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Foundation Of Iranian / Persian Democracy

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Bahram Maskanian

Joined: 04 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:58 pm    Post subject: Foundation Of Iranian / Persian Democracy Reply with quote

Foundation Of Iranian / Persian Democracy

- By Bahram Maskanian

I am sure by now the large majority of Iranians / Persians have come to the logical and healthy conclusion that praying is not going to remove the ruling tyrannical criminal mullahs from Iran. Praying is just a form of psychological, emotional sedation and release where no actual work is ever done.

We can all try this very simple, easy to use and free exercise in the safety of our homes, just for giggles, to test the effectiveness of prayer. You will be in a safe environment, where conditions are completely under your control.

Shall we say for argument sake, you decide to spread out on your couch or bed and pray for food and its ingredients to fly off the store shelves and come right to your kitchen. Then a mythical chef mysteriously appears from the heavens after hearing your desperate call and prayers to cook your meal. Then a magically cooked meal is brought to you in bed. Then you pray for a mythical servant to come and wash you. Pray for electricity to be on and work forever. Pray for your TV to go on and pray when you need to change the channel. Pray for the bills to get paid and pray for your house to get magically cleaned.

Let me know how it turns out and send me the results. I would like to write a report on it.

Nothing in the Universe is working, or begins to work, or stop working due to power of voodoo prayer. Why do we expect to achieve something so incredibly important such as the removal of a malignant cancerous tumor out of the body by murmuring a few man-made words handed over to us from thousands of years ago, pointed at some mythical thing you have never seen or known? You would go see a doctor for that, would you not?

A malignant cancerous tumor of mullahs must be removed from the wounded beautiful body of our beloved country, Iran. What does everybody suggest?

Whom ever and how ever, you pray your fears, your joys or ask for things from, your mythical supernatural, or God that may be, whether you go to a Zoroastrian Temple, Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Buddhist Temple or any other special man-made place you are made to believe that you need to go, to connect with your mythical God. You should be aware at all times, that while you are praying in a kneeling position, corrupt mullahs, politicians and business people are right behind you with their hands in your back pocket, robbing you.

Prayer has never solved any of the human beingŐs problems, nor has it ever brought us any divine intervention or solution down from the outer space, or the imaginary heaven above to solve our earthly problems. To pray, is to waste precious time, prayer is a brief short-lived remedy with sedating effects to calm the public down temporarily and focus public attention away from the bastards responsible for whatever goes wrong or was done wrong, deceiving the public to forget, and nothing more.

Precious time is wasted for prayer when it could be used to actually do something positive and constructive about so many levels of man-made corruptions and pollution in our little home, Planet Earth.

Regardless of our religion and political ambitions, we must wake up and realize that we cannot continue arguing our differences and points of views on the soils of Europe and the United States, where the media and criminal government officials, on a daily basis, refer to us and our country, the ancient and true cradle of civilization, as a rogue, terrorist nation and an axis of evil, due to the ruthless actions of a handful of installed terrorist mullahs, in 1979 by the Europeans and Americans.

We must not allow this embarrassment to continue any longer. We must unite now and remove the well-known evils of mullahs! With or without the help of other nations!

Our future is determined by the actions we take today. Tomorrow will be the result of our decisions, activities and behavior of today. We cannot play the blame game, or hope to receive a divine intervention and help from any source to solve our problems. Our problems are man-made and can only be solved by the efforts of Iranian / Persian men and women.

There is no question that the price of freedom and safety is a never-ending vigilance on the side of the public. Therefore, we the living people must care for our safety and freedom. We must wake up and get to work!

My beloved fellow Persians / Iranians, we cannot and must not hope and wait for the Europeans and Americans to understand the nature of mullahs to attempt to help us remove them, they already know!

Twenty-five (25) years is more than enough for the people of Iran and the rest of the world to understand who mullahs are, their fundamentalist terrorist nature, mindset and bloody terrorist occupation. We the Iranians / Persians must unite and take out the trash. Remove the terrorist mullahs from our country, the ancient cradle of civilization of the whole world.

Let us focus on achieving our ultimate goal, which is the removal of criminal mullahs, theocracy and tyrannical rule of mullah terrorists forever. There will be plenty of time after we accomplish our ultimate objective to talk and argue about our differences democratically and reach desired social conclusions in Iran.

I must emphasize again, that nobody is going to help us clean up our country but ourselves. American and European people would have helped if they were in charge of their own destinies and countries. Their governments are in bed with those who are partners with the criminal mullah regime in Tehran, thus having difficulties even protecting their own citizens. The American and European people will join us when we are on the march and organized.

Only Persian / Iranian people can rise to the occasion and clean the house, once and for all. The approach, opinions and ideas I am presenting to you all are only to invite you to please set aside the irrelevant old political ŇismÓ and ideological differences. Let us regain our respect and dignity in the community of nations as united people and set an exemplary new inclusive and fair democracy. Regardless of what kind of philosophy any of us may believe in, the ultimate decision is and will be in the hands of Persian / Iranian people. One man, one vote!

Do not give up. Do not seek revenge. And do not discriminate against your fellow citizens. Mistakes were made and some Iranian people did work for the mullahŐs regime. Whoever you are and whatever rank and position, you held working for the fundamentalist parasites of humanity, the Islamic Republic of Iran, redeem your self, shun the past, be an Iranian first and foremost.

One must remember that absolutely no ideological belief of any kind is worth a single blood of an innocent. Please consider joining your fellow Iranians. Welcome, change your ways, and letŐs begin working together for our fellow Iranians. Come and join us.

There may be individuals amongst your ranks who are a constant source of discouragement and always disagree with the idea of forming a united front against the terrorist mullahs. They are obviously not really on the freedom loving Iranian team. So let us unite and focus on the main, vital concern, which is to organize, organize, organize, and then galvanize, mobilize to take our homeland back from the terrorist mullahs.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself! LetŐs join our forces to build a peaceful, joyous and celebrated democratic society and country.

Iranians / Persians, who ever and where ever you are, you should know that we all have paid a heavy price and suffered tremendously in the hands of mullahs. I am proud of all Persians / Iranians and I am sure when the time comes they will make the right decision, which is a democratic path for a glorious future.

Freedom and happiness are not derivatives of any religion, faith, or philosophy, nor are they parts of oneŐs destiny. Our destiny is determined by our own actions every day. Freedom is a right, which needs constant safeguarding from the opposing elements. Happiness is a method of life and state of mind of a free society and public.

Let us all agree on the following principles regardless of our political belief system. Whatever the future may bring and whatever political system Iranians / Persians vote for, we must maintain, preserve and protect the following principles.
  1. Freedom of speech and freedom from the tentacles of any religion.
  2. Freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and freedom of association.
  3. Strict separation of all religions and government at all levels.
  4. The right of Iranian / Persian people to choose their future destiny by referendum.
  5. Freedom of choice in all aspects of life as long as it does not harm others.
  6. The rights of women and children are protected and equal to that of men.
  7. The right of the people to free and excellent universal education.
  8. The right of the people to free and excellent universal healthcare.
  9. The strict preservation and protection of our environment.
Whoever decides to join us, must accept the nine major principles mentioned above and abide by them. Whoever joins us, must take an oath to only focus their efforts for the freedom and preservation of Iran, not anything else.

Selfish goals and ambitions are a main cause for derailing a united effort. Unless every single one of us involved in this united effort has only one goal and one goal only, to rescue Iranian / Persian people in Iran from the tentacles of terrorism, our efforts will be doomed for failure just like many others in the past twenty-five (25) years.

My Formal Declaration
I, Bahram Maskanian, hereby take an oath before the honorable Iranian / Persian people, and solemnly declare that I am not, nor shall I ever be interested in any rank or position in the future government of Iran / Persia. My reasons for the actions I am taking and goals I am pursuing are only to unite the Iranian / Persian people and help free my beloved country, Iran.

Visit Earth's Common Sense
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