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Britain urges NATO resolve in confronting Iran

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 3:17 pm    Post subject: Britain urges NATO resolve in confronting Iran Reply with quote

Freedom-loving Iranian people don't trust the Greedy EU-3 Neo Coloniali$t$ who had the lucrative trade deals With the Mullah$!. The British Defence Secretary John Reid as part of Nato must hands off .
Due to 300 years of British bad deeds in Iran, the freedom loving Iranian people can not trust anything which involves Britain or EU3. US strategist must be careful and open their eyes to historical facts, US must distance itself from EU-3 Neo Coloniali$t$ and American forces must remain symbol of liberity and not associate themselves with EU3 .
Today US enjoys the trust of 70 to 80% of Iranian people, this is the highest rating in the world naturally the EU3. Russia and China are not happy from this US popularity among Iranian people and they love to drag US in the 300 years old dirty mud of the Neo Coloniali$t$ .
The Israel and Iranian Jews also enjoy highest rate of popularity among Iranian people in Iran despite all the propaganda against them by Mullahs therefore they must follow a wise strategy and donít fall in EU 3 Neo Coloniali$t$ trap.
The EU3, Russia and China love to create another mess for both Israel and US. The key decision makers and strategist must be wise.


Britain urges NATO resolve in confronting Iran
1 hour, 18 minutes ago

AFP/File Photo: British Defence Secretary John Reid, seen here in January 2006, urged his NATO allies to...


TAORMINA, Italy (AFP) - British Defence Secretary John Reid urged his NATO allies to show resolve in confronting international threats, including the dangers posed by Iran's nuclear program.

"If we truly regard, for instance, international terrorism as a great threat to our own people, particularly if the terrorists get their hands on weapons of mass destruction, that requires a massive effort," he told reporters.

He said that confronting these challenges would require solidarity across the board, from the strategic use of aid, trade and development through to the unfurling of military power.

Reid, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Taormina, southern Italy, also singled out Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Iranian leader has vowed to continue sensitive atomic work, which many fear may be used to create a nuclear weapon, and has said that western powers are like "old lions with no hair or mane, incapable of doing anything."

Reid said it was important to show there was no truth in his remarks.

"We must never ever get into the position where some of the characterizations of people like the president of Iran, who would depict us as so infatuated with our material comforts and comfortable standard of living that we would never be prepared to stand up for what we believe in," he said.

"We must never allow that characterisation to have any hint of truth, because it is not true."

Britain, France and Germany have led European efforts to encourage Iran to give up uranium enrichment in exchange for trade and political incentives, but the Islamic regime has rejected their overtures.

Earlier this month, the UN's atomic watchdog referred Iran to the UN Security Council. Tehran insists it is only trying to develop nuclear energy.


BBC Persian World Service Reported (6/10/03) Jack Straw is Against Regime Change In Iran and Biggest Supporter of Mullah's Regime

اختلاف بريتانيا با آمريکا بر سر ايران
جک استرا، وزير خارجه بريتانيا، تاييد کرده است که کشورش با ايالات متحده آمريکا بر سر ايران اختلاف نظر دارد.
آقای استرا به کميته روابط خارجی پارلمان بريتانيا گفت بريتانيا خواهان تغيير رژيم (در ايران) نيست.
او گفت مقامات لندن بسختی در تلاش هستند تا به آنچه که وی مذاکرات و تماسهای سازنده با ايران ناميد، ادامه دهند.
اين درحالی است که آمريکا، ايران را بخشی از "محور شرارت" می داند.
مقامات آمريکا ايران را متهم به تلاش برای دست يابی به سلاحهای هسته ای می کنند.

Blairís Ritual Dance
Blair and Jack are counterpart of Mullahís deception.



No serious person can believe that the negotiations are going to block, or even seriously delay, the Iranian race to acquire atomic bombs. The European posturing is the Western counterpart of the Iranian deception, a ritual dance designed to put a flimsy veil over the nakedness of the real activities. The old-fashioned name for this sort of thing is "appeasement," and was best described by Churchill, referring to Chamberlain's infamous acceptance of Hitler's conditions at Munich. Chamberlain had to choose between war and dishonor, opted for the latter, and got the former as well. That is now the likely fate of Blair, Chirac, and Schroeder.

The British under Blair's government Deported Dying Iranian Asylum Applicants for Execution to their Mullah Buddies Yet Again! Evil or Very Mad

Execution threat for hunger strikers facing deportation By Neil Mackay

Tony Blair & Jack Straw Support for Islamric Clerical Regime means they are supporting the following and can be considered as criminal and Mullah Mafia supporters :
1. Execution, flogging, stoning and amputation of limbs in public.
2. Mass killings of political prisoners.
3. Assassination of political dissidents outside of Iran.
4. Political serial killings in Iran.
5. Construction of many new prisons holding thousands of political prisoners.
6. Political oppression.
7. Promotion of international and domestic terrorism.
8. Violation of human rights in every category.
9. Lack of civil liberties.
10. Improvement and growth of Iran's Cemeteries.
11. Killing and imprisonment of journalists.
12. Violation of women's rights.
13. Censorship and closure of publications.
14. Forcing Iranians to flee the country resorting in five million refugees throughout the world and "brain drain".
15. Oppression of religious minorities.
16. Filtering the internet.
17. Jamming out of country satellite TV and radio stations.
18. Stealing Iran's wealth by the Mullahs and transfer of funds to abroad.
19. Destruction of Iran's Economy.
20. Widespread poverty throughout Iran.
21. Severe Inflation.
22. Devaluation of Iranian Rial.
23. Increase in unemployment.
24. Increase in the crime rate.
25. Promotion of corruption, prostitution and addiction.
26. Housing crisis in Iran.
27. Malnutrition, retarded growth and increased rate of depression among Iranian youth.
28. Public health crisis in Iran.
29. Making Iran an international "embarrassment".
30. 1979 Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding hostages for 444 days.
31. Conflict with neighboring countries.
32. Iran-Iraq War resulting in millions dead, wounded, handicapped and homeless.
33. Destruction of Iran's Airline Industry.
34. Causing economic sanctions against Iran.
35. Producing weapon's of mass destruction.
36. Inability to get Iran's fair share of natural resources from Caspian Sea.
37. Promoting regional conflicts in the Middle East.
38. Destruction of Iran's industries.
39. Lack of technological advancements.
40. Air and environmental pollution crisis in Iran.
41. Destruction of Iran’s agriculture.
42. Destructions of fine arts, theater, cinema and music in Iran.
43. Promoting Islamic Fundamentalism.
44. Closure of Iranian Universities under cultural revolution for three years.
45. Attacking University campuses to kill and crack down on students.
46. Violating the constitution of the "Islamic Republic".
47. Hiring hooligans to beat and crack down on Iranian citizens.
48. Improving and selling contraband by regimes elements for additional income.
49. Selling Iranian women as sex slaves in the United Arab Emarets.

This picture says a thousand words!!!!

Tony Blair and Jack Straw Were key Mullah Supporters, How Can We Trust Them

Spenta wrote:
Shame on the Filthy, Immoral and Greedy EU for supporting the murderous and beastly gangster regime of the Mullah$

EU3 Celebration
EU3 the Enemies of Iranian Freedom and Human Rights and past 26 years friends of Mullahs Celebration

Past 26 Years FACTS For Your Review
Losers :
1) Iranian People
2) American People

Neo Colonialist Winners:
1) Britain
2) France
3) Germany
4) Japan


Neo Mafia Winners:
1) China
2) Russia


1) In past 26 years EU3 and Japan enjoyed buying cheap oil and adding over 4 dollars taxes to each gallon for covering EU3 government expenses while American people are paying for Persian Gulf Oil protection by US forces, in reality US is subsidizing OIL for EU3 and Japan to destroy American Jobs and economy. American work force and American blood created EU3 welfare. No wonder why the quality of life is decreasing in US while the quality of life is increasing in EU3 despite the fact that the American people are working harder with less vacation.
2) Iranian people lost so much that the list is so big that you can read it in many articles in this site.

By now we know where the money for the Airbus A380 project has come from?

British Prime Minister Tony Blair (R) delivers his speech as L-R, French President Jacques Chirac, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero attend the inauguration of the new Airbus A380 inToulouse, southern France, January 18, 2005. [Reuters]

The Airbus A380 "superjumbo" is the largest civil aircraft ever built. Designed to carry 555 passengers in a three-class arrangement, it has one-third more seating capacity than a Boeing 747. A planned stretched version would carry 656 passengers, and an all-economy-class configuration would be able to carry more than 800 passengers.
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