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The tyrants who hanged my 67 year old beloved father never

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Farid Farzaneh

PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2004 7:13 pm    Post subject: The tyrants who hanged my 67 year old beloved father never Reply with quote

Condemning the tyranny in our country

Deep inside I feel that I need to share my story with you. Thank you in advance for you attention and patience.
Risking your life to escape from a dictatorship which has killed your beloved father, threatened your liberty, robbed all that your parents had built and worked for in a life time, and leaving behind the people you love, entering the unknown territories without any identity in search for freedom, is a strange, daring journey.

Most unfortunately, we have witnessed the revival of the Inquisition Courts of the dark Middle Ages of Europe in today's Iran. On one hand I have personally experienced the grave violations of fundamental human rights and denial of freedom of speech and belief in my country; and on the other, the great challenge facing the United Nations and also some non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International and International Rescue Committee for upholding the essential values and dignity of all mankind.

My name is Farid Farzaneh and my father Dr. Ahmad Farzaneh, an attorney at law, was executed by the Islamic Revolutionary court on October 1st, 1995, after being held in solitary confinement in Evin Prison for 4 years. His crime: not being liked by the Revolutionary officials, because of his opposition to the notion of "Valiate Faghih" and because of his different perception of the teachings of Islam.

When the revolutionary guards ransacked our home in Tehran on Nov.9th, 1991 and took my father to prison, in contrast to the principles of criminal procedure they didn't give any reasoning or explanation for the arrest and for their actions in taking all our paper work and real-state deeds . After the first few investigations it seemed that it is because of one of my father's Jewish clients, but after a year the interrogators changed their line and started questioning my father about his political and religious beliefs; probably because they had found out that he is such a brave man who defies the dictators and therefore would give them the excuse to kill him.

He was a deep believer in Islam and long before the revolution he attended the classes of the clergy and unlike any one else in our families frequently listened to Koranic tapes and rehearsed it till the point that he knew half of it by heart. Some times I used to wake up at 2 or 3 am and would see him sitting alone in a far away room so as not to disturb any one, indulged in his "Mafatih-al-Jenan" and reciting the Koran. He never missed his prayers - and I say my daily prayers because of the heart touching influence of his teachings who showed me a God of Love, not Hatred. But the demons who only know hatred,never listened to our numerous pleas for freeing my father, finally executing him and just verbally telling us, he is an "apostate". Why? Obviously because he did not agree with the way these so-called Mullas are abusing the religious faith of the nation to grasp the power and fill their pockets.

The tyrants who hanged my 67 year old beloved father never gave or even bothered to show us the judgment of their so-called court, but I very strongly presume that the other reason for killing my father was to get their hands on everything he and my mother and sister had. In fact one week after my father had got so tired of his terribly prolonged imprisonment that he submitted to the coercion of the Revolutionary Court and "donated" them his 62% shares in Iran's largest brick laying factory at that time, the Sofal Factory in Birjand, they hanged him. They also confiscated all my family's belongings; my mother's land and my sister's garden in north west of Tehran. But as if this wasn't enough, they banned my mother and I from traveling abroad and banned us from signing any deed before a notary public, i.e., "Mamnooal-moameleh & Mamnooal-khorooj".

The dictators even prohibit furthering the education! I had obtained the Bachelors Degree in Judicial Law from Tehran University in 1990 and the Master's Degree in International Law from Shahid Beheshti (ex.National) University in 1995 and studied hard for months and was accepted in the PhD Doctorate program for sending students abroad, but a letter from the Revolutionary Court to the Ministry of Higher Education, forbid me in participating in the doctoral program. All the years of my legal studies were rendered fruitless. Actually I had seen what the corrupt judicial system of Iran had done to a lawyer .e., my father, in contrast with even the principles of their own Constitutional Law and the Rules of Criminal Procedure and I had no desire to become another lawyer in that lawless land. For example I know of a friend who even though passed the initial screening of the Ministry of Information and the Tehran Bar Association, but because of the corrupt system opted not to continue the legal practice and travelled to the north of the country to open a bookstore!

Still after my father's execution My mother and I were still under harassment by the Revolutionary Court. She suffered from heart and kidney illnesses. So after six months and by paying some money to the officials, the ban against her was lifted and with the financial support of our relatives she travelled to the US. She could apply for political asylum, but didn't because I was still in Iran, and my family didn't want to further endanger my situation by publicly pursuiting my father's case.

After the New Year of 1376 (March 1997) I fled Tehran and lived in different cities with relatives trying to find a reliable way to flee Iran altogether until finally on Jan.1st 1999, with the help of a cousin and an Afghan smuggler I passed the Pakistan border from Mirjaveh on foot. After a week stay in Kouete in Western Pakistan and three weeks in Karachi, I arrived at Islamabad where I applied to UNHCR and the US embassy. With their help and Amnesty International and under the auspices of the International Rescue Committee, I was accepted as a refugee, and finally on Sept. 24, 1999 I travelled to the United States, joining all you Iranians who are living here and enjoying the freedom of speech and belief.

Freedom is like water and air, one tends to take it for granted until one loses it. It is terribly saddening that my father and the recently killed or executed brave students of Iran were never given a chance to relish the fruits of freedom and liberal democracy. I know my father was neither the first, nor unfortunately the last victim of these tyrants. But with enlightening information from institutions such as yours about the realities of the misdeeds of these criminals and turning the public opinion of the world against them, their demonic rule can be shortened and hopefully one day come to an end.

I hope that you would as always condemn their grave crimes, which in this case they committed against my father and also the other incidents against the bold but innocent students whose demand is nothing but a democratic and free Iran.

Your efforts in voicing the freedom and upholding justice by showing the true face of these demons in the media, and your expertise in using the Internet to disseminate the truth to the four corners of the world is forever gratified and deeply appreciated.

Yours very sincerely

Farid Farzaneh Email:FFarzaneh@excite.com
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 2:11 pm    Post subject: comment Reply with quote

First, accept my deepest sympathy about your loss.
If you live abroad, get a gun, go to the Iranian embassy, waite for mullas & shoot. You can not negotiate with anyone stronger than you.
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PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2004 7:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I believe that i spek for everyone on this site when i offe my condolences, they may be late but i have only just read your moving tale. I am not so sure however that shooting some embassy workers will do anythin more than inflam the situation, now that you are in america and accepted by the government, you have the oppurtunity to pursue the case internationally.
"When on the battlefield if you have the sole intention of breaking into the enemy lines, you will manifest martial valour. Furthermore if you are slain in battle you should be resolved to having your corpse facing the enemy" - Yamamoto tsunetomo
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