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How Hitler Became a Dictator? By Jacob G. Hornberger
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:22 am    Post subject: Proxy Terrorism From Iran Reply with quote

Proxy Terrorism From Iran

September 12, 2006
Los Angeles Times
Natan Sharansky

In the summer of of 2000, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin told me a story that I have been unable to get out of my mind. We were meeting in the Kremlin, and I raised the grave danger facing the world from the transfer of missile technology and nuclear material to the Iranians. In Putin's view, however, the real danger came not from an Iranian nuclear-tipped missile or, for that matter, from the lethal arsenal of any nation-state.

"Imagine a sunny and beautiful day in a suburb of Manhattan," he said. "An elderly man is tending to the roses in his small garden with his nephew visiting from Europe. Life seems perfectly normal. The following day, the nephew, carrying a suitcase, takes a train to Manhattan. Inside the suitcase is a nuclear bomb."

The threat, Putin explained to me a year before 9/11, was not from this or that country but from their terrorist proxies — aided and supported quietly by a sovereign state that doesn't want to get its hands dirty — who will perpetrate their attacks without a return address. This scenario became real when Al Qaeda plotted its 9/11 attacks from within Afghanistan and received support from the Taliban government. Then it happened again this summer, when Iran was allowed to wage a proxy war through Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and northern Israel. But this time, the international community's weak response dealt the global war on terror a severe blow.

Five years ago, after 9/11, such a lack of culpability seemed inconceivable. That was when President Bush abandoned the conventional approach to fighting terror by vowing that the United States would henceforth make no distinction between terrorists and regimes that support them. You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.

In the pre-9/11 world, regimes were rarely held responsible for the actions of terror groups. Now the Taliban regime was being held accountable.

This was critically important for two reasons. First, it recognized that international terrorism relies on the support of sovereign states. It is regimes, after all, that give terror groups territory on which to train, arm and indoctrinate their members, and regimes that provide them critical financial, diplomatic, logistical and intelligence support.

Second, although shadowy terror cells are difficult to eradicate fully and suicidal fanatics impossible to deter, the regimes that support terror groups do have a return address and are rarely suicidal. Thus, holding the Taliban responsible for the actions of Al Qaeda, and elevating the logic for doing so to a central principle in the war on terror, greatly enhanced deterrence. Every single regime was immediately put on notice.

Fast forward five years. Hezbollah launches an unprovoked attack on Israel. It is clear that Hezbollah is a proxy of Iran. It is public knowledge that Hezbollah receives more than $100 million a year from the Iranian regime, as well as sophisticated weapons and training.

Yet Iran has paid no price for its proxy's actions. No military strikes on Iranian targets, no sanctions, no threat whatsoever to Iranian interests. On the contrary, in the wake of the war, there have been renewed calls in the democratic world to "engage" Iran.

Symptomatic of the moral myopia in the West is a farce worthy of Orwell: Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, under whom students were tortured after a 1999 crackdown at Tehran University and whose rule was marked by the continued stifling of dissent, spoke Sunday at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government on "Ethics of Tolerance in the Age of Violence."

The Iranian regime's intentions are clear. It calls for "wiping Israel off the map" and tells its followers to "imagine a world without America." It seeks to dominate the Middle East. By failing to hold Iran accountable for its brazen support of Hezbollah, the free world has undermined a central pillar in the war on terror and given the Iranian regime a huge weapon for achieving its ambitions. Now the mullahs know they can attack a democratic country with impunity.

Considering the apocalyptic fanaticism of Iran's leader, it is an open question whether the current regime in Tehran is capable of being deterred through the threat of mutually assured destruction. But given how the world has responded to Hezbollah, the point may be academic. For surely Iran would be better served by using proxies to wage a nuclear war against Israel. And if there is no accountability, why stop with Israel?

The road to a suitcase bomb in Tel Aviv, Paris or New York just got a whole lot shorter.

NATAN SHARANSKY is a former deputy prime minister of Israel and currently a member of parliament for the opposition Likud Party.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:40 pm    Post subject: "no brakes or reverse gear" remarks By Ahmadinejad Reply with quote

"no brakes or reverse gear" remarks By Ahmadinejad

For past 28 years the freedom-loving Iranian oppositions are asking the Free World not to support this regime because it does not have brakes or reverse gear and they did not listen, finally Ahmadinejad made our job easy and confirmed what we were saying for a long time. …

Ambassador Hakimi Translation wrote:

نه ترمز ونه دنده عقب، از افاضات جناب دکتر مهندس احمدی نژاد

به تارنمای زیر مراجعه فرمائید.


بیست و هشت سال استکه مخالفین آزادیخواه ایران بگوش غربیان میخوانندکه از اسلامیون پشتیبانی نکنند، چون آنان دنده عقب و گوش شنوا ندارند، تا اینکه احمدی نژاد بکمک ما آمد و کار را آسان ساخت و آنچه که که ما دراین مدت طولانی فریاد میزدیم تائید کرد. و بهمین مناسبت ما او را به مقام پــرو فســوراحمدی نژاد ارتقاء دادیم.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 3:13 pm    Post subject: Shame On Fools and Appeasers Reply with quote

Shame On Fools and Appeasers

Détente with Islamic Fascist Invaders and Occupiers of Iran is betraying the cause of liberty and appeasing tyranny. TRUE SECURITY AND WORLD PEACE BEGINS WITH REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN, FREE Society, Secular Democracy and FREE Iran . 95\% of 70 Million Iranian people must be considered as hostages and prisoners of Mullahs without any control over the key decisions and their own destination who can not open the prison door from inside the big prison of Iran without outside help (Iran under Mullahs control are far worst than Eastern European countries under communism) . Iranian people unity is very strong for freeing their Homeland from tyranny and considered as the best and most experienced fighting force to send Islamists to dustbin of history if free world is committed to peace, stability and support FREE Iran.

Don't Worry! The Religious Left is Making "Peace" with Iran

February 28, 2007
Mark D. Tooley

On Friday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed that Iran will not backtrack on its nuclear program. And on Thursday, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that Iran had ignored a United Nations Security Council ultimatum about potential nukes.

But do not fear! An ecumenical delegation from the U.S. is currently in Iran, meeting with the Iranian president and various ayatollahs. Peace is at hand.

"The headlines in U.S. newspapers talk about missed deadlines and stalemates," recounted Quaker official Joe Volk in his report. "But sitting here in Iran, we see a different picture." He promised that "the Iranians are willing to begin negotiations to return their nuclear program to full international safeguards." After all, the Iranian deputy foreign minister has assured Volk's delegation that this is so.

The U.S. religious representatives, representing United Methodists, Episcopalians, Quakers, Mennonites, "Sojourners," Pax Christi, and the National Council of Churches, have found an "openness to negotiations here in Iran," according to Volk. But, "sadly, the United States has not demonstrated a similar openness. The U.S. government has refused for many years to enter into any type of negotiations with Iran, focusing instead on a program of sanctions, isolation, and threats of regime change."

Worried about Iran's safety in the face of U.S. belligerance, the ecumenical delegation is meeting with whomever the Iranian theocratic police state will allow it to in Teheran, in pursuit of peace. The churchmen are in Iran at the special invitation of the Iranian dictator, anti-Semite and apocalyptic preacher, Ahmadinejad, who met with a much larger group of U.S. clerics when he was in New York last September.

Dave Robinson of the left-wing Catholic group Pax Christi explained in his dispatch from Teheran that the delegation therapeutically "plans to highlight and draw attention to the source of each nation’s pain and mistrust and to understand what divides us historically." Robinson, of course, was pleased when assured by Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani that Iran’s nuclear program is not a weapons program and that in fact, nuclear weapons are incompatible with Islamic law.

"Our delegation has come to Tehran in a humble posture of listening and learning as well as to raise difficult questions," Robinson explained. But the delegation seems to be eager to accept dubious answers to its supposedly difficult questions. When the ayatollah was asked about Iran's "harsh" rhetoric about the U.S., the cleric responded, "What you mention is not against the American people. Our objection is to statements of the American government." Undoubtedly, the ecumenical delegation liked that answer. The imam even assured his visitors, "Please consider Iran as your second home for Americans." Such hospitality. The imam might be disappointed that this batch of American churchmen is likely to take his offer seriously.

Of course, sojourning in Teheran is not quite like jetting to the Virgin Islands. Jeff Carr of the evangelical left group Sojourners noted that as the delegation's plane descended, the pilot warned: “By order of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all women need to cover their heads for their own protection.” Welcome to the Shiite paradise!

Before taking off for the vacation land of imams, Mennonite official Daryl Byler dashed off an urgent letter to President Bush about Iran. "I wish you were the one meeting with President Ahmadinejad." Byler wrote. "Not because I fear meeting Iran’s president. To the contrary, when I met him last fall in New York I found him to be bright and engaging. Like you, Ahmadinejad is a religious man. I believe you would enjoy one another’s company. Your conversation could signal a positive change in a relationship severed more than 25 years ago."

Bush and Adhmadinejad, as religious men, would have much in common to discuss. The American president could discuss his Methodist church and his daily prayer devotionals. And the Iranian could talk about his dreams of destroying Israel in a final holocaust that would apocalyptically usher in the the Reign of the Mahdi in a sea of blood.

Byler fretted to Bush that the U.S. has captured several Iranian diplomats inside Iraq and dispatched a second U.S. naval carrier group to the Persian Gulf. "Many see these events as provocative," he worries. "Of course, Iranian rhetoric and actions have added to the volatile mix." he reclutantly added.

Will you be a “repairer of the breach” as the biblical prophets urged of leaders long ago (Isaiah 58:12)?" Byler asked of Bush. Byler and the rest of the delegation will meet with Ahmadinejad before leaving for home to begin their "education" of the American public about the reality in Iran.

Undoubtedly, the church delegation will be as charmed as they were last September. The Iranian president likely will courteously omit any of his rhetoric about killing infidels as he serves the American Christians hot tea and Iranian pastries.

For the latest updates about the delegation's final adventures in Iran, check out: www.irandelegation.org.

Mark D. Tooley directs the United Methodist committee at the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi wrote:


Step right up and see what a Islamic Republic of Iran promoter-in-Armani writes…the freak who lives in the U.S., whose leftist American wife has a comfy-cozy job at the State Department, who he himself has a cushy job with the Council of Foreign Relations and whose boss/mentor is the ever-shady Zbignew Brzezinski (à a board member of some oil companies). Step right up and have a look at what a guy with a “protected and sexy” Washington DC lifestyle who goes out there bargaining for normalizing relations with the killer Mullahs, has to say…


February 27, 2007

Iran : Détente, Not Regime Change
By Ray Takeyh


"no brakes or reverse gear" remarks By Ahmadinejad
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:23 am    Post subject: Who is Ahmadinejad? Reply with quote

Who is Ahmadinejad by Journalists and Victims of Islamist regime?
Does it matter whether Ahmadinejad was a former ultra-orthodox Jew who has become Fanatic Muslim?

No, Ahmadinejad is just a criminal Mafia thug against freedom-loving Iranian and Israeli people who wants to be bigger than Hitler and Khomeni combined with a mission to create new War, Persian Gulf Russia Chernobyl 2.0., Destroy Iran, divert attention from real issues like Human Rights in Iran, freedom, Mullah Corruption in Iran, many criminal ACTS and 1000s of other issues .


Can Iranian People catch the last train before WAR, bigger disaster than BP Oil Spill and Persian Gulf Russia Chernobyl 2.0?

JOIN NOW Call for General Strike in Iran & Israel to Stop New WAR Plan

FREE Iran Calls for General Strike by all Iranians as the last train to catch and the best Option to Stop New War of Madness plan by Islamist Thugocracy Regime, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia and USA.

Questions Regarding Ahmadinejad?

In past few years the Islamist regime were making outrageous comments against Israel , helping terrorism in Iraq as a diversion to change the focus from Kazemi, Human Rights violations, executions, internal problems …. in Iran to other external issues ….

Hope journalists wakeup and ask the following embarrassing questions from Ahmadinejad and treat him as a Thug and not President :

1) How many Iranian political prisoners have been executed by Ahmadinejad?
2) Ahmadinejad as part of Qods force involved in how many Terror outside Iran?
3) Is this Ahmadinejad photo with Ayatollah Khalkhali, how long did he work for him and what was his responsibilities, who did he execute?
4) Is the prerequisite for getting to high positions under Islamist invaders and occupiers of Iran, is to be Torturer and Terror Master?
5) Does it matter whether Ahmadinejad was a former Jew who has become Muslim ? NO, Ahmadinejad is just a criminal Mafia thug against freedom-loving Iranian and Israeli people with a mission to create new War and Chernobyl 2.0. FREE Iran community is against Chernobyl 2.0 in progress in Persian Gulf by Russia and Islamist Mafia Thug Invaders and Occupiers of Iran ... Freedom-loving Iranian People Condemn Wasted 20 Billion Dollars Islamofascist Regime Childish Nuclear Adventures
Fantasy Strategy Led by the Mad Mullahs, Revolutionary Guard Fools, Terror and Torture Masters in Iran ...

FREE Iran ActivistChat wrote:

"no brakes or reverse gear" remarks By Ahmadinejad

telegraph.co.uk wrote:
- Experts last night suggested Mr Ahmadinejad's track record for hate-filled attacks on Jews could be an overcompensation to hide his past. Ali Nourizadeh, of the Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies, said:... "This aspect of Mr Ahmadinejad's background explains a lot about him. "Every family that converts into a different religion takes a new identity by condemning their old faith. "By making anti-Israeli statements he is trying to shed any suspicions about his Jewish connections. He feels vulnerable in a radical Shia society."
Source URL:

Ahmadinejad showing papers during election. It shows that his family's previous name was Jewish

MI6 wrote:
- MI6, Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, has established that the greatest living Holocaust denier, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, comes from a Jewish family whose genetic line stretches back hundreds of years and whose members came to Iran when Cyrus the Great liberated them from slavery in Babylon... in 593 B.C., according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The man who has spent his years in power calling for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth has managed to keep totally secret his family history until now. Family members worshiped at the synagogue in Aradan, a small country town where they were known as "Sabourjian" – a Jewish surname meaning cloth weaver.


Haaretz wrote:
Is Ahmadinejad trying to hide his Jewish roots by bashing Israel?
According to The Daily Telegraph, the Iranian leader hails from a Jewish family that converted to Islam.
By Haaretz Service


Islamist MP and Government critic Ali Motahari wrote:

Source: http://enduringamerica.com/2010/08/14/the-latest-from-iran-14-august-returning-to-the-streets/

Key MP and Government critic Ali Motahari goes farther and harsher, claiming that the thinking of the President and his followers about Islam is like the Forghan group who killed his father, Ayatollah Motahari, in 1979.

Motahari alleged that Ahmadinejad’s and Rahim-Mashai’s ideas do not comply with Islam. According to the MP, the President is neither a conservative nor a reformist, but because he is supported by the Supreme Leader, other clerics support him as well.

The Motahari’s call for resistance: a MP must decide by himself, not according to the Supreme Leader’s opinion. He strengthens the demand with the regret that MPs should have protested clearly against the Kahrizak abuse and the allegation that Ahmadinejad’s refusal to implement laws is a sign of dictatorship.

freemasonsecret wrote:

According to the following Persian article that is on Internet , and most probably is connected to one faction of the Islamist regime sources, claim many of current top leadership of Islamist regime in Iran who are Holocaust denier, Anti-Jews, Pro nuclear bomb, provoking war come from Iranian Jewish family roots or they are member of British Secret Society Freemason .. This article is trying to put all the blame on Iranian Secret Jews .... and save Islam as great religion ......

ماموران وابسته به سرویس های اطلاعاتی بیگانگان (سیا ، ام آی 6 ، موساد)

Persian Jews in Wikipedia

به دلیل تغییر هویت بسیاری از این افراد، اسناد برای اثبات یهودی بودن نصبشان محدود است، اما از روی وابستگی به جریان های ذکر شده و عملکردشان و رابطه با افراد یهودی نصب دور از ذهن نیست. البته پیشینه یهودی بسیاری از این افراد قبلا ثابت شده اما در حقیقت برای خیانت به مردم و خدمت به صهیونیزم نیازی به یهودی بودن نیست.

آیت الله مهدوی کنی

مهدوی کنی شاید قدرتمند ترین عامل انجمن فراماسونری در ایران باشد. وی از بستگان نزدیک افراد درجه اول کشور و از حامیان اصلی احمدی نژاد است.

آیت الله هاشمی شاهرودی از عراقی و نام واقعی او نجفی بوده است.

آیت الله مصباح یزدی از یهودیان مخفی و از حامیان احمدی نژاد است. ( افشاگری دکتر خزعلی درباره نسب یهودی برخی از مسئولان بلند پایه نظام)

آیت الله حائری شیرازی نماینده ولی فقیه در استان شیراز نیز نسبی یهودی دارد و دارای نسبت خویشاوندی با قدرتمند ترین فراماسون های ایران به نام خاندان نمازی ها است.

حجت الاسلام واعظ طبسی که در بین 10 نفر از ثروتمند ترین های ایران قرار دارد که شرح حال او را کافی است از مردم مشهد جویا شوید.

حبیب الله عسگراولادی مسلمان Habibollah Askar-Oladi Mosalman دبیر حزب موتلفه و از حامیان افراطی احمدی نژاد، از یهودیان دماوندی است که هویت خود را به نامی شدیدا اسلامی تغییر داده، اجداد او از یهودیان بغدادی مهاجر به ایران بوده اند. حزب موتلفه اسلامی از قدرتمندترین جریان های حاکم بر کشور است جریانی که سهم عظیمی در سرنگونی محمد رضا شاه پهلوی داشت و بخش اعظم مافیای اقتصادی کشور خصوصا بازار در دست این حزب می باشد. موتلفه ارتباطات گسترده ای با انجمن حجتیه دارد و بیشتر اعضای این حزب از یهودیان مسلمان شده هستند. (موتلفه از مهمترین جریان هایی بود که موجب پیروزی انقلاب اسلامی سال 57 شد).

اسفندیار رحیم مشائی رئیس سازمان میراث فرهنگی سابق و رئیس دفتر احمدی نژاد است، نیاکان وی از یهودیان مستقر در دشت مشاء دماوند بودند.

محمد علی رامین مشاور مطبوعاتی احمدی نژاد که نام خود را تغییر داده نیز یهودی نسب است مدتها در آلمان حضور داشته و در بسیاری از فعالیت های تروریستی شرکت داشته و شناسنامه آلمانی نیز دارد.

حسین شریعتمداری مدیر مسئول و نماینده ولی فقیه در روزنامه کیهان نیز از یهودیان دماوندی است که از اعضای انجمن حجتیه، جریان قدرتمند حاکم بر کشور می باشند.

اسدالله لاجوردی دادستان انقلاب و رئیس سازمان زندان های ایران نیز از یهودیان دماوندی و از اعضای حزب موتلفه بود که آوازه فساد و جنایت های او بر همگان آشکار است.

روح الله نژاد حسینیان با نام واقعی خسرو خوشرو، رئیس سابق مرکز اسناد انقلاب اسلامی از بهاییان روستای آباده اهل شیراز است. او از حامیان افراطی احمدی نژاد و دوست نزدیک سعید امامی اسلامی (دانیال قوامی) بود. وی تنها کسی بود که سعید امامی را شهید نامید.

مصطفی پور محمدی (به معنی پسر احمد) کسی بود که پای کمپانی های انگلیسی صهیونیستی را به صنعت نفت ایران باز کرد.

علی فلاحیان وزیر اطلاعات و از طراحان اصلی قتل های زنجیره ای به همراه سعید امامی بود. فلاحیان از ماموران نفوذی بلند پایه موساد در وزارت اطلاعات ایران است. وی با همکاری سعید امامی و گروهش قتل های زنجیره ای را اجرا کرد.

سعید امامی اسلامی (دانیال قوامی) Saeed Emami Eslami

سعید امامی معروف به سعید اسلامی با نام واقعی دانیال قوامی یهودی الاصل متولد 1336 شیراز، مامور و نفوذی سازمان سیا در سمت معاون امنيتی وزارت اطلاعات ايران، از طراحان قتل های زنجیره‌ای ایران به همراه علی فلاحیان. نصب وی به قوام السلطنه می رسد و بانک قوامین متعلق به این خاندان می باشد.

<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--> <!--[endif]-->

فهیمه دری نورگورانی

همسر سعید امامی فرزند یک بهایی ثروتمند و متولد 1338 در اصفهان بود، پدر او دارای دوستان با نفوذی در انجمن حجتیه می باشد.

مهرداد (صادق) عالیخانی

مهرداد عالیخانی با نام مستعار صادق مهدوی متولد 1340 در شیراز بود. وی از ماموران بلند پایه وزارت اطلاعات ایران، دوست و همکار نزدیک سعید امامی و از مهمترین عوامل در ماجرای قتل های زنجیره ای بود.

بسیاری از عالیخانی ها ماموران نفوذی بلند پایه سرویس اطلاعاتی اسرائیل، موساد در ایران هستند.

سردار نقدی که نام حقیقی اش محمد رضا ثمانی بوده و که مدتی برای سازمان اطلاعاتی عراق (استخبارات) کار می کرده، برای نفوذ در سازمان های اطلاعاتی ایران بوسیله افراد با نفوذ وارد ایران می شود و با حمایت همان جریان ها به فرماندهی حفاظت اطلاعات نیروی انتظامی می رسد که در آن زمان عملیات حمله به کوی دانشگاه تهران را رهبری می کند و اخیرا به فرماندهی بسیج نیز می رسد.

محمد رضا کلاهی عامل انفجار ساختمان مرکزی حزب جمهوری اسلامی در 7 تیر 1360 از عوامل اسرائیل بود.

مسعود کشمیری دبیر شورای عالی امنیت ملی و عامل انفجار ساختمان نخست وزیری در 8 شهریور 1360 که منجر به شهادت رجایی و باهنر شد، از عوامل اسرائیل بود. کشمیری حافظ نهج البلاغه و بسیار متظاهر بود به حدی که آقای رجایی و دوستانش پشت سرش نماز می خواندند. اطرافیان کشمیری می گفتند که او همیشه دو خودکار در جیب داشت، از خودکار خودش برای کارهای شخصی و از خودکار سازمان برای کارهای اداری استفاده می کرد.

ناخدا بهرام افضلی فرمانده نیروی دریایی جمهوری اسلامی در اوایل انقلاب نیز از عوامل اسرائیل بود.

FREE Iran Activist wrote:
Majles PETITION 11: Demanding To Prevent Terrorist Master Mahmood Ahmadinejad From Entering U.S.A. to Attend the UN General Assembly in New York in September

BY The National Leadership Assembly for Opposition to IRI

View Current Signatures Petition-
Sign the Petition


To: Honorable President Of United States George W. Bush, General Secretary of the United Nations Mr. Kofi Anan, U.S. Congress, Senator Brownback, EU Heads of States, Heads of the world’s democratic states, The United Nation Commission for Humman Rights Special Rapporteur, U.S. Secretay of State, the European Parliament, Amnesty International, , Reporters Without Borders , Human Rights Watch, and International Criminal Court (ICC)

WE, the undersigned, as members of the civilized freedom-loving people of the world, call urgently to prevent Terror/ Torture Master Ahmadinejad entering United States:

1- Mahmood Ahmadinejad is not elected president of Iran. Great Majority of Iranian people boycotted sham election and they have not participated in the recent Islamic election.
2- Ahmadinejad stepped on a picture of an American flag on his way to vote. Iranian nation have deep respect for all countries flag specially the American flag which is a cherished national symbol of freedom-loving American people and home of million Iranian-American people. Ahmadinejad is not a representative Iranian Nation.
3- Ahmadinejad plotted many dissident's murder and was directly involved in the 1989 assassination of Iranian exile Kurdish opposition leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and two other Kurdish politicians in Vienna, Austria. A murderer and Terrorist is not a representative of freedom-loving Iranian Nation.
4- According to Ahmadinejad himself, he has executed at least 1000 freedom-loving Iranian people in the prison and he was known as “Tir Khalas Zan”, literally meaning “he who fires coup de grace”. Many female former political prisoners raped by Ahmadinejad. Such a dirty person and virus is not president of Iran.
5- Ahmadinejad is responsible for “Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison” in Iran that would recruit individuals willing to carry out suicide operations against Western targets. Do not allow this Terrorist to put his foot on US soil and enter UN.
6- Ahmadinejad played a central role in the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran in November 1979 and he was key American hostage-taker for the 444-day.

How can you accept and allow this Brutal Man, Thug, Terror and Torture Master to put his feet on US soil and attend the UN General Assembly in New York?

"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."
A Quote from Famous Persian Poet Saadi Shirazi
( 13th century Persian poet from Shiraz / Iran )


FREE Iran Activist wrote:
SOSIRAN PETITION 13: Protesting Terrorist Ahmadinejad's Trip To U.S.A

View Current Signatures Petition 13 -
Sign the Petition 13


To: The Honorable Senators and Members of the United States Congress

What is being brought to your attention is not a partisan issue; rather, it is crucial to our national security and our way of life. The Iranian People are in the midst of an epic struggle to reverse the course of history and in trying to stop the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism and terrorism. The Iranian People are fighting to save the soul of a nation, similar to what was happening prior to the establishment of a “Government by the people and for the people” here in the United States of America. The Iranian People are dismayed that their relentless efforts to overthrow this government have no European partners and that only President Bush has publicly challenged the Islamic government to allow free elections. They so desperately need your total support in order to return to the community of civilized nations.

This so called "election" was boycotted by all opposition groups inside and outside Iran. Even political prisoners such as Mr. Akbar Ganji and several other political prisoners, have been on a hunger strike for an extended time ( Mr. Ganji for) over 50 days and he is dangerously close to death, asked from their prison cells for the boycotting of the presidential "election". Another political prisoner, Mr. Manoochehr Mohammadi, is in coma.

Are you ready for this? Mr. Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the president (s)elect of the Islamic Republic is planning a trip to New York, a city where terrorists clearly showed what they are made of and what they intend to do! Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, has called the latest stage managed Presidential election in Iran “a sham election,” and rightly so. The man picked to lead Iran is a known terrorist who was definitely involved in one of the darkest events in Iran’s 2500 year history. Further, as a Commander in the Revolutionary Guard, he was the mastermind in assassinating the opposition both inside and outside Iran. Finally, he has personally executed hundreds of innocent Iranians whose only crime was advocating democracy. Mr. Ahmadinejad has recently supported the martyrdom brigades in Iran. For those of you unaware of what this is, the martyrdom brigades are supposed to be volunteers but are really individuals who have been brain washed and trained to be suicide bombers. The mission of the martyrdom brigades is to cause havoc and chaos in America and disrupt American business transactions world wide. You might be surprised to learn that their cause has been blessed by the so called Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution, Khamenei, as well as the President elect Ahmadinejad.

Maybe we did not speak up quickly enough during Hitler’s atrocities, but here is a second chance, something history rarely affords us. The Islamic Government is a menace to the world and an extremely dangerous threat to our national security and our way of life. Issuing a visa to this sub-human to enter the United States of America is a slap in the faces of the 52 American Diplomats held for 444 days as “hostages.” If this creature is permitted to enter our country, it would border on treason and tells the terrorists of the world that behind our tough talk of terrorism, we don’t really mean it.

Dear Senators and Members of Congress: Do your American duty, deny this gangster, terrorist and murderer a visa to enter the United States and protect America. We will expect nothing less. If his arrival becomes imminent, we will take our case to the American people. We will fight to reverse this moral injustice.

God Bless America,


Roxanne Ganji wrote:
PETITION 18: Denouncing Ahmadinejad's U.N. Visit

View Current Signatures 18
Sign the Petition 18


To: Honorable President George W. Bush

Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Khamenei selected President of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s forthcoming trip to New York to attend the United Nations Meeting has raised many eyebrows inside and outside Iran.

The thought of a man who was a major part of the 1979 U.S. embassy take over and hostage taking in Iran, who suddenly has become the President of an " axis’ of evil" regime, coming to the country whose diplomats he helped take hostage and to the city of New York where thousands of innocent people were brutally killed on September 11, 2001, at the hands of terrorist fundamentalists like him is indeed insulting to say the least.

This would be anther case of a comedy of errors. A hostage taker at the U.N General Assembly podium, what a message that one is going to send to the world brotherhood of terrorists.

Is a criminal hostage taker qualified to be given the privilege of diplomatic immunities? If he is granted a visa we denounce his visit and wish to announce to the world that this person in no way represents the of people of Iran who are peace loving people, and who have been hostages at the hands of this terrorist regime for the past 26 years. We also reserve the right of holding a peaceful demonstration denouncing Mr. Ahmadinejad’s presence at the session.


The Undersigned


Iran Focus wrote:

“Ahmadinejad? Who’s he?”
Islamist’s new President has a past mired in controversy

Sat. 25 Jun 2005
Iran Focus


Tehran, Jun. 25 – “Ahmadinejad? Who’s he?”

This was the typical reaction of most Iranians a day after the first round of presidential elections in Iran, when they heard that the two candidates facing each other in the run-off were veteran politician Ayatollah Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and the little-known, ultra-conservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Last week’s surprise was all forgotten by the much bigger shock on Friday, when Ahmadinejad defeated the former President and iconic figure in the ruling theocracy in a landslide victory that consolidated power in the hands of the ruling Islamic clerics.

With spotlights now trained on the small, bearded figure in a trademark dilapidated grey suit, Ahmadinejad’s murky past is causing deep anxiety in Iran and growing concern abroad over the new President’s policies and orientation.

Born in the desert town of Garmsar, east of Tehran, in 1956, Ahmadinejad was the fourth child of a working class family with seven children. His father, who was a blacksmith, moved the family to Tehran when Ahmadinejad was barely a year old. He was brought up in the rough neighbourhoods of south Tehran, where a cocktail of poverty, frustration and xenophobia in the heydays of the Shah’s elitist regime provided fertile grounds for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

After finishing high school, Ahmadinejad went to Elm-o Sanaat University in 1975 to study engineering. Soon the whirlwind of Islamic revolution led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini swept him from the classroom to the mosque and he joined a generation of firebrand Islamic fundamentalists dedicated to the cause of an Islamic world revolution.

Student activists in Elm-o Sanaat University at the time of the Iranian revolution were dominated by ultra-conservative Islamic fundamentalists. Ahmadinejad soon became one of their leaders and founded the Islamic Students Association in that university after the fall of the Shah’s regime.

In 1979, he became the representative of Elm-o Sanaat students in the Office for Strengthening of Unity Between Universities and Theological Seminaries, which later became known as the OSU. The OSU was set up by Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, who was at the time Khomeini’s top confidant and a key figure in the clerical leadership. Beheshti wanted the OSU to organise Islamist students to counter the rapidly rising influence of the opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) among university students.

The OSU played a central role in the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran in November 1979. Members of the OSU central council, who included Ahmadinejad as well as Ibrahim Asgharzadeh, Mohsen (Mahmoud) Mirdamadi, Mohsen Kadivar, Mohsen Aghajari, and Abbas Abdi, were regularly received by Khomeini himself.

According to other OSU officials, when the idea of storming the U.S. embassy in Tehran was raised in the OSU central committee by Mirdamadi and Abdi, Ahmadinejad suggested storming the Soviet embassy at the same time. A decade later, most OSU leaders re-grouped around Khatami but Ahmadinejad remained loyal to the ultra-conservatives.

During the crackdown on universities in 1980, which Khomeini called the “Islamic Cultural Revolution”, Ahmadinejad and the OSU played a critical role in purging dissident lecturers and students many of whom were arrested and later executed. Universities remained closed for three years and Ahmadinejad joined the Revolutionary Guards.

In the early 1980s, Ahmadinejad worked in the “Internal Security” department of the IRGC and earned notoriety as a ruthless interrogator and torturer. According to the state-run website Baztab, allies of outgoing President Mohammad Khatami have revealed that Ahmadinejad worked for some time as an executioner in the notorious Evin Prison, where thousands of political prisoners were executed in the bloody purges of the 1980s.

In 1986, Ahmadinejad became a senior officer in the Special Brigade of the Revolutionary Guards and was stationed in Ramazan Garrison near Kermanshah in western Iran. Ramazan Garrison was the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards’ “extra-territorial operations”, a euphemism for terrorist attacks beyond Iran’s borders.

In Kermanshah, Ahmadinejad became involved in the clerical regime’s terrorist operations abroad and led many “extra-territorial operations of the IRGC”. With the formation of the elite Qods (Jerusalem) Force of the IRGC, Ahmadinejad became one of its senior commanders. He was the mastermind of a series of assassinations in the Middle East and Europe, including the assassination of Iranian Kurdish leader Abdorrahman Qassemlou, who was shot dead by senior officers of the Revolutionary Guards in a Vienna flat in July 1989. Ahmadinejad was a key planner of the attack, according to sources in the Revolutionary Guards.

Ahmadinejad served for four years as the governor of the towns of Maku and Khoy in northwestern Iran. In 1993, he was appointed by Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance Ali Larijani, a fellow officer of the Revolutionary Guards, as his cultural adviser. Months later, he was appointed as the governor of the newly-created Ardebil Province.

In 1997, the newly-installed Khatami administration removed Ahmadinejad from his post and he returned to Elm-o Sanaat University to teach, but his principal activity was to organize Ansar-e Hezbollah, a radical gang of violent Islamic vigilantes.

Since becoming mayor of Tehran in April 2003, Ahmadinejad has been using his position to build up a strong network of radical Islamic fundamentalists organised as “Abadgaran-e Iran-e Islami” (literally, Developers of an Islamic Iran). Working in close conjunction with the Revolutionary Guard’s, Abadgaran was able to win the municipal elections in 2003 and the parliamentary election in 2004. They owed their victories as much to low turnouts and general disillusionment with the “moderate” faction of the regime as to their well-oiled political and military machinery.

Abadgaran bills itself as a group of young neo-Islamic fundamentalists who want to revive the ideals and policies of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. It was one of several ultra-conservative groups that were setup on the orders of Ayatollah Khamenei in order to defeat outgoing President Mohammad Khatami’s faction after the parliamentary elections in February 2000.

Ahmadinejad’s record is typical of the men chosen by Khamenei’s entourage to put a new face on the clerical elite’s ultra-conservative identity. But beyond the shallow façade, few doubt that the Islamic Republic under its new President will move with greater speed and determination along the path of radical policies that include more human rights abuses, continuing sponsorship of terrorism, and the drive to obtain nuclear weapons.


Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Early Profile and Records

Khamenei Early Criminal Profile wrote:

Cinema Rex, The Auschwitz of Abadan



Ahmadinejad's past tells it all


Published: June 02, 2008
In just three years Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's controversial president,
has become a household name. It is worth noting that for a man whose
name is mentioned so much, not much is known about him and his past.
Indeed, even his official biography lacks a lot of information. But grasping
who is Ahmadinejad and where he comes from proves how dangerous this
man really is.
Ahmadinejad was born in 1956 to a poor family. In his just-released book,
"The Bomb and the Koran," French journalist Michel Taubmann masterly
delved into Ahmadinejad's biography.
Taubmann unveils many unknown facts about the current Iranian president:
for instance, his mother's name is Sayeed Khanom, which indicates that she
is a descendant of the Prophet; but his father's pedigree is much less
glorious. His name was originally Sabarian, which is most certainly an Arabic
name (an insult for most Iranians).
Interestingly his father whose first name was Ahmad changed his family
name to Ahmadinejad, which could translate in "of the race of the prophet"
since Ahmad was one of the multiple names used by the prophet.
At the early age of seven, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a revelation in the
person of Ayatollah Khomeini.
So, unsurprisingly, in 1979, at the onset of the Islamic Revolution, he
became a member of the radical Office for Strengthening Unity (OSU) that
was established by Ayatollah Beheshti (a key Khomeini collaborator) to fight
off the Mujahedeen e-Khalq group.
While reports on Ahmadinejad's presence among the captors of the U.S.
embassy in Tehran remain so far somewhat unconfirmed, what is almost
sure is that Ahmadinejad had a hand in the planning of the operation. He
also allegedly suggested storming the Soviet embassy at the same time as
the United States.

During the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), he joined the special forces of the
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and became one of the senior commanders
of the elite Qods (Jerusalem) Force.
According to the Baztab Web site, close to former Iranian president Akhbar
Hashemi Rafsanjani, Ahmadinejad was a close associate of Ayatollah
Malahati, who was among the people that set up Iran's terrorist activities.
Malahati reportedly supervised the Oct. 23, 1983 Beirut terror attacks
against the U.S. Marines and French soldiers barracks that killed 241 U.S.
servicemen and 58 French paratroopers.
In his new role Ahmadinejad allegedly planned assassinations in the Middle East and Europe of opponents to the regime, such as the Kurdish leader Qasselou in July 1989 in Vienna.

Also, Ahmadinejad has reportedly been linked to a plot to kill British author Salman Rushdie. According to Taubmann, citing the famous Iranian poet Nemat Azarm, Ahmadinejad is behind the gruesome murder – of charismatic opposition leader MD Kazem Sami in 1988. His body was systematically cut in pieces with a knife.

Not only numerous credible stories accuse Ahmadinejad of several murders, but he also earned a reputation of a callous torturer. In fact, according to several sources, Ahmadinejad worked in the infamous Evin prison where he was nicknamed "The Executioner" because he was the one inflicting the coup de grace to some prisoners.

wikipedia wrote:

Dr. Sami was murdered in his private medical clinic in 1989, under suspicious circumstances. He is believed to be one of the first victims of the Chain murders of Iran.[1]

Dr. Kazem Sami Kermani was Iran's minister of health in the transitional government of Mehdi Bazargan and leader of the Iranian Nation Liberation Movement (JAMA), an offshoot of Freedom Movement of Iran, a liberal religious-nationalist movement affiliated with National Front of Iran.


An Iranian Health Authority Is Reported Slain at a Clinic
Published: Tuesday, November 29, 1988
Sign in to Recommend
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LinkedinDiggFacebookMixxMySpaceYahoo! BuzzPermalinkKazem Sami, Iran's first Health Minister after the 1979 Islamic revolution, was killed last Wednesday, the Iranian press agency said on Saturday.

The assailant, posing as a patient at a clinic, stabbed Dr. Sami in the head, chest and arms, the agency said. There was no arrest or motive reported.

Also interestingly, according to Iran Resist, he was allegedly at the end of
the 1990s the representative in Lebanon of the "Martyr's Foundation" that
finances the Lebanese Shiite outfit Hezbollah. He has reportedly close
relations with Hezbollah's chief Hassan Nasrallah that he met during training
in North Korea.
When he became mayor of Tehran in 2003, he started implementing a very
radical Islamist policy, forcing male city employees to wear beards and long
sleeves along with setting up separate elevators for men and women in
municipal offices.
This is not a surprise since even though Ahmadinejad is not from a clerical
background, he is a very pious and religious man. Actually everything for
him revolves around theology.

In September 2005, during his speech at the United Nations, Ahmadinejad
said that he saw all the heads of state gathered blinded by a divine light
while angels were circling above his head!
Ahmadinejad adheres to the Hojjatieh's interpretation of Shiism which holds
a very messianic and apocalyptic view of the world. It actually predicts a
period of universal chaos before the return of the Mahdi (the 12th imam,
also known as the hidden imam).
Interestingly even radical Ayatollah Khomeini banned Hojjatieh Shiism in
1983, but it was recently revived. Ahmadinejad sees politics as the
"continuation of war by other means." When asked by students to define
"what's the most beautiful for a Muslim on earth," he answered very matter
of fact: "To kill and be killed."
Ahmadinejad is convinced that he has been chosen by God to hasten the
Mahdi's return. The way to achieve this goal for the Iranian president is the
occurrence of a nuclear Holocaust. And this is why it is so vital for
Ahmadinejad that Iran acquires a nuclear weapon.
Unfortunately many people in the West miss that point, while this proves
beyond any doubt how serious and determined Ahmadinejad is about getting
the Bomb.
Olivier Guitta, an adjunct fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of
Democracies and a foreign affairs and counterterrorism consultant, is the
founder of the newsletter The Croissant (www.thecroissant.com).

Anti Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Petitions wrote:

Petition 11: Demanding To Prevent Terrorist Master Mahmood Ahmadinejad From Entering U.S.A. to Attend the UN General Assembly in New York in September[Majles Shora Hambastegi]
Petition 12: Expelling Envoys to the United Nations of the Islamic Republic[Majles Shora Hambastegi]
PETITION 13: Protesting Terrorist Ahmadinejad's Trip To U.S.A[SOSIRAN]

Petition 72: Investigation into crimes committed by Ali Khamenei [Alireza Moradiniya]
Petition 73: Open letter to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations And To the leaders of the Free World [ Sayeh Sirjani And Dariosh Afshar ]
Petition 74: Message to the conscious people of the world, in support of Iranian people [Shokooh Mirzadegi ]
Petition 75: Petition 75: Help Stop the Slaughter of Iranian Freedom Seekers [Amil Imani]
Petition 76: On the drastic conditions of Iranian Political Prisoners [Shokooh Mirzadegi ]
Petition 77: The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon [Dariush Eghbali]



[quote="French daily"]French daily: Iran’s Ahmadinejad was key US embassy hostage-taker

Wed. 29 Jun 2005

Iran Focus
Source: http://www.iranfocus.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2687

Paris, Jun. 29 – A principal French daily reported that newly-elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in charge of security at the United States embassy in Tehran after he and fellow radical students loyal to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took over the compound by force in November 1979.

Libération wrote that Ahmadinejad was a member of Students Following the Line of the Imam [Khomeini] and a leader of the hostage-takers who held American diplomats and embassy staff for 444 days.

“In 1981 he joined the forces of [Assadollah] Lajevardi, the Revolutionary Prosecutor in Evin Prison who executed hundreds of [political] prisoners every night”, the daily added.

According to Libération, Ahmadinejad subsequently joined the Special Forces branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and later became a commander of the IRGC Qods (Jerusalem) Force and was responsible for the destruction of Iran’s opposition.

Former political prisoners who were in Evin Prison in 1981 have said Ahmadinejad was known to them as “Tir Khalas Zan”, literally meaning “he who fires coup de grace”.

The government-run website Baztab quoted allies of outgoing President Mohammad Khatami as confirming that Ahmadinejad fired coup de grace at prisoners who were executed in Evin Prison in the 1980s.

Iran’s clerical leaders have not shown any reaction so far to the growing controversy over the new president’s past involvement in terrorism and human rights violations.

Ahmadinejad worked for Iran's Eichmann from 1981, How Many Political Prisoners Executed by Terrorist President-Select?

Who Would Defend Iran's Eichmann?
Source: http://www.iranncrfac.org/Pages/Publications/BOOKS/the%20myth%20of/Part%2021.pdf

It remains, after 16 years, the most harrowing experience of my life.
There was nothing unusual about that morning of June 26, 1982, as
I left my house at the usual time to go to the Tehran bureau of Agence
France Presse, where I worked. But unknown to me, I was under
surveillance by a special unit of the Revolutionary Guards. Half way
between home and Shohada (Jaleh) square, where the office was,
the Guards crashed their car into my Renault 4, pulled me out and
after beating me almost unconscious, blindfolded me and took me to
the notorious Evin Prison, where my sister, Guiti, had been executed
40 days earlier.
It was my second visit to Evin Prison. The first was in February,
when I was among a team of journalists who were taken on a
“sightseeing tour” of Evin Prison by the prison’s governor, Assadollah
Lajevardi. Despite all the efforts of Lajevardi and his henchmen to
make the prison look like a hotel and the prisoners a bunch of broken
“repentants,” the three French journalists who accompanied me were
not impressed. With their eyes, the prisoners were telling us that
this was all stage-managed for foreign journalists.
“There is something in the eyes of that man that sends shivers
down your spine,” one of the French journalists said of Lajevardi as
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:15 am    Post subject: Saudi Arabia buys 84 US fighter jets Reply with quote

Saudi Arabia buys 84 US fighter jets

Jonathan Cook, Foreign Correspondent

Last Updated: August 10. 2010 11:27PM UAE / August 10. 2010 7:27PM GMT
An F-35 Lightning II fighter jet. Lockheed Martin / US Air Force / Bloomberg News
Two of the United States’ closest allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, may be on the brink of signing large arms deals with the US.

America has agreed to sell Saudi Arabia 84 of the latest model of the F-15 jet and dozens of Black Hawk helicopters. The deal also includes refurbishing many of the kingdom’s older F-15s, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.


U.S. Weapons Sale to Saudi Arabia Said to Reach $60 Billion


A proposed U.S. weapons sale to Saudi Arabia of Boeing Co. F-15 fighter jets also includes as many as 132 Boeing Apache attack helicopters and United Technologies Corp. UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters that bring the total value of the package to around $60 billion, according to a government official familiar with the plan.

The Pentagon and State Department about two weeks ago informally notified congressional committees that handle arms sales of the planned transaction, the official said.

“I think it would be the largest ever,” said William Hartung, director of the New York City-based New America Foundation’s Arms and Security Initiative.

“Other deals that used to be considered large,” like the $9 billion sale of 72 F-15s to the Saudis in 1992-93 or the kingdom’s $9 billion acquisition of U.S. AWACS surveillance aircraft in 1981, “aren’t even in the ballpark, even allowing for inflation,” Hartung said.

The package includes 84 F-15s at a cost of $30 billion and helicopter sales totaling about $30 billion that include spare parts, training simulators, long-term logistics support and some munitions.

The Saudis would buy about 72 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and as many as 60 AH-64D Longbow Apaches, the official said. The Longbow is the U.S. Army’s premier anti-tank helicopter, capable of firing laser-guided or all-weather air-to-ground missiles. The Longbows are in addition to 12 that Congress in 2008 cleared Boeing to sell to the Saudis.

Fits Obama Strategy

The proposal fits the Obama administration’s strategy of buttressing the defense capabilities of Middle East allies to counter Iran’s growing offensive missile might and suspected nuclear weapons program. It would be part of the Gulf Security Dialogue started by the Bush administration.

The Longbow Apache has been sold to Egypt, Israel, Greece, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Singapore and Taiwan. Northrop Grumman Corp. and Lockheed Martin Corp. provide the Apache’s radar and sensors.

The Pentagon intends to formally notify the Senate and House foreign affairs panels by mid-September of the final arms package, the official said.

“In the past, a record-setting deal to a region of tension like the Persian Gulf would have drawn considerable congressional opposition,” Hartung said. “That does not seem to be the case this time around.”

Other Issues Dominate

“Other foreign policy issues from Iraq and Afghanistan to the consideration of the New START treaty, seem to have taken up most if not all of the attention Congress can or will spend on foreign policy matters,” Hartung said. The U.S. Senate is scheduled to consider the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia when it returns next month from its summer recess.

Saudi Arabia’s last significant U.S. weapons purchase was 72 F-15s in 1992, a transaction valued at as much as $9 billion. The last planes in that contract were delivered in November 1999.

The kingdom spent $36.7 billion worldwide on arms and support activities from 2001 to 2008, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:53 pm    Post subject: Stop Execution of Iranian University Student NOW Reply with quote

Stop Execution of Iranian University Student NOW for stating the TRUTH and Share Story

یوسف رشــــیدی
محکوم به اعــــدام است
یک حرف با ید اعدام شو د تنهــا بــراي

یوسف رشیدی دانشجوی پلی تکنیک بود که درروز دیدار احمدی نژاد از پلی تکنیک یک صفحه کاغذ را بالا برد که رویش نوشته بود "رئیس جمهور فاشیست پلی تکنیک جای تو نیست".

یوسف رشیدی

محکوم به اعدام است
هموطن کمکش کن

عكسي كه ماندگار مي شود؛
لطفا این ایمیل را برای همه بفرستید

با معروف شدنش،

شانس زنده ماندش در زندان افزایش خواهد یافت.

عكسي كه ماندگار مي شود؛

لطفا این ایمیل را برای همه بفرستید

با معروف شدنش،

شانس زنده ماندش در زندان افزایش خواهد یافت.

Questions Regarding Ahmadinejad?

FREE Iran ActivistChat wrote:

"no brakes or reverse gear" remarks By Ahmadinejad
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