacks, Japanese fighter planes had been drawn downward — leaving American bombers unmolested at 14,000 feet, free to dive on the Japanese ships. Two carriers were sunk. Soon afterward a third was destroyed, later a fourth. The U.S. went on to win the battle — and the war.

Why must we remember? Because Midway was the turning point in our war with Japan — which is central, in turn, to our understanding of the 20th century and the human race.

World War II dislodged Europe from the center of world politics and created the U.N., the drive for European unity, Israel's rebirth — and a 50-year Cold War. One more thing. It destroyed humanity's sense of itself as basically good.

Morality collapsed and was trampled to death in three of the world's largest nations simultaneously. Today's public understands the criminal depravity of Hitler. (Although Europe doesn't understand well enough to deny itself the pleasure of its latest round of Jew-hatred.) People understand (vaguely) the monstrousness of Stalin. But no one wants to know what Japan did to captive Asian peoples and POWs.

I pick up Arnold Brackman's book about Japanese war crimes unwillingly. I don't want to read about the British officer at the Tamarkan camp, near the River Kwai, beaten insensible then kept four days in a trench in six inches of mosquito-infested rainwater. At war's end, he was insane. Or about prisoners of Japan on a torpedoed ship who struggled to reach a life raft, where a Japanese seaman chopped off their hands or split their skulls with an ax. Routine incidents. This is the Japan that almost won the Battle of Midway, and the war. American soldiers refused to let it happen.

Memorial Days come and go, and Americans know less about World War II and Midway every year. While the veterans still survive, we ought to listen to them. They want to talk and (Lord knows) they deserve to. We should take Morison's advice at last and remember the day we almost lost the Pacific war, and the soldiers who turned it around for us — those who died heroically and those who lived. The president could make it happen with a stroke of the famous presidential pen — not another Memorial Day but a Day of Listening, devoted to the Midway veterans, to all our World War II veterans. How much longer are we going to wait?

The heroism of these old soldiers doesn't erase the unspeakable atrocities of the war. It does mean that humanity has something to say in its own defense. These veterans are still our benefactors. Think of them, reader, every Fourth of June.
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:35 am    Post subject: MacArthur's Message to the Filipino People from the Leyte Be Reply with quote

MacArthur's Message to the Filipino People from the Leyte Beachhead

General Douglas MacArthur had been ordered to leave the besieged Bataan peninsula in April 1942 in order to command the American efforts to defend and retake the Southwest Pacific from the Japanese onslaught. In his departing message to the Philippine people, he had vowed to return and free them.

In October 1944, that moment came. MacArthur broadcast these dramatic words to Filipinos just moments after he waded ashore at Red Beach, during the height of the fiercely contested Leyte invasion. With his feet finally back on Philippine soil, and his pledge at last being fulfilled, MacArthur spoke with great emotion:


I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil -- soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples. We have come, dedicated and committed, to the task of destroying every vestige of enemy control over your daily lives, and of restoring, upon a foundation of indestructible, strength, the liberties of your people.

At my side is your President, Sergio Osmena, worthy successor of that great patriot, Manuel Quezon, with members of his cabinet. The seat of your government is now therefore firmly re- established on Philippine soil.

The hour of your redemption is here. Your patriots have demonstrated an unswerving and resolute devotion to the principles of freedom that challenges the best that is written on the pages of human history. I now call upon your supreme effort that the enemy may know from the temper of an aroused and outraged people within that he has a force there to contend with no less violent than is the force committed from without.

Rally to me. Let the indomitable spirit of Bataan and Corregidor lead on. As the lines of battle roll forward to bring you within the zone of operations, rise and strike. Strike at every favorable opportunity. For your homes and hearths, strike! For future generations of your sons and daughters, strike! In the name of your sacred dead, strike! Let no heart be faint. Let every arm be steeled. The guidance of divine God points the way. Follow in His Name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory!

Douglas MacArthur
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 12:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tools for a Revolution

When the people of occupied Hungary rose up against Soviet occupation in 1956, they took the flag of the despised Hungarian People's Republic

and cut out the central crest:

This "Flag with the hole" remains the eternal symbol of that glorious [but premature] uprising.

Suppose when the time comes for concerted action inside Iran, someone wishing to display support for the national liberation does not have one of these

There are many different sellers of these on ebay: just look under Buy > Collectibles > Historical Memorabilia > Flags > Countries > Other. Prices seem to be about $5 for a 3x5 foot banner plus some shipping.

why not take one of these, if available,

and cut out the central device, as a sign that the hegemony of the mullahs is rejected? Some might wish to delete the Arabic script in the top and bottom fields, but that might be unnecessarily offensive to devout Muslims who support the liberation. I guess activists will have to use their own best judgement on that.

Military units joining the people could display these flags on the sides of vehicles, as well as fly them from flagstaffs, tanks could suspend them from their gun barrels, and so forth.

Another possible symbol for liberation might simply be an outlined white (tan, brown?)"V" with the tip of the right stroke blue, as in the recent Iraqi election.

With some bed sheets, scissors and a few cans of spray paint, literally hundreds of such "V" banners could be turned out in a short period of time. Two long pieces of paper, cloth, etc, one tipped blue would also make a very simple and effective device for display in windows, etc.

Just some ideas that I hope you might find useful in your struggle. Best wishes to the soon-to-be-free Iranian people!
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 1:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


RP waving the Lion-and-Sun at the L.A. Rally!

The statement of Prince Reza Pahlavi in the occasion of latest Iranians' gathering in support of political prisoners.

21 Khordad 1384 - [11 Jun 2005]

One of the Iranian political prisoners, representing his compatriots - asked me to show my support to their devotion and struggle and their hunger strike which was started at 20 Khordad [June, 10 2005]

I, too, started my hunger strike in the same day and came to the biggest gathering of Iranian people aboard to be with my compatriots.

I came hear to say that today, we are not republicans or monarchists. We are not liberals or conservatives. We are not Kurds or Azeri’s. We are not Persians or Arabs.

We are not Baluchs or Lurs. Nor are we Turkmen.

Today we are all Iranians who rose up to free Iran.

As long as there are Iranians in the prison because of their political ideas, none of the Iranians are free.

They jail political dissidents to intimidate us. To reign our heart with their fear and to force us to forget our bravery, love and trust to each other.

As long as there are Iranians in the prison because of their political ideas, neither elections nor referendum can mean anything.

As long as there is no freedom for Iranians to express their ideas and establish their own political parties freely, who can claim that they are aware of Iranians' public opinion?

The public opinion is the judge and the jury of every political race in Iran. Without that, where this race will end? How can we be sure that which opinion is the most accepted idea by Iranian people?

So, come closer my compatriots and let's start our final battle shoulder to shoulder, by fighting for the freedom of all political prisoners in Iran. They are jailed only because they believe in freedom of speech and independent political and social parties.

This struggle is against an anti-Iran and anti-Iranian regime and for establishing a national movement, beyond the ordinary political boundaries.

Today, we are not republicans or monarchists. We are not left or right.

Today, we are all the fighters for Iran's freedom path.

Long Live Iran!

Reza Pahlavi
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 6:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Today, a sit in and protest in front of Evin Prison 4-6 PM Teheran time. http://www.opendemocracy.net/blogs/comments/Iran/Weblog/more_protests_in_iran

Download this pop-rock song against the 'Looter's 'election'': http://regimechangeiran.blogspot.com/2005/06/music-against-dictators.html
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

June 13, 2005
Shifteh Speaks

Popular Iranian singer Shifteh speaks out against the tyranny of the mullahs. She urges freedom and democracy for the people of Iran. She made the following remarks at the May 28 Iran Freedom Foundation rally in Lafayette Park, DC:

Long live the American-Iranian solidarity.

Long live freedom. Long live democracy.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Honorable Members of Congress and American policy-makers, members of the press:

I am honored to be here among you and repeat one more time that these are the most critical times of my country Iran.

Let us remember the crimes of this theocracy and especially the lies and deceits of Rafsanjani. Let us not fall into the same trap again.

This warning is especially directed to the American policy-makers who might not have been serving in a public office during the first eight years of Rafsanjani and might believe his lies.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not believe Rafsanjani. Do not give in to pressure tactics of the Islamic Republic. Please invest in the people of Iran and not the Islamic regime.

The Iranian people have so much in common with Americans. People of Iran are one of the most reliable allies of the United States. Both people share the high ideals of human rights and Bill of Rights. Iranian looks at the American model as an ideal form of organizing government.

Both people are victims of terror and, unlike some of the other allies, are committed to root it out. The Islamic Republic is the most active state sponsor of terror and has used terror with efficiency.

Weapons of mass destruction are another subject that both people have so much in common. We do not need the Islamic regime to develop nuclear weapons. The people of Iran do not want nuclear weapons, but the Islamic regime does. They need the weapons of mass destruction only to use it as a bargaining chip to suppress the people of Iran and guarantee their survival based on terror.

Peace-loving people of Iran, like Americans, support peace, prosperity, and progress in the Middle East. We need the American support to challenge the terrorist regime of mullahs and root out terror, misery, and poverty from the region.

Long live the American-Iranian solidarity.

Long live freedom. Long live democracy.

The video of her speech is available at the American Daughter Media Center http://www.americandaughter.com/arch_20050613shifteheng.html
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 11:53 am    Post subject: Reza Bayegan: Holding On Together Reply with quote

Jun 13, 2005
Holding On Together
By: Reza Bayegan

Reza Pahlavi was here in Paris to address the European-American Press Club in the early days of June. In advance of the meeting he was talking informally to a group of his compatriots and I joined in. Before seeing him I was worked up and restless. A combination of admiration, natural reserve and a deep veneration for what he represents had joined together to put me on edge. As soon as I saw him though I felt alright. His reassuring smile came to my rescue. He behaved towards all those who were present as though they were members of the same family; his family. Not the slightest aloofness could be detected in this man; not an iota of condescension.

Various topics were discussed; Reza Pahlavi was making a point about the importance of looking at positive qualities of our compatriots. He was saying how debilitating it is to dismiss someone’s many good qualities on account of a weakness or shortcoming. “We are all together in this democratic struggle as a various members of the same big family and we have to learn to move forward together. No one should be left behind or feel that he or she does not belong. We have to hold on together in commiseration or celebration.”

Yesterday I was thinking of these words when the telephone rang and a friend informed me that Reza Pahlavi had gone on a three day hunger strike in a gesture of solidarity with the political prisoners in Iran. Coming from Reza Pahlavi however I believe this is more than a political gesture. It is to empathize with other members of the Iranian family. It is an expression of a faith in the ultimate victory of justice and liberty over tyranny and brutality. This was the faith that urged Martin Luther King to continue with his struggle. This was the faith he was referring to in his famous speech “ I Have a Dream”:

“With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.

With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.”

Our Iranian national family is learning to work in unison again. We are learning to stand up for human rights together, we are going on hunger strike together, we will boycott the spurious presidential election together. Our national family has been torn asunder for far too long. It is high time to join our forces for uprooting tyranny and oppression.

© 2004 National Union For Democracy In Iran
8581 Santa Monica Blvd. #284 Los Angeles CA 90069
Phone:(310) 790-2500 Fax:(310) 943-2111 Email:info@nufdi.org
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!

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English Translation of Empress Farah Pahlavi's Message of Solidarity
Monday, June 11, 2005

Message of Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi in Support of the Iranian Women's Struggle, Their Hunger Strike and the Hunger Strike of Political Prisoners and Students.

From the very outset of Iran's early twentieth-century Constitutional Revolution, women have been the pioneers of liberty, progress and development in our country.

The establishment of the Islamic Republic and imposition of its retrograde constitution however deprived women of their hard earned civil and legal rights, relegating them to the rank of second class citizens. During the past twenty-six years Iranian women have embarked upon a new, courageous civil struggle opposing the mediaeval laws contained in the constitution of the Islamic Republic. This peaceful struggle of women marks a brilliant chapter in the history of the Iranian national movement for liberty and political emancipation.

The current protest waged by the vibrant and enlightened women of our country is intensifying at a time when university students, intellectuals and human rights activists have transformed Iranian political prisons into bastions for defending freedom and justice. In the days leading to the spurious presidential election, these protests have greatly contributed to discrediting the clerical dictatorship.

Commending the valiant heroes and heroines of our country who are calling for the emancipation and liberty of our homeland, I also would like to express my solidarity with the freedom movement of the Iranian women, students, and intellectuals.

With the hope that the dark night of our homeland will soon turn into day, and the light of liberty, prosperity and development will once again shine on the horizon of our beloved Iran.
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:46 pm    Post subject: We will expose the show-election of the regime! Reply with quote


From SMCCDI: daneshjoo.org

Public Statements
We will expose the show-election of the regime to obtain our freedom!
SMCCDI (Public Statement)
Jun 15, 2005

Noble and Free People of Iran,

One more time, the ridiculous and useless show, named the presidential election of the Islamic republic is on the way. The leaders of the ideological-theocratic regime, who more then ever find themselves in the looming fall and overthrow of the entire unlawful and despotic regime, are trying to get some of our unaware or under pressure citizens to the poll booth, with new deceits, which the result will be nothing but the continuation of crimes, injustice, inequality, more suffering, public hopelessness and specially the continuation of plundering and pillaging the national resources.

Yes, eight years ago in such days, the majority of those who could vote, especially the women and youth, went to the show polls of the pre-selected. They, in their beliefs, were willing to vote for “a lesser evil”, perhaps with less pay, causing better situations and resulting the transformation of the Mullah dogmatic regime. At that time these people were unaware of this basic, that the Islamic republic regime for its basis on reactionary-fascism reflection and the nature of Mafia – oligarchic, has no merit of basic reform. They did not know that the designers of that fallacious puppet–show, have no other purpose, but the continuation and preserving of their shameful political existence, under the contradictory and limitless banner of “ Religious Leadership of People”.

The result of this historical mistake was nothing but the wave of riding a faction of reactionary clerics and old fashion technocrats with a mask called “reformism”, on the wave of the desires and natural inclinations of the oppressed and deprived people of Iran. Execution and murdering of freedom – lovers; exercising the mediaeval age punishments; incarceration of journalists and closing of the newspapers; physical suppression and imprisoning the students; vanquishing the protesting movements including laborers, farmers, teachers and nurses; beating boys and girls; advancement of prostitution, addiction and social and administrative corruption; lowering the cash value of Rial and the national economy; unemployment and ever-increasing inflation; irrational privatization of major industries in the form of business for the profits of sons or daughters of Akhoonds (aghazadeha); blackmail-like and shameful foreign contracts that are at the same level of disgraceful Tourkamanchi and Golestan contracts during Ghajars (dynasty preceding the Pahlavi Dynasty); embezzling of the national resources; bestowing the major part of Iran's share of the Caspian Sea, are just part of the shameful and bloody record of the faction called 2nd of Khordad and their devoted and inefficient symbol Mohammad Khatami.

But, by the spreading age of digital technology and public communication, a big part of those voters in the first round, quickly found out that the result of their vote does not have any effect in their destiny. Yes, four years later and based on the official statistics, millions of them did not participate in the re-election of the president of the Islamic republic, causing disgrace to the regime and informing the world of the ever growing gap between the people and the government.

It is important to say, that in those days almost the public consternation and perplexity even have been taken over part of inside and outside classic oppositions and intellectuals, only a few intellectual and modernist groups like "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI) and “National-Secular Party of Iran” were those who in their repeated analytic articles or in their statements, pointing out the necessary alarms about the dark torments of this religious charlatanism and opportunistic behavior of those of low-determination regime oppositions.

Intellectual students, laborers and champion hard-workers, government employees and people’s disciplinary forces, daring and champion women of Iran,

Now, after eight years of demagogy, the Islamic republic regime, under popular and international pressure, has been so widely despised that forced to bring out their main piece of their puppet-show marionette on the stage, perhaps some of the foreign governments continue reciting and condescension with a unmixed regime in hope of keeping illegal interests. What a futile dream!

Parts of the recent speech by Secretary of State Rice about the flimsiness of the election in Iran, and the siding of some of the European countries with The United States regarding the Islamic regime, all are indicating the aggravation of pressure and revealing the regime main essence; and the absence of the people at the poll booths will show the right choice of the people in connection with the generality of the Islamic Republic.

No doubt, in all these equations, the protagonist and predestined role is played by a nation who, like before, with nonparticipation in the variety of games by the regime and turn back to them, had dropped RafsanJani to the 30th in Tehran representatives (in the past election) and has slapped in the face of both factions of the regime! The oppressed youth and women of Iran never forget the savagery and decisiveness of the all factions of this people oppressor regime! Officers (Sardaran) and resigned founders of Sepah, The inefficient secretaries of 2nd of Khordad or other discharged men of the regime, have never been accepted or been popular among the conscious people and never will be! Neither the artificial and unreal productions but with very fast transient, nor racial distinctions, nor malingering to nationalism, nor political bombings, nor the western-oriented shows of hired girls with make-up will necessarily prevent the fall of the anti-people and in-human regime!

Now, more than ever, this independent committee, which is the pioneer and promoter of the basic reflections of the “Iran Third Force", and organizer of civil disobedience for years, stresses that after the attainment of the ideal of total abolition of the Islamic Republic, the free people of Iran must be able to select directly the type of their desired secular-democratic political system, in a free public election, and after that establishing a parliament for compilation of a constitution based on the transparent will of the people. It is obvious that going with the element of secularism, which does not have any contradiction with religion and the private beliefs of people, protecting the entirety of the nation of Iran and observance of the national resources with respect to the purport of Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be another pillar of future Iran!

In this way, on June 17th, the Great and Freedom-loving People of Iran are going to add another honor and golden page to their fight and rebellious record towards sending the Islamic republic into the dustbin of history, by staying at home and especially not participating in this last ridiculous election show.

Long Live Freedom!

Long Live Secularism!

Long Live Democracy!

Tehran, June 15, 2005 (25th Khordad 1384)

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran"

Original Persian Text: http://www.daneshjoo.org/inside/pdf/bazi1384.pdf
[Poster's note: I've changed a few words where I think that will clarify the meaning and smooth the presentation for reading in English. My apologies in advance if anything I've done changes the meaning of the text from that intended by the authors/translators!]

© Copyright 2003 SMCCDI: daneshjoo.org
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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