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URGENT: Please Help Stop the Deportation of Iranians from UK

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 8:39 pm    Post subject: URGENT: Please Help Stop the Deportation of Iranians from UK Reply with quote

Please help stop the deportation of these 2 Iranians, convicted by the IRI and one sentenced to death by stoning, from the UK.

Sign the online petition at :




Stop the Deportation of Massoud Abdalian and Shahin Portohfeh

To: David Blunkett, Home Secretary, The Home Office, 50 Queen Anne's Gate, London, England SW1 9AT

Stop the Deportations of Massoud Abdalian and Shahin Portohfeh

We, the undersigned, request that David Blunkett, Home Secretary, immediately grants refugee status to Massoud Abdalian and Shahin Portohfeh.


Massoud Abdalian - Gaol awaits Student Translator
Massoud Abdalian is a 30 year old Iranian asylum seeker. He has a degree in English from Azad University in the Shiraz province of Iran.
Massoud has lived in the UK since fleeing Iran almost 3 years ago. His main 'crime' was to have in his possession a copy of Salman Rushdie's book, the Satanic Verses. He had hoped to translate the book into Farsi. For this the Iranian security forces warned him that 'something might happen to him'.

Massoud is one of the human rights activists that our Government claim to be supporting in their struggle against an anti-democratic regime in Iran.

As a student activist, Massoud had tried to bring together like-minded liberal thinkers in a bid to create discussion and activity about the nature of the regime and how to change it. He had been warned on numerous occasions by the Iranian security forces that he would be persecuted if he continued to try to express his strong beliefs that that the country required real democratic change.

Massoud's reward for his courageous attempt to bring freedom of expression to Iran is to have his leave to remain in the United kingdom refused by the home Office - the same Home Office that pretend to support people like him.

Massoud's fear of persecution is well grounded. His uncle spent 8 years in prison for similar political activity. His cousin paid the ultimate price and was executed by the Iranian courts.

Shahin Portohfeh Faces Death Sentence in Iran
An Iranian court holds a death warrant against 23 year-old asylum-seeker Shahin Portohfeh. The warrant condemns Shahin to 74 lashes and death by stoning should he return to Iran.

Amazingly the British Government are prepared to send this young man to a brutal death, having refused him leave to stay in this country. They say that Shahin could be deported at any time.

At the same time as our Government is constantly decrying the lack of basic human rights and freedom in countries like Iran, it is astonishing that they are prepared to sacrifice a life to the regime. Shahin's 'crime' was to have a gay relationship with another young man. This has resulted in him being beaten up and having his shop destroyed before he fled Iran. The death sentence was passed in his absence.

Shahin is an educated man, having a diploma in engineering, and specializing in motor vehicle fuel consumption.
Despite his obvious intelligence and level-headedness, the Home Office's decision to send him back to persecution and death drove him to stitch up his eyes, ears and mouth in desperate protest. This protest lasted for 6 Days, 5 of which Shahin spent without any food or liquids.
The Home Office remained unmoved by this plea for help, unlike local people who flooded to Shahin's door to offer support.

We would ask that you offer your support to Shahin in his struggle for the most basic of human rights - the right to live.

You can help by by adding your name to the ever-growing list of those who endorse the campaign. Send messages of support to:
Save Shahin and Massoud Campaign, PO Box 485, Coventry, England CV5 6ZP


The Undersigned
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