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Iran Must Be Stopped Now

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 7:04 pm    Post subject: Iran Must Be Stopped Now Reply with quote

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Iran Must Be Stopped Now

September 09, 2003
Arutz Sheva
Shalom Freedman

President Bushís war on terror, which begin in Afghanistan and moved to Iraq, stands before its most critical and dangerous phase. For while it is not at all clear that the U.S. military, a good share of whose power is now in Iraq, is truly ready for it, it is very apparent who the central element in the axis of evil is. It is the state that is presently doing more now to promote terror throughout the world than any other - Iran.

The tentacles of Iran are linked to terror in a wide variety of places, from Afghanistan to the Phillipines, from Bosnia to Indonesia, and all through the Middle East. One of the central connections, the Iranian- Palestinian connection, takes many forms. The Iranians worked very hard to undermine the erstwhile Israeli-Palestinian cease fire. They are providing Hamas and the Islamic Jihad operational training in terror, and considerable funding. This is not a new connection, as the Iranians have provided support for suicide bombers, and were behind the infamous terror ship, the Karine A, with its fifty tons of munitions, which the Israeli navy seized at sea on its way to Arafatís Gaza.

Iran has been responsible for the deaths of many American soldiers and citizens. Iran had its hand in the 1996 bombing that killed twenty-six American servicemen at the American Army base at Khobar in Saudia Arabia. It is behind the latest bombing of the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad. For over a decade, it has been attacking Americans, and it has taken American lives in, among other places, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Lebanon.

There are reports that many of Saddam Husseinís people who fled with the American entry into Iraq took refuge in Iran and are now making their way back to war against the U.S. in Iraq. Iran funds and directs one of the most vicious of all terror groups, the Lebanese Hizbollah, which is involved in kidnappings and constant terror operations against Israel. Iranís upgrading of the weapons of Hizbollah is a constant process. Iran is also linked very clearly to Al-Qaeda, and has provided refuge and terror training to many of its operatives, including those behind the most recent incident in Baghdad.

But above all, Iran endangers world peace because of its nuclear and missile programs. Israeli anti-terror experts, including former Mossad Chief Ephraim Halevi, have given evidence that, if it is not stopped, Iran will have a nuclear weapon by 2005. The Iranians, according to their Defense Ministry, are working to increase the range of their Shihab missle, which already has a range of thirteen-hundred kilometers. Their mullahs have spoken about their ability to incinerate the state of Israel with just one of their nuclear weapons. The Iranians have been less vociferous about pointing out that all of American forces in the Middle East, and a good share of European nations, will soon be under their nuclear threat. It appears that the diplomatic pressure the U.S. has applied to Russia, and other suppliers for the Iranian nuclear program has not been a total success, as the Iranians confidently march ahead.

And here it must be pointed out that Iranian propaganda and ideology, while it might occasionally move to try and throw the U.S. and the West into somnolence, is quite clear about its Islamic fundamentalistic agenda. It hates all secularity , and of course the center of the worldís secular culture, the democracy it despises, is its big Satan. It is determined to hit out at American interests wherever it can, and in whatever way it can.

It should be noted that Iranian leaders have at times pointed to their vast territory and large population and made the insane claim that while Israel could not survive a nuclear strike from Iran, Iran could absorb a nuclear hit from Israel and still be a viable state. This claim is insane, first because it so readily seems to be willing to absorb the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of its own citizens. But it is insane for another reason. It severely underestimates the capacity of Israelís armed forces, including its second-strike capability. Nonetheless, the faulty intelligence and misjudgment of totalitarian leaders so aptly illustrated by Saddam Hussein may one day be Iranís, as well. And such faulty judgment could lead to a disaster that is more than regional.

The unrest of the Iranian people, a desire of a good share of them to be free of the totalitarian regime of the mullahs, does not, according to most intelligence sources, have any real chance of succeeding by itself at this point. It would be folly for those threatened by Iran to wait for an internal revolution, which cannot, in the near future, defeat the totalitarian apparatus of the terror state.

Iran has to be stopped before its acts of terror lead to a global disaster.

If it were stopped, the terror state closest to it, which is perhaps as evil, but far less powerful and far more ready for internal transformation, Syria, would have to cut its terror activities. The forces of terror throughout the world would receive a devastating, if not wholly fatal, blow.

Again, it is not at all clear that the U.S. is ready to take this action now. Nor is it clear how willing the U.S. is to cooperate with Israel in such an operation. Again, the terror threat from Iran is a very large one to American lives and interests, but for Israel, it is a threat to its very existence.

What is clear, however, is that if the U.S. is to win the worldwide war on terror, then the present Iranian regime must be overthrown, and its weapons of mass destruction retired. If this is not done, the threat of nuclear conflagration and terror on a scale the world has never known will almost inevitably be realized.

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