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July 8, 2003 - "Strike"

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2004 10:46 pm    Post subject: July 8, 2003 - "Strike" Reply with quote

July 08, 2003 - "Strike!"

As an editorial below puts it: on "July 9th [...] on the occasion of the annual commemoration of the bloody suppression of the student uprising of 1999, there will be renewal of massive protests inside and outside of Iran." We support the students and other Iranians in their fight for freedom against the Islamist tyranny and hope our government will do more to help them. (Unlike, say, Liberia, Iran is waging a war against America and civilization in general.) Here are a few must-read editorials on the subject:

Death to Theocracy: America Must Act Now to Bring Down Iran's Regime by Robert W. Tracinski of The Ayn Rand Institute. Excerpt: "Iran's rulers use terrorism as a tactic because it allows them to wage war against America without suffering the consequences of a real confrontation with a powerful foe. But this only works because we have chosen not to respond. ... Now, however, we have been given an unprecedented opportunity to strike at the heart of the mullah's power. When the Soviet Union fell, the world discovered that no one hated Communism more than those forced to live under it. Similarly, no one in the Middle East hates Islamic theocracy more than the young people of Iran. For four years, Iranian students have held mass protests in the streets. These protesters are openly fighting for the right principles: the idea of a secular government with freedom of speech and separation of mosque and state."

Mr. Secretary, You Are Wrong! by Shaheen Fatemi of Iran-Va-Jahan. Excerpt: "Mr. Secretary [of State Colin Powell], have you not been told that ever since their inception those who are ruling Iran today have chosen not to be part of the Iranian nation, its history, its culture and its traditions? Ask them this question or read their so-called 'Constitution.' They do not even believe in nationhood. They wish to reduce every citizen, every woman and man, to a token, to an instrument to be used in their ultimate 'nightmare' of creating the Islamic Uma. Their Constitution clearly calls for the exporting of the 'Islamic Revolution' world wide. Their motto at their so-called 'Friday-prayers' is 'Death to America!' Doesn't this ring a bell, Mr. Secretary? In their system people are not free individuals, independent citizens with rights and obligations as free humans. For them people are no more than, and no different from, animals. They are there to be ordered around, ruled over and slaughtered, amputated, imprisoned and disposed of whenever necessary."

Looking Toward July 9: Independence Day in Iran? by Michael Ledeen. Excerpt: "The [Iranian] government itself now admits to having arrested 4,000 demonstrators, of whom some 800 were students. The student movement says the numbers were even higher, and the actual number could well be upwards of 6-7,000. Many were killed. Iranian websites carry the piteous cries of parents whose college-age children have disappeared without a trace, as well as reports from students who describe being thrown into cells of incredible crowding, and then subjected to psychological and physical humiliations. [...] [The Bush] administration clearly has no stomach for any sort of campaign against the mullahs, at least for the moment. But it can no more avoid the showdown with the mullahs than it can cause Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein to surrender; this is a fight for survival, and they will not permit us the luxury of setting the timetable at our convenience."

Yesterday Andrew Sullivan linked to OxBlog, who posted a schedule of solidarity protests. Sullivan also has a related editorial he wrote for Sunday Times of London: Iran's Moment: How To Seize It.

On The Third Hand and Winds of Change have also been staying on top of the Iranian student situation. (Via InstaPundit)

Other Iran-related links:
Iran-Va-Jahan (English language)
Student Movement Coordination Committee
Notes of an Iranian Girl
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