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Ruling Mullahs Of Iran, Al-Qaeda And Hezbollah

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Bahram Maskanian

Joined: 04 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 3:31 pm    Post subject: Ruling Mullahs Of Iran, Al-Qaeda And Hezbollah Reply with quote

Ruling Mullahs Of Iran, Al-Qaeda And Hezbollah

I received this document from an undercover reporter a few months ago. I translated it and am submitting the original and the translation of the duly signed and sealed top-secret document of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Department of Information and Leadership in Farsi (Persian), shown here for verification reasons.

I hope the European and American people wake up and realize that as long as the Iran’s ruling mullahs are in charge, we, the people of Planet Earth are all in danger of terrorism.

We, the people of Planet Earth must ask, why the 9/11 Commission in their infinite lack of wisdom did not disclose the Iran’s ruling mullahs close ties with Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah?

  • Top Secret Memo From the Office of Ali Akbar Nateqeh-Nouri, the director of Supreme Leader's Intelligence Service Operational Unit 43 (English translation below the document)

  • Re: Instructions to increase the level of support and cooperation between Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.

  • Note: The signatory of this document is none other than the notorious Mullah, Nateqeh-Nouri who was Khatami's - - ostensible - - opponent in the 1997 elections.

  • Supreme Leader Intelligence Head Quarters - Extremely Confidential

  • To: Head of the Operative Unit 43

  • Re: Direct Orders from the Supreme Leader

  • Hojat ol Islam Mr. Pour-Ghanad:

  • With regards and prayers,

The success and achievements of your dedicated and brave team is our wish. Your report on different strategies in support of future Al-Qaida plans has been reviewed from a variety of different perspectives. In clarifying any doubts, his Excellency Supreme Leader has insisted on reminding us all that, combating with the International Imperialism, at the head of which, America & Israel are the main two enemies of Islamic order, is the main goal of our Islamic Directive. Disruption and destruction of their economic and political systems, discrediting, and endangering all of their other structural organizations and balance of security of these two united enemies of Islamic regime are crucial and an obligatory task to be achieved. His Excellency has asked for more attentiveness on these activities, with emphasis on your outmost awareness and alertness. With due consideration of the downfalls and consequences of this cooperation, persist in organized groups, and in closer collaboration with other intelligence and security operatives and outside supporters, to limit our enemies increasing array of activities. Reflecting all your achievements under the direct supervision of the head of the department of Hefazat, - - (Special Intelligence Operatives within organizations) - - detection of any failure will be naturally the task of this dedicated office. Also it has been assigned for our future conferences to further rectify and discuss the elimination of major obstacles, additional implementation of improvements with regards to achieving a higher level of cooperation between Al-Qaida fighters and Hezbollah fighters towards a specific ideal goal. At the end, his Excellency Supreme Leader with satisfaction and complete support for the achievement of your future plans and understanding the importance of your duties, his Excellency Supreme Leader has also insisted - - you must make sure, that no trace of any support for Al-Qaida, which could have negative and irreversible consequences should ever exist and be limited to the current relationship with Moghnie and Al Zarghavi. - -

  • God be with you,

  • Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri

  • Head of Supreme Leader Intelligence Office

  • Extremely Confidential

U.S. Expels Two Iranians After Videotape Warning

Tuesday June 29, 2004 - 12:27 PM ET - Top Stories - Reuters - By Irwin Arieff

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Two Iranian security guards at Tehran's United Nations (news - web sites) offices have been expelled from the United States after the mission was repeatedly warned against its guards videotaping bridges, the Statue of Liberty and the New York subway, U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

Various security guards at the mission's New York offices, were seen photographing and videotaping transportation facilities and landmarks in the New York area in June 2002 and November 2003, and were warned against doing so, the officials said.

In the most recent incident, two guards whose names were not given, were expelled in the past few days after being witnessed taking videotapes and photographs at such "sensitive places," the officials said.

"We were very concerned because these activities are incompatible with the stated purpose of their duties," said Richard Grenell, spokesman for the U.S. mission to the United Nations.

In Tehran, a Foreign Ministry official said, "Such behavior runs against international conventions on providing facilities for staff of foreign missions at international organizations and lacks political judgment and moral value."

Filming in public places violates no U.S. law but U.S. officials disclosed in May 2003 that they intended to question two Iranian security guards who had been seen photographing area bridges and the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, which they said could be targets for terrorist attacks against the United States like those that occurred on Sept. 11.

U.S. officials said Tehran protected diplomats at its U.N. mission with security guards who stayed in the United States for just four to five months before returning home.

Washington and Tehran cut diplomatic ties in 1980 after the seizure of 52 U.S. diplomats and the U.S. embassy in Tehran, but Iranian diplomats in New York represent their country only at the United Nations.

Iran was more than two decades later one of three countries, along with Iraq (news - web sites) and North Korea (news - web sites), to be named by President Bush (news - web sites) as part of an "axis of evil" intent on obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

Washington, joined by Britain, Germany and France, has been pressuring Tehran in recent months to renounce any ambitions to develop nuclear weapons and open all its nuclear facilities to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran insists its nuclear ambitions are entirely peaceful.

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Joined: 13 Aug 2004
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2004 9:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I too hope the European and American people wake the hell up and realize that as long as the main supporter of international terrorism, the Iranís ruling mullahs are in charge, we, the people of the world are all in danger of being killed and destroyed by terrorism.

This is a global safety and security problem that needs the attention of the whole world, not just the Iranian people.

Best wishes

Thomas Paine
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