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July 9 and the Europeans' Murderous Silence

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 12:20 pm    Post subject: July 9 and the Europeans' Murderous Silence Reply with quote

July 9 and the Europeans' Murderous Silence

Free Thoughts

As the world focuses its attention on how to deal with today's International Islamist Terrorism and the turmoil in the Middle East,thousands upon thousands of Iranians are gathering,everyday,in several Iranian cities to reclaim their land from the evil mullahs which rule their country since 25 years now.

In spite of the Media's Unfair and Unbalanced reports on the situation there (if and when they report!) all the iranians are demanding for is not "reforms from within the regime".

Khatami has showed his true colors when,instead of thanking the students which he ought his presidential victory to,in the 1997,he has labeled the protestors as "hooligans","Cia agents" and the like.

It was in the July 1999 when the Students protested the regime's continued repression.

At the time,they still believed that Khatami might had rescued them and were waiting for a word of support from him.

After days of silence,he finally spoken.

But,instead of supporting the Freedom Lovers ,he has declared his firm opposition to the students uprising and wasted no time to refer to as "nercenaries of the enemy" (The United States,according to the mullahs).

It was since that time that the students,along with ordinary citizens from all the walks of life,have realized that a cleric and a mullah ruling the country cannot and does not want to pursue a reforms process.

An ideologic system,whether it is "secular" or theocratic,is for its very nature incompatible with even the same concept of "reforms" and "democracy".

The Soviet Union and the countries which were under its influence,have failed the reformist experiment.

Simply put,it was not even willing reform the system,because it would ultimately have resulted into a more radical change in the ideology in its entirety.

If you give people more liberties and civil rights,they presumed,they could endanger the system.

It was for this that the people living in the Eastern Europe's communist countries have demanded for what a few years later has changed their lives; a total regime change.

May you have imagined Nazi-Fascism trying to pursue reforms? Or the Saddam regime doing like that ?

The mullahs of Iran understood that reforms only could endanger the regime,letting people be freer to say their opinions and even challenge islam by adopting a Westernized lifestyle.

What they had promised in 1997 was not what they really wanted to accomplish.They did know that they were lying to millions of people. They did know that they were not going to keep only only of their promises.

What is then that made them promise what they couldn't keep? It was an attempt to keep the power under their control and survive another couple of year,at a time when the regime was almost universally discredited.

It was as to say 'give us more time and we promise to reform and grant you more freedoms.Just give us the time,because reforms and change take time'.

In this way they convinced half a world about their "goodwill" and were capable to attract foreign investments and economic deals.That is the key to their hopes to survive.

Now that they are growing extremely isolate,both internationally and at home,they need to keep their strategic alliance with their sole backers that they know they can trust:Europe and Japan.

Now that the people of Iran have shout the world their firm rejection of the regime in its totality and clarified their real desire,Democratic Regime Change,we in Europe and throughout the world,can no longer to turn the other way.

Amid an increasing wave of repression inside and terrorism outside (directly finded by the Islamic regime)we the European citizens in total dissent with our representatives' policies,have a duty to urge them to stop investing in the Regime and invest only in the Iranian People.

They,with their dynamic youth,are the sole hope for a better world,free of terror and tyranny.

Once for all,Europe needs to say it strong and clear what it wants to do.

It's only Europe's decision to continue to back the regime or instead back the Iranian people, who depends the fate of millions in Iran and throughout the Middle East.

Now more than ever,the Iranians want to know whether we are either with them or the regime.

There's no third way.
Referendum AFTER Regime Change

"I'm ready to die for you to be able to say your own opinions, even if i strongly disagree with you" (Voltaire)
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