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Anti-war or IRI Sleeper Cells In U.S.A????

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Joined: 03 Aug 2004
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 12:25 am    Post subject: Anti-war or IRI Sleeper Cells In U.S.A???? Reply with quote

Ali Aghaa!

Destructive Elements, pseudo-intellectuals, Islamo-Marxists, traitors, and guns for hire ruined Iran, I don’t have a country to go back to! Until IRI is overthrown I am afraid I will have to stay and to defend our Iranian-American interests here in this country.

Not that your stupid actions can punt a dent in US foreign policy, but your reckless behavior, and total disregard for the average American’s feelings on terrorism, patriotism and honor will backfire
on the average innocent Iranian-Americans in U.S. who are mostly against the IRI regime.

I remember during the hostage crisis (late 79-1980) one time Ted Koppel of Nightline interviewed Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, IRI’s Foreign Minister, before being killed by his master Afatollah Khomeini.

Kopplel asked him if IRI hand any concerns for the safety of the 140000 Iranian students despite the entire negative press and anti-Iranian sentiments? Ghotbzadeh responded that it was the student


I see that the IRI’s attitude has not changed in the past 27 years, but Iranians both inside and outside have gotten a lot smarter. Back in the 70s we were the silent majority and because of our silence the Islamo-Marxists did their evil deeds to our country! Despite sever oppression, filtering and censorship;

our compatriots inside Iran are operating several hundred thousand clandestine weblogs exposing the evildeeds of IRI, abroad we complement them by exposing IRI agents. This is how we fight back!

I see that you could not answer any of my questions; instead you follow the path of Bagher Harandi, Nader Rastegar and Dan Cohen (alias), offering me to go back to Iran so that your leaders can kill me!

I will one day go back on the time of my choosing; meanwhile I can do a lot more damage to IRI from right here!

Aghaa Baha

What’s with Jaa Namaaz Aab Keshidan?

You sent the “A sweet report on Iranian rally in San Jose”, you are the one who always sends out e-mails supporting IRI. You label others as discredited, Savakies, 1000 Faamil ,etc,etc!

Why don’t you come out like a man and express your support and love for the IRI?

Why are you still so afraid of the Pahlavi Dynasty, even after 27 years? What does my personal political

believes for Iran has to do with the protecting the Iranian-American prestige here? Imagine this;

your favorite regime took American diplomats hostage 27 years ago, followed by directing the U.S. Embassy and Marine

headquarters bombings in Beirut; today, after 27 years IRI remains the world’s number one state sponsor of

terrorism.Can you blame the US government for striking back? And then Ali Aghaa takes the pictures of those monkeys

wearing masks, mocking US leadership posting it in Payvand you and distribute it as “A sweet report on Iranian rally in San Jose”?

Despite everything that the mullahs done against the US from killing its citizens directly or via proxy, etc; the Americans society

sheltered and accepted us as part of their community, We are sharing their American dream here. How ungrateful one can be

to disrespect and spit in their faces?

Did you sympathize with the American society on September 11 like our compatriots inside Iran did with their candle light vigil?

Last but not least what is the Islamo-Marxists obsession with America?

If you are such nationalists and worry about exploitation of Iran’s natural resources by US (even though they have not had

any business involvement with Iran for the past 27 years);why don’t you object to the Europeans who have been robbing Iran

blind? The English have been informally colonizing Iran for the past 300 years; as the Persian saying goes “if you pull a

mullah’s beard, underneath is written made in England! Is that ok with you? If not; what have you done about it

except trying to discredit Mr. Credit?

Dr. Ramin Etebar (Mr. Credit)

-----Original Message-----
From: Ali Moayedian [mailto:moayedian@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 11:43 AM
To: Ramin Etebar, MD
Subject: Re: Anti-war or IRI Sleeper Cells In U.S.A????

You are engaged in defamation, baseless attacks &

lies. It is obvious that after living for many years

in the US, you don’t have the slightest idea what

freedom, democracy and rights mean. You keep attacking

IRI, while you yourself share the same mentality and

beliefs. I’m sorry to inform you that it is you who

should “get the hell out of here” and go back and

unite with IRI. I guarantee that you will feel much

more at home there!


From: Baha [mailto:baha@homehealthcareinc.com]
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 4:42 PM
To: moayedian@yahoo.com; Ramin Etebar,MD

Dear Ali and Ramin;

I do not know Ali, but I hereby acknowledge his beautiful report and his participation in a peace movement that was to the benefit of Iranian as well as American people. By publishing his report, he has encouraged a lot more people to participte next time.

If Dr Etebar does not take it personally and get offended, I like to say his opinion has lost its credibility with majority of Iranians long time ago. I wrote him last year jokingly and told him as they call a bald ZOLF-ALI and a blind CHERAGH-ALI, he is also our ETEBAR. He still is in denial and resistance of the most ever popular reveloution of 1979 against the Pahlavi dynasty.

I have respect for people to disagree with what what is going on now or injustices that went on after reveloution but the issue of widespread support in getting rid of people like Savakis and 1000 ruling family who ran the country with the order of western ambassadors is undisputable in population.

His anger is not toward you or me when he lables us thinking we are labling him. His anger might be that he knows he has no place he could call home ever again. History may have a step backwards but usually it is combined with two step forward.

We have people who are westernised too much to get along with the Iranian people even if IRI is replaced with a new regime.

An American attack is to the benefit of no one. These guys are "KASEHE AZ AASH DAGHTAR" about America. I am here because I love little freedom that is still left. I love Iran because I was born there and I am still found of its people, history and culture. I loved it in the old regime. I love it now and I will love it even if US pushes and wins a regime change. My love is deeper than that. I can see that with any American involvment people would go united behind

BARANDAZI is not legal here, is not in Iran now or in the past and will not be legal in your ideal system of government. If you get that deep into your head, maybe you could go for visits, enjoy your visits and learn first hand that it is not your place that you could live and get along with its people. Then you come back anger free.

Anti-war or IRI Sleeper Cells In U.S.A

Can you answer my questions?

Dear Worldwide Friends

A while ago I wrote you a letter pointing out IRI supporters activities under the “Anti-war movement” cover. If you care to refresh your

memory you can find review it here: http://activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7742

Yesterday, someone who I would describe as “asking for it” sent me this e-mail titled “A sweet report on Iranian rally in San Jose”

Before being labeled a war monger and a CIA/Mosad/ MI6 agent as usual done by these IRI thugs who pin it on anyone

opposing IRT (Islamic Republic of Terror) ;let me declare that I oppose any war against Iran, http://www.petitiononline.com/loveiran/petition.html

In 1988, my student organization GAMA launched two major hunger strikes against the Iran-Iraq war promoted by the Devil Khomeini and his

terrorist supporters. Demanding cease fire, objecting to world silence and peace on March 08, 1988 to March 21, 1988 GAMA conducted a

hunger strike on the grounds of Westwood Federal Building in Los Angeles. The protests were joined by over 100 people including the famous Iranian singers

Susan, Elaheh and Faramarz Asef. A day after the visit by Reza Pahlavi and in celebration of Noruz, the strike ended with a large Sofreh Haft Seen and more than

15,000 Iranian in attendance


Within a week a second hunger strike was started in front of the Cardinal Mahoney’s residence of Los Angeles ( March 28, 1988 to April 03, 1988).

This time the strike ended with a massage from the pope John Paul II delivered by Cardinal Mahoney.

My question to these terror supporters is; where were you in 1988? Was the war good back then since it was supported and promoted by Afatollah


On September 11, when our compatriots inside Iran protested and condemned the terror attacks; where were you?

In the photos a police man is depicted filming the events, do you have a problem with that? How many plain clothes agents do you use to take our

picture when we demonstrate against the mullahs? Or should I ask, do your masters allow anti-government demonstrations in Iran? What do your masters do

to dissidents in Iran when they are identified in any Anti-IRI rallies?

At least you should be thankful that democracy in US allows you to protest against its government and president, they are allowing the IRI to spend

hundreds of millions of dollars to be spent on you the “peace activists” to promote the sustenance of worlds number one supporter of international terrorism!

You don’t like? Then get the hell out!

Respectfully Submitted

Ramin Etebar, MD
Iranian-American physician,
Human Rights and political activist

http://www.payvand.com/news/06/apr/1183.html Twisted Evil

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Joined: 03 Aug 2004
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 9:38 am    Post subject: which one is real name and which one is alias Reply with quote

Mehrdad Moayedzadeh
Ali Moayedian

which one is real name and which one is alias or are they both aliases?

The above is a picture of Mehrdad Moayedzadeh, the President of BAIAD (Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats) who organized the anti-war rally in San Jose, has awfully similar last name as Ali Moayedian who is telling Dr. Etebar to go to Iran (see below). Which is very odd when one would logically think that those few who support the IRI are best to stay in Iran and enjoy the so-called freedom that they claim IRI has provided for Iranians and those like 4-5 million who could escape the claws of the despotic regime live outside Iran and enjoy the freedom that IRI would not allow them to have.

Don't forget to look at the attachment where Ladan Afrasiabi, 2 days before the rally, forwarded an email from Mehrdad Moayedzadeh regarding the same rally in San Jose.

Ladan Afrasiabi, a strong supporter of Hooshang Amirahmadi of AIC, is the woman who also began circulating the StopWarOnIran petition. She is also the same woman who attended the Esfehan Technology Conference few years ago and whose brother is Kaveh Afrasiabi, the think tank who advised IRI nuclear negotiation team in 2004-2005.

Are these all just some coincident or is this a massive organized campaign in America by lobbyists of IRI? There are so many of these organizations within U.S. alone (such as StopWarOnIran, CASMII, AIC, NIAC, BAIAD, Interfaithful, etc. etc.) that it is scary and god only knows how many millions are being spent to lobby for IRI within U.S.! This is not including many IRI supporters who have taken over many of our local radio programs to feed their poison to our population in the heart of America!

Should America stop allowing imports of Iranian goods like carpet, which I believe is being used to fund such activities against American interest, against Iranian people in Iran and against opposition groups abroad?

We MUST stand up to them now and tell them that it is IRI who is instigating war! Nuclear technology in the hands of dictators in Iran is only one of the problems. The biggest issue in Iran is the human rights violation by IRI. Before the nuclear technology being the rights of Iranians, the people are demanding the most basic rights of a safe and free life under a democratic system with elected representatives. Following IRI's removal, Iranians may choose to have a safe, highly advanced and sound nuclear technology, but not the highly unsafe kind of technology that was purchased in the back alleys of Pakistan or illegal black markets of N. Korea, etc. Let's kick the Islamo-Marxist traitors out of Iran and hopefully out of U.S.

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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 3:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Ramin and fellow activists,

If I may offer a few thoughts as an American...besides the "given" in my country that you can protest any damned thing you please so long as you have the permit and not block traffic....

What would I think be of two basic concerns to the US gov. is:

1: That no armed conflict erupt between various groups within the Iranian diaspora residing in the borders of America.

2: That no foreign government financing be utilized to stage political protest within our borders against the US government's policies.

If there is evidence of either one, or evidence of conspiracy to commit either one, then send it to the FBI.

note that the gathering of intel data on US persons (including foreign nationals with legal residence in the US) by foreign countries, or supporters of (or agents of) to identify individuals in opposition to said foreign country is a violation of US law, as a provision of , and inclusive of the term: espionage

Since the regime has a history of targeting Iranian dissidents world-wide, and the regime has publicly declared its intent and capability to launch terrorist attacks here in my country, I'd venture to guess any valid info will be greatly appreciated by the federal government that may disrupt the regime's planning and activities in my country.

Ramin is right, you folks have a far more critical role to play as allies in the war on terrorism than even Ramin might have meant.

There's a common myth that the US gov "knows all, sees all" , but that was shattered on 9/11....making it then up to the citizen to contribute eyes and ears on the street, as the US gov needs all the help it can get to protect the population.

My feeling is that if you live in my country, breath the air, drink the water, enjoy all the benefits afforded you here in America, you need not worry what folks in Iran may think of helping the government of the place you currently call home, you are simply honoring the host's house in defending it (not to mention trying to build a better future for your homeland).

As for whether Iranians having grown up here would be compatible with Iranians in Iran....having been "westernized" as I think the writer was alluding to, I think you folks have a small army of educated folks, experienced in the practice of democracy that is absolutly critical to creating a democracy in Iran, should that army decide to "invade" after the fall of the mullahs......

Since any new government structure would have to be ratified by the population of Iran, to be legitimately deemed fit to serve the people of Iran, those who've experienced what a free and fair electoral system is all about have a great deal to impart to those that have grown up without that experiential knowledge.

How else will Iran as a nation "get it right" this revolutionary go around?

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