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Dr. Kaveh Farrokh Iranian History Expert
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:07 am    Post subject: Dr. Kaveh Farrokh Iranian History Expert Reply with quote

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
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Kaveh Farrokh (born September 24, 1962, Athens) is an expert in the field of Iranian history[citation needed].

Contents [hide]
1 Life and Education
2 Works
3 Articles
4 Books
5 References

[edit] Life and Education
Kaveh Farrokh was born in Athens, Greece, and is of Ossetian and Azeri descent. From an early age he exhibited a keen aptitude and interest in history. His talents were first recognized in 1980, during his senior year at the Institut Chateaubriand in Cannes, France, where he was granted the Lenoardo Da Vinci prize for high achievement in history from the mayor. Dr. Farrokh went on to obtain his undergraduate arts degree in May 1985 and his Ph.D. on September 24, 2001 from the University of British Columbia, where he specialized on the cognitive and linguistic processes of Persian speakers. He married Mahnaz Momeni in 2002 and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.

As a result of his life experience, education, and studies of linguistics, Dr. Farrokh now speaks English, German, French, and Persian. He also has a working understanding of at least three living languages, Provençal, Italian, Dutch, and Kurmanji Kurdish, as well as two ancient languages, Latin and Pahlavi. He has also lived in and traveled to several countries, including West Germany, East Germany, France, England, Belgium, Italy, Russia, and Iran.

[edit] Works
Dr. Farrokh has been writing since the early 1990's and has contributed articles to internationally recognized academic journals such as the International Journal of the Sociology of Language and chapters for books such as the International Book of Dyslexia: A Cross-Language Comparison and Practice Guide (Wiley, 2004).[1]

He has lectured at the University of British Columbia's Persian Legacy series and has provided seminars at Stanford University's WAIS (World Association of International Studies) conference.[2] He is now a member of WAIS. The History Channel has also interviewed and filmed Dr. Farrokh on the topic of technology in ancient Persia (due to appear in October 2006). He also serves as a member of the Persian Gulf Preservation Society.[3] Kaveh Farrokh currently teaches sessionally at the University of British Columbia's Continuing Studies Division.

[edit] Articles
The 300 Movie:Separating Fact From Fiction
The Alexander Movie: How are Iranians and Greeks Portrayed?
Iranian Now-Ruz (New Year), Nissanu, and the 365 day Year
Pan-Arabism’s Legacy of Confrontation with Iran
British Arabism and the Bombings in Iran (Written for Asia Times, co-Authored with Mahan Abedin)
Pan-Turanianism Takes Aim at Azerbaijan: A Geopolitical Agenda
Interestingly, Dr. Farrokh was to have the above article published as a comprehensive textbook, however decided to forego print publication and post the entire text (along with 300 rare photos) for free on the internet.
Parthian is not Turkish

[edit] Books
Elite Sassanian Cavalry: 226-651 AD[4]: Dr. Farrokhs first book, which is the first to specifically discuss the Sassanian dyanasty's elite cavalry (Savaran). This text has outlined the specific Pahlavi terms of the Sassanian cavalry’s elite units (e.g. Gyanavaspar Peshmerga; Zhayedan, etc.), military tactics, insignia and pitched battles. The role of Iranian women in the Sassanian military system has also been emphasized. He also provided a presentation of his aforementioned book at Stanford University.[5]
At present, Dr. Farrokh has completed a new book for Osprey Publishing Press entitled Shadows in the Desert: Persia at War. The text will outline Persia’s contributions to world civilization in areas such as mythology, technology, sciences, literature, militaria, the arts, music, architecture and garments. Kaveh’s main aim is to promote the establishment of a permanent Iranian Studies department in Canadian and American universities.

[edit] References
^ Farrokh, K. (2004). Dyslexia in Persian. In I. Smythe, J. Everatt, & R. Salter, (Ed.s), International Book of Dyslexia: A Cross Language Comparison and Practice Guide (pp. 73-79). John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
^ Persian Gulf Member gathering in Tehran, Iran
^ Farrokh, K. (2005). Elite Sassanian Cavalry: 226-651 AD. England: Osprey Elite Series 110, Osprey Publishing.
^ Events at Stanford
Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaveh_Farrokh"

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:32 am    Post subject: The Publication of Anti-Iran books: Meet Alireza Asghar-Zade Reply with quote

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh wrote:

Re: The Publication of Anti-Iran books: Meet Alireza Asghar-Zadeh

Dear All,

I am compelled to send you this e-mail as I sense a real sense of urgency. As we speak, a whole new set of books questioning the veracity of Iran's historical existence are being published. There is a new one by Alireza Asgharzadeh.

Asgharzadeh profoundly dislikes Iran and his views are wholly consistent with those activists who wish to carve up Iran into small mini-states. His new book is entitled:

Iran and the Challenge of Diversity: Islamic Fundamentalism, Aryanist Racism, and Democratic Struggles

I just received a copy of the text through a friend who (like myself) is concerned. In a nutshell, Asgharzadeh uses Sociological theory and paradigms to make the following cases:

(1) Iran is an imaginary construct.

Asgharzadeh links the late Edward Said's "Orientalism" (which actually concerned itself mostly with Turco-Arab relations with the West) and claims that Iranian history as we know it is based on "Orientalist" scholarship - he labels these as "Aryanist" and "Indo-Europeanists". In a sweep (by attaching academic-style references - like Brenda Shaffer), he has labelled ALL of Indo-European scholarship as "racist" and "Orientalist". Interestingly, it seems as if Asgharzadeh is placing Sociological theory above anthropology, linguistics, and historiography; it is as if, Sociology alone is able to replace these other aforementioned disciplines. Here we see a case of ideology using "scientific" sociological theory to suppress other disciplines that produces data that contradict one's views.

(2) Asgharzadeh subscribes to the conspiracy theory that the ancient world fabricated the history of Iran.

Again, he relies on a small set of "historical references", but these are not primary sources. He makes no allusion to references in ancient Japan, Greece, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam - I also doubt if he reads Greek or Latin - he makes no references to the works of scholars such as Mazzini or Spatari (these are in Italian and not translated to English as of yet). He is also re-interpreting a select number of Greek and Roman references, among others. What is fascinating is that Asgharzadeh insists that the term "Aryan" is simply the application of western "Orientalist" scholars - yet fails to explain why the term keeps appearing in Greco-Roman sources such as Strabo, Herodotus or in archaeological sites such as Paikuli (Shapour I's inscriptions of victory against Rome).

(3) He promotes the notion that the vast Majority of Iranian Azarbaijanis, Kurds and Iranian Arabs wish to separate from Iran.

Using sociological theory (while failing to appreciate the science of historiography), Asgharzadeh fails to provide any hard data to back up his assertions. A number of preliminary surveys have found these assertions by Asghar-Zadeh to be untrue.

Not surprisingly, one of the "reviewers" of Asgharzadeh's book is Iran-hater Brenda Shaffer (see link to Amazon). Both Asghar-Zadeh and Shaffer have shot themselves in the foot. This is because both rely on the narratives (and creative fiction) of Nasser Pourpirar. You may wish to see the following link regarding Pourpirar in Wikipedia:


Here are a few quotes from that link:

He claims that construction of Persepolis was never finished [11] and the Achaemenid dynasty whom he considers as a group of ancient barbarian Slavic invaders ended with Darius the Great, after they returned to their homeland in Eurasian steppes. The rest of the Achaemenid, Parthian, Sassanid, Tahirid, Ghaznavid, Seljuqid, and Samanid dynasties according to Pourpirar were fabricated by historians of mostly Jewish background as part of a Jewish conspiracy. [5]

This is fascinating. Brenda Shaffer (herself of Israeli descent) has often cited Pourpirar as "evidence" for her notions of questioning the legitimacy of Iran as state. It appears that in her zeal to discredit Iranian history, Shaffer is citing any source she can without carefully checking first. She (like Asghar-Zadeh) have endorsed the views of an anti-Jewish fanatic. Note Pourpirar's hatred of Iran and the Persian language (he was born in Tehran in 1940):

Regarding the importance of Arabic language for a predominantly Muslim country like Iran, he has stated that: "It is very unfortunate that we can not put the Persian language aside and replace it with the language of Koran. However the future of Iran is at the hand of Islamic Unity. Spreading Arabic language among Iranian youths and incorporating it more seriously into the education system [...] can make a foundation for such Islamic Unity."[10]

Pourpirar has reportedly praised Saddam Hussein, who followed the doctrines of Pan-Arabism and is disliked by Iranians and Kurds for killing millions of Iranians and Kurds, referring to Saddam as the "Great Arab hero" and the "symbol of resistance.[10] Pourpirar is quoted saying: "Saddam is a hero of the Islamic movement against Zionism and if he is killed, like any other POW, he is a martyr at the hands of infidels."[11]

Asgharzadeh also writes for the Newspapers of the Republic of azarbaijan. See the following sample below:

The Anatomy of Iranian Racism: Reflections on the Root Causes of South Azerbaijan’s Resistance Movement
Baku Today Newspaper


Asgharzadeh is in the Department of Sociology at York University. This is alarming. We are now getting more and more historical revisionists (harboring a political agenda sympathetic to ethnic-conflict discourse) being allowed to teach in western academic mileaus just as Iranian programs in history correspondingly decline. This vacuum is allowing for historical revisionism to accelerate.

Here is a small sample list of anti-Iran academics (there are many more):

Mehrdad Izady (Author of: Kurds: A Concise Handbook)
He has helped establish a "Kurdish Studies" (separate from the all-inclusive Iranian Studies which includes Kurdish studies) in the Czech Republic; [See LINK]

Brenda Shaffer (Author of: Borders and Bretheren: Iran and the Challenge of Azerbaijani Identity)
Caspian Studies Program
Harvard University

There are many other venues being pushed into mainstream western academia aiming to reduce Iran's legacy (e.g. Arab Gulf Studies, Central Asian Studies, Azarbaijani Studies, etc.) thanks mainly to various lobbies harboring petroleum and geopolitical interests. The common aim of all of these "academics" and lobbies is to discredit Iran as a state and especially its history before Islam.


Kaveh Farrokh
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:04 pm    Post subject: PAN-TURANIANISM TAKES AIM AT AZERBAIJAN: A Geopolitical Agen Reply with quote

Scholar Professor Kaveh Farrokh wrote:


Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
Kaveh Farrokh: Manuvera@aol.com

The entire article without pictures in PDF format

Original Source: http://www.rozanehmagazine.com/NoveDec05/aazariINDEX.HTML



.................(1) A Brief Note on the Origins of Pan-Turanianism.

....................(2) Some of the Beliefs of Pan-Turanianism.
.......................(a) The Inventors of culture, language and civilization were Turks.
...................................(b) The Myth of the Grey Wolf
...................................(c) Ancient Sumeria was Turkish.
...................................(d) The culture of the ancient Greece and Anatolia is Turkish in origin.
...................................(e) The Etruscans of pre-Roman Italy were Turks.
...................................(f) Armenians are Turks.
...................................(g) The indigenous Indian peoples of North America are Turks.
...................................(h) Kurds and their Mede ancestors are Turks.
...................................(i) Tajiks are Turks.
...................................(j) Turks are the World's Main Producers of World Class Persian Literature.
...................................(k) Judeo-Christianity and Islam have Turkish origins.
...................................(l) The Northern Iranians were all Turks.
...................................(m) The Parthian language was Turkish.
...................................(n) Bosnians, Macedonians, Albanians, and Ukrainians are Turks.


.................(1) Greater Azerbaijan was divided between Russia and Persia.
.......................(a) Arran & the Historical Azerbaijan.
..................................(b) The Musavats and the early Pan-Turanianists.
..................................(c) The Soviet Russians & Joseph Stalin.
..................................(d) Mr. Amin Rasulzadeh.
..................................(e) The role of Soviet Russia in 1941-1946.

.................(2) Azerbaijanis have spoken Turkish since the advent of History.
..........................(a) Archival Information.
...................................(b) The Turkic arrivals & Manzikert.
...................................(c) Linguistic Turkification.
...................................(d) Resistance against Ottoman Turks.
...................................(e) World War One.

.....................(3) Turks have been in the Caucasus for over 5000 Years.
...................................(a) Armenia, Georgia, Albania/Arran

.................(4) The Safavid Empire was Turkish.

....................(5) Sattar Khan was a pan-Turanian separatist.
.................................(a) Mr. Mahmudali Chereganli.
.................................(b) Sattar Khan & the Constitutional Movement of Persia.
.................................(c) European Intervention.
.................................(d) SANAM & the Fabrication of History.

.....................(6) Babak Khorramdin was a Turk who fought against Persia.

......................(7) Azerbaijanis and all who speak Turkish are Turkish by race.
...........................(a) Ziya Gokalp
.................................(b) The Richards et al. Genetic Studies
.................................(c) The Analyses of Colin Renfrew
.................................(d) The Cavalli-Sforza et al. Genetic Studies
.................................(e) Transcending the Concept of "Race"

.....................(Cool Iranian complacency.
.................................(a) Difficulty balancing Aryan Persia with Islam
.................................(b) Toleration of Anti-Persian cultural expressions
.................................(c) Iran's Neglect of Persian culture
.................................(d) A Bitter Tsarist Legacy


.....................(1) Who are the Grey Wolves?

.....................(2) Supporting Mr. Chehreganli

.....................(3) Operations in Foreign Countries

.....................(4) Grey Wolf Miscalculation: Greece


.....................(1) Translating Nazi Literature to Turkish

.....................(2) Anti-Armenian Literature.
......................(a) Similarity to Nazi Propaganda.
.................................(b) Mr. Talaat Pasha & the 1915 Armenian Tragedy.
.................................(c) Forgotten Gallant Turks who Saved Lives.
.................................(d) Political Influence and Re-Writing History.
.................................(e) The Role of Mr. Chehreganli & SANAM.

......................(3) Anti-Iranian Literature.

......................(4) The Status of non-Turkic speaking Azerbaijanis.

......................(5) Racialism and Fanaticism: Cancer at an International Scale


......................(1) Grey Wolf Public Relations Failures.

......................(2) Hostility to Grey Wolf Activism among Iranian Azerbaijanis.

......................(3) Tepid Reception in the Republic of Azerbaijan.


......................(1) The Bernard Lewis Project.

......................(2) Geopolitics & Petroleum Diplomacy.
.................................(a) The Role of British Petroleum and Oil Companies
.........................................(b) Dismantling Geopolitical Obstacles: Dismembering Yugoslavia

......................(3) Is Oil Running Out?

......................(4) Manipulating Scholarship in the West:
.................................(a) The ATC.
.........................................(b) CSIS.
.........................................(c) Dr. Brenda Shaffer.
.........................................(d) A Personal Experience.

.......................(5) Geopolitics & Re-inventing History: The Macedonia Example.
.............................(a) Changing Skopje to the Republic of Macedonia.
..........................................(b) Retroactive De-Hellenization & Petroleum Diplomacy.
..........................................(c) South Slav Macedonian Nationalism.

........................(6) Geopolitics and Psychological warfare.
..........................................(a) Manufacturing Victims.
..........................................(b) False Flag Incidents.

.........................(7) Manipulation of Western Media.

.........................(Cool Iranians as Negative Propaganda Targets.

.........................(9) Turkey & The Republic of Azerbaijan: Victims of Geopolitical Manipulation.

.........................(10) The Iranian Experience with Geopolitics & Petroleum Diplomacy.
...........................................(a) The Same Old Story?
...........................................(b) The Partitioning Agenda Continues
...........................................(c) Supporting Racism to further The Bernard Lewis Plan

.........................(11) A Final Note.





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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:47 am    Post subject: The Bernard Lewis Plan Reply with quote

Kaveh Farrokh wrote:

The Bernard Lewis Plan

To appreciate the danger facing Iran's integrity, we need to look back chronologically - before the overthrow of the Pahlavi regime. There have been detailed plans to dismember Iran - concrete ones go back to 1937. That is when the British intelligence and Military Staffs were ordered to draft an invasion plan of Iran with an aim to dismembering Khuzistan. While the details of these plans and how they progressed are beyond the time/space constraints of e-mail, allow me to highlight a few points (with some references):

Professor Bernard Lewis (photo below) is an octogenarian expert of the “Middle East” (itself an invented geopolitical term). Lewis is indeed a “master” scholar and expert on the Turks, Iranian and Arabs (see sample of his books in references). And herein lays the tragedy: Lewis wields his treasure trove of knowledge as an engine of destruction. Few have ever heard of “The Bernard Lewis Project”.

Professor Bernard Lewis
Professor Lewis first unveiled his project in the Bilderberg Meeting in Baden, Austria, on April 27-29, 1979 (see the only photo available of a Bilderberg Conference – 1954 photo). He formally proposed the fragmentation and balkanization of Iran along regional, ethnic and linguistic lines especially among the Arabs of Khuzestan (the Al-Ahwaz project), the Baluchis (the Pakhtunistan project), the Kurds (the Greater Kurdistan project) and the Azerbaijanis (the Greater Azerbaijan Project)[

Bilderburg Confernece in 1954

Dreyfus and LeMarc (19179, p. 157) provide a very succinct summary of the plan’s methodology:

“According to Lewis, the British should encourage rebellions for national autonomy by the minorities such as the Lebanese Druze, Baluchis, Azerbaiajni Turks, Syrian Alawites, the Copts of Ethiopia, Sudanese mystical sects, Arabian tribes…the goal is the break-up of the Middle East into a mosaic of competing ministates and the weakening of the sovereignty of existing republics and kingdoms…spark a series of breakaway movements by Iran’s Kurds, Azeris, baluchis, and Arabs…these independence movements, in turn would represent dire threats to Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and other neighbouring states.”

Robert Olson (2002, esp. p.108-158) has provided a surprisingly candid and sober assessment of the Greater Azerbaijan Project. He has provided a detailed assessment of how the intelligence and military agencies of Turkey, USA and Israel have set up bases and networks in Northern Iraq, Eastern Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan (esp. Nakhchivan) to broadcast anti-Iran hate propaganda into Iranian Azerbaijan. There is in fact a foreign-funded anti-Iran separatist radio station known as the Voice of Southern Azerbaijan (VOSA).

The Bernard Lewis Plan has been officially endorsed by the Pentagon Below is a revised map of Iran and the so-called "Middle East" as proposed by Ralph Peters (source: Peters, R. (2006). Blood Borders: How a better Middle East would Look. Armed Forces Journal, June Issue.

Note the potential for conflicts between "Greater Azarbaijan", "Greater Kurdistan" and Armenia - seperatist Kurds and Azaris are already bickering over Iran's West Azarbaijan province.

As is evident, the so-called "Peters Map" is simply another version of the Bernard Lewis Plan.

The relationship between VOSA and the Rashet Bet radio station (see photo below) of Israel was first reported by independent reporter Nick Grace. The report is available on the Clandestine Radio Intel Website (see Web references). Excerpts from his report are as follows:

“…According to monitor Nikolai Pashkevich in Russia, "when I tuned in my receiver to this channel I found an open carrier with 'Reshet Bet... on the background and then VOSA signing on" (CDX 180). Rashet Bet is, of course, a news service of Israel Radio. The German Telecommunications department has also pinpointed VOSA's location to be somewhere around Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia (BCDX 351.)…VOSA is clearly supervised and arranged by Israel's intelligence agency: the Mossad…”.

Rashet Bet radio

Olson also reports of sophisticated telecommunications equipment mounted on specialized vehicles that regularly drive inside Iranian territory, beam propaganda (presumably on video and radio) and retire across the border once their programs are concluded. Below left is a photograph of the latest military spy communications truck, the SmarTruck II - note state of the art communications panels inside the vehicle (below right photo):

SmarTruck II

The main role of VOSA-Rashet Bet and the SmarTruck II vehicles are to target Iranian Azerbaijanis with false and provocative information, mainly as narrated by Mr. Chehreganli and Dr. Brenda Shaffer (see item 4).

Olson has also reported of a plan to station western (American) heavy military equipment (e.g. tanks, missiles) in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Moscow News report on September 26, 2005, has also reported of such assistance taking place (Web References).

CIA operative, Reuel Marc Gerecht’s book, “Know Thine Enemy” (see Edward Shirley) neatly encapsulates current geopolitical objectives in Iranian Azerbaijan and Iran as a whole. Note the following review by Jason Athanasiadis in the Asia Times (Apr 29, 2005):

Gerecht …mulls over … cultivating high-ranking Azeris to inciting separatist Kurds …
he sheds valuable light on how an intelligence professional might approach the dismemberment of a hostile country. "I continuously scripted possible covert action mischief in my mind. Iranian Azerbaijan was rich in possibilities. Accessible through Turkey and ex-Soviet Azerbaijan, eyed already by nationalists in Baku …Iran's richest agricultural province was an ideal covert action theatre."
[Jason Athanasiadis, Stirring the Ethnic Pot, Asia Times On-line, Apr 29, 2005 –see Web references]

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, of the University of Ottawa. has provided the following assessment:

“Washington has been involved in covert intelligence operations inside Iran. American and British intelligence and Special Forces (working with their Israeli counterparts) are involved in this operation… Targeting Iran … broadly serves the interests of the Anglo-American oil conglomerates, the Wall Street financial establishment and the military-industrial complex…The announcement to target Iran should come as no surprise. It is part of the battle for oil…In Baku, Azerbaijan Rumsfeld was busy discussing …the stated short term objective …to "neutralize Iran". The longer term objective under the Pentagon's "Caspian Plan" is to exert military and economic control over the entire Caspian Sea basin, with a view to ensuring US authority over oil reserves and pipeline corridors.”

[Michel Chossudovsky, Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran, in Global Research Publications On-line, May 1, 2005]
Rumsfeld’s goal to “neutralize Iran” is actually a description of Olson’s prediction of the intended “Right-sizing of Iran” (p.236) – destroying Iran as a sovereign state and erasing its Persian heritage.

The formation of a Greater Kurdistan for example, may potentially lead to the disintegration of not only Iran, but Turkey, Iraq and Syria. The formation of a Greater Azerbaijan would eliminate a significant portion of Iran’s industrial base, geography, and demography.This would in turn encourage a pan-Kurdish separatist movement encompassing Iran, Turkey and Syria, leading to the break-up or diminution of those states. As noted by Engdahl (p.171), the Bernard Lewis Plan endeavors to:

“…promote the Balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along Tribal and religious lines. Lewis argued that the West should encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds…Ethiopian Copts… Azerbaijanis…the chaos would spread in…an “Arc of Crisis”… ”.

But allow me to show you more references...

There are indications that the Iran-Iraq war may have been part of the larger Bernard Lewis plan. Iran was to be invaded with the specific purpose of carving it up into small mini-states.

Direct evidence of the British origins of the Iraqi invasion plan was reported in The New York Times newspaper early in the war (See article entitled "British in 1950, Helped Map Iraqi Invasion of Iran" by Halloran, R. in The New York Times, Thursday, Oct.16, 1980.). Interestingly, this report was ignored by the mainstream press and media. Allow me to summarize the main points of this report:

(1) A detailed invasion plan had been prepared for the Iraqi armed forces in 1950 by the British Military advisors for Iraq, a full 30 years before the invasion of Iran by Saddam Hussein.
(2) The main draft of the plan had been in preparation by the British since 1937. The main axes of advance detailed in the plan corresponded exactly to the Iraqi invasion of Iran on September 22, 1980.
(3) The main objective of this war plan "…called for Iraqi forces to occupy Khuzistan province and then negotiate an armistice with the Iranian government that would include the relinquishment of the province to Iraq…also liberate the Arab-speaking people living in Khuzistan". Significantly, successive changes in the Iraqi government over the next thirty years did not alter the major objectives of the British plan; these were simply updated as time progressed.

The British plan for Iran's invasion indicates that even before the Bernard Lewis Plan was unveiled in the Bilderberg Conference, detailed British plans for eliminating Iran as a state have been in place long before the 1979 revolution in Iran.

My upcoming book/chapter explains in detail the role of Israeli, US and MI6 services who are working to ignite ethnic conflict in the Caucasus and Iran. I also have first-hand references regarding the arrest of 2 MI6 agents who were attempting to pour cyanide into the Baku water treatment system - this would have killed untold numbers of people. Evidently the attempt was to stage a "terrorist attack" and blame it on perhaps Iranians, Armenians, etc.

I certainly am NO SUPPORTER of the IRI - esp. with its irrational policies of idolizing Palestine, working to diminish Iran's history before Islam (e.g. the railway through Tagh e Bostan; Sivand & Cyrus' tomb, etc.), publishing anti-Iran books (e.g Pourpirar, pan-Turkists literature, etc.) and setting up numerous anti-Iran websites, etc.

What is clear is that the IRI's Arabist policies and the ideology of sacrificing Iran for theocratic ideology (and Palestine) has not only provided a golden opportunity to mobilize world opinion not just against the current regime, but against the very territorial integrity, culture and historical legacy of Iran. Assaults on Iran;'s heritage go a long way back - the first attempt to change the name of the Persian Gulf goes back to 1930 when a British newspaper suggested changing the name to "The Gulf of England" - the tactic has been to re-name the Persian Gulf as "Arabian Gulf" since the 1930s (Sir Charles Belgrave who "invented" Bahrain - just as Getrude Bell "invented" the country of "Iraq" complete with a fabricated history in an anti-Iranian fashion).

HOWEVER please let us not lose site of the fact that even if the IRI were removed, the plan to dismember Iran will not disappear - this has been in place long time before the IRI. The main issue is petroleum: they do not care who sits in Tehran (Crown or Turban) - they do not like Iran as a geopolitical force - it is too large in population and potential military/economic strength. Such an Iran (whoever is in charge politically) is seen as inimical to petroleum interests in the Persian Gulf as well as the growing Caspian Sea projects (which they now call "the second Persian Gulf").

Constant political debates amongst ourselves (monarchist, Islamist, leftist, etc.) has put Iranians to sleep to a mortal threat to Iran's existence - there is a huge crocodile with its mouth gaping open - its "teeth" are the support of sepetratist movements. We need to realize that this is the same crocodile that is now shedding crocodile tears for us Iranians in the name of "human rights". There is no question of Iranians' human rights - but in a legitimate fashion - not as advocated by the puppets of the petroleum establishment. Let us not forget that we Iranians - under the leadership of Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan, our heroes of the true Azarbaijan of Iran - set up the region's FIRST democratic movement a century ago. It was overthrown at the insistence of the British and the Russians (again I can provide numerous references - but a good one is Chaqeri - again I plan to publish these findings). When these "lobbies" speak of "human rights" for Iranians, I must confess that I do get somewhat thoughtful. As we speak, there are attempts to support the MEK - the same organization that gunned down US citizens, supported Saddam Hussein;'s invasion of Iran and helped Saddam brutally put down the Iraqi Kurds.

Best regards
Kaveh Farrokh

ActivistChat Rejects The Bernard Lewis Dirty Plan and The Above Maps Which Were Created By The Most Evil Minds In History For More Bloodshed (Iraq * 10) to Increase Hatred In The Middle East and Total Destruction Of Iran, Turkey, Israel ........
Most US generals do NOT support Iran's partition or even war and fully aware of the facts that over 80% of Iranian people are pro American.... The trouble is coming from the people like Bernard Lewis and Ahmadinejad who promote hatred and crisis to survive ... hatred and uncessary war must be rejected by Iranian People, American People and Israelis .... and Iranian people must push hard for regime change by any means which is available to them .....
7007 ActivistChat

cyrus wrote:

Petition 28: Iranian Azarbaijanis Eternally Remain Integral Compatriots in Shaping The History and Life of IRAN

Sign the Petition -
View Current Signatures

To: Policy makers-foreign affairs-

We the worldwide signatories herein comprised of educators, scholars, historians and all those with a basic knowledge of the historical perspective of South and Central Asia, and Asia Minor, do hereby express our grave concern over a recent move by shadowy individuals and financed centers with arteriole motives that are attempting to portray Iranian Azerbaijanis as victims of 'cultural' and 'linguistic' discrimination in Iran. The historical community regards this act as an affront to all Iranians including the Azarbaijanis of Iran. A petition circulating on the Internet on this topic deliberately misleads the reader into believing that the current regime in Iran, notwithstanding its rather poor human and democratic rights records as applied to the 70 million Iranians across the board, is selectively targeting one ethnic group for 'discrimination' when in fact a large number of grievances run widely across regional and political strata. Moreover, the aforementioned petition deliberately fails to address the powerful historical and contemporary influence and contributing position of Iranian Azarbaijanis in the political (both within Iran and the Diaspora), cultural, historical and commercial life of Iran.

Iran as a nation with great many diverse ethnicities since its inception of nearly three years ago has been a multilingual nation and all languages are equal. The inscriptions of Darius the Great of the Achaemenid dynasty (circa 325 BCE) are in four languages: Aramaic, Babylonian, Elamite and Old Persian. The Persian language has been a national vernacular employed by Iran's widely diverse ethnic and linguistic groups as a common cultural bond. The said petition also fails to address the fact that Azari-Turkish is freely spoken across Iran, especially in the capital Tehran where Iranians Azeris comprise the majority.

Finally, the failure of the petition is in its failing attempt to narrate issues in divisively ethnic terms (Group A is oppressing Group B) when in fact the issues stem from a complex myriad of political and economic factors that directly affect the entire spectrum of Iran's multivaried population. The petition has been carefully crafted to avoid its identification with separatist movements; however, this is contradicted by a quick study of its language and that of the SANAM movement website of Mr. Mahmoudali Chehreganli. The photographs of the website depict SANAM supporters flashing the Grey Wolf insignia, the official salute of the violently racist pan-Turanian Grey Wolf movement. Pan-Turanian groups are notorious in their attempts at re-narrating history and the fabrication of grievances to help further violent and divisive racialist motives. Protests against pan-Turanian attempts at historical revisionism in western universities and false accusations of human rights violations at world platforms such as the UN have been repeatedly lodged by Armenian and Greek academics over a number of years, as they grieve for their historical recognition of Armenian genocide and oppressive subjugation of the Greeks, respectively.

Any application of 'cultural genocide' on the Azerbaijanis would be fatally detrimental to the culture of Iran as much of what and who Iran is today is indebted to Azerbaijanis such as Sattar Khan, Bagher Khan, Shah Abbas or Shams Tabrizi. While the writers of the cited petition couch their language in the name of language rights and how Persian is being "imposed" on the Azeris, they conveniently fail to mention that Azerbaijan has been a key centre for the development of Persian language and literature, and in all likelihood the birth place of Zoroaster, the founder of the monotheistic Zoroastrian religion, for over several thousand years.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh, Independent Historian Scholar
British Columbia


The Undersigned

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:11 pm    Post subject: Islamist Mafia Occupiers of Iran Is A Dead Regime and Must Reply with quote

cyrus wrote:
Islamist Mafia Occupiers of Iran Is A Dead Regime and Must Be Removed By Iranian People and Iranian Armed Forces

Due to the fact that all Survey data coming from Soviet Union before collapse were wrong and even the intelligence community predictions were all wrong and their data were distorted therefore we can not rely on any Survey conducted in Fear societies like Iran independent of who is conducting it. The collapse of Soviet Union by only few years difference perdicted correctly only one soviet dissent .

I am sharing with readers of ActivistChat some of the data that I have heard from different sources that you might consider it as useful to know:
1- 10% of Iranian Army is supporting Islamist Mafia Mullahs (Tazi) and 90% are against them.
2- 30% of Revolutionary Guard is supporting Tazist
3- 50% of Militia is supporting Tazist
4- Assume over 95% of Iranian people are considered as Anti Tazi and the Islamist regime. The regime has no real public support (Islamist regime must go.) . The only reason the regime survive today is their control over Oil Money and ability to pay highly to their thugs and supporters (5%).
5- The biggest unity factor between Iranians, American Elites, and Israelis is the Secularism and Regime Change by Iranian people.
6- More than 80% of Iranians are pro American and EU3, China, Russia ... are very fearful of this strong support ....

Due to the facts that we can not rely on any data coming from Fear Society like Iran, unless there is a very good test case for it therefore we should focus more on our best judgement to support Iranian people for regime change, and respect their demands for Free Society and Secular Democracy.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 3:10 pm    Post subject: Tajikestan Message Of Unity With Orher Fellow Iranians Reply with quote

Must Watch This Video Clip: Tajikestan Message Of Unity With Orher Fellow Iranians

Professor Kaveh Farrokh wrote:
Greetings to All,

You may find this clip from Tajikestan fo interest:

Note that the video-clip displays images of Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, Babak Khorramdin, etc, and make specific mention of their mention to the ancient Persian Empire. I also noticed the image of the late Ahmad-Shah Massoud who was assasinated by the Taliban a few years ago.

Best Regards
Kaveh Farrokh
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 6:03 pm    Post subject: Iran Azarbaijan : Land Of Fire By Dariush Reply with quote

Must Watch Video Music: Iran Azarbaijan : Land Of Fire By Dariush
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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:46 am    Post subject: Roots of ISMs. Reply with quote

Beautiful Tajik Song/ Video! Thank you.

... Which brings us to yet another reason for empowerment of Islamists in Iran:

As mentioned previously in this trail, "Divide and Conqure" already has it's maps drawn for dividing the region as well as Iran.

Had it not been for the empowerment of Islamists in Iran,
and Iran was not dragged into chaos and war, some of the nations who broke ties with USSR
might want to join their ancesterial land, Iran!

It's amazing, how far the world policy makers are willing to go, just to prevent united nations!!! hehe.

apparently they are willing to go so far as to threaten world peace, unlease the deadly forces of terrorism worldwide,
even to the extent that their own civil society and modern values are now threatened and broken by it,
and european cities and communities (especially in UK) are now divided into muslim & non-muslim parts!
reminds me of this saying: "tof e sar baala !"

divide and conqure is at the end nothing but more wars and misery for the whole world.

It's a pathatic backward policy, and there is nothing civil or noble about it, indeed. So nothing civil or noble will ever come out of it!

This is the same policy that Set Out to Crush the remnence of Ancient Cultures & Civilizations from Asia to Africa, in the name of "World Domination".

Continuation of such backward policies, are not only a threat to our motherland, or region of the world, it is potentially dangerous for the world at large.
Because, it justifies any MEANS to reach its goals, including empowerment of all backward Ismic ideologies and islamo-Fascit groups.

Similar policies in the past caused devestating World Wars, and they may set out to repeat the same mistakes again. * *

That's why, it's up to humanity at large to speak up the Truth, and demand a change of world policy, to a more transparent, Noble, Civil & Humane Policy.

What world needs today is a New Generation of Policy Makers who can envision something out of their heart, for the Greater Good of Humanity,
and meanwhile perhaps even reach similar goals, as well, but without so much blood shed, and throu more Nobel & Peaceful Means!

Afterall, what good is world domination if there is not much left of that world?! How stupid is such world domination? LOL

I believe Nations from Africa to Asia who've lost too much already to such policies of past world powers, should get together sometimes, hopefully soon,
and not only CONDEMN IT but take it to International Courts,
afterall, such atrocities were amongst WORST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, were they not?
If I were a brit official, I would start appologizing for crimes done in my name, just like the Germans are appologetic and paid for crimes against Jews.
But not the Brits! when u talk to most of them, they're very proud of their atrocities! It's sickening, and shouldn't be tolerated in 21st century.


* * footnote: "divide and conqure" is one of those "Ends justifies the Means" type of policies that according to some has JUSTIFIED two World Wars already! so, the empowerment of Jihad & terror, even a thirld World War is just as much Justifiable!
(posting this link is not about promoting conspiracy theories, or waging war on any group,
it's to think for a change and try to put the past behind us and move forward towards a better world. it may as well be just another fairytale about Endless Greed and it's concequences! Now is the time to prevent such concequences by demanding new policies.)
* * * *
Paayande Iran

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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:57 pm    Post subject: StaaN ! is Persian Reply with quote

Just an observation:

Notice how the Parsi/Irani suffix "Istaan", "Estaan" or originally "STAAN" *
[region, County, City or State] repeatedly points out to the roots of these states, even in the Lewis Map? lol

So then what does Arabistaan mean?
can only mean one thing: the Irani land of arab ethnic groups!!!

and so on and so forth!
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sistan, Balouchistan, Balouchistan, Kurdistan, Turkmanistan, Tajikestan, Gorjestan, Armanistan or Turkistan!

and Azar =Atash=Fire also speaks for itself in Azarbaijan or Azar-Abadegan (land of azartosht, asho zartosht, Great Prophet of Persia)

Amazing how Truth always manages to magically re-emerge! no matter how much they try to hide it.


* I believe STAAN is from Pahlavi language.
the word Ostaan we use today for the provinces is actually the same thing: Staan.
it's also evident in words like Dadsetani=Daad.STAAN=Place of Justice;
or Shahrestan, Golestan, Nakhlestan, etc...]
Paayande Iran
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:29 pm    Post subject: Response to Spiegel Magazine’s Attack on the Legacy of Cyrus Reply with quote

Source 2 URL: http://www.savepasargad.com/~New-050508/01.General-News/Newss-Pages/kaveh%20farrokh.htm

Response to Spiegel Magazine’s Attack on the Legacy of Cyrus the Great

Source 1 URL: http://kavad.netfirms.com/articles/spiegel_cyrus.html

Scholar Professor Kaveh Farrokh wrote:
Greetings to All,

As you may recall, Spiegel Magazine recently posted a revisionist view of the history of Cyrus the Great:

Falling for Ancient Propaganda: UN Treasure Honors Persian Despot

By Matthias Schulz (Matthias_Schulz@spiegel.de)

http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/0,1518,564395,00.html (German)

http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,566027,00.html (English)

I have written a humble retort to that Spiegel essay:

=0 A

Response to Spiegel Magazine’s Attack on the Legacy of Cyrus the Great


Please feel to comment and/or distribute.

Best Regards

Kaveh Farrokh

ActivistChat wrote:

In the name of Cyrus The Great the greatest leader of wisdom, virtue and liberator of all time throughout human history who the Iranians called him as The Father, the Babylonians as The Liberator, the Greeks as the Law-Giver, and the Jews as the Anointed of the Lord and his name appears twenty two times in the Bible. According to Prof. Richard Frye from Harvard University “surely the concept of One World, .... the fusion of peoples and cultures in one 'Oecumen' was one of their important legacies”. Liberated Babylon; freed over 42,000 Jews from captivity; rejected slavery, declared the first human rights charter; and ruled over those he had liberated with respect and benevolence over 2500 years ago. According to recent research finding by Iranian-American scholar Mr. Cyrus Kar the Cyropaedia of Xenophon book was the required reading for our American Revolutionary Founding Fathers. The drafting the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution was influenced by Cyrus The Great leadership and vision. For further detail regarding these facts please watch preview of documentary by Cyrus Kar from http://www.spentaproductions.com


Title: Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War

Publisher: Osprey Publishing, Oxford
Date: 2007
ISBN: 9781 8460 31083
Information: http://kavad.netfirms.com/books.html

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am just curious, did Spiegel publish Professor Farrokh's response to Schults? or did they ignored it?
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:30 am    Post subject: Letter to the editor Reply with quote

blank wrote:
I am just curious, did Spiegel publish Professor Farrokh's response to Schults? or did they ignored it?

No they have not, that is why Free Iran Activists should ask Spiegel to publish it ASAP .

To write a letter or sending online message to the editor please use the following link:

Letter to the editor
Re: Falling for Ancient Propaganda: UN Treasure Honors Persian Despot


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


URL For Submitting Your Letter Der Speigel Magazine

To write a letter of objection or sending online objection message to the Speigel Magazine Chief Editor, please use the following link:

Re: Falling for Ancient Propaganda: UN Treasure Honors Persian Despot

ActivistChat Letter To Speigel Magazine Chief Editor wrote:

Dear Der Speigel Magazine Chief Editor,

In the name of Cyrus The Great the greatest leader of wisdom, virtue and liberator of all time throughout human history who the Iranians called him as The Father, the Babylonians as The Liberator, the Greeks as the Law-Giver, and the Jews as the Anointed of the Lord and his name appears twenty two times in the Bible. According to Prof. Richard Frye from Harvard University “surely the concept of One World, .... the fusion of peoples and cultures in one 'Oecumen' was one of their important legacies”. Liberated Babylon; freed over 42,000 Jews from captivity; rejected slavery, declared the first human rights charter; and ruled over those he had liberated with respect and benevolence over 2500 years ago. According to recent research finding by Iranian-American scholar Mr. Cyrus Kar the Cyropaedia of Xenophon book was the required reading for our American Revolutionary Founding Fathers. The drafting the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution was influenced by Cyrus The Great leadership and vision. For further detail regarding these facts please watch preview of documentary by Cyrus Kar from http://www.spentaproductions.com

According to the top Iranian historian Scholar Professor Kaveh Farokh: If Der Speigel published false report “had been written by ideologues, it would not have been very surprising, as historical revisionism and political motivations do often accompany one another. It is however lamentable that a distinguished world-class magazine such as Der Speigel has chosen to perpetuate a series of half-truths that resemble the writings of conspiracy theorists.”

ActivistChat FREE Iran networking community and open forum on behalf of current 27,626 online registered users, associations with 1000s of bloggers, and also as number one site for “Free Iran” search term in all top major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL Search, Altavista, Lycos, Excite, Ask Jeeves …..) respectfully requesting to correct your editor possible mistakes by considering to publish response from top historian Scholar Professor Kaveh Farokh “Response to Spiegel Magazine’s Attack on the Legacy of Cyrus the Great “
Source URL 1: http://kavad.netfirms.com/articles/spiegel_cyrus.html
Source URL 2: http://www.savepasargad.com/~New-050508/01.General-News/Newss-Pages/kaveh%20farrokh.htm
We appreciate if Deer Spiegel consider to publish the article completely immediately without delay and makes an appropriate necessary apologies to your sophisticated readers and explain to them reasons for the error of judgment.

We appreciate Deer Spiegel response to our fair request, if Deer Spiegel chief editor decides to ignore our fair request within next few days then we assume this is not just a mistake, there is no good intention on Deer Spiegel side to resolve this issue appropriately and there are hidden agenda associated for publishing this article with many lies. In these circumstances naturally the Free Iran community might consider other options to resolve this matter.



Source 2 URL: http://www.savepasargad.com/~New-050508/01.General-News/Newss-Pages/kaveh%20farrokh.htm

Response to Spiegel Magazine’s Attack on the Legacy of Cyrus the Great

Source 1 URL: http://kavad.netfirms.com/articles/spiegel_cyrus.html

SavePasargad Translation wrote:


نامه پروفسور کاوه فرخ* تاريخ دان و باستانشناس برجسته معاصر
و مدير بخش باستانشناسی بنياد ميراث پاسارگاد

به نشريه اشپيگل درباره حمله به ميراث کورش بزرگ
پيوند به متن اصلی و انگليس نامه

ترجمه به فارسی از: کميته بين المللی نجات پاسارگاد
با احترام به هيئت تحريريه نشريه اشپيگل

اخيرا عده ای از همکاران و نيز شاگردان من مقاله زير را به من اطلاع داده اند:
»فريب تبليغات باستانی را خوردن ـ سازمان ملل فرمانروای خودکامه ايران را تحسين می کند»

به قلم ماتياس شولتز
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear friends, the article which was published by Der Speigel of Germany is very fishy to the least. This article very possibly has been written to satisfy the position of Islamic regime regarding Iranian historical herritage of pre-Islamic era. Obviously, it could produce some considerable extra source of revenue for Mr. Schulz whose career as a member of Vanderbilt University's history dept has not been very fulfilling. Except in one case in which Mr. Schulz has worked as a co-author of a book on history of Egypt, he has not authored any document worthy of mentioning or publishing and from the old habit of Islamic regime in capitalizing on unknown midgets in every field, he could be a good candidate to carry out some dirty tasks like attacking on Cyrus the Great in support of actions by Islamic Republic regime's policies towards pre-Islamic historical herritage of Iranians. this is what I wrote for Mr. Schulz.

Mr. Schulz,

Your article is full of unfounded claims and in contradiction with many already established and solid facts. Your whole argument is based on very weak reasoning of a single German historian who for some unknown reasons have decided to bring forward such claims against one of the most honorable figures in ancient history of Persian Empire and the mankind.

I will respond to you in detail in my article later but for now, I have to mention this: All Iranians can be rightfully proud of Cyrus the Great as the first person in the history of mankind to set universal values to respect basic human rights in the territories under his rule. He was the first person in the history to put such rules in writing and follow them in action. I challenge you to provide any solid document which is comparable with the rules which were declared in cuneiform cylinder by Cyrus the Great.

Just in short, "propaganda" was invention of Romans just a couple of centuries ago and a historical documentation of rules which were used to govern an empire does not match that category. "Propaganda" is for deceiving masses and convince them to follow certain path or accept certain ideology. "Propaganda" is what Nazis did after WW I to lead Germans into disaster of WW II from which, most Germans are still ashamed of. Cyrus the Great was a product of Iranian culture which did not encourage burning and destroying of conquered places like Alexander of Macedonia and many other conquerers did. Hitler on the other hand, was one of most recent products of a culture which previously had produced leaders like Alexander who burned and destroyed many civilizations and named many places after himself to satisfy his own ego.

In simple words your article has no valid argument which could be proven with support of established facts.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:26 pm    Post subject: Open Letter To Der Speigel Magazine's Attack on the Legacy Reply with quote

I submitted my detailed response to Speigel regarding the article by Mr. Schulz to be posted in feedback forum in two parts and here is what I wrote:

Der Speigel, Mr. Schulz,

In a recent article published in your magazine on 7/15/2008, you argued that Cyrus the Great who ruled Persian Empire around 600 BC, was a violent ruler who did not deserve to be credited for what is recognized as foundation and first declaration of human rights in the history of mankind. You argued that Cyrus attacked different places and killed many even the prisoners. There are many strange claims in your article while you fail to provide least evidence to back them up. Moreover, your reference to many events and places which you have named in the article, indicate that you are applying a very unorthodox methodology to review the history which have no compatibility with the subject.

First of all, let’s start with the title of your article which includes words “ancient propaganda”. It is totally unclear what can be considered “ancient propaganda” according to your claim. “Propaganda” as we know it, has never been around more than a couple of centuries and it was invented by Romans. Written historical tablets or documents in ancient times are the source of all the knowledge that we have about activities of people in those times. They could not be considered “propaganda” because they were never used to convince masses of following certain path or accepting certain ideas. They provided information about some rules and events and which were set in place or had happened for future reference. They did not propagate anything. That is what propaganda does.

You then start your article by immediately claiming Cyrus was a despot according to “researchers”, while failing to provide any name from those “researchers” other than Josef Wiesehöfer and a single book throughout the article which you don’t even mention its name. Then you continue with some statements about late Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the former monarch of Iran, to create a hate atmosphere through giving details about a party which apparently has inflicted a deep scar somewhere that could not easily go away. Your total ignorance and disregard towards the historical facts about Iran in the past and present is evident in there basically because those statements could not be viewed as anything but propaganda cliché which has been in circulation for certain reasons and by certain groups.

After expressing your own bitterness towards the action taken by UN secretary general you then bring this quote from Josef Wiesehöfer who says: "The notion that Cyrus introduced concepts of human rights is nonsense.". Strangely enough, even though you mention the name of Assyriologist Hanspeter Schaudig who, according to you, states: “…he too would be hard-pressed to see the ancient king as a pioneer when it comes to equality and human dignity. Indeed, Cyrus demanded that his subjects kiss his feet.” But you fail to provide any substantial backing for such views other than quoting some baseless claims which lack any research value and could not be considered anything other than personal views which have been expressed in unscholarly manner without any foundation. This is how you came to your conclusions in claiming that the cuneiform cylinder which bears the most important document about declaration of basic human rights by Cyrus the Great as “ancient propaganda”. Making such claim alone is enough to discredit the person who brings that up. How could documenting the orders of a king as a reference for carrying out the rules be considered “propaganda”? If he was a “pragmatic” ruler as you mentioned and he freed enslaved people then how this declaration could be considered “propaganda” even if no ordinary people was aware of it other than through his “actions”? What benefit an emperor can gain by freeing some powerless slaves after he conquered the nation which kept them in slavery? Where was the “carrot” and, what was the “stick” there? Propaganda is what Germans and Nazis did in the years after WWI to prepare the atmosphere for their genocidal treatment of others and start of another devastating war to satisfy their own ego based on supremacy of their own race. I will get to it later.

One of the most interesting aspects of your article is application of 20th century standards to the events which belong to more than 2500 years ago and judging those events based on 20th century’s concepts and scales. It may be true that some other people were also concerned about the basic rights of other human beings but no one had put that in writing to make it a universal rule for people of an empire. I challenge you to provide any such document which could be compared with declaration of basic human rights by Cyrus the Great and also predates that document.

In your article, you then bring the name of Art historian Klaus Gallas who apparently is preparing a German-Iranian cultural festival for next summer, very possibly with the help of Islamic government of Iran which has proved its animosity towards Iranian pre-Islamic history and artifacts in many ways throughout the last 29 years and, even submerged a vast historical area under water in vicinity of Pasargad, where Cyrus’s tomb is located. According to your writings, Gallas has said that “The UN made a serious mistake," which apparently is pointing to acceptance of the Cyrus’s declaration by UN as first known document in the history of mankind on human rights. No indication on why a “serious mistake”? You apparently point to a “forged translation” of historical document without providing any source and without bringing the original document and a “true translation” of the document to prove your point. It is completely obvious that your article has been written to trash some historical facts which for some reasons that I will explain later. In your article, you preferred to resort to unfounded claims and innuendo rather than speaking of proven and established facts to do that.

Your characterization of Cyrus as “son of an insignificant king” and passing quickly over the matters like freeing enslaved Jews by the civilization which you apparently are very fond of and, the comments made by Greek historian, Herodotus, are all indications of following certain agenda to put down one of most valuable historical figures of ancient times. You not only deny the value of one of most important documents in the history of mankind, but also ignore that Cyrus is one of few human beings whose names have been praised and mentioned with respect in Bible for his humanitarian treatment of oppressed and enslaved people. Cyrus was one of greatest humanitarian leaders in the history of mankind and all true Iranians are proud of his name and his achievements which he gained 2500 years ago while Germans are rightfully still ashamed of the actions of leaders that were produced in their society just a few decades ago.

Your description of “Greek civilized colonies” one more time reminds me of the nonsense which was given to people in a movie called 300 not very long ago. This is a historical argument that you could not win by making nice looking statements to satisfy your own wishes of superiority. There is ample amount of historical evidences to prove that uncivilized behavior of intruders in farthest part of Persian Empire, including Asia Minor, has been reason for many actions taken by Persian ancient rulers to protect their own people and territory against uncivilized aggressors. This rule applied everywhere in the world in those times and I don’t intend to get into details of that at this time.

You wrote:
“Some Greeks praised the conqueror. Herodotus and Aeschylus (who lived after Cyrus's death) called him merciful. The Bible describes him as the "anointed one," because he supposedly permitted the abducted Jews to return to Israel. But modern historians have long since debunked such reports as flattery. "A shining image of Cyrus was created in antiquity," Wiesehöfer says. In truth, he was a violent ruler, like many others. His army ransacked residential neighborhoods and holy sites, and the urban elites were deported.”
And apparently, for Herodotus and Aeschylus it is very important to mention that they “lived after Cyrus’s death” but it does not matter if Wiesehöfer lives 2500 years after Cyrus just because the author likes his argument and agrees with it even though no real evidence is provided! Something that I found interesting in your article is that you mention the name of places like Afghanistan and Israel when referring to actions of Cyrus. Out of respect for readers, it would worth mentioning that these are the names which were assigned to certain territories in very recent past and do not have an ancient historical background.
From that point on, your story telling talent shines through a few more biased and unfounded statements to come up with your shiny conclusion:
“In truth, Cyrus merely freed his own followers. In compensation for their treacherous services, the priests were given money and estates. In return, they praised Cyrus as a "great" and "just" man and as someone who "saved the entire world from hardship and distress."”

And it is unclear that if Cyrus’s followers were in prison then how could they provide any service and assist him in the attack?! A lot more could be said/written about these strange claims but for those who are interested in knowing some facts, I would recommend reading the article by a true historian, Dr. Kaveh Farokh here:
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