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Committee Formed to Protest the September Trip of A-M to NYC
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:37 pm    Post subject: lol Reply with quote


Good one !

(Antar= chimp; also= Ahmadinejad the Islamo-Fascist Terrorist CHIMP)

Every time ahmadinejad exist UN, there should be warning sign as well:


for those who don't believe UN to be a Zoo:


Paayande Iran
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 5:55 am    Post subject: "Iran U.N. Protest 2005" Coalition to organize 2nd Reply with quote

"Iran U.N. Protest 2005" Coalition to organize 2nd Telethon

By SMCCDI (Information Service) thru freeandseculariran yahoogroup
Sep 1, 2005, 17:33


The "Iran U.N. Protest 2005" coalition which is composed by several Iranian secularist opposition groups is going to held its 2nd Telethon this Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles (CA).

The coalition intends to gather the necessary funds for the organization of a massive demo at the United Nations (UN) on September 14th.

The fundraising program is to start from 07:00 PM (US PST) on the popular Los Angeles based Satellite NITV network which is broadcasting worldwide. The event is expected to be also transmitted by couple of other satellite networks.

As reported, on August 22nd, Iranian secularists are preparing a kind of 'welcoming' ceremony for the Islamic republic's appointed president on US soil. Ahamdi-Nejad is to speak on September 14th at the UN General Assembly in New York.

The group held its first telethon last week on NITV and KRSI. These programs can be seen also live via: www.pamtv.us

See the following link for NITV's satellite coordinate: http://www.nitv.tv/en/satellite.php

The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 11:42 am    Post subject: Keep Iran's Terrorist President, Ahmadinejad, Out Of US Reply with quote

Source: http://www.no2ahmadinejad.com/

As America commemorates the fourth anniversary of September 11th and remembers the fallen victims, Iran's terrorist President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad travels to New York City to address the United Nations on September 14, 2005.

Iranian regime is responsible for 450 terrorist acts around the world. Let us call for unity among the victims of terrorism and protest the visit of Iran's terrorist president, Ahmadinejad. Let us stand free and united in New York City against terrorism and gross violations of human rights in Iran.

Ahmadinejad stands on two decades of terror and violence inflicted upon Iranians, Americans and citizens of other nations. Americans and Iranian have joined in solidarity and say "No to Ahmadinejad in NY".
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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote









Paayande Iran
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 6:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmm, I wonder if the Austrians still have an open arrest warrant on him for that assassination? Razz
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 10:01 pm    Post subject: U.S. refuses visa to top Iran officials Reply with quote

U.S. refuses visa to top Iran official


common! this is good, but is this the best you could do?
the guy took Americans Hostage! for America's Sake, try to do better next time. so they wont think they can get away will the next crime as well.

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 03 – Iran’s Foreign Ministry and senior officials reacted harshly to the decision by

the United States not to grant visas to senior Iranian officials to travel to New York in mid-September to take part in an international parliamentary meeting.

Among the officials banned by the U.S. State Department from entering the United States was Iran’s Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel. Adel, a hard-liner, is closely allied to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The two are also related; Adel’s daughter is married to Khamenei’s son.

The radical Majlis Speaker is no stranger to diplomatic controversy. In July, he had to cancel his visit to Italy after a string of strongly-worded statements by senior Italian cabinet ministers on Iran’s presidential elections. His visit to Belgium turned into a fiasco over his refusal to attend an official dinner hosted by his Belgian counterpart, because wine was being served. Belgium’s Senate president cancelled her meeting with Adel when he said he would refuse to shake hands with her.

On Saturday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi used strong words to criticise the U.S. decision.

“With this immoral act, America has shown that it is incompetent to host international institutions”, he said.

Iran’s new Minister of Justice was equally harsh in condemning the decision. “This action by the U.S. is against international laws and norms”, Jamal Karimi-Rad said.

An influential hard-line ally of Haddad Adel said the Americans “were afraid of letting our delegation attend the inter-parliamentary meeting”. Hossein Shariatmadari, a former general of the Revolutionary Guards and the editor-in-chief of the daily Kayhan, said U.S. officials were fearful, because the Iranian delegation planned to reveal some important secrets “related to recent developments on the global scene”.

Firebrand Shiite cleric Moussa Ghorbani, a hard-line deputy, had also been expected to travel to New York with Haddad Adel.

Analysts said the U.S. decision was significant, as it highlighted intransigent Iran’s increasing isolation on the international scene.
Paayande Iran

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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 10:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Spenta wrote:
The problem with UN protests is that since 9/11 they don't let anyone anywhere near the UN, so the permit you actually get puts you a few blocks away, where nobody will see it, and the press usually endup missing it too. Its a real Siberia place for a protest, with very little foot traffic.

It would be better to schedule it outside the Iranian UN mission on 5th Ave because the I$lami$t Terrorist $cum will see it, and more people will see it.

Also 5th Ave gets alot more foot traffic, so many more people will see it. When Khatami spoke at the UN in 2001 the protest was held on 5th Ave, across the st. from the IRI mission, it managed to attract alot of press, and passersby were very interested too. But when MPG did they their protest outside of the UN a year or 2 later it didn't get the same attention. The UN protests endup in such a bad place many people miss it.

I totally agree,

there should ALSO be ANOTHER rally right after this one, somewhere closer to Ahmaghi nejad, so he can see the protesters.

by the way, he is only allowed to travel certain miles around the U.N. building.





Paayande Iran

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 10:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The limit is 25 miles from the UN, the same limit Castro and similar thugs have.
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 1:56 am    Post subject: U.N / EU new plot Reply with quote



US Denies UN Visa to Iran Parliamentary Delegation

September 03, 2005
Khaleej Times Online

TEHRAN -- Iran on Saturday denounced as an “ugly act” the US decision to deny visas to an Iranian parliamentary delegation to attend the annual UN General Assembly session in New York, claiming it showed the Americans are not competent to serve as host to the United Nations. [!!!]

[both U.N officials and EU are trying to relocate U.N headquarters from U.S to EU so they can continue their corruptions and appeasements of terrorist regimes with more ease!]

Washington has given no reason for denying visas to the delegation that was expected to be headed by Iran’s Parliamentary Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel.

The US, however, has indicated that Iran’s new ultraconservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will receive a US visa to attend the session later this month. US authorities decided to give the new president a visa after it finding that Ahmadinejad played no role in the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in Teheran, as some in the United States had claimed.

The meeting of parliamentary delegations in New York was to have brought together parliamentary chiefs from 150 countries.

“Through this ugly and immoral act, the United States showed that it is not competent to host international organisations,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi was quoted as saying on Saturday by state-run radio.

Asefi said parliaments are considered symbols of democracy and denying visas to a parliamentary delegation was “obviously against democracy.”

“The US constantly violates its international commitments and the international community should reconsider holding meetings in America,” he said.
Paayande Iran

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 1:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nothing about a visa in this briefing.....

Daily Press Briefing
Sean McCormack, Spokesman
Washington, DC
September 1, 2005


QUESTION: New subject? I was going to ask about Iran, but before I ask about
Iran, can I give you the opportunity to announce the new Ambassador to Seoul?

MR. MCCORMACK: The new -- our new ambassador to Seoul?

QUESTION: Yes. The White House put out a statement yesterday.

MR. MCCORMACK: I think the White House did make an announcement on who would be
nominated to that position. And I believe the person is Ambassador Vershbow who
is a distinguished diplomat who was most recently our Ambassador to Russia. And
we congratulate him on the assignment. It's an important assignment and he's
the right man for the job.

QUESTION: Thanks. I was just doing the favor to the -- our Asian colleagues
here, (Laughter) because they've waited for this for months. Anyway, my
question on Iran is the IAEA has come out with sort of a new assessment of
Iran's programs and I wonder if you had anything to say about this and also
about sort of the stages now leading up to the Security Council we have seen
the Europeans, particularly the French, talk about in the last couple of days?

MR. MCCORMACK: With respect to the IAEA, we're waiting for their report on
September 3rd, so we look forward to reviewing it with the other members of the
Board of Governors. But prior to September 3rd, an actual release of the report
of the IAEA, I'm going to defer any comment. And as for the state of play on
the negotiations with -- between Iran and the EU-3, as well as Iran's
cooperation with the IAEA, we have been in close contact this week, intensive
contact with members of the EU-3. Under Secretary Burns has been working on
this issue very intensively over the past months. Yesterday he had a long
digital videoconference with his counterparts in the EU-3 countries. They
talked about the way forward on this issue. And again, we underlined our
support for the EU-3 efforts. We, again, call on Iran to engage with the EU-3,
take the offer that's on the table. But what we are going to be looking for in
the weeks ahead is at the next IAEA Board of Governors meeting, that the Board
of Governors refer the issue of Iran to the Security Council. And I think we
are in absolute lockstep with the EU-3 on this issue and we will continue to
stay in close contact with them.


QUESTION: EU Foreign Ministers now say that they are all unified and agree that
if the IAEA report shows what we expect it to show, that they agree that it
should be referred, that Iran should be referred to the Security Council. But
the Swedish Foreign Minister also said that she didn't think it was appropriate
to talk about sanctions against Iran. What is -- does the U.S. believe that a
mere referral to the Security Council is basically toothless and that sanctions
would definitely have to be employed?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, we're taking this one step at a time and we will also --
we would be working with our colleagues on the Security Council on what steps,
once the issue is referred to the Security Council, what steps the Security
Council will take. So -- but we're going to take this one, one step at a time
right now.

QUESTION: Well, what does a referral mean without sanctions?

MR. MCCORMACK: The first step is for it to be referred to the Security Council
and then we're going to be consulting closely with colleagues on the Security
Council on what is the appropriate action.


an Arab response to Hurrican Katrina's aftermath.....seems they don't exactly agree with mullah mentality......

Arabs urged to aid Katrina victimsBy Sana Abdallah
Sep. 4, 2005 at 11:37AM
Cairo, Sep. 4 (UPI) — Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mousa Sunday urged Arab countries and agencies to provide help for the U.S. victims of Hurricane Katrina.
In a statement, Mousa said the United States "always provides aid and shows solidarity with the peoples of the region and the world when they are struck by natural disasters."
He called on the 22-member Arab states and institutions to give all they can to help U.S. residents face the difficult circumstances caused by the powerful hurricane.
Mousa's call came as the Kuwaiti government pledged $500 million to the thousands of Katrina victims and a Saudi-based fund decided to provide $250,000 to the children.
Head of the Arab Gulf Fund said in a statement that its chief, Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz -- Saudi King Abdullah's brother -- pledged this amount to support the relief efforts "and to help alleviate the suffering of the children affected by Katrina."
It said the pledge was part of the fund's role to alleviate the suffering of children and women affected by disasters.


Daily Press Briefing
Sean McCormack, Spokesman
Washington, DC
August 31, 2005


QUESTION: On Iran. Today, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator said in India that Iran is going to -- Iran wants to cooperate in a serious way with the IAEA, and is obligated to comply with global nuclear regulations. Do you take this as Iranians heeding U.S. and EU-3 call for more cooperation with IAEA or is this just another tactic by the Iranian Government?

MR. MCCORMACK: You know, it sounds like a lot more words and not backed up by any actions. What Iran needs to do is to reengage with the EU-3 in serious, constructive negotiations and we would encourage them to take the deal that is on the table now. It's a good deal.

They have repeatedly violated their obligations, whether that's through the NPT or to the EU-3 in breaking the Paris accord which called for them to not engage in any conversion activities. They, themselves, have made it very clear that they are going to -- they don't intend to abide by the Paris agreement. So we would call upon them to negotiate with the EU-3.

We support the efforts of the EU-3 to try to achieve a solution to this issue. Iran cannot be allowed to pursue a nuclear weapon under cover of a civilian nuclear program, which is what they're trying to do. And we certainly encourage Iran to work with the IAEA in resolving the questions the IAEA has about their pursuit of nuclear weapons. But the proper venue and I think the widely recognized proper venue for negotiations to resolve the issue is with the EU-3. This has been a process that's gone on for quite some time, so I'm not sure what they hope to gain by restarting negotiations other than to divert attention from the real subject at hand, which is their behavior.



QUESTION: Yes. Any new developments regarding the visa for Iran's President? Is there any possibility from the U.S. Government to refuse his entry visa, even though that there is an agreement, host-country agreement between United States and United Nations?

MR. MCCORMACK: I don't have anything to add to what the President has said on this topic. We have received a request for the visa or we're looking at it, and we'll try to keep you updated on any developments.


QUESTION: The United Nations. There are talks going on now trying to get this document ready for the Millennium Summit, and I guess there was a four-hour meeting yesterday. Can you talk about how they're moving along on this draft document and if Ambassador Bolton is happy with the progress?

MR. MCCORMACK: There is a lot of hard work going on up at the UN Headquarters, as well as the U.S. mission to the UN. The process that they're going through now I think is taking the work that they have done and -- in a way sort of disaggregating it. You know, taking the separate issues, like development, like working on terrorism, working on UN reform, and getting together separate working groups on all of those issues, so that countries that have an interest or an equity in those issues are able to work together on all those issues.

Anytime you have a multilateral negotiation, and especially one of this size, in which you have a large number of countries interested in all of the given topics, you have to go at it hammer and tong and that's what, I think, Ambassador Bolton is doing with our team up at the UN. And I think that there's a seriousness of purpose on the part of all the parties involved, and they know the deadline. They have the summit coming up. Right now I don't have any particular progress report on any of those given areas, but I know that they're working hard on it.

QUESTION: You can't talk about the language on terrorism, for example?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, there are a couple of different things going on with terrorism. We're working within the Security Council on some language with regard to terrorism. Then, there is also the Comprehensive Convention Against Terrorism, so that's a separate General Assembly document. I think on both of those areas, we're working with our partners in the Security Council and then in the General Assembly, countries that are interested in that effort. I don't have a detailed state of play for you, where they are, how close they are to completing work. But it's one that we're very interested in. I know that there are other countries very interested in this effort, for instance, like the United Kingdom. So we're working hard on it and I don't have a particular state of play for you right now.



Posted are all relevent excerpts to Iran as a topic discussed in official State Dept briefings. Had announcement been made that a visa was issued, it would be posted on the web site by now...these are the latest briefings with the latest status as "We have received a request for the visa or we're looking at it,..."

As for the others, nothing found in reference, but Monday perhaps.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Note: Look under Topics on the home page, select Host Country Affairs , you'll find links to all referenced here on this page there. I've included a couple that may be relevent to the issue at hand.


The United States Mission’s Office of Host Country Affairs assures that the obligations of our country to the United Nations and the UN diplomatic community in New York are upheld. The Office also serves an important liaison function between the world’s largest and most prestigious diplomatic community on the one hand, and federal and local government agencies, business, and private citizens on the other. The Department of State has given the United States Mission the responsibility of managing our country’s relationship with the UN community.

Among the Office’s most important functions are:

The registration and accreditation of members of diplomatic missions to the United Nations and of the United Nations itself

Acting as the liaison between the UN community and federal and local law enforcement agencies to ensure the physical safety and security of the UN, the diplomatic missions, and their employees and family members

Providing United States official visa services to members of the United Nations diplomatic community who are not American citizens or permanent residents

Helping to resolve legal or paralegal problems arising between Americans and members of the UN diplomatic community

Ensuring that the members of the diplomatic community respect our laws, and taking appropriate action if and when laws or regulations are contravened -- but also ensuring that diplomats are treated respectfully by the authorities of the host country

Administering the employment authorization program for the UN diplomatic community through which spouses and some dependent children may seek certain jobs in the United States

Assisting the diplomatic community with the arrival of foreign heads of state or other high-ranking visitors coming to the United Nations on official business, including Requests for Airport Screening Courtesies, and

Serving as the United States representative on the UN's Committee on Relations with the Host Country .

We perform these functions in accordance with the mutual rights and obligations undertaken by the United States and the United Nations when it was agreed that the headquarters of the UN would be established in New York. These rights and obligations are set forth in the United Nations Headquarters Agreement (Public Law 80-357 of August 4, 1947), the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations (21 UST 148 (1970))


, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (23 UST 3227, Public Law 95-393 of December 30,1978), and the International Organizations Immunities Act (Public Law 79-291 of December 29, 1945). A fifth law which may be useful to American businesses or private individuals dealing with foreign governments is the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (Public Law 94-583 of September 30, 1978).


The Office of Host Country Affairs also works closely with the New York branch of the State Department's Office of Foreign Missions, which has responsibility for issuing driver's licenses, license plates, and sales tax exemption cards to the diplomatic community, customs clearance of diplomatic shipments, and approving the purchase, sale, or lease of diplomatic property.

NEW: Parking Program for Diplomatic Vehicles as distributed in diplomatic note HC-50-02; Annex II: Parking Violation Response Form; Annex III: Notice of Parking Violation Appeal and List of Delivery Vehicle Parking Spaces.

Arrival/Departure Briefing Booklet for the 60th UNGA

Requests for Airport Screening Courtesies, as distributed in diplomatic note HC-08-04, February 10, 2004.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

For those who can appreciate the significance of quiet diplomacy.......


August 11, 2005


Remarks by Ambassador John R. Bolton, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on the Situation in Iraq and the Oil-for-Food Program, at the Security Council Stakeout, August 11, 2005

Ambassador Bolton: Good morning. I just have a minute or two, I thought I’d make a comment on the resolution that the Security Council just adopted and say a word or two about the oil-for-food program and the Volcker Commission’s latest report.

The United States is very pleased at the Council’s unanimous adoption of Resolution 1619, which extends the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq another year. It was adopted as a presidential text, which shows the extent of consensus within the Council. This is the second resolution on Iraq in two weeks adopted unanimously. And I think that’s a very positive sign both for developments in Iraq and for cooperation here in the Council.

I think on the oil-for-food program we’re still reviewing the third Volcker Commission report. I certainly don’t want to make any comment with respect to any ongoing criminal investigation or prosecution. Our emphasis is on, at this point, using what we have learned from the Volcker Commission, the congressional committees and other investigations to assist us in the ongoing effort toward UN reform, which certainly we’ll have an important event in September, but it will be a continuing process beyond September. UN reform is not a one-night stand, UN reform is forever. So I just wanted to briefly comment on that, I have time for a couple of questions on those subjects. Don’t you always start with AP or Reuters?

Reporter: For the United States, what is the importance of extending the United Nations Mission, I mean it’s a very small mission, there aren’t many people in it. What’s its importance to what’s going on there?

Ambassador Bolton: Well it has a variety of roles, but two issues that have been extremely important are assistance in the constitution drafting process. This is obviously fundamentally Iraqi, but we’re encouraged by what the Iraqi political leaders have done, happy that they’re going to stick by the August 15th deadline, and I think they have welcomed the UN and other international assistance, recognizing that of course it is a fundamentally Iraqi process. And then second, as we look forward to the referendum in the fall and the election in December, there’s considerable international assistance in the electoral area, I think that’s all very positive. But, we also see the broader political significance of the resolution, as I said the second, last week’s being on condemning the continued flow of terrorists, terrorists’ weapons and financing into Iraq. I think this shows the Council as a whole is viewing the question of progress in Iraq from very similar points of view and I think that’s very positive.

Reporter: A question on Iran?

Ambassador Bolton: No.

Reporter: Well then, moving on to oil-for-food........

------end except--------

August 4, 2005


Statement by Ambassador John Bolton, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on Security Council Resolution 1618 Condemning Terrorism in Iraq, August 4, 2005

Thank you Mr. President,

I am very pleased that my first participation in the Security Council comes on the day that the Council has unanimously passed this Resolution (1618) condemning terrorism in Iraq, vividly demonstrating broad international support for the Iraqi government. This support is extremely important as Iraq continues forward with its political, security, and economic transition.

Today is notably only days after the fifteen-year anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s unprovoked aggression against Kuwait, and the adoption of UN Security Council Resolutions 660 and 661. Over this fifteen-year period, the Council has been seized with Iraq. For most of that time, the effort was to compel positive behavior from the Government of Iraq. Today, however, the Council is in partnership with the new, democratically elected government of that country.

On a personal note, I was the Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations in August of 1990, and I have long been invested with ensuring the development of a peaceful, democratic Iraq. We are nearing the resolution of that process, and the next months will be critical.

Iraq is quickly approaching another major milestone in its transition, that of having a draft constitution in place by August 15. In anticipation of doing so, the Iraqi government has expressed its commitment to meeting the October 15 referendum and December 15 election timelines, as outlined in the Transitional Administrative Law and endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 1546. It is important that this be a transparent, participatory, and inclusive process.

The Iraqi people continue to demonstrate the courage that we have seen throughout the transition process, most notably on January 30 when millions of Iraqis participated in Iraq’s first democratic national election. Undeterred by Saddam Hussein’s legacy of many years of oppression and war, the Iraqi people are determined to create a new rea1ity. Iraqis continue to work towards a new constitution and new elections despite ongoing terrorist attacks and threats of attacks.

This resolution is also important because it illustrates that Iraq faces the same transnational terrorist threat that has struck many other parts of the world.

This resolution highlights the critical importance of cooperation among all Member States to halt the flow of terrorists, weapons, and terrorist financing to Iraq. We call upon the governments of Syria and Iran to honor their commitments to assist Iraq under this resolution and other relevant resolutions, including UN Security Council Resolution 1546, and to implement the pledges they have made to support stability in Iraq at the conference of Iraq’s neighbors.

We call on all Iraqis to reject violence and support a transparent, participatory and inclusive transition process.

The constructive dialogue through which this text was developed demonstrates further the strengthened resolve of the United Nations to work together for a democratic, secure, and prosperous Iraq, and for the lasting and permanent benefit -- and safety -- of its people.

Finally, we urge all UN Member States, especially in the Arab world, to come forward and support the Iraqi people at this critical point in their development of constitutional structures of representative government.

Thank you very much, Mr. President.


August 4, 2005


Remarks by Ambassador John Bolton at the Security Council Stakeout following the adoption of Resolution 1618 Condemning Terrorist Attacks in Iraq, August 4, 2005

Ambassador Bolton: I would just like to underline what I said in the Council: the importance the United States attaches to this resolution (1618) on terrorism in Iraq, the threat it poses to the constitutional processes that the Iraqis are engaged in, and the importance we attach to the obligations of all member states to cooperate in preventing the flows of terrorists, weapons of terrorists, and financing to Iraq, and particularly call on Iran and Syria to meet their obligations to prevent the flows of terrorists and financing. I’ll just take one or two questions on the resolution.

Question: (inaudible)

Ambassador Bolton: As I said, I would just take questions on the Iraq resolution. I think our position on the G-4 situation is pretty clear. Anything on Iraq?

Question: You emphasized in your explanation of the vote the link this resolution has to the transnational war on terrorism. Could you elaborate on the significance of that tie-in?

Ambassador Bolton: I think frankly the statement by the Iraqi Ambassador was very eloquent in describing the linkages and the threats that all of us face from international terrorism, obviously in one of its most exacerbated forms in Iraq, but around the world in a number of the places he mentioned: London, Madrid, Casablanca, Jerusalem, New York, obviously. So this is a global threat and is one reason we are happy to have this resolution. Good to see you all.

Question: (inaudible)

Ambassador Bolton: What I said in the prepared statement is that we call on all members to meet their obligations to stop the flow of terrorists, terrorist financing, and weapons, and particularly on Iran and Syria. We think this is very important, obviously, to help bring stability and security to the people of Iraq and to permit the constitutional process to go forward. It is the highest priority for the people and government of Iraq and for the United States as well.

Question: What else would you like to see in this resolution if you could add a couple other things in there to talk about a little bit more?

Ambassador Bolton: We are very happy with it as written. I think it expresses an important view of the Security Council on behalf of all the member governments of the UN. I think it addresses a very serious problem that is taking place in Iraq right now that we and the other coalition members and the government of Iraq are trying to address. Thank you. Good to see you all.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Resolution (1618) on terrorism in Iraq,

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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 4:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

maybe we should take the long boring documents to another thread, this one's about the rally in NY.
Paayande Iran
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