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Unity Among Iranians and the Ethnic Issues

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:13 am    Post subject: Unity Among Iranians and the Ethnic Issues Reply with quote


Unity Among Iranians and the Ethnic Issues
The future of Iran and bringing freedom, democracy, secularism, prosperity and justice to our country, as well as maintaining the territorial integrity of Iran is a huge task, demanding the unity of all concerned Iranians. Uniting all Iranians who oppose the current Islamist regime and maintaining a united country in the future, needs a strong and ongoing effort by all responsible parties who realize that even what we have can be lost without constant caring and building up of solidarity.

MPG Positions

The MPG party has always maintained that different ethnicities, with sometimes different religions, languages, cultural and geographical diversity as well as different historical backgrounds and outlooks, are the basic building blocks of our beloved Iran. Contrary to certain “established” understanding of our country, we do not have a Persian majority, a Persian domination or a Persian oppression, when clearly Iran has been ruled by Turks and Azeris for the most part of the past millennium, our present day Farsi language is a mixture of several languages belonging to Iranian and regional ethnicities and our society in all major cities represent a mixture of a colorful diversity of the whole country

The MPG firmly believes that in a future democratic system, where all levels of the government from city councils, to mayoral, provincial and national offices will be elected by the respective local, regional and national constituencies, major obstacles based on deliberate dictatorial governing systems in the way of democracy and regional ethnicities will be removed. In a desired system where there is equality irrespective of religion, ethnicity, sex or other similar factors, all local and national offices will be open to all qualified individuals. In a system by the people, of the people and for the people, naturally committed to the full development of all citizens, there will be no obstacles for the free expression, practice and development of cultural, religious or linguistic preferences. In a system by and for all Iranians, economic development of all regions can be and will be planned without prejudice against regions which have for many reasons been abandoned by central governments today and in the past.

The MPG believes that as long as there is a commitment to a united Iran, with a secular democratic system, whose unity is guaranteed and bonded by one common national language ( without suppressing any other language or dialect, foreign or domestic, regional or ethnic ), and secured by one national army, there should be no obstacle to dialogue and unity among opponents of the current Islamist regime.

The MPG believes that the above mentioned issues together with many others expected by various sectors of our societies can not only be addressed and promoted in a future free Iran, but must and can be addressed today among us and prepare the opposition for a united effort for a democratic future.

Separatism, Separatists and their Danger

Bitter experiences in Iranian 20th Century history, particularly during transitory periods like, after the Constitutional Revolution, World War I, World War II and the 1979 revolution, clearly demonstrate the existing danger of bloody ethnic and inter ethnic clashes in our society, just as most other multi ethnic societies around the world. The extreme examples of 1990s Yugoslavia and today’s Iraq demonstrate the dangerous potentials of ethnic and religious separatism and the extent of hatred and bloodshed that it can produce considering international incitement as well as the deadly force of modern weapons.

Such bitter examples also shows the sad state of affairs for disintegrated countries and weaker new entities afflicted with long term instability, poverty and consecutive separatism within the separated entities themselves.

Our country today is being threatened from within- by an Islamist anti Iranian government- and possible foreign invasions against the Jihadist and Nuclear aspirations of the IRI which may nevertheless devastate the country and hurl it into regional long term strife and instability. In addition, Iran is also being threatened by forces, who inspired by regional developments, are openly advocating separatism, inciting ethnic strife and affording the Islamic regime the great opportunity of silencing the opposition because of the rising threat of disintegration.

Maps of ethnic countries within present day Iran, web sites advocating separation and massively exaggerated issues of ethnic grievances, platforms dedicated to outright or gradual separation and dangerous separatist propaganda and activity are readily advertised by certain established ethnic parties as well as by Iranian individuals or foreign proxies claiming to represent massive ethnic populations.

The current situation is further confused, by some of the same people, declaring their commitment to a unified Iran without having amended or altered any of their official proclamations and documentation available for all to see.

The MPG, following all the above developments closely and with great concern, believes that the confusing state of the affairs, must be cleared up as soon as possible by parties and individuals involved, so that a serious and much needed dialogue can begin among all Iranians without further delay.

MPG Expectations from Iranian Ethnic Representatives or Activists

To declare themselves as Iranians striving to overthrow the Islamist regime.

To eliminate or amend all positions, programs, statements, maps and symbols which clearly advocate separatism, from their web sites and publications, replacing them with clearly stated commitment to a unified country.

To specify their long term goals and specify why they cannot be addressed in a democratic, secular and unified country.

To specify their understanding of ethnic strife and bloodshed and the means by which they propose to prevent it, considering some of their radical proposals and adopting the Iraq model as an example.

To clarify their agenda, proposals and understanding of issues and vague concepts such as Federalism, nationalities, national oppression, right of self determination (sometimes specified by certain activists as including the right to separate) regional political rights, distribution of economic and natural resources, dispersion of specific ethnicities all over Iran, mixed areas and multi ethnic character of larger ethnic areas…. Addressing the immensity of the typical “Federalism” proposals in a country with many ethnicities and many mixed areas and etc……

To clarify their commitment and guarantees for the territorial integrity of Iran under their plans.

To commit themselves to a nationwide struggle against the IRI rather than only a regional agenda. This could be emphasized with successful examples such as the “Mashrooteh (Constitutional revolution) example of several ethnic forces ending the rule of despotism in Tehran, resulting in further unity and success, versus the failed examples of regional ethnic uprisings in the 20 Century. This issue is particularly of concern because nowadays millions of all ethnicities live within all major cities of Iran, sometimes in their millions.

To commit themselves to an ongoing struggle against the IRI, based upon an agenda larger than just their Ethnic one, versus seeking a separate peace with the IRI if as in the past, the regime offers certain incentives to the ethnic parties in return for some kind of conciliation. Such efforts and ruses in the past, have inflicted huge damage upon opposition unity and in the biggest example, caused the assassination of Kurdish leaders by IRI terrorists in Europe, who were naively waiting for a regime “peace envoy” to arrive at a meeting.

To announce their commitment to participate within the leadership of an “all Iranian opposition organization” once it materializes, and work towards building such a united coalition.

Down with the Islamic Republic

Long Live Iran

Marze Por Gohar Party
Marze Por Gohar Party
Iranians for a Secuar Republic
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