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Norwegian Prime Minister Praises Ebadi's Speech !

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 11:46 am    Post subject: Norwegian Prime Minister Praises Ebadi's Speech ! Reply with quote

Norwegian Prime Minister Praises Ebadi's Speech
Aftenposten - By Nina Berglund
Dec 11, 2003

Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik Thursday hailed the controversial Nobel Lecture delivered by Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi. In it, she criticized the US for abusing human rights in its war on terrorism.

Ebadi was the guest of honor in the prime minister's office Thursday morning. Like all other guests, she was treated to the view from his 16th floor office overlooking Oslo.

Bondevik praised Ebadi's speech on Wednesday before starting a meeting with her, at which human rights was the main topic.

Ebadi was escorted to the meeting by the director of Norway's Nobel Institute, Geir Lundestad. Also attending were Bondevik's two top advisers, Odd Jostein Saeter and Gunnar Husan, along with Norway's ambassador to Iran, Ole Kristian Holthe.

Bondevik was due to travel to Geneva later in the day to meet the president of Iran, Mohamad Khatami, in connection with an arrangement sponsored by an international church group.

Ebadi faced another busy day in Oslo after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Wednesday. Her schedule included lunch at the Iranian embassy in Oslo.

Laughing Just the very Norway that loves to do corrupt deals with the regime!! They found an apologizer so they are more convinced that Khatami is good! Laughing
Referendum AFTER Regime Change

"I'm ready to die for you to be able to say your own opinions, even if i strongly disagree with you" (Voltaire)
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 6:33 pm    Post subject: Response To Norwegian Prime Minister Praises Ebadi Speech Reply with quote

Dear Mr. Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik ,

Would you please educate the public about the part of Ebadi's speech on Wednesday that you think it was good and deserved your praise. If Mr. Prime Minister thinks the Islamic Mafia Clerics, Khameni, Rafsanjani, Khatami ..... and their small group of butchers, thugs, rapist, terrorist supporters are so good and meet EU code of ethics standard, then 98% of Iranian people are more than happy to ship these 2% backward Islamists in Iran to Norway and I am sure they are going to do many good things for Oslo the same way Talbanists did for Afghanistan. It seems Mr. Prime Minister has forgotten the following facts and images:

Mr. Prime Minister, what have you done to stop Buddha statue destruction ?
What has EU done to stop Buddha statue destruction Mr. Prime Minister?
What have Mr. Kofi Anan and UN done to stop Buddha statue destruction Mr. Prime Minister?
What has G8 done to stop Buddha statue destruction Mr. Prime Minister?
What has U.S. done to stop Buddha statue destruction ?

Mr. Prime Minister what happened next was Sept. 11 by the same type of Islamists group , this is very sad.

As you are aware, Ms. Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, was arrested on June 23, 2003 and was savagely raped and barbarically beaten to death by Islamic regime officials. News agencies reported that Ms. Kazemi's body was buried on July 23, 2003, in Shiraz, Iran, contrary to the wishes of her family, and repeated formal requests.

What Canada has done for Ms. Kazemi case Mr. Prime Minister?
What has EU done for Ms. Kazemi case?
What have Mr. Kofi Anan and UN done for Ms. Kazemi case Mr. Prime Minister?
What has G8 done for Ms. Kazemi case?

We refer you to Kazemi Petition: Expel Islamic Clerical Regime of Iran from The UN For Killing a Canadian Photojournalist, and Call For Free Referendum In Iran!

What have freedom loving Iranian people done against Islamists and Islamic Clerical Mafia Regime in past 25 years while EU politicians making dirty secret deals and hiding the Iranian people stolen money by Clerics in EU banks? FyI over 120,000 executions, many 1000s political prisoners, many torture victims in past 25 years are a good indication of one of the strongest resistance in the history of mankind by Iranian people against one of the most Evil regime while EU and others making dirty Oil deals in hiding and providing intelligence and tools to the regime for how to crush oppositions. I am sure one day our fellow EU freedom loving Activists people awareness increases and will investigate and open dirty secret files and will send many EU politicians lo jail for their crime against humanity for helping Islamic Clerical Regime .
Iranian Air Force Top Gun Hero General Ayat Mohagheghi (executed by Islamic Clerical Mafia Regime in July 1980) is one of the 120,000 political executions by the regime.

Mr. Prime Minister, the France and EU are playing very dirty dangerous Islamist game, the EU can not hide behind Clerics to insult U.S. and delay the liberation of our homeland Iran from Islamic Mafia Clerics. Don't you think Iranian people have suffered enough from British, French and EU dirty policy, games and now don't they deserve to be set freed from Joint British & French Evil Islamic Mafia Clerical Regime?

Ms. Ebadi also should be ashamed of herself . Ms. Ebadi claimed that she is the daughter of "Cyrus The Great", I am sorry she is far from it, we know who was "Cyrus The Great" this is a very good goal but she should prove it in her actions and deeds and not just words, when and if she deserve such a honor or title the historian will decide after her death, I am sorry she is wrong, so far she is a good daughter of Khatami, Islamists and EU.

My fellow Iranian Activists Spenta said it right:
[url=http://www.activistchat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=1711#1711]"It makes me sick to my stomach that Shirin Ebadi is wasting the international spotlight on demanding rights for jailed Terrorists in Guantanamo, these are criminals who alongside mass murder are also guilty of raping Afghani pre-teen girls who were chained to the wall as Taliban sex slaves! Atleast these criminal terrorists in Guantanamo get to come out in the sun regularly, Iran's bravest are kept inside of dark cells, in solitary for months at a time while receiving the worst torture imaginable, and being denied medical care! Just think of what they did to poor Zahra Kazemi, to get an idea of what they do to captured dissidents!

And Ebadi doesn't even say a word about Iran's brave men and women rotting away inside of these h.e.l.l. holes, but she's worried about mass murdering terrorists in Guantanomo ... I have no respect for Shirin Ebadi!"

The Destruction of the Statues in Bamiyan

World did 'too little, too late' to save Buddhas...

From CNN:

Home to world's tallest Buddha

Afghanistan's ancient Buddhas are located in Bamiyan, about 150 kilometers (90 miles) west of the Afghan capital of Kabul.

One Buddha statue, measuring 53 meters (175 feet), is the world's tallest standing Buddha. A smaller one stands beside it at 37 meters (120 feet). The two statues, which have been damaged in fighting in the area, were carved out of the Afghan mountainside in the fifth century.

In addition to the giant Buddhas, a treasure trove of pre-Islam artifacts are contained in Afghanistan's museum.

Much of the museum was destroyed in the bitter fighting between rival Islamic factions, including Rabbanis, between 1992 and 1996, when the Taliban took control.

Many of the artifacts were stolen and sold on the open market. Some have appeared in museums around the world.

Harsh brand of Islamic law

The tallest of the two giant Buddhas has already been damaged by zealous Taliban soldiers who fired rocket propelled grenades at it.

There have been reports that the faces of the Buddhas have been disfigured. Representations of faces are forbidden in Islam, according to the Taliban. The Taliban espouse a harsh brand of Islamic law that bans most forms of light entertainment and all photography, and requires men to wear beards in keeping with the fashion of Islam's prophet Mohammed.
The Taliban also require everyone to pray five times a day, as required in the Muslim holy book the Koran. Many of the Taliban's edicts are directed against women, who are required to wear all-enveloping clothing and to travel with a male relative.
Women are not allowed to work and schooling for girls beyond eight years old is not allowed, although the Taliban say they will allow it when fighting ends. The Taliban rule roughly 95 percent of the country and the opposition, led by ousted President Burhanuddin Rabbani, holds the remaining five percent.


We have learned that last week the Islamic Clerical Mafia regime with advise from old European friends reduced the price of opium which is controlled by the regime in Iran to half to make sure all generations of Iranian are druged. If you are against Islamic Mafia Clerics you must say no to any drug no matter how difficult life is under British & French Islamic Clerical Regime. Please focus on resistance and how to overthrow Islamic Clerical Mafia Regime, they are very weak that is why they are doing anything to survive . We are winning and they are losing because 98% of the people are with us.

Old Europe Strategy, Historical Facts

In the year 1884, a bunch of Rich Old White Europeans representing all the great conqueror nations of Europe get together in Berlin at Chancellor Bismarck's request.
There, they hatch a plan, mapping out the best possible way to complete the task of colonizing Africa [http://campus.northpark.edu/history/WebChron/Africa/BerlinConf.CP.html], subjugating its peoples and stealing its vast store of natural riches.
Their plan succeeds.
The result? Barely four generations later, huge chunks of Africa are smoldering, blasted dead-zones where warlords play musical chairs on each other's corpses, and the security guards (mercenaries) who patrol Western-owned diamond mines, gold mines and oil fields basically lord it over much of the continent.
Soon, even those hired thugs won't be needed, as the laboratory-spawned AIDS virus does for Africa's native population what smallpox-infected blankets did for the indiginous peoples on the American cointinent.

WARNING For Fellow Iranian Opposition Leadership In Europe

- Freedom loving Iranian Activists opposition leaders who live in France and England if they can, should try to find another place to live, it is not a secret that Paris has not been a safe place for Iranian opposition Leaders.
Many political Terrors in past 25 yeras happened in Paris, please remember On 6th August, 1991 Prime Minister Dr. Shapur Bakhtiar was murdered by the agents of the Islamic Clerical Mafia with knife in his Paris home. All the evidence indicates that this could not have happened without French Politicians blessing, French and England politicians have no principles and ethics when it comes to cheap oil and plundering Iran's resources they have proven this, time and time again that they are willing even to sell their mothers. France sold his hero and soul to cheap oil and contracts from Islamic Mafia. Therefore EU will try its best to keep Islamic Clerical Regime as long as possible.
- Iranian Oppositions should concentrate on freedom of their homeland from Islamic Clerics first and avoid interfering in conflicts between Arabs and Israelis and remember that our fellow Iranian Jews had many great contributions to our homeland and many of them are true Persian Nationalists but Arabs from 1400 years ago till now had no contributions to our homeland except destructions, terrors and rapes. Iranian should not forget 1400 years ago library destruction and the recent Iraqi Arabian invasion to our homeland.
- Comparing the U.S. France, England and Soviet Union policy toward Iran and Iranian people in past 50 years, U.S. has been much better friend than any other three countries despite the fact that we might have had some disagreements, misunderstanding and mistakes by both sides.
- If we are true follower of Cyrus The Great we must think about freeing our homeland first from Islamic Clerical Regime , Iran of today under Islamic Clerics occupation has become poor, weak with many social problems (drugs, depression, unemployment....) therefore we are not currently in any position to interfere in G8 internal competition. Iranian must not become the puppet of England, France , EU……. We have to learn from our mistakes.
- I think Ms. Ebadi and her advisers have not been very wise and missed their top 10 priorities and if they do not correct their mistakes, they can be considered and treated as traitors by fellow Iranian Activists.
The first step must be an apology by Ms. Ebadi and their advisers.

The battle line is well defined now our question for Mr. Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik is as follows:

Mr. Prime Minister are you with EU or freedom loving Iranian people?

Who wrote Ms. Ebadi's Speech, isn't it true that it was written by French government lobbyist group and then approved by Islamic Clerical Regime in Tehran? What is the truth behind this show in Norway, we are not fool Mr. Prime Minister ?

I am glad that the King of Norway excused himself and he did not attend this so called Nobel Peace show.
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